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// VP Cheney, War, Oil, Nuclear, Halliburton, ...Iraq

OIL AND WAR // via cursor.org
Halliburton Unit Wins Contract in Iran
State Dept. Says It Is ‘Looking Into This’

	'A subsidiary of Halliburton, the company Vice President Cheney ran  
between 1995 and 2000, won a contract this week to develop a much  
sought-after oil and gas field in Iran, a country accused by the White  
House in recent months of covertly developing nuclear weapons.' ....  
'Mr. Cheney, who was the chief executive officer of Halliburton, came  
under considerable fire from Democrats during the campaign season for  
his ties to the oil services giant. In the last year, government probes  
have been launched regarding not only HPSL, but also Halliburton  
business dealings in Nigeria, where the company allegedly bribed  
government officials to secure winning bids.'
    'In the late 1990s,when Mr.Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, he was  
one of the harshest critics of President Clinton’s unilateral sanctions  
against Iran. At this time, Halliburton became one of the founding  
members of an industry lobbying group, USA Engage, devoted to ending  
bilateral sanctions against rogue states. Upon assuming office, Mr.  
Cheney surprised many of his former colleagues when his task force on  
energy policy declined to recommend the lifting of the 1995 executive  
order that prohibited American businesses from investing in Iran’s oil  
and gas sector in a task force report on energy policy that he authored.
	'“With respect to these current reports, the facts have yet to be  
determined,” a spokesman for the State Department, Kurtis Cooper, said  
yesterday. “From a policy perspective, however, we have long stated  
that we do not believe U.S. or foreign firms should be helping Iran  
develop its oil industry, so long as Iran refuses to set aside its  
nuclear weapons ambitions and continues with other destabilizing  
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