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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Fri, 8 Apr 2005 14:24:46 -0500

  some more recent works... related to earlier
  mentions on the list. such as this first one,
  which took about two months trying to figure
  out how to make a compilation of ship sails
  and masts, as related to the e-distribution
  pole evolution, aesthetics, symbolism, etc.
  the thing feels like a tabernacle or a strange
  interstellar ark of the covenant or something.
  i may make an origin of 'transmission towers'
  though i have no room to put more such stuff.

	the Ęthership (dawn) // images and animation...
	(origin of the electrical distribution pole)

	the Ęthership (dusk) // images and animations...


  just made this, a 'crown' of thorns. may try
  for one of amber, though merging amber bits
  and fiberoptic strands is an interest, maybe
  more as a chandelier or decorative lighting.
  maybe it will be used in a mobile that is to
  be made, with magnets, mirrors, crystals, etc.

	electromagnetic crown of thorns. 4/2005.
	mannequin stand with electronics symbols.


  recently saw the DVD for Spartacus via the public library
  and took screenshots of scenes of mass crucifixions as it
  has been stated that crucifixes used to line the roads to
  Rome, as a form of capital punishment. which relates to
  the same cross icons/symbols, lining the roads everywhere
  in the world -- an aesthetic instance of 'when in Rome...'

  here are some screenshots, not for the squeamish. i made
  a sculpture of this with distribution poles prior to
  knowing about this or seeing this film. and screenshot #159
  in particular shows crosses lining roads in a landscape,
  as many a television commercial has similarly shown with
  electrical poles receding into the horizon, etc. by the
  way, the first and last third of the movie was interesting
  and Peter Ustinov was superbly funny throughout the film.
  the HIOX symbol (unnamed ancient symbol) was also in this
  film, origins or massive use in ancient Greece-Rome, and
  it is in detailing for doors, windows, etc in key scenes.
  that symbol is identical to the one used today in the 16-
  segment LED displays for generating all alphanumeric (a-z,
  0-9) characters of the american-english alphabet (plain
  characters). so it is one of those very odd coincidences...

.edu fair-use screenshots from Spartacus, Kirk Douglas

now onto making antler television antennae...

feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions welcome.

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