Message from General Strike Council of the Nat. Autonomous University of Mexico

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Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 09:01:43 +0200

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> Message #1 of the General Strike Council (CGH) of the National Autonomous 
> University of Mexico
> February 6, 2000
> To all the Peoples of the World,
> To all the University Students of the World, 
> To The NGO's, To Civil Society,
> To the Workers, Campesinos, and Indigenous Peoples,
> To All Types of Women Struggling Against All Types of Oppression, 
> This is an urgent call by the General Strike Council of the UNAM
>Today February 6th 2000, thousands of military police belonging to the
>"Federal Preventive Police" body violated the university's autonomy and
>militarily occupied the largest University in Latin America.
>We hold the following peoples responsible of this act of repression: The
>President of the Republic Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, The Secretary of
>State Diodoro Carrasco, The Attorney General, Jorge Madrazo, the
>psuedo-rector, Juan Ramon De La Fuente and the official candidate of the
>PRI to the Presidency, Francisco Labastida Ochoa.
>In this action over 500 members of the CGH (we still don't know the exact
>number), who at the time were holding a plenary assembly at the University
>were taken prisoners.  At the moment of the forced eviction the CGH had
>already decided unanimously to demand that the authorities return to the
>dialogue so that negotiations could be established that would allow for a
>solution to the conflict that would not involve repression. The demand was
>made that tommorrow at 10 am the government meet with us at the "Palacio
>de Mineria."
>According to the declarations made by the Attorney General, Jorge Madrazo,
>the order to physically end the student movement was given on Friday
>February 4th.
>It is worth remembering that that same day, from 10 in the morning to 12
>at night we the CGH were involved in talks with the psuedo-rector Juan
>Ramon de La Fuente.  The President of the National Commision for Human
>Rights, Jose Soberones, who participated in these talks, officially
>declared to the press that no resolution had been reached. The curious
>thing is that this declaration was made before the talks had ended.
>With this in mind, we conclude that these "talks" were a trick. Because,
>while the rector pretended to dialogue, the plans for the repressive
>actions had already been prepared.
>At the plenary assembly that was interrupted by the police, it had already
>been decided that if the police raided the university the CGH would meet
>in exhile (we will give you more information on this as the day goes on).
>Another accord of the CGH is that we will not exchange prisoners for our
>demands. We demand the immediate release of the nearly one thousand
>Political Prisoners that belong to the CGH!
>We ask for your soldarity
>We ask that you urgently take all the actions of solidarity that are
>possible. We suggest that you: hold activities in front of Mexican
>embassies and consulates; that you manifest your support of the CGH and
>that you protest this police action, that you translate and disseminate
>our communiques.
>In the next bulletin we will send you the faxes and adresses of the
>MExican governments buildings.
> 	SO that our six demands are met!
> 	Liberty for the Political Prisoners!
> 	No to the Privatization of education!
> 	Down with Neoliberalism and the Plans of the IMF and World Bank!
> 	That our hearts open so that we may spread dignity to all our 
> 	brothers and sisters, and so that our rage explodes in the hands
>        of the oppressor.
> Consejo General de Huelga de la UNAM (CGH-UNAM)
> Mexico D.F., domingo 6 de Febrero (9:15 a.m.)

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