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electromagnetic observations -- #8

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[followup] Mobile Phones for Kids Raise Concerns // drudgereport.com

	'When you use a cell phone, 70 to 80 percent of the energy emitted  
from the antenna is absorbed by the head, Lai said.' .. 'Last week, a  
federal appeals court in Maryland reinstated five class-action lawsuits  
claiming that the cell phone industry has failed to protect consumers  
from unsafe levels of radiation.'

Putin, European Leaders Agree on Iran Nuclear Program (Update3)

	'The Iranian government wants ``to have a transparent policy,'' Putin  
said. ``We have signed a very important contract with Iran on the  
return of nuclear waste to Russia. In agreement with this treaty we are  
going to observe in a very close manner the approach of the Iranian  
authorities in this field.'''

[and] Iran to go forward with nuclear program
	'The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed  
ElBaradei, said a global approach is needed to keep Iran from  
developing nuclear weapons, and urged Europe and the United States to  
normalize ties with Tehran.' .. 'Europe and the United States "must  
give Iran a sense of security so that the Iranians don't feel the need  
to acquire nuclear arms," ElBaradei was quoted as telling the daily Le  
Monde in remarks published Tuesday.' .. '"Iran must feel assured that  
no one is thinking of attacking or provoking regime change," ElBaradei,  
who spoke at the conference on Monday, was quoted as saying.' .. 'Asked  
about ElBaradei's remarks, Saeidi declined to comment Tuesday, but said  
there was "nothing" the United States could do to encourage Tehran to  
reach a deal with the Europeans.' .. 'The Paris conference on the  
future of nuclear energy, billed as the first of its kind in decades,  
was sponsored by France, the IAEA and the Organization for Economic  
Cooperation and Development.'

[and] 'Positive Climate' Reported at Iran Talks // ***

	'In a joint statement Wednesday by Iran and the three European Union  
nations -- France, Britain and Germany -- diplomats said the meetings  
would hold to an accord reached in Paris in November that specified  
Iran should voluntarily suspend uranium enrichment during the talks.'  
.. 'But Iranian negotiator Sirous Nasseri said the prospect of a  
permanent ban on enrichment was "nonexistent," insisting Iran enjoys  
the right under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty -- like other  
signatory nations -- to enrich uranium for use in civilian power  
production.' .. 'The thrust of the "intensive" and "businesslike" talks  
Wednesday was to prepare for future negotiations on substantive  
questions, Nasseri told The Associated Press by telephone.' .. '"This  
could hopefully be the beginning for an agreement in the  
not-too-distant future," he said.'

[and] Iran and EU Agree to Keep Nuclear Talks Going // ***

	'The French foreign ministry issued a statement after the talks on  
behalf of the EU trio that described the talks as positive but made  
clear no agreement had been reached on the key issue  Iran's ambitions  
to producer nuclear fuel.' .. '"We discussed the central issue in the  
negotiations, the requirements for objective guarantees that Iran's  
nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes," it said.' ..  
'"We agreed to pursue our efforts on the basis of the Paris agreement  
to reach an effective solution to these questions."' .. 'Without giving  
details, [Sirus Naseri, a senior Iranian negotiator] said that certain  
proposals had been floated which he thought could lead to an  
agreement.' .. '"Ideas have been raised which could, if agreed, serve  
as a basis for an agreement in the future. It's still too early to say.  
Things remain as they are, ideas," he said.' .. 'He also restated  
Iran's position that giving up enrichment was not an option.'


[define] electrization // OED online
1. The process of subjecting (a person or thing) to the action of  
electricity; the state or condition of being subjected to electrical  
2. fig. The stirring of the soul mightily, as by electric shock. [after  

[define] electromatic // Oxford English Dictionary
Of, pertaining to, or designating electrical equipment operated  
automatically, particularly road traffic light signals.

[define]  electropathy // OED
     The treatment of disease by electrical remedies. Hence  
electro{sm}pathic a., pertaining to electropathy.

[define]  electronica, n. // OED
1. Music.    a. Any of various kinds of electronically generated music;  
electronic music in general. b. spec. Any of various popular styles of  
electronic music deriving from techno and rave music, esp. those having  
a more ambient, esoteric, or cerebral quality. Often used as a generic  
or marketing term for these types of music, or for electronic dance  
music in general, esp. in the U.S. Also new electronica.
2. Electronic devices or technology, considered collectively.

Modern Scientific Theories of the ancient Aether
Quick Reference Resource

Frequently Asked Questions concerning The Aether Hypothesis

Secrets of the Aether blog

Statue of Pythagoras of Samos // small & large images

Google doodler // via artsjournal.com
Sketch artist Dennis Hwang achieves cult status

Eyeballing Energy Markets of the US // ** maps. pink = nuclear, etc...

DIY wok wi-fi antenna // via engadget.com

// the evolution of fuel cell strategies is reminscent of the
// changes in early (and now later) e-battery technologies...

First membrane-free alkaline fuel cell built

	'The first membraneless alkaline fuel cell has been built by  
exploiting the way liquids do not mix in ultra-narrow channels. It  
could offer cheaper and more efficient fuel cells.' .. 'The reason that  
two liquids normally mix - as with cream poured into coffee, for  
example - is a physical effect known as turbulence. But turbulence  
disappears when streams of liquid become thinner than about 1  
centimetre, explains Kenis.'

Blank Discs Not Created Equal // about CD & DVDs, good to know...

Pakistani Tribe Battles for Gas Revenues

	'The silver-bearded chieftain, who is about 80 and has led the Bugti  
tribe for decades, accuses the central government of pillaging  
Baluchistan's natural resources while locals live in poverty -- even  
though the country's main gas field is only 35 miles away.' .. 'He  
described the gas as a "ripe apple not for our consumption."' ..  
'"Everyone is after our Baluch national wealth. We don't get anything  
out of it," he said.' .. 'Bugti is said to receive about $1.7 million a  
year from the state gas company in lease fees, and the province  
receives a portion of the gas profits in royalties, though local  
leaders complain that is not enough.' ... 'The chieftain has been  
ruthless over the years in maintaining his dominance of the Bugtis and  
commands great loyalty among them -- although there is little sign in  
the dirt-poor town that he has used his personal wealth to improve the  
lives of its people.'

Bush Says Kim Jong-Il 'Must Listen' on Nuclear
	'Bush, at a news conference with Mexican President Vicente Fox and  
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, denied setting a June deadline for  
North Korea to return to talks and said the five nations that have been  
negotiating with Pyongyang -- the United States, China, Japan, South  
Korea and Russia -- were united.' .. '"I'm a patient person. And so are  
a lot of people that are involved in this issue. But the leader of  
North Korea must understand that when we five nations speak, we mean  
what we say," Bush said.' ... '"There is a way forward, I repeat, for  
Kim Jong-il. And it's his choice to make. We've made our choice. China  
has made its choice. The other countries have made their choices," Bush  
said.' .. '"And for the sake of peace and tranquility and stability in  
the Far East, Kim Jong-il must listen," he said.'

Blast hits BP [British Petroleum] Texas City refinery

	'The vast refining complex located between Houston and Galveston is  
the third-largest refinery in the United States, processing up to  
435,000 barrels of oil a day.[' .. 'It accounts for roughly 30 percent  
of BP's refining capacity in North America and turns out 3 percent of  
the nation's refined petroleum products, according to BP's Web site.'

Public awareness campaigns could help control skin cancers // em...

Tool turns English to code // language-to-code and visualized code

	'While the logic of the researchers' interpreter tackles only about 20  
percent of the problem of full natural language programming, it  
achieves about 80 percent of the perceived rewards, said Liu. "These  
code structures are a pragmatic implication of English syntax and  
semantics, but even these basic structures begin to resemble a nice  
program," he said.' .. 'The basic logic of the program Pacman, for  
instance, is revealed by talking about how it works, said Liu. "The  
basic ingredients for the program are there -- the noun phrases are  
objects, the verbs are functions, [and] the adjectives are object  
properties."' .. 'Metafor translates the description "Pacman is a  
character who eats dots" into a "Pacman object" that is a member of and  
can share traits, or functions, with a "character superclass" and has a  
character superclass member function of "eat dots", said Liu.'

<nettime> Addition to Aphoristic Essay // analog-digital...

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