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keywords: electromagnetic lifedeath, electronic jewelry,
r.i.p. inventor of IC, digital song, smart appliances

* it will be interesting to see the outcome of Friday's elections in =20
Iran as it could become a pivotal moment for world changes or =20
potentially even greater hostilities that enhance current antagonisms. =20=

apparently .US media was again given tours of the Russian built nuclear =20=

reactor there, though the situation remains the same with regard to =20
issues over suspected weapons programs, .UN monitoring arrangements, =20
etc. elections in Iran are fascinating to read about with respect to =20
the role of information technology, with political disputes entering =20
into public media in the form of e-mail exchanges, and also the use of =20=

instant messaging and issues of freedom of speech versus control of =20
content which could be the result of dual-use technology shared by =20
every nation that uses it. one prominent .IR candidate seeks d=E9tente =20=

with the .US, which could have huge ramifications in terms of alliances =20=

with nuclear policy, IT, trade, economics, who knows.

* spamalot, if anyone wants to post to the list, send a private e-mail =20=

to my account and i will forward it. since there are few posters and =20
posts, this will work better than dealing with dozens of bounces =20
everyday and looking for rare needles in the endlessness of the global =20=

electronic haystack. thanks. also, anyone who wishes to share ideas and =20=

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[it could be possible that if 'energy cannot be created or destroyed' - =20=

that, electromagnetism is a living, animating-force that may be =20
redistributed or rearranged in the universe, content of other forms, =20
in-formation, etc.]

Steve Jobs on Living and Dying // note: EM

[note of caution: not only are some of these things made with lead =20
pins/legs, which would be placed again human skin, they also have some =20=

really nasty chemicals inside of them that may not be a good candidate =20=

for placing against one's skin. there is seriously toxic stuff in =20
electronics components. beware...]

electronic jewelry (gizmodo.com)

[apparently Mr. Kilby invented the first calculator at Texas =20
Instruments. and it was also mentioned in the news that the first =20
microchip, the outcome of this invention, was used in the mission to =20
land on the moon. also, PBS Newshour had a good video and interview by =20=

a biographer of Mr. Kilby and made a great point-- children should be =20=

learning of Kilby and Noyce in gradeschools, and their world-changing =20=

contribution, as part of basic education, instead of having media =20
focusing on glorifying vacant, overused, and hollow celebrity as its =20
own private world commerce.]

Microchip Pioneer Jack Kilby Dies at 81

video: Reporter Remembers Microchip Inventor Kilby

Texas Instruments page on Jack St. Clair Kilby

* First Integrated Circuit
* First Electronic Handheld Calculator
* View Inside the First Electronic Handheld Calculator

[finally found the correct title of a song by mia doi todd heard on the =20=

radio. it is interestingly interdisciplinary in terms of =20
electromagnetism, lyrics are the 2nd link.]

digital - mia doi todd (click 'play' button)

Appliances Wipe Out Blackouts -- Power companies are testing a new =20
series of smart appliances that temporarily shut off or reduce power =20
consumption when they detect a disruption on the electricity grid. Fans =20=

of the technology say it could cut power bills and prevent blackouts. =20=

By John Gartner.

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