Re: IMF Protest April 9-17

From cate morrison <>
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2000 17:08:18 -0500

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Usually it all depends on whos going and what is being protested. 
Information gathering and spread is the goal of my still-infant 
organization (Nothing to Fear). and Protest.Net 
are absolutely amazing when it comes to civil disobedience 
information as well.

For this next protest, the same people who orchastrated the 
Seattle forces will be at work. So Ralph Nader's 
group Public Citzen,, will certainly be at work. 
So will the Direct Action Network and Ruckus Society

Some other groups planning action at the time:
Nuclear Information and Resource Service --
US Network for Global Economic Justice --
Ruckus Society (just cool all together) --
Action Resource Center --
*and of course shameless promotion, though we don't have anything 
on this protest up just yet* Nothing to Fear --

I hope that helps!


cate morrison

america stop pushing I know what I'm doing
            --allen ginsberg, america

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