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electromagnetic observations -- #7

* i question the criteria by which the Bulletin of
Atomic Scientists is using to determine the symbolic
time on the Doomsday Clock. it hasn't moved a whisker
amid nuclear terrorisms, threats, conflicts, nothing.
what good is it if the clock is not wound and running?
maybe it allows a certain level of complacency and can
function negatively by being falsely reassuring that
nothing has changed and all is well in nuclear utopia.

* Ken Lay's trial will be interesting if they subpoena
the President or Vice President, though especially if
questions are asked about Enron's dealings in the .US
Energy Task Force, and how this jives with the scheme
cooked up by Enron execs to extort money from failing
industries and if these were part of the task force...
it may be the only way to learn what went on in those
meetings since Scalia/VP Cheney blocked public access.

* wireless radiation and health issues could quickly be
recontextualized by pursuign a Freedom of Information
inquiry to the .US government and military establishment,
for if anyone knows the true status of these issues it is
those who also use these for more nefarious purposes, as
with weaponry. otherwise, it would seem that what is to
be used in 'industry' is held within a security context
that is based on military and other .gov secrets, which
is running rampant, would never allow any information to
be divulged that would say anything, one way or another.
for instance, if suntanning beds make people sick from
radiation poisoning, as with the sun and UV and IR and
other frequencies, including the roughly 7 or so Hertz
waves that can induce humans to vomit, it would seem if
weapons are doing the same thing (lasers, masers, other
sound-related or wireless frequency related weapons)
are based on some principles about EM radiation. if a
FOIA request sought wireless radiation health effects,
it is possible that some facts may come to light about
what is known and the basis for pursuing such weapons.
this would seem to be an approach suggested by Lewis
Mumford regarding the nature of science and technology,
where to look for the originating pulses of how things
are, into the military development of certain ideas.
in this case, learning about the public health effects
of electromagnetism would probably be found within the
weapons exploiting these aspects to indeed cause harm.
this is not to find any secrets about the weapons, it
is to find out what the real basis for their design is.
that is, they are scientifically justified EM devices.
if a wireless frequency can make people faint, how is
it assumed existing public frequencies cause no harm?
to use citizen rights to request a FOIA should neither
be considered a provocation, but an alternative method
of inquiry given the lapse in professional judgments by
'scientists' with profit motives in wireless industries.
plus, core data may not even be held in a public domain,
though at this point it is critically important that it
is, in order to get allow for basic resolution of key
public health issues in relation to wireless radiation.
i.e. it is a public right, and the right way to do it.

* note: .US Sec. of State Rice offered to sell .US civilian
nuclear technology to India during her recent trip abroad,
in relation to the India-Iran oil/gas pipeline through .PK,
a story which fleeted through the news and the url was lost.


Iran to Offer U.S. Share in Nuclear Program -Paper // *** via drudge

// events in wireless radiation during this last week...

Federal court revives cell phone suits // via engadet.com

Pentagon 'hid' damning Halliburton audit // VP Cheney...

	'"We would like to know why this audit report - and audit reports on  
nine additional task orders - are being withheld from Congress," they  
wrote.' .... '"The evidence suggests that the US used Iraqi oil  
proceeds to overpay Halliburton and then sought to hide the evidence of  
these overcharges from the international auditors," the letter says.'

Book: Nazis Tested Crude Nuclear Device

Are Nanobacteria Making Us Ill?  // are particles new form of life?

Can Papers End the Free Ride Online?

U.S. Report Lists Possibilities for Terrorist Attacks and Likely Toll

Revolutionary bike 'too quiet' // fuelcell motorcycle

Photos Richer in 144 Megapixels  // em architecture tool...

Sun beds linked to cancer, warns UN agency

// em architecture: fiber-optics for centralized lighting systems...

Sunlight in a tube // via engadget.com

Russia power boss survives attack -- The head of Russia's  
state-controlled electricity monopoly, Anatoly Chubais, has survived an  
assassination attempt.

High-tech bid to rob bank of $421M falls flat // keystrokelogger

US wants full break-up of Khan nuclear network

	'Pakistan on Wednesday rejected charges that it had developed new  
illicit channels to upgrade its weapons programme, saying it was  
indigenous. It also said it was interested in joining the 44-nation  
Nuclear Suppliers Group, an influential anti-proliferation body.'

Oil deal paves way for future co-operation in disputed area

	'The tripartite accord, signed by the China Offshore Oil Co, the  
Philippines National Oil Corp, and Viet Nam Oil and Gas Corp, on Monday  
in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a significant step by the  
three countries towards a peaceful resolution of this [joint maritime  
survey] issue. All three countries have overlapping territorial claims  
in this region.' ... 'In this landmark protocol, signatories committed  
themselves to solving disputes in this area in a peaceful manner  
through talks instead of by force and confrontation.'

Plasmonic computer chips move closer

	'Plasmons travel at the speed of light and are created when light hits  
a metal at a particular angle, causing waves to propagate through  
electrons near the surface.'

American Cold War architect dies // historic telegraphic diplomacy...
George Kennan, the American diplomat and Pulitzer Prize winner, who
was a leading architect of the US' Cold War policy, has died aged 101.

	'His ideas on Soviet containment were first expressed in what is  
considered to be the most famous cable in US diplomatic history, his  
5,542-word "Long Telegram" from his posting at the US Embassy in Moscow  
in 1946.' ... 'The telegram made Mr Kennan famous in Washington and his  
ideas were disseminated through a highly-influential article written  
under the pseudonym "X" published in 1947.'

[headline] Opec pledge fails to hold back oil prices

// interesting idea. microchips could also be used for jewelry, etc...

Hey, Don't Toss Those Fishy Chips // 'good enough' chip FAB.

New Batteries: Twice the Life // *** Panasonic Oxyride. via wired
New technology leaves traditional alkalines in the dust.

Search Rank Easy to Manipulate // googleperplexed...

	'That means that links have value. They are a type of currency, and  
the more links to your site you can attract, the better your chances of  
cracking the top 10 of results. This is especially important because  
about 90 percent of searchers looking to shop rarely venture past the  
first page.'

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