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Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 00:03:20 -0400 (EDT)

[i wrote about the possibility of Mac-Intel hardware
running Windows on one of the multi-core processors
in the last newsletter and the following is the first
mention i've seen of the possibility which seems likely...
it is interesting and important in respect to the next
decade of consumer computer equipment and all the hassles
and headaches today with the software miasma and all that
remains lost from old OS empires. maybe a meta-OS approach
and even a web-server/web-client box with a GUI (graphic
user interface) could be the end of ISPs if SSH et al
were made user friendly, clean out of the box solutions.
and if Apple resurrects the OS out of the search box
as organization scheme (needle in haystack info-design)
maybe there is hope yet that computing could improve...]

'Mactel' Desktops May Offer Triple-Threat OS
By John G. Spooner, June 15, 2005 (macsurfer.com)

	'Even if full hardware support isn't offered, there's a fallback =
position for more enterprising Mactel owners. Virtualization technology =20=

built into Intel chips=97desktop Pentium 4 chips will sport built-in =20
virtualization this year and the Pentium Ms will gain it next=97will =20
allow the machines to be partitioned to run numerous different types of =20=

software at the same time. Thus, there is no reason the machines =20
couldn't run Windows or Linux and all of the associated applications on =20=

top of Mac OS X.'

"In theory, you could run Windows on top of Mac OS, which is how it =20
works on Mac today with Virtual PC," McCarron said. "The difference is, =20=

with hardware virtualization, you'd be running at almost full speed. By =20=

and large you'd end up with a full-speed virtual system."

Although it's unlikely that an individual or a business would buy an =20
Intel-based Mac and wipe its operating system just to install Windows, =20=

the capability could woo enthusiasts who might prefer Apple's designs =20=

but still want to run Windows. It could also make it easier for others, =20=

such as educational institutions, government agencies, and small and =20
midsize businesses, to choose Apple hardware.'

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