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About these abstracts in Ken's article: 
"The French monitoring stations are each manned
by around 6 officials, Le Point reports. Stations
in New Caledonia, and the United Arab Emirates
are used to capture satellite transmissions in
space, as well as cover Asia and the Middle East.
Listening posts in the Caribbean are used to
intercept conversations in the United States. The
monitoring station in French Guiana is likely
used for launching the satellites, since the
French space company Ariane has a launch base
there." ...

On wednesday Feb. 23, Le Monde reported on that
network, quoting new ground-based stations that
were not previously reported. I must mention that
this information is not included in a specific
article dedicated to 'Frenchelon'. It is as if Le
Monde was an official branch of the French
intelligence : it could have been put on the
Front page in other countries, but for Le Monde
it is small milk. Ironicaly, this informations
appears at the enbd of the article "Le
Royaume-Uni au coeur du dispositif en Europe"
(The UK at the center of the (Echelon) network in

.. It "exploits some wiretapping stations in
France, overseas territories and all over the
world," Le Monde said. "These interceptions'
capabilities, by satellites and other means, are
based in Alluets-Feucherolles [near Paris], Agde
[South], Domme [Dordogne, South-East], Mutzig
[East] and Solenzara [Corsica], in
Saint-Barthélemy [French Antilles), La Réunion,
Djibouti and Mayotte (Indian Ocean)." Le Monde
added that a submarine called Le Bougainville,
will be launched in 2001 for electromagnatic
surveillance purposes. Le Monde fails to quote
the Helios spy satellites, one of the key
elements of the so-callled 'Frenchelon'.
See also the Lambda bulletin 'Frenchelon' update,
(5.03, 5.04, 6.01 and 6.02)

ALSO from the #602 edition

"One of the STOA's experts, the British reporter
Duncan Campbell, stressed on the fact that new
evidence about Echelon should help people to
adress their own governments regarding electronic
surveillance as a whole.

Met in private after the hearings, he told the
Lambda that France have "powerful" capabilities
in that field. Erich Moechel, an Austrian
reporter and cyber-rights advocate, was also
invited by EuroMPs to report about the growing
surveillance capabilities on Europe's cellular
phone networks in Europe and also on the
Internet's hubs in the region. Met also after the
hearings, Moechel said he thinks he has new
proofs about how German authorities have created
a vast network to intercept randomly
telecommunications in the country. "Europe's
citizens should be aware of their own
government's policy. They speaks of national
security and terrorisme threat, but nobody knows
clearly how public liberties are protected."

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> "Frenchelon": France's Alleged Global
> Surveillance Network And its
> Implications on International Intelligence
> Cooperation
> Kenneth Neil Cukier
> Communications Week International

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