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From Hal <>
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2000 19:42:48 -0800

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There's a great distance between shouting down and throwing rocks,
bricks and fighting with police.  Perhaps I can put it this way.  On
that City Hall property, both the KKK and the protestors have an *equal*
right to speak at *exactly* the same time. As long as there is no damage
or threat of violence, the police have no part in it.

And there is indeed a restriction on freedom of speech at play here.  If
the intent is to foment danger to others -- as in inciting to riot --
the restriction applies.  There is much in the KKK message that applies,
even if it is thinly veiled.

If anti-KKK protestors indeed throw rocks, bricks and fight with police,
they should have their asses thrown in jail.


Pan wrote:
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> Hal wrote:
> >
> > So the ehippie situation is not actually a freedom-of-speech issue as we
> > accept it in this country.  Instead, it is much akin to protestors
> > shouting down an attempt of, say, the KKK to hold a news conference.
> Funny you should mention  that metaphor. Here in Ann Arbor, the KKK
> tries to speak every year. There is a group of "protesters" who show up
> to throw rocks, bricks and fight with the police. In other words,
> prevent the Klan from exercising a legal right. This group has damaged
> several city buildings and hurt many people (one of which was a forty
> year old women who's crime was to be a wife standing by her husband who
> was one of the speakers. Other casualties have been peace keepers who
> have attempted to protect city hall. This protest group does more damage
> than the KKK. Not only do they prevent an organization from the right of
> Free Speech, but they destroy our city. To speak out against this
> "protest" group, whom I call THROWROC, I modified one of their flyers.
> In other words, I did something that attracted attention and offered an
> alternate point of view.
> The original is here:
> modified version is here:
> This also applies to the web. I would rather see a site "flyered" with
> an alternate point of view than prevent a group or corporation from
> speaking. Not to mention the more destructive a hack, the more the
> government will come down on hacktivists.
> Pan
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