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[keywords]  pipeline diplomacy, spammer profile, nanoelectronics,
leukaemia and powerlines, cellphone radiation, bluetooth unsecured,
UNESCO media-podium competition, USB earrings, radiation detectors,
Middle-East and technology philosophy society culture and identity.

electromagnetic observations -- #25

* this week many things relate to the word: radiation

radiation: Radiation generally means the transmission of waves, objects  
or information from a source into a surrounding medium or destination.  


// not sure of the state of arab philosophy surrounding science and
// technology, and culture, though in early industrialization it is
// common to put onto these massive forces historical agency that is
// of an older paradigm of way of perceiving the issues which instead
// are paradigmatically of a different order. thus new abstractions
// can be though to carry on old dynamics but a whole lot of thought
// has gone into this over a century which pretty much defines it as
// a newly predominant experience between humans and our technology.
// the 'agency' of ill-effects can be believed to be god or enemies
// yet much of this 'god-status' changes when one controls the things
// said to be doing harm, achieving 'god-status' or becoming god-head.
// it is a universal condition and people versus machinery and motives
// inherent in these situations are in most every hi-tech movie today.
// especially a film like the 'matrix' for example, where people can
// take power from this machinery and try to influence the populace,
// yet have become one with the machine and are themselves the enemy
// as they seek to stop changes and freedoms humans need to survive.
// this is likely a condition that is held in common by all humanity.
// and the logic of the past does not translate directly to it as it
// is fundamentally different. yet understandable about retaining an
// essence of past truths in relation to the massive transformations.
// it is something most everyone has lost, and all seek to regain...
// and it would be great to know those thinkers around the world who
// are accurately addressing these realities as our common concern...

Assad: Media, tech crushing Arabs // **
Syrian President Bashar Assad has said the media and technological
revolution sweeping the region and the world is helping his country's
foes to undermine and crush the Arab identity.

[and] Assad Lashes Out Against Media, Technology (quote)

	'The real objective of Assad's tirade was to put down the west and  
America in particular. The availability of the Internet and satellite  
television means that the Syrian dictator can no longer limit his  
people's access to only state approved media sources.'

[and] Iran web writer jailed for 'insulting' supreme leader

	'Saminejad, 25, was based in the clerical capital of Qom. His weblog,  
or online diary, mainly dealt with sensitive religious and political  
issues.' .. 'In Iran, questioning the absolute power of the supreme  
leader is illegal.'

India-Pakistan begin gas talks // natural gas pipeline from Iran to  

	'Correspondents say India has embarked on "pipeline diplomacy" to meet  
its rising energy needs.' .. 'Three pipelines are under consideration -  
from Iran through Pakistan, from Turkmenistan through Pakistan and  
Afghanistan, and from Burma through Bangladesh.'

A Web of Trouble // tales of highschool dropout spammer ***

	'The golden-haired entrepreneur with a knack for computers was taking  
in $2 million a month by the time he was 25, enough to buy a string of  
luxury cars, including a Ferrari, a BMW and four Mercedes-Benzes, and  
to move into a $1.1 million house in Burnsville, court papers say.' ...  
'Across the Web, Chris Smith made enemies...' ... 'During seven months  
in early 2003, Smith and his associates transmitted more than 1 billion  
spam e-mails to or through AOL's computer system, using Internet  
addresses that had been hijacked from a Delaware company, the suit  

// reconceptualizing electronics components by way of nanoelectronics.
// plus, will nanobattery technologies enable further nanoization..?

[quote] Nano World:  New Cell Phones with Nanotech // ** informative...

	'Nanotechnology soon could enhance cell phones Latest News about cell  
phones with carbon-nanotube vacuum tubes, microscopic microphones,  
liquid lenses, compasses linked with global positioning system  
satellites and even electronic noses.' ... 'For the communications  
networks underlying the phones, Bell Labs researchers are creating  
soccer-ball-sized devices that can handle a petabit -- or a million  
billion bits -- of data.' .. '"If everyone with a phone made a phone  
call at the same time, that would be about a petabit of data. To switch  
a petabit of data, you'd need a city full of electronics powered by a  
nuclear powerplant," Bishop said.' .. 'The petabit switch uses  
micromirrors created by self-assembly and nano-patterning onto silicon  
to handle both laser and electric pulses for many times greater  
efficiency and information density.'

[and] Scientists utilize molecule as basic transistor // nanoelectronics
Breakthrough could be important for future computers (wired)

Pylons 'may be a leukaemia risk' // see: 'the study'
Living too close to overhead power lines appears to
increase the risk of childhood leukaemia, researchers say.

// this is one of those areas where 'potential savings' for possible
// negative effects of risk factors far outweighs any benefits of not
// doing a thing. it could save lives, and billions through prevention
// of future problems. now if only OSHA/DOE/DHHS in the .US would act...

Australia bans [cellphone] masts near schools // thanks *


[and]  Buying an "EMFsafe" property, EM Products // thanks *

[and] Permanent mutations in fruit flies by cell phone radiation

	'Radiofrequent radiation of cell phones, DECT wireless phones and  
radar causes mutations in fruitflies. That its the outcome of research  
by Danna Thomas, a 15 year old student of Broadneck High School in  
Annapalis MD, United States of America. She exposed five generations of  
fruit flies to radiofrequent radiation and counted the amount of  
changes of the wings of the fruit flies. She also checked the  
chromosomes of the fifth generation and compared them with a not  
exposed control group. It came out that 5 percent of the exposed fruit  
flies showed mutations, against 1,5 percent of the control group.  
Moreover, the changes in the exposed fruit flies were hereditary and  
those in the control group not. The mutations happened at radiation  
intensities lower than produced by a cell phone or DECT wireless  
telephone base. Danna Thomas was coached by Sujata Ives, teacher at  
Severna Park High School in Annapolis. She received a Grand Award from  
Merck Research Laboratories at the Intel International Science and  
Engineering Fair 2005, Phoenix, Arizona.'

[&] Quarterly news bulletin of the Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk e.V.

CANDLE "DIGITAL CLOCK" // interesting idea. (engadget)

UNESCO Calls for Proposals of Architectural Design of its Stand at WSIS  
in Tunis

Biggest ever cosmos simulation // virtual universe. (palmaddict)

	'The [Millennium Run] simulation tracked some 10 billion dark matter  
particles over roughly 13 billion years of cosmic evolution.'

USB Flash Drive earrings (gizmodo)

the Vintage Synth Explorer  -- source of reviews, images, sound bytes  
and links for over 500 popular vintage synthesizers and samplers...

New hack cracks 'secure' Bluetooth devices // secure sniffer...

Radiation Detectors to Scan Calif. Ports (drudge)

	'About 4.3 million containers are shipped to the dual ports each year.  
The Southern California harbor will become the second major U.S. harbor  
to have all incoming cargo screened, Chertoff said.' .. 'In April,  
officials announced Oakland was the first major harbor to install  
enough radiation machines to check all incoming cargo. It has 25.'

[quote] James Lileks: My new glasses, darkly

	'I say it's time we figure out a new way to fix eyeballs. Preferably  
one that does not involve aiming laser beams into your head.'

Cool Stuff, Made in Taiwan // * hyper-industrialization...

	'[These] tight business relationships are beneficial to both  
countries, but they overlook a potentially disastrous complication:  
China and Taiwan are technically at war. Not a shooting war,  
admittedly, but a civil war in which fighting gradually petered out  
decades ago without a peace treaty being signed.'

Pacman comes to life virtually -- A human version of the classic arcade  
game Pacman, superimposing the virtual 3D game world on to city streets  
and buildings, is being developed by researchers at Singapore.

	'Merging different technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, virtual  
reality, wi-fi, infrared and sensing mechanisms, the augmented reality  
game allows gamers to play in a digitally-enhanced maze-like version of  
the real world.' ... 'Experts believe AR [Alternate Reality] technology  
will revolutionize the gaming experience creating an arena where people  
move about, socialising and interacting with each other instead of  
being glued to a computer screen.'

Apple shifts to Intel: what is all the fuss about?


[non-em] BEETHOVEN DOWNLOADS // all 9 symphonies, .mp3 late july

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