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Date Mon, 06 Mar 2000 01:23:54 +0000

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Hi everyone,

Here's some information on the electrohippies new online resources.

Following on from our online action to coincide with the WTOs Seattle
conference, we will shortly be launching some new client-side Internet
activism tools. One of these - the client side denial of service tool, is
already beta-testing with campaigners in Europe and the USA.

To aid the debate on denial-of-service protest action we have produced a
discussion paper - "Client-side Distributed Denial-of-Service: valid
campaign tactic or terorrist act?" - which we have posted on our website.

Another paper on distributed email actions, entitled "Distributed Email
Actions: speaking truth to power via the 'Net", will be going online in the
next few weeks.

We've also set up an email list to distribute information about online
activism which anyone is free to join (even those we're helping other to
campaign against, or even those who want to stop our type of online action).

To access the website and the discussion paper go to:

Note also that our next planned action will be in April on the issue of
genetically modified crops.

Finally, some of those receiving this email - those involved with Internet
security and security issues - will be questioning why we sent it to them.
Answer: we have nothing to hide. We believe in open and accountable online
actions. In our view the design of the 'Net is such that open and
democratic e-action are inevitable, and therefore those who are the subject
of such actions should be warned in advance so that they have a chance to
recant their perceived wrong-doing. Short of closing or disconnecting the
servers involved, those on the receiving end of e-actions have no viable
defence from a well supported online campaign. The legal situation in
relation to the type of actions we organise is also straightforward - we
only use the 'Net as it was intended, and therefore it does not constitute
an abuse of computer systems. So we chose to be open and accountable.

Bye dudes!

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