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[keywords] Apple-Intel, wireless FUD, cellphone astronomy,
microchip trends, radioactive cat tailings, HiFi WiFi LiFi,
censorial .US envirochief quits, lightning strike survivors,
nukelab whistleblower beaten, .UN nukechief survives,
nuclear Iran and pending nuclear diplomacy efforts...

electromagnetic observations -- #26

* tried to photograph lightning tonight for the first time,
using a digital camera with a high-speed setting for taking
several photographs in a row when the button was pressed.
next time i would do go about it differently (such as using
a wide-angle lens, not just focusing on a building for a long-
distance aesthetic shot) though after some hundreds of frames
shot, i caught one bolt of lightning in this small part of
the horizon. at first tried using a long-exposure and just
trying 'luck' when the shutter was open for several seconds,
and lightning captured during these exposures was equaled out
into a general 'light sky' that just looked like light clouds
even though this was dusk/nighttime. so went back to fractions
of a second, about 1/80 and would take pictures until the
digital cameras processor would choke on processing the pile
of imagery, sometimes 24-36 photos could be taken and in one
instance a boltt was caught. here it is, the bolt itself and
then a gif animation with the dark sky with the bolt of light
which, if the sky dome is a room -- an intense arc-lightbulb:


* about recent Apple-Intel news about Apple switching to Intel
microprocessors: i am confused by the fragmented commentary
which spans every aspect of the computer and entertainment
industries. a major component is said to be DRM (digital rights
management) for hollywood media content (music/videos/films)
as can be controlled by chips and hardware, and then pending
iTunes rollout of video services and some kind of iPod-like
video device (maybe that internet tablet) that could possibly
stream/store such content yet control its being copied freely.
if DRM were a major component to making the processor switch,
as with the iPod, the reasoning that the new intel-based OS
would be only able to run on the new mac hardware makes little
sense if like the business of selling razors and razor blades,
the hollywood content (and future movie .biz which is now in
decline) would have about 5% of the computer market to start
some kind of movie iTunes distribution network, whereas if
the new Mac OS could run on all intel based boxes, it would
be ~95% of the consumer market, for selling movies/videos/
music via the new OS, if it were either licensed or given
away even, as a platform/standard. makes no sense probably
yet if one is doing this to sell movies in computers, why
would the OS be limited to only 5% of the movie theaters?

another aspect of the deal is said to be multi-core, multi-os,
dual booting on the future MacIntel machines. Microsoft (or
BillG) has recently stated about how the future will be in
multiple OS' running at the same time. yet MacIntel punditry
are talking about dual-boot or something which seems to be
different than a virtual window or window manager, and why
would it not be possible if a new procesor is running like
4 processors, to be using one of those for running windows
just as Unix is being run inside/under Mac OS X right now?
makes one wonder if the trojan horse actually was an apple.
one would not need to shut-down and boot-up but would be
able to instead access windows on another processor core,
along with unix. and maybe only some chips would be able
to do this, and maybe other OS' could not even attempt it.

then this internet tablet, what if Nokia's is part of the
Apple strategic partnership with the Safari browser for
their phones being used on their upcoming internet tablet,
which Apple has a patent on similar technology and has a
wireless domenstic infrastructure to Nokias telecom/VoIP.
streaming music/movies/shopping/free long distance phone...
maybe the dimensions of computing with home automation,
media, e-commerce, will become their own quandrants of
some future multi-core processor, as a type of engine
or furnance, a utility which redefines 'home' computing
as an infrastructure, eventually the computer disappears
and the extensions are the only things designed visible.

* nuclear diplomacy talks back on with North Korea.


Going for Broke -- Apple's Decision to Use Intel Processors Is Nothing =20=

Less Than an Attempt to Dethrone Microsoft. Really. (engadget)

[versus] Together We Can Rule the Galaxy // **

	'What I expect is that internally, Intel-based Macs will be =
largely =20
designed and engineered by Intel.' ... 'With a core architecture =20
designed by Intel, Apple will be free to concentrate their own =20
engineering on what they do best: the user experience.'

// wondering if this also links to Apple's future internet tablet
// as Nokia is developing a tablet which could use this browser...

[and] Nokia And Apple Develop Series 60 Browser // safari-based

Why is no one suing the Wireless LAN industry? // false advertising

[and] To Pre-N or Not To Pre-N? // pre-802.11n Wi-Fi

	'Others believe that vendors should not even be allowed to use =
the =20
phrase "Pre-N" or hype it as a benefit.' .. '"Shame on Belkin for =20
misleading people," said Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney. "We abhor the =20
term 'pre-802.11n' because there is no way they can claim this."' .. =20
'The Wi-Fi Alliance has told members that it will remove them if they =20=

use the term, Dulaney added, because it "preys on uneducated buyers."' =20=

.. 'What Belkin and other vendors should be saying is that their =20
products contain multiple-in, multiple-out (MIMO) technology, and =20
anything beyond that is grounds for sanctioning, said Dulaney.' .. =20
'"Wait for the standard, you don't need this," he added.'

[see] Definitions of  FUD on the Web:

[em-related] The Joy of Sexual Physics with Dr John // adult content...

Don't Stand By Me -- Surviving a lightning strike. // (ending) ***

	'Only a handful of doctors in the world are experts in =20
keraunopathology, or post-electrocution syndrome, and even the experts =20=

are clueless as to how exactly lightning messes with the nervous =20

// it would not be hard to make the case that such actions could
// make the situation worse for oil companies, too. look at what
// has happened to GM (laying off 25,000 today, going bankrupt)
// when all government policy has been in short term industry's
// favor: the global warming actions and incentives were spurned
// and now the industry is without a viable strategy for a reality
// that was edited out of the private industry equations- that is
// one indication that when .gov policy equals that of corporate
// policy, it may not be in the best interest of any, short/long
// term. the environmental laws, ozone, environmental emissions,
// health issues, gas mileage, energy approaches all favor private
// industrial views today, which may have equal bankrupting effects
// when the rules/reality changes that it is no longer a choice or
// opinion that can be edited, nor a reality to be denied/ignored.
// if about business: it's a surefire way to ruin entire industries.

Ex-oil lobbyist watered down US climate research

	'Documents released by a watchdog group, the Government =
Accountability =20
Project, show that as chief of staff for the White House council on =20
environmental quality, Philip Cooney watered down government scientific =20=

papers on climate change and played up uncertainties in the scientific =20=

literature. Mr Cooney is a law graduate and has no scientific training.'

[followup] US environmental policy chief quits
	'The White House said his departure was "completely unrelated" =
to last =20
week's disclosure.' {see above}

[quote] Chip sector picks up as electronics sales rise

	'Worldwide semiconductor manufacturers are selling more chips =
this =20
year than previously forecast because high energy prices have not =20
slowed electronics sales as the industry had feared, according to =20
revised figures from the Semiconductor Industry Association.'

Astronomers criticise plans to allow cellphone use on planes--
Phoning to say you are =91on the plane=92 could fool astronomers
into thinking they are witnessing the death of a star // harmonics...

	'"Putting cellphones in a plane is like building a cellphone =
tower =20
40,000 feet high," says Davis.' ... 'Compounding the problem is the =20
fact that, in order to save on battery power, cellphones adjust the =20
strength of their signals according to the distance of the nearest =20

US could support UN nuclear head
The US has indicated it could support a third term for Mohamed =20
ElBaradei as head of the UN's nuclear watchdog - if he toughens his =20
stance on Iran.

	'Ms Rice's comments indicate a major change of heart by the Bush =
administration, the BBC's Jane O'Brien in Washington says.' ... 'The US =20=

wants Mr ElBaradei to toughen up and report Iran to the UN Security =20
Council for trying to hide its nuclear activities.' .. 'But Mr =20
ElBaradei has said the "jury is still out" on whether Tehran is =20
secretly developing nuclear weapons, because he had no clear proof.' .. =20=

'However, he recently stressed that it was now up to Iran to dispel =20
doubts about its programme "through absolute transparency measures and =20=

co-operation with the [IAEA]".'

[quote] Secret nuclear waste disposal sites revealed // .UK nukedumps

	'Deep underground repositories are also under active =
investigation at =20
sites in Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and France. The =20
consensus of scientists internationally is that burial in stable =20
geological formations below 300 metres is likely to be the safest =20
method of disposal in the long term.'

Los Alamos Whistleblower Assaulted // nukelab irregularities. **

Is Cat Litter Really Radioactive? // Q & A
And how do we detect nuclear materials at the border?

Bombings in oil-rich province of Iran kill at least eight, wound 36


[related] Iran accuses Saddam loyalists of deadly bombings

Mixed signals on Iran's nuclear program // *** hope... (esp. end)

	'"No, we will never give up this quest [for the nuclear-fuel =
cycle]," =20
Mr. Rafsanjani said late Saturday. "But we will create the necessary =20
trust that this is for peaceful purposes. I'm seriously convinced that =20=

this will be solved."' ... 'Iran has made no promises beyond July, when =20=

negotiators from Britain, France, and Germany - in a long-running =20
diplomatic effort - are to detail a list of incentives.'


[non-em]  CARRY ME HOME  // .mp3 music by hem...

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