Denial of Service Attacks & the Nets

Date Wed, 9 Feb 2000 01:25:56 -0500 (EST)

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Date:         Tue, 8 Feb 2000 14:43:27 -0800
Sender:       State and Local Freedom of Information Issues
From:         Jim Warren <jwarren@WELL.COM>
Subject:      who's doing what, with which, to whom, for why?

Let's see ...

On January 27th, Clinton said he wants to make electronic "law enforcement"
a high priority, in his State of the Union speech.

By January 30th, the *always*-silent National Security Agency suddenly
*alleges* very publicly, that its main computers -- that process covert
communications interceptions from around the nation and world -- had
inexplicably crashed from January 24th to the 28th.

Escalating the issue, in the first week of February, Clinton's budget
proposes to spend $240-million to massively expand his undetectable,
at-a-keystroke, remote wiretapping facilities, to be able to secretly snoop
on any phone in the nation.
  And half of the $240-million is Defense Dept loot -- perhaps from secret
NSA appropriations (after all, wiretapping is what they *do*!).  Note that
another President thought that wiretapping his political opponents was so
important that he risked -- and lost -- his presidency, trying to install

By February 7th, the world's most prominant online information service --
Yahoo (I don't count AOL as a service :-) -- suffers a massive attack and
crashes for hours.

By February 8th, Missouri and Oklahoma phone systems have crashed.  It
illustrates the horrors of vile cyber-terrorists, but without bothering
"important" people in Washington or on the East and West coasts.

Now, also on the 8th, the normally *very* reliable mail-server at
Concentric Networks -- a large national ISP -- has been refusing to respond
for more than an hour.

What better way to "prove" the need for massively expanded government
surveillance, and create a fenzy of support for it?!

Suddenly crackers seem to have become far better than any have ever been
before.  But then again -- what organization has the best computer and
phone-system crackers in the world?!  There is "No Such Agency."


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