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Subject: Tonight: "Cyber Threat to the Critical Infrastructure"

Subject:        DC SPIN Meeting - February 2, 2000

You are invited to our SPIN meetings, usually held on the first
Wednesday of each month, 7:30 - 9:30 PM, at Computer Sciences
Corporation, Falls Church, Virginia. Please arrive at 7:00 PM for
refreshments and networking. Exact location and driving directions are
explained below.

Please RSVP to attend meetings by calling or sending an e-mail message
to Mrs. Kathy Ditchkus,; (703) 641-2141.

"Cyber Threat to the Critical Infrastructure" - Special Agent Jim
Christy Law Enforcement & Counterintelligence Coordinator Defense-wide
Information Assurance Program Office, Assistant Secretary of Defense for
Command, Control, Communications, & Intelligence.

- Defensive Information Operations Center Study (CND)
     - What Initiated the Study
     - Phases of Study
     - Preliminary Results of Study
     - Legal Issues involved in CND
     - Proposed Fusion Center
     - Intrusion Detection
     - Relationship with Law Enforcement & Counterintelligence
     - Relationship with USSPACECOM & JTF CND
- Threat Briefing
     - Crime versus Information Warfare
     - US Senate Hearings on Security in Cyberspace
     - US Senate InfoSec Survey
     - President's Infrastructure Protection Task Force

About the speaker:

Special Agent James V. Christy, II is currently detailed from the Air
Force Office of Special Investigations, Bolling Air Force Base, DC, to
the Defense-wide Information Assurance Program, Assistant Secretary of
Defense for Command, Control Communications and Intelligence (ASDC3I) as
the Law Enforcement & Counterintelligence Coordinator. Jim is also
responsible for operational monitoring and incident response to cyber
attacks. SA Christy served as the DoD Representative to the President's
Infrastructure Protection Task Force (IPTF). The President signed
Executive Order 13010 in 1996, creating the Infrastructure Protection
Task Force to protect the Nation's critical infrastructure from both
physical and cyber attacks.

Prior to the IPTF, Jim was detailed to Senator Sam Nunn's staff on the
Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations as a Congressional
Fellow. Senator Nunn specifically requested Jim's assistance for the
Subcommittee to prepare for hearings in 1996 on the vulnerability and
the threat to National Information Infrastructure from computer

Jim started his career over 27 years ago in the Air Force as a computer
operator at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, and then was with the Air
Force Data Services at the Pentagon. In 1975, Jim joined the civilian
work force with the AFDSC as a computer operator and later cross-trained
into programming. Jim was a programmer and analyst supporting the Office
of the Secretary of Defense from 1979 to 1986. Jim was the Assistant
Program Manager of Computer Crime Investigations. Later he was the
Director of Computer Crime Investigations and Information Warfare. Jim
had the responsibility for management of a special cadre of 69 hybrid
special agents and computer specialists. Jim obtained some notoriety as
the original case agent in the "Hanover Hacker" case. This case involved
a group of German hackers who electronically penetrated DOD computer
systems all over the world and sold the information to the Soviet KGB.
The case was detailed in the best seller, "The Cuckoo's Egg," by Dr.
Cliff Stoll. In a murder investigation in 1991, the suspect cut two
floppy diskettes into 23 pieces with pinking shears. No agency was able
to recover any of the data until Jim and his deputy developed a
technique for less then $150. Jim was able to recover 85%-95% of the
data from each piece of diskette. The suspect when confronted with the
evidence, confessed, pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

 Some notable firsts in Computer Crime Investigations:

 1st civilian computer crime investigator in the U.S. Government
 1st computer espionage investigation (Hanover Hacker Case), case agent
 1st electronic surveillance of a standalone color PC
 1st DoD investigator to go undercover on pedophile bulletin boards
 1st to distribute wanted poster on the Internet (triple homicide case)
 1st to develop forensic technique to recover data from cutup diskette
     (homicide investigation)
 1st psychological profiling study of computer criminals program (Project
 1st to create DOD Computer Forensic Lab
 1st to create DOD Computer Intrusion Squad
 1st computer crime investigator to testify before the U.S. Senate
 1st information security survey of private sector by U.S. Senate
 1st to create government, private sector, academia, program to provide:
     free education and awareness about the cyber threat to
     infrastructure owners and operators (Manhattan Cyber Project)

Directions to CSC DC SPIN Meeting Location

The meetings will take place at CSC in Conference Room 113 at CSC
Federal Sector, 3160 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA. In Virginia,
from the intersection of Route 50 and 495 (the Beltway), take Route 50
East (or its service roads and cloverleaf intersection roadways) to
Fairview Park Drive SOUTH. Follow the road that loops counterclockwise
around the Marriott Hotel. At the signs on the right side of the road,
for 3160 and 3170 Fairview Park Drive (CSC), turn right. Building 3160
is on the right and has two adjacent free parking garages. The meeting
room is on the first floor. You will have to sign in at the meeting
room, so we can keep track of meeting refreshment costs.

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