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[keywords] nuclear, gameshow, bagpipes, aether,
yet another mysterious conference on electricity,
war, terrorism, surveillance, natural disasters,
love, peace, and electromagnetic media, diplomacy

electromagnetic observations -- #9

* google as gameshow?  wondering if it is possible that
gameshows such as 'jeopardy' (.us television) may eventually
turn into search engine games or even strategies. in that
specific gameshow a contestant has to reverse-engineer an
answer into the form of a question, and it would seem to
be in parallel to Ask Jeeves-type of search strategies.
many seem to be about information and advertising, too.

* does anyone know of university resources for hosting
a filemaker database (specific webhosting configuration)
which may be able to collaborate for the electronetwork
'network' contact databases? hosting for one filemaker
database is more than my entire hosting costs alone. it
would be an incentive to join Apple's .mac program if
they included filemaker hosting in their web services,
though even that is beyond the means of the project now.

* incredible experience with music and electromagnetism
was encountered on a walk by a gray/brown woods of an
old city park, which is next to a power substation. i
went down there as a guy with walked by with a bagpipe
under arm. soon enough, upon reemerging at street level
the unearthly wales and seemingly electronic drones of
that wind instrument arose from within these dead woods
and surreal juxtaposition to very large substation gear,
and the event matched what in sound what the substation
looked like- i'd never heard anything like it, as if
it was an ushering forth of spring or some kind of new
seasonal rites dealt to the sleeping ghosts of spring,
and of the 'virgin and dynamo' (John Adams' descriptor)
of the unearthly, ethereal aspect of all such sounding.
the bagpipe was an exact match for a power substation,
more than anything synthesizers could do, in my opinion.

* was going to write about energy but what i was going
to write went up against reality, as it is now boiling
if not broiling with change and suspense and still hope
yet the latter approach is tangential to international
issues yet to be dealt with. there is a lot that can be
imagined about other options, once new relations could
recontextualize situations. there is an article below
about UN grants for .IR to get certain weapons to be
able to combat the drug trade and yet it is dual-use
and this is the context for nuclear things, as stated.
though, it was imagined how much could potentially be
achieved if (not Iran here, specifically, but other
places, including outside the Middle East such as in
Africa) if instead of negative destructive processes
(say, war-related development, funding, etc) if what
is a wealth of electromagnetic-related tools could be
a collaborative agenda for raising the standards of
living in very challenging economic and other (drought,
famine) circumstances, to get information technology
infrastructures, ideas, educational infrastructures,
and global to local and vice versa economic exchanges
to a larger and deeper humanity. this could be done,
as India has experimented with its own custom PDA
in approaching literacy and other issues, to be the
basis for creating such technologies locally and to
establish a new foothold for such cultural advances
while retaining respect for traditions while enabling
changes to transform situations that continue unabated.
imagining getting beyond nuclear power, what may happen
or be possible if information technolgy was the central
focus, and even a goal of dual-use trade and exchanges.

* differently with North Korea, i was wondering if
electromagnetic media may be something to learn about
North Korean culture and its opening up to the world.
The Supreme Leader there apparently is very big on
filmmaking and movies, and it is a part of the culture.
what if diplomacy included this media dimension as a
way to smooth relations and share cultural differences,
possibly to document in film and audio the uniqueness
of North Korean life through some cultural anthropolgy
so that while changes inevitably occur, that they can
be documented, recorded, and shared in an exchange of
views. what if television diplomacy or other official
or officiated exchanges of media were a basis for new
relations - there are extravagent displays of public
grandeur given visting diplomats as Madeline Albright,
so what if these could be shared with more people and
even share some public events with the North Koreans,
such as a broadcast of music concerts or something...
Maybe China already does this, and-or South Korea too.
the aspect of opening up could include media, and to
open up exchanges of culture and media as diplomacy.


[quote] Greed. Love. Wisdom, and Labeling of the Self
	'Perhaps the aether, as Hegel calls Spinoza's substance, is the  
threshold we must passto reach wisdom. It is there where we finally  
realize that a binding truth exists.'

// i have been thinking about this for some time, and recently was
// considering taking a photograph of a busy enough city intersection
// and highlighting all the infrastructures which could be utilized
// or evolved into more complex cultural systems (architectures).
// like various eras of classical architectural orders & aesthetics
// (ionian, tuscan, composite) the e-poles could be upgraded in new
// designs, partly localized and partly universal/globalized, which
// could create/supplement new experiences of space, place, time.
// it is another area where symbolism itself is a guide, as poles
// have been utilized throughout human history for similar ends...
// (i.e., a totem pole is one example, celtic ruin stones another.)

Lampposts to provide location-based services? // via engadget.com

Cryptography in Artificial Light: Poe's Stories and Nadar's Stills

// it's hard to imagine being left out of the loop on developments
// like this. it is a testament to pitfalls of the 'bleeding edge.'
// it'd be helpful if those who've long been explorers and pioneers
// in establishing this field are also included in its development.

ELECTRICITY. UNFOLDING A PARADIGM // Call for papers (closed March 1)
The New Intermediatic Sphere 7 -- 7th International Conference of the  
Center for Research on Intermediality. Montreal, November 9-12, 2005 -  
Under the direction of : Olivier Asselin, Silvestra Mariniello, Andrea  
Oberhuber and Christine Ross

	'As an object of study, a theoretical model, and a medium for  
knowledge, electricity is essentially intermedial: it is located at the  
crossroads of various discourses and practices, between scientific  
disciplines and the arts, media and technology, text and image, theory  
and practice. The conference proposes to examine the epistemological,  
aesthetic, social and political impact of this "electric revolution."  
In order to avoid strictly disciplinary approaches and to encourage  
dialogue between fields of knowledge and cultural practices (history of  
science, sociology, philosophy, cultural studies, anthropology,  
literary studies, theatre studies, art, art history, cinematography,  
history of architecture, urban studies, engineering, etc.), we propose  
to organize papers in thematic sessions where theory and practice can  
meet on common ground:'

Iconography: CritiQuing the Icon. Curated by Patrick Lichty

[quote] AP: Iran Stockpiling High-Tech Small Arms // dual-use. drudge

	'Iran says it needs the satellite network, high-tech small arms bought  
on the European arms market and night-vision goggles, body armor and  
advanced communications gear through the U.N program to fight drug  
smugglers pouring in from neighboring Afghanistan.' .. '"We need  
assistance," Pirouz Hosseini, Iran's chief delegate to U.N.  
organizations in Vienna told The Associated Press, dismissing U.S.  
fears as "a political stance not based on realities."' .. 'But such  
high-resolution satellite imagery could reveal what U.S. troops in  
neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan are doing on the ground - or that they  
could show the Iranians what the United States is seeing as it spies  
from outer space for evidence of illicit Iranian nuclear activity.' ..  
'And with Iran suspected of backing insurgents in Iraq, Washington  
fears some of the equipment bought in Europe or delivered as part of  
the U.N.-backed anti-drug fight could be used against U.S. troops  
there, say Western diplomats here who are familiar with U.S. concerns.'

Pakistan Admits Rogue Scientist Aided Iran // ***

	'In a rare admission, Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on  
Thursday said Abdul Qadeer Khan sold the centrifuges to Tehran but  
insisted that the government was not aware of his activities.' .. '"Dr.  
Abdul Qadeer gave some centrifuges to Iran," Ahmed told The Associated  
Press in a telephone interview. "He helped Iran in his personal  
capacity, and the Pakistan government had nothing to do with it."' ..  
'It was the first time a politician from either Iran or Pakistan  
publicly admitted the transfer of centrifuges, which could be used in  
making an atomic bomb.'

[and] Pakistan mulls nuclear handover // **
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is considering sending nuclear  
parts to
a UN watchdog to help it investigate if Iran is developing atomic  
	"We have said, 'OK, we will give you [the nuclear centrifuges] and you  
examine them outside, or maybe you [come] to us'. But once and for all,  
and after that, we've told them that once we do it, then don't ask next  

[and] Pakistan: No nuclear deal for F-16s

[related] U.S. jet deals reflect a balancing act // 'strong-nuclear'

	'The two offers spelled a fundamental shift in the U.S. approach to  
nuclear South Asia, one that feeds a potentially dangerous arms race in  
a region rife with conflict, but reflects U.S. priorities in a post  
9/11 world.' .... ' Today, relations between the countries remain tense  
but promising.' .. 'The Bush administration is clearly banking on the  
improved relations, and it took pains Friday to point out that it was  
not playing favorites.'

Mid-East peace song to be released // em-media hearts+minds...
Palestinian radio is set to broadcast a song in Hebrew for the first  
time, as Israeli Army radio simultaneously plays an Arabic version of  
the same track.

[quote] Big Brother microphones tested // via drudgereport.com

	'Picardi said he's even experimenting with a Big Brother bonus for  
unmarked police cars: a tiny microphone positioned near the windshield  
so powerful it can pick up conversations on the street.' .. '"You could  
pull into a street corner and, if there's a drug deal going on a  
half-block away, you can hear what's going on. You could have all the  
windows shut and the air-conditioning on and you could hear everything  
going on outside the vehicle," Picardi said.'

Terror: The Hunt for Zarqawi's Webmasters // via drudgereport.com

Preserving listed buildings - on computer // thanks *

The Red Balloon DVD // technical-surveillance countermeasures...

example of em-lightspeed photography // via syndicate list

  SA traffic light tamperer stopped -- A man has been arrested in South  
Africa for tampering with traffic lights in an attempt to create  

Grokking Photons // about music, platonic solids, aether...

// nuclear plants + earthquakes is also an issue at yucca mountain
// where spent nuclear fuel is to be stored in the southwest .us
// and it may also relate to overdevelopment risks of nuclear power
// in highly active earthquake zones, that it may also be a danger
// that may not effect other geographies the same, as with Iran's
// geology which has the most active earthquake zone on the planet.

Earthquake risks issued for Russian power plants

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