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- special section - .US energy policy urls and quotes

electromagnetic observations -- #17

* i am going to write about .US energy policy in an e-mail
to follow, though there is a special section of urls in this
newsletter regarding choice quotes and some overview news
stories that are worthwhile reading to get up to speed on
the main themes and issues. at this point i do not think it
is going to be viable to do nothing or to use the traditional
tactic of waiting-it-out (oppositional) because there is too
much to be done, and ideas need to be put out for comments,
ideas that could go beyond current policy conceptualization.
this is of course a novice effort, independent of political
party or affiliation, and will offer a very different view.
this was going to precede the President Bush's speech on
the issue though instead it will follow with more details.

* in the speech by President Bush there were several related,
relevant issues connected to the newsletter that are worth
noting. besides energy policy, there were some interesting
developments that are also mirrored in news stories below
that could be considered a subtext for larger policies.

for instance, mention of Iran's nuclear program tonight in
the speech by President Bush was recontextualized by the
role of Russia in relation to Iran's nuclear program, and
almost seems to be a positive development in which threat-
levels have at least been smoothed out in ongoing talks.
yet recent news states the Iran still plans on processing
uranium, by this friday (.EU time) if diplo-talks fail on
how to come to a solution. with Russian President Putin's
tripi to Israel, quotes in stories below echo a similar
commitment to a strategy to mideast- and nuclear- peace,
also echoed in the commitment of Iran to its electrical
power production by nuclear plants, for peaceful purposes
only. what is amazing, imo, is that the .US president on
national television in a press question and answer (Q&A)
session, admits a personal discrepancy with the idea of
Iran needing nuclear power when it has so much oil-- yet
is able to admit this (previously a serious bottleneck)
and argue the case further- to the point of acknowledging
the role of Russia in providing the enriched uranium to
Iran to run their nuclear plants for electrical power,
and then to reclaim it and return it to .RU after it is
spent fuel so it does not become weaponized. it may be
too early to know what this may mean to talks themselves
but there must be some significant changes from a brink
of war and hitting nuclear reactors as diplomatic action.
in other words, there is something to be hopeful about.
and Russia's role is critical to this issue, as is the
.US' subtle shift in perspective, Iran's .EU diplomatic
talks, and Israel's role being balanced between these.

one question always enters my mind when considering a
future where a mid-east peace is reclaimed from chaos,
is what might be developed or discovered or invented in
these regions which brought mathematics, geometry, and
other arts and sciences into being? what could an I.T.
revolution, new infrastructures, and drives for literacy
and advanced explorations develop, to benefit the world?
this is the part of intercivilizational development that
in regard to electromagnetism, is exciting to consider.
what if new (digital/networked media) art galleries were
able to download a show of desert painters from Arizona,
into Bahrain, for a local exhibit on plasma screens with
audio and visual commentary, maybe even a video-telecom
link to share remotely linked experiences in cyberspace.
or, for that matter, any number of cross-pollinations of
people and ideas to accelerate the ability to adapt to
change, yet maintain necessary traditions and share them
though in new ways and forms, to keep the stories alive.

* note: North Korea in President Bush's speech tonight
had a uniquely different characteristic- it was of the
nature of a perceived, received nuclear threat and new
information about likely ballistic missile capability,
to fit a nuclear warhead on a missile so to launch it
into other nations. the United Nations was brought up
in this regard, and it may be, from reading the news
account below, that if the 5 parties (.RU, .CN, South
.KR, .JP, .US) can agree on a .UN approach, that what
may be pending is some type of barricade or quarantine
of North Korea. and the critical role of China as being
a key partner in pacifying this situation was mentioned
in so many words- and so this may be a way to contain
the export of nuclear arms and aim for what is said to
be a 'nuclear free Korean peninsula'. this could be a
first step towards that idea, in a shared framework.


// why changing Daylight Savings Time is dangerous idiocy...

Mess with the body clock at your peril // ***

// media programming -> brain programming & legalized drug dealing.
// Televised Science = fictional portrayal of scientific findings
// used by stand-in actor doctors when pitching TV miracle drugs...

Drug adverts have 'profound effect' on prescribing

	'Now a [Direct-to-Consumer] study by US researchers shows that actors  
consulting doctors and mentioning a particular antidepressant drug  
advertised on television are much more likely to get that prescription  
than if they do not request any medication.' ... 'Actresses portraying  
adjustment disorder but making no specific drug requests were  
prescribed an antidepressant 10% of the time. Making a general request  
raised this level to 39%. Making a specific request for Paxil raised  
the level still further to a prescription rate of 55% - though not  
necessarily for Paxil itself.' .. 'Actresses portraying major  
depression and making a general request for drugs were prescribed an  
antidepressant 76% of the time...'

// potential 'quarantine' pending, akin to JFK's nuclear Cuba,
// would require partnership with .CN to control its borders...

White House May Go to U.N. Over North Korean Shipments *** (drudge)

	'Activity at the site in October and again in January led to concerns  
that North Korea may be preparing for the first underground weapons  
test  - which  would end any ambiguity about whether it has the  
technology to build a warhead.' .. '"They are either heading toward a  
full nuclear breakout, so that we are forced to deal with them as an  
established nuclear power, or they are putting on quite a show for our  
satellites," said one senior administration official...'
.. '...some experts say the statements and actions North Korea  have  
taken recently could mark a significant shift in strategy: It may now  
see a chance to build a modest nuclear arsenal while the United States  
and Asian nations debate how to react. The C.I.A. estimates that North  
Korea already has enough plutonium for six or eight nuclear weapons.'

Putin Makes Historic Visit to Israel // nuclear diplomacy...

	'Putin has sought to use the Middle East conflict to help restore  
Russia's stature on the international stage, where its presence is  
dwarfed by the United States. It has joined Europe, the United Nations  
and the United States in the so-called Quartet of Mideast peacemakers,  
and Palestinians view Russia as an important counterweight to U.S.  
support for Israel.'

[and] Iran issues fresh nuclear warning // nuclear diplomacy...
Iran will resume nuclear enrichment if its talks with leading
EU nations fail, says the country's foreign minister.

[and] Putin Warns Iran Against Atomic Arms // ***
	'Putin also sought to soothe Israel's concerns about Iran's nuclear  
programme, hardening his line on the issue by telling a news conference  
in Jerusalem that Tehran should do more to assure the world it was not  
trying to build atomic weapons.' .. 'He said Iran's agreement to return  
spent nuclear fuel to Russia -- which agreed to supply the material to  
Iran's Bushehr plant -- "does not seem to be enough".' .. 'In addition,  
the Iranians should "abandon all technology to create a full nuclear  
cycle and also not obstruct their nuclear sites from international  
control", Putin said.' .. 'Putin later told Sharon "Iran's nuclear  
potential is just as frightening to Russia as it is to Israel, and  
Russia will not permit Iran to build a nuclear bomb," Sharon's office  

[and] Desktop nuclear fusion demonstrated // ***

	'The key to the system is a crystal made of lithium tantalate. The  
crystal is asymmetric and, as a result, heating the material causes  
positive and negative charges to migrate to opposite ends of the  
crystal, setting up an electric field. The phenomenon is known as the  
pyroelectric effect.' ... '...The fields inside the crystals can reach  
a “mind boggling” 10 7electronvolts, [Seth Putterman] says.'

// excellent article on trade secrets, rehires, symposia, etc. ***

The spies in the next cube:  Silicon Valley a magnet for
trade secret theft --  and it's often an inside job // macsurfer.com

	'Many of those charged with corporate espionage allegedly e-mailed  
stolen information or stored it on their home computers, as if they  
hadn't considered the possibility of detection.' ... 'Among the signals  
that should raise a red flag, Davis said, are employees staying late at  
night, tours and delegations in which visitors strike up a friendship  
with insiders, and outsiders who are found in sensitive areas of a  
facility, such as network administration.'

Cell Phone Stun Gun with Personal Alarm // via engadget.com

Google Help : Cheat Sheet // printer-ready...

Old computers finding new uses // e-waste follow-up...

// unique 1970s TV program, '"Sigmund & the Sea Monsters"' etc.

'70s fans can't get enough of 'Pufnstuf' // reg.req bugmenot.com

	'Since at least 1998, the Kroffts have claimed to be close to making  
features of "Pufnstuf," about a boy on an island populated by a  
friendly dragon, a bumbling witch and a magic talking flute, and "Land  
of the Lost," an adventure about modern-day humans cohabitating with  
dinosaurs on a remote island.' ... 'They were staples of  
Saturday-morning network programming in the late '60s to mid-'70s,  
live-action fantasy series with pop tunes, oversize puppets and other  
surreal characters in settings heavily influenced by the psychedelic  
culture of their times.'

Lightning strikes Blair's plane--  Prime Minister Tony Blair's election  
campaign plane has been struck by lightning during a flight. (drudge)

	'After landing, the pilot explained such strikes were reasonably  
common and the plane's wings contained conductors to dissipate the  
electricity from a lightning.'

// no comment except that 'new energy' is a contested realm
// where various fringes (ideas, peoples) meet by collision.
// note: a 'dipole' could simply be a dipole antenna, too...
// re: 'signatures of scalar electromagnetic engineering'...

Scalar Wars: The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics // thanks *

	'"Scalar EM is the brainchild of Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden,  
a systems analyst and wargames specialist who has been advocating a  
view of electromagnetics which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen  
background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which  
underlie all physical reality.' (energies of time) .... 'Despite the  
complexity of the science involved, Bearden sums up the  essential  
secret  of it all in a few words:
	 "There is no problem at all in extracting all the energy one wishes  
from the active vacuum, anywhere in the universe, at any time. Just  
make a dipole. .. "The problem is in (1) catching some of that freely  
gushing EM energy in a circuit containing a load, and (2) dissipating  
the caught and collected EM energy in that load to power it, without  
using half the caught energy to destroy the source dipole's)'...'

[and] Tom Bearden Talks About Weaponry // thanks *
electromagnetic frequencies to be used as wave warfare

With friends like these ...
US socialite and journalist Arianna Huffington is to launch a
super blog featuring contributions by a host of her celebrity
chums...  Tim Dowling got a preview // * funny stuff. (drudge)

NASA Funds 'Miracle Polymer' // quantum wire/nanotube powerline

-- .us energy policy urls & quotes -

// all these news stories/accounts are nearly identical though
// each have a tiny bit of spin that fills in a larger picture...
// so quoting several and offering one or two good URL overviews...

[news] Bush: Build Oil Refineries at Ex-Military Bases // ***

	'Bush, in his second energy speech in a week, warned that  the United  
States must wean itself from foreign oil and  described it as a  
national security problem, two days after he  met Saudi Crown Prince  
Abdullah and reached no agreement that  would lower gasoline prices in  
the near term.' ... 'In addition, Bush proposed allowing the Federal  
Regulatory  Commission become the lead authority over states in  
granting  licenses for the construction of liquefied natural gas [LNG]  
terminals.' ... 'Bush's support for federal regulators to override  
local  opposition to new [LNG] terminals came on the same day that some  
of  the world's biggest producers of liquefied natural gas, meeting  in  
Trinidad, agreed to work together to seek what they called a  "fair  
price" for their shipments, a move similar to the early  days of the  
OPEC oil cartel.'

[and] Bush to tout new nuclear plants, refineries // ** more details...

	'The White House has been calling on Congress to pass comprehensive  
energy legislation since 2001, when Vice President Dick Cheney's energy  
task force released its energy policy recommendations. The House has  
passed an energy bill several times but the Senate has been unable to  
sure passage of energy legislation.'

[quote] Bush pushes domestic production // ** recommended...
Calls for refineries on military bases, new nuclear plants

	'the president acknowledged U.S. reliance on foreign sources of energy  
is "like a foreign tax" on consumers and business that is increasing  
every year.'

[quote]  Bush seeks to ease US oil needs

	'US oil prices fell following Mr Bush's speech as he showed his  
determination for the US to become less dependent on oil.' .. 'Analysts  
said they were surprised to hear some of these initiatives coming out  
of the US.' .. 'But they pointed out that President Bush had not done  
much to address the demand side of the equation by trying to encourage  
Americans to consume less power.'

[news] Bush outlines energy plan as prices soar // ** recommended...

	'The president's call for a tax credit for gas-electric hybrid  
automobiles and for use of clean diesel is similar to a proposal in his  
budget earlier this year. The hybrid tax break was left out of the  
energy bill passed by the House last week.'

[quote] Bush Urges More Nuclear Plants and Building Refineries on Bases

	'Three administration officials said on Tuesday that the White House  
would seek to have Mr. Bush's proposals incorporated into the energy  
bill that has already been passed by the House. The Senate is drafting  
an entirely new bill, partly out of concern that the House version is  
too generous to large oil companies and others in the energy sector.  
Today, Mr. Bush today called on Congress to give him an energy bill by  
summer.' ... 'The Senate minority leader, Senator Harry Reid, Democrat  
of Nevada, called President Bush's initiatives "little more than  
half-measures and wrongheaded policies that will do nothing to address  
the current energy crisis or break the stranglehold that foreign oil  
has on our nation," The Associated Press said.' .. 'Mr. Reid said that  
a plan by Senate Democrats would offer more tax incentives - double the  
$8 billion approved by the House - and funnel more of the money to  
renewable energy sources and energy-efficiency measures.'

[and] Technology Is Key to Bush's Long-Term Energy Plan # President  
calls on Congress to pass his initiatives as way to free U.S. from oil  

	'[For] the most part, the president expressed a bedrock belief in the  
ability of the private sector to expand energy supplies and promote  
conservation, with modest government involvement to start.' ... 'Bush's  
remarks appear to reflect a delicate balancing act on the part of the  
White House, analysts said. As an accomplished politician, they said,  
Bush knows he must ratchet up his rhetoric to convince Americans that  
he too feels the sting of high prices. But as a former oilman and  
business executive, they said, he was hesitant to embrace solutions  
that involved extensive federal intervention in the energy sector.'

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