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From Legba Carrefour <legba@vt.edu>
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2000 06:08:26 -0500

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Hey I haven't been posting for a long timeon account of school but I
was curious to know who is going to April 16th IMF/WTO protest in
Washington, DC. It is currently being billed as not only a sequel to
Seattle last November, but as being a coupel of degrees of magnitude

Thankfully this time there shouldn't be as much abuses by the local PD
since DC cops are MUCH more experienced with mass protests and have
the hindsight of seattle to warn them. That and the mayor here is much
more paranoid of bad press sicne he need to impress voters, investors,
the Maryland and Virginia suburbanites, and the congressional

I went to the Mumia Abu-Jamal rally last monday and got arrested at
the civil disobedience. The cops were reasonably well organized
(although the Capitol Police who arrested us--they have jurisdiction
at the Supreme Court and the entire Capitol area as well as the DC
Metro cops--were short staffed to all hell. They had to empty the
academy to get enough cops and pay everyone overtime) and about as
nice as most cops are in these situations. While in custody I met a
lot of people who were talking about the a16 protests and I feel
pretty confident about them.

I am hoping for a nice big hacker turnout like last time. This list
was pumping with posts at the time.

At any rate, I'm asking since I live there and I definitely plan on
attending. I'm already amassing gear in preparation (got a smaller,
more efficient gas mask that is easier to get on, less bulky, and
concealable in case they make it randomly illegal to carry them like
in Seattle).

If anyone on the list is interesated, the address for the major
organizing page is

::Legba Carrefour::

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