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[keywords]  Field Programmable Gate Array chips, google print,
Iranian energy development, Nuked treaties, Einstein's influence,
more of the crazy catbot, Nokia & Apple audiovisual net-tablets,
outlawing encrypted ideas/commerce/privacy, wi-fi speed, ergo...

electromagnetic observations -- #24

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// a beautiful accouunt, well worth reading, of Einstein's influence
// with 5 seminal papers that changed physics and the world, forever.

A century later, Einstein's first ideas still hold power-- It's rare  
that a person gets a chance to overturn humanity's conception of the  

	'Einstein's theories were connected to experimental reality...'
Google Print - Search the full text of books // *** e.g. EM and culture

// the aspect of nuclear technology that is eminently understandable
// is, for instance, in the ability to develop new nuclear medicine,
// which is central in today's fight against cancer, or other realms.
// note: see page 2 about Iran's pending energy development issues...

[quote] Across Iran, Nuclear Power Is a Matter of Pride // ***

	'.. it is clear that Iran's attachment to nuclear development is  
rooted in its own tumultuous history. The Islamic republic is trying to  
use its nuclear program as a bargaining chip to end the varying degrees  
of international isolation it has been forced to endure since the  
Islamic revolution in 1979.' .. 'The nuclear standoff also echoes an  
older fight: Iran's colonial struggle to control its oil resources,  
which it eventually wrestled away from the British. Some reach further  
back, reflecting a desire to revive the glory of ancient Persia. Others  
want to claim Iran's future, to prove that the Islamic revolution can  
overcome its reputation for abysmal management.' .. '"It is a symbolic  
thing for Iranians," said Mohammad Saeidi, the vice president for  
planning and international affairs at the Atomic Energy Organization of  
Iran. "Our people are very clever, very smart and they want to use all  
the advanced technology in the world-nuclear technology, biotechnology,  
internet technology."'

Iran says US, Israel are the real nuclear threats // ***

	'Washington worked hard to prevent the conference -- which works by  
consensus -- from approving any documents that refer to its 1995 and  
2000 pledges to disarm, while Iran blocked anything that referred to it  
as a proliferation threat and NPT violator.' ... 'Egypt also worked  
hard to prevent any substantive conclusion from the conference when it  
saw it had no chance of focusing criticism on Israel's assumed atomic  
arsenal.' .. '"Israel is the threat to the region," he said. "It is one  
of the great ironies of our age that a country outside the framework of  
legality in the area of nonproliferation is one of the countries that  
is the most active participants against Iran," he said.'

// followup on scary robocats/catbots video two weeks ago...

Here robot, robot: Your next pet may be of faux fur
in the future --  These robotic animals don't set off
allergies and can help disabled children and adults.

	'The whole scene makes you a little nervous. As you delve into the  
future of pets on this planet, you discover at least three  
possibilities: robotic, cloned and biologically reprogrammed. It's a  
foggy, uncharted world of cuddly robots, copycat puppies, nonallergenic  
cats, glowing fish, gargantuan guinea pigs, miniature hippos and the  
re-establishment of endangered or extinct species that could put us all  
in danger.' ... '... "We are being asked to take care of these  
computers," [Sherry Turkle] says. "And that is one of the most  
seductive things."'

// this person may be missing the point- cellphones do not work in
// apartments and this is a home-based device. second, like Nokia, an
// Apple wi-fi tablet is said to be in the works-- and like the iPod
// this may be a conceptual computer that defies existing reasoning
// and should there be a $350 open linux platform for VoIP, wi-fi
// networking, audio-visual, even e-commerce without being infront
// of a computer screen, -- that actually works well and is affordable
// as a satellite to a main computer/network connection, it may be an
// entrance into e-ink based e-books, newspapers, whatnot, that have
// little to do with telephony and a lot to do with a new platform...
// (e.g. such a device could replace old-style large paper catalogs,
// now extinct, with new shopping experience based somewhere between
// window-shopping experience and cold hard grocery cart checkouts).

Ingram: What's Nokia up to? // internet tablet. conceptual computing...

	'Theoretically, of course, the 770 can make phone calls by connecting  
to a cellphone using Bluetooth wireless, or by using the built-in Wi-Fi  
connection and a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) service such as  
Skype. But it doesn't have a regular cellphone built right into it, the  
way all the rest of Nokia's products do. So why would the company  
bother to come up with such a strange device?'

Minnesota court takes dim view of encryption // **
A Minnesota appeals court has ruled that the presence of encryption
software on a computer may be viewed as evidence of criminal intent.

pylon photograph

// recently read somewhere that wi-fi standards (imagine it to be
// 802.11 'b') were designed to be transmitted at up to 60mph...

Cisco Brings Wireless And VoIP To Indy 500 -- // 220+ mph
A wireless network feeds information on engine health,
vehicle dynamics, and aerodynamics back to the pit crew.

Database Hackers Reveal Tactics // lexis-nexis and meth-labs...

	'"You start looking at an account that's been logged into 500 times  
and generated 9,000 reports, for example, that's a lot of information  
(to examine)," [REACT's] Sibley said. "I'm just saying it's not one  
group that's compromised LexisNexis. Their security is really bad. This  
isn't a situation where you're talking about needing an ueberhacker to  
compromise (the system). Their passwords weren't as secure as your  
average porn site. I think it didn't take a genius to break them.  
Although I think the way the hackers did it was creative. We'll give  
them style points."'

Israeli firms 'ran vast spy ring'
Police in Israel say they have uncovered a huge industrial spying ring  
which used computer viruses to probe the systems of many major  

Concept Maps Go to School // Nasa. could be used for EM edu...

// a dearth of creativity, design, imagination, and purpose...

Hand-helds need more reasons to be  (macsurfer)

I want to know your depths // painting by Sally Grayson

Introduction to Sensors // EMFs. thanks *

Self-wiring supercomputer is cool and compact // *** FPGA chips...
An experimental supercomputer made from hardware that reconfigures  
itself to tackle different problems is being built by researchers

	'FPGAs can be reconfigured using software to mimic computer processing  
equipment that is physically designed to take on specialised tasks. In  
contrast, conventional microprocessors are designed to act as fixed,  
general purpose processing devices. Each FPGA chip consists of a block  
of programmable logic gates that can be electronically organised into  
different types of circuit.'

Pain-free computing // ergo tips...

[and]  Is your laptop a pain in the neck?

	'The main problem with laptops is that the screen and keyboard are so  
close together. Without the aid of peripherals, laptop users have two  
choices, neither of which would win them any points for posture. They  
can cramp their neck down to view the monitor or they can elevate the  
machine to eye level, which can wreak havoc on shoulders and arms.' ..  
'And the wrists lose regardless, because the keyboard is so small,  
leading to awkward hand positioning.'

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