tao: Interviews Wanted with Online Activists!

From Tobias <bias@home.com>
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:59:46 -0800

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I am doing a freelance project about online activism
for CBC radio here in Canada.

I am looking for interviews with people who have
been involved in or organised various forms of
online activism: virtual sit-ins, webpage
attacks, server shutdowns, graffiti attacks,
and other various forms of online civil disobediance--
ie. hacking.

I am also looking for interviews with people who
have organised physical protests and marches
over online forums (ie this list).

As an activist myself, this is an opinion piece
which is aiming to shed light on the online
resistance occuring in response to (among other
things) the increased  commercialisation of the 
internet. There is a *reason* why these 'hacks' 
are occuring, and this is what I am out to explain.

Of course secrecy and privacy will be regarded
due to the nature of the situation, so feel free
to respond from a shell account, with an alias,

thanks for your help,

tobias van Veen

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