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[keywords]  EMFs, EMF meters, water and magnetism.

electromagnetic observations -- # 1

* beware air ionizers?  i have been soldering enough to
need an air purifier or fan to get the metal smoke out
of the air, and was going to go with a HEPA but went
with a air ionizer that was mislabled as a purifier,
thinking that it was a cheaper version of the electro-
static charge-plates from Sharper Image, with the need
for replacement HEPA filters. i was wrong and realized
it was a glorified air ionizer and was creating (in my
experience) excessive charges into the air, and has me
wondering if my computer has been effected by all of
the static charges, as it has not started/booted twice,
does not shut down, and other anomalies all the sudden.
therefore i unplugged the thing and i wonder if such a
device could destroy equipment. it is not helpful as a
purifier (small HEPA-like filter) as the ionizer has to
be on for it to exchange the air and take out particles.
HEPA machines are very loud yet clean the air and do
not charge the air (unless it has an ionizer function),
and i wonder if others use HEPA for solder smoke removal
or if it does not meet the guidelines for what HEPA can
and cannot get rid of out of the air, for home quality
gear. if soldering any amount, HEPA seems to be a good
choice versus getting an active-charcoal desktop filter
with desk fan that is sold alongside soldering supplies.

* i am reading about antenna design for hobbyists and
was surprised to read about the amount of energy that
is being wasted in today's antennas-- basically these
antennas are sending out huge amounts of radiation to
get signals around, and everything that is not picked
up (sent in a giant sphere outward from a transmitter)
is lost or wasted energy. if dealing with line-of-sight
it would seem to indicate that everything that is not
in the line-of-sight for an antenna could be wasted,
as if there was a pie-chart and a sliver is the signal
that gets used and the rest is unused. there must be
varying types of antennas and there are more than one
receiver around an antenna so a lot of the energy may
not be wasted but the percentage of radiation that is
harnessed and actually used appears to be miniscule.
when considering the potential effects of such a soup
of electropollution created with no obvious benefits,
and vast EM inefficiencies, network-based radio would
appear more efficient and effective to get a signal
from point A to point B without so much EM wasteland.

* ironic the day that Kyoto is made official, a new
tv commercial is shown during the .us news, for 'coal:
the clean energy' (coal: #1 cause of greenhouse gases).
related: Protesters disrupt oil trading at IPE


EMFs:  The power of "prudent avoidance" // great primer... thanks *

Magnetic Water Softener // thanks *
PKU Magnetic Fluid Conditioners

	'The magnetic technology has been cited in the literature and 
investigated since the turn of the 19th century, when lodestones and 
naturally occurring magnetic mineral formations were used to decrease 
the formation of scale in cooking and laundry applications. Today, 
advances in magnetic and electrostatic scale control technologies have 
led to their becoming reliable energy savers in certain 
applications...' .... 'The primary caveat on installation of the 
magnetic technology is that high voltage (230V, 3-phase or above) power 
lines interfere with operation by imposing a second magnetic field on 
the water...'

Chemistry, Magnets, & Skepticism

	'However, the scoffers are wrong. Research increasingly reports 
evidence that EMF and permanent magnets DO have significant effects 
upon chemical reactions, especially on sensitive biochemistry. This is 
'taboo science', and it causes some of the more-conventional 
researchers to react with a skepticism almost approaching violence. 
After all, if this simple phenomenon was missed by thousands of 
professional chemists, it damages their reputations as experts and 
makes them look like fools. It's especially painful to those who have 
loudly and publicly ridiculed these ideas.' .. 'Evidence should have a 
clear voice, but when personal reputations and "science politics" are 
involved, the voice of the evidence often goes unheard. Disgust and 
derision take the place of curiousity and truth-seeking, and the 
verification of the reported observations can conveniently become 
unimportant.' .. 'At the same time, scam artists try to sell expensive 
magnetic devices which most probably do not work. Where your own wallet 
is concerned, be VERY skeptical.' .. 'Below are some articles and 
links, some of which describe simple experiments which demonstrate 
unexplained effects of magnetism on water...'

Bio-Magnetic Hydrology // fascinating...
Cumulative Effect of Bio-Magnetism and Water on
Increasing the Body's Resistance to Disease and Aging

	'I am convinced that the body's ability to resist disease and 
unnatural aging depends on the condition of the water in our body.' 
.... 'As a result of my extensive research and experimentation with 
naturally magnetized water, I can report four major findings: .... "


	'Foote [c.1778]: 'Water is valuable as a medical agent, but its 
efficiency consists, not in the element itself, but in its subservience 
as a handmaid of electricity. Electricity is the queen of medicine: 
water merely a pool in which she bathes her feet."'

[artifact] Online Store> Magnetic Water Wand

// i visited a particle accelerator lab (in Berkeley, Calif.) and
// found out that they control single/individual particles by way
// of large magnets, which can suspend a particle in these giant
// experimental machines/tools, so to then send them onward into
// another chamber or accelerated for experimental atom smashing

Magnet Basics: What is magnetism? // see 'list' of household magnets

	'When a diamagnetic material is placed near a magnet, it will be 
repelled from the region of greater magnetic field, just opposite to a 
ferromagnetic material.  It is exhibited by all common materials, but 
is very weak.   People and frogs are diamagnetic.  An interesting 
experiment showing this is at http://www.sci.kun.nl/hfml/froglev.html 
where a frog is levitated at the top of a very strong electromagnet.' 
.... 'For the most part, magnets are used to hold, separate, control, 
convey and elevate products and to convert electrical energy into 
mechanical energy or convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.'

EM kits // thanks *
- High frequency RF EMP - EMP Box -
- DMEMPR Directional Microwave EMP Rifle -

	'This is the device used to charge large capacitors quickly, used to 
cash out soda and change machines, used to disrupt electronic systems 
and other crazy stuff we can't mention...'

// EMF meters offline?  EMF Super Safety Store in NY recommended...

Where to buy EMF meters online? // thanks * and *

Recommended EMF meter: "TriField" meter // thanks *
('For weak to low-midrange electric and magnetic AC fields')_

For High-quality magnetic field measurements 5070 // thanks *

// i am wondering if/when artists will use grants to experiment
// with these types of tools for visualizing EMFs. my attempt
// to do so went unfunded though i wonder if any have success...
// the field of technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) is
// ripe with great EM visualization/conceptualization gear which
// could be useful to learn about the EM environments by getting
// old/outdated 2nd/3rd hand tools in order to get a sense of
// things like spectrum, acoustics, space, mapping, context...

THE Electrosmog-Meter (the current 1st. Place Winner): // thanks *

'ELECTROSMOG' basics // --- great overview...

	'What is electrosmog ? Although we can't see, hear, or feel it, 
electrosmog is found throughout nature and all living things. 
Electrosmog is also present wherever power is generated from 50/60 
Hertz AC electrical sources. Electrosmog is emitted from all electrical 
appliances, house wiring and power lines. Usually there are two main 
types of "electrosmog":...' .... '[2] Magnetic fields/rays: Magnetic 
fields are much more common in the home than are electric fields. They 
don't represent a shock hazard, but, like electric fields, they produce 
current in the body. Most of the recent health concerns have been about 
magnetic fields...'

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