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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #157

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (01/06/2005)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- [no comments]

01) --top stories--

[interactive] Indian Ocean Tsunami - Warning System...

Tsunami Warning System Could Be Created // *** em-infra is central...

	'McFadden said a system for the Indian Ocean basin would cost from $15  
million to $20 million and take 12 months to build. It would include 30  
seismographs to detect earthquakes. Ten tidal gauges and six special  
DART (deep ocean assessment and reporting of tsunamis) buoys would also  
be needed determine whether an earthquake has generated a tsunami, he  

[and] Gwynne Dyer: Atlantic needs wave warning device too //  

IAEA Finds Egypt Secret Nuclear Program

	'The diplomat said the Vienna-based IAEA had not yet drawn a  
conclusion about the scope and purpose of the experiments. But the work  
appeared to have been sporadic, involved small amounts of material and  
lacked a particular focus, the diplomat said.' .. 'That, he said,  
indicated that the work was not directly geared toward creating a  
full-scale program to make nuclear weapons.'

Crochet Pattern Of Chaos Published In Mathematics Journal // **

	'Together all the points (stitches) define a complicated surface,  
according to the Lorenz equations. Osinga and Krauskopf have developed  
a method to describe such surfaces using a computer. After months of  
staring at animations on a screen, they suddenly realised that in fact  
their computations had naturally generated crochet instructions.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Bad Equipment Blamed in Tsunami Warnings // ***

	'A sensor system in Indonesia that could have warned of Sunday's huge  
waves was not working because it had been hit by lightning. In India,  
bureaucrats faxed a warning of possible disaster to the wrong official.  
A Thai meteorologist acting on a hunch sent an alert to radio stations,  
but it doesn't appear the warning was widely relayed.'

New tactile display for  the blind

Dual pacemakers worth the cost, US study finds

	'Single-chamber or right-ventricular pacemakers help control one of  
the two ventricles, the heart's two lower pumping chambers.  
Dual-chamber devices also pace one of the atria -- the smaller, upper  

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Massive tanker phase-out threatens new environmental disaster //  

Consumers warned not to eat mouse // Prop.65, .CA.US
Bizzare product warnings of our time // via engadget.com

	'Minute quantities of lead are often used in PVC cables as an  
anti-oxidant which protects the plasticising chemicals and prevents the  
cable becoming brittle. It's certainly possible that lead in PVC-coated  
cable can constitute a health hazard at the manufacturing or the  
disposal stage...'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

[quote] Tribe shoots arrows at aid flight // tsunami & animals...

	'The Andaman and Nicobar archipelago is home to several tribes, some  
extremely isolated.' .. 'Officials believe they survived the  
devastation by using age-old early warning systems.' .. 'They might  
have run to high ground for safety after noticing changes in the  
behaviour of birds and marine wildlife.' .. 'Scientists are examining  
the possibility to see whether it can be used to predict earth tremors  
in future.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Push to block Brazil dam project

	'... in this modern-day battle, a mighty consortium led by the  
aluminium giant Alcoa has so far been thwarted by the manoeuvrings of  
conservation organisations and activists representing families whose  
land would be flooded by the dam.'

Most Powerful Eruption In The Universe Discovered

	'Radio emission within the cavities shows jets from the black hole  
erupted to create the cavities. Gas is being pushed away from the black  
hole at supersonic speeds over a distance of about a million  
light-years. The mass of the displaced gas equals about a trillion  
suns, more than the mass of all the stars in the Milky Way.'

Security Boosted for Engineers in Pakistan // .CN

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

King Tut Mummy Scanned for Clues  // 3D 'tutscan'

	'The 1,700 images taken during the 15-minute CT scan could answer many  
of the mysteries that shroud King Tutankhamun's life and death --  
including his royal lineage, his exact age at the time of his death  
(now estimated at 17) and the reason he died.'

[em-related] Race is on to claim the Arctic Circle // fascinating.

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Banner year for blogs

IC Logos // semiconductor logos (on integrated circuit chips)

see: DONGTING LAKE BRIDGE (magneto-rheological fluid damping system)

// about televisions (and the CES event) -- it would appear that
// the set-top media boxes of every variety that plug into them,
// could be integrated into new HDTVs at some point, as engadget.com
// news often has examples of. for instance, media-card readers which
// can take compact flash or other devices, and show .jpg images or
// mpeg movies. likewise, as DVD players are replacing VCRs, and the
// home media center concept continues to be developed, maybe whatever
// requires a 'screen' in some way will be integratated in new tvs...
// so too, with high-quality speakers or surround sound, so too could
// audio be connected, e.g. an .mp3 player connected to tv speakers...

Carbon TVs to edge out liquid crystal, plasma? // *** via macsurfer.com

	'Various companies are currently trying to perfect the technology  
behind a new type of flat-panel display that will rely on diamonds or  
carbon nanotubes--two forms of pure carbon--to produce images.' ..  
'Theoretically, these "field effect displays," or FEDs, will consume  
less energy than plasma or liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs, deliver a  
better picture and even cost less. The development of FEDs underscores  
the rapid changes taking place in the once relatively staid TV market.'  
... 'Like an LCD, an FED is made up of layers. A layer of glass is  
coated with a cathode and a layer of diamond dust coated with lithium  
or carbon nanotubes. The negatively charged cathode, organized in a  
grid, then emits electrons through the diamonds or nanotubes, which  
focus that energy like a tiny lightening rod.' .. 'But then, like a  
CRT, the electrons shoot through a vacuum at a layer of phosphorescent  
glass covered with pixels. The big difference is that the source of  
electrons, the carbon, is located only 1 millimeter to 2 millimeters  
rather than nearly 2 feet from the target glass, and instead of one  
electron source--the electron gun--there are thousands. The electrons  
are attracted to the pixilated glass because this layer contains a  
positively charged anode.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Chip-Scale Magnetic Sensor Draws on Mini Clock Design // magnetometer  

	'The sensor works by detecting minute changes in the energy levels of  
electrons in the presence of a magnetic field. A tiny sample of the  
element rubidium is heated within a sealed, transparent cell to form a  
rubidium vapor. Light from a semiconductor laser is transmitted through  
the atomic vapor. In the presence of a magnetic field, the amount of  
laser light that is absorbed by the atoms changes and this is detected  
by a photocell. Larger magnetic fields produce proportionally bigger  
changes in the atomic energy levels and change the absorption by the  

South Korea claims world's smartest robot // via drudgereport.com

	'The new robot is an amalgam of various technologies including those  
for real-time data transmission, visual, audio and force sensors as  
well as high-speed processing.'

// it would seem there is a typo and that 50cm may instead be 50m (?)

Radar satellites capture tsunami wave height // imgs not yet released...

	'The satellites did not observe coastal areas. But for eight minutes,  
they used radar to measure the sea level along a 3000-kilometre-long  
track of ocean. This image of the bay as the tsunami rolled through it  
provides a unique and valuable continuous measure of the waves. In  
contrast, the floating sensors suggested as part of any future  
early-warning system can only provide measurements at single points,  
says Fu.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

[quote] Electronics industry battles for the living room // CES

	'"The big trends are home improvement,  in-your-pocket-entertainment  
and personal video choice," said  Richard Dougherty of Envisioneering  
Group in Seaford, New  York.'

// like imprints upon concrete from wooden formwork (le Corbusier), this
// is em-formwork or maybe even concrete dot-matrix/16-segment  

Chronos Chromos Concrete // via engadget.com

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare


[and] Man Charged With Aiming Laser at Aircraft

[headline] PATRIOT ACT FOR LASER MAN // drudgereport.com

Report Links Ex-TV Manager, Saddam's Son // "Al-Jazeera is your  

	'Asharq al-Awsat, which has recently published a series of reports  
looking at alleged Al-Jazeera connections to insurgents in Iraq, has  
close relations with Al-Arabiya, an Arabic television network that says  
it takes a more moderate approach than Al-Jazeera.'

Iran:  U.S. spy planes spotted over nuke sites // via drudgereport.com

[and] US expert predicts more prosperous, dangerous 2005

	'Meanwhile, Carpenter said that US President George W.  Bush,  
interpreting his re-election victory as a vindication for his   
unilateralist foreign policy during his first term, is more likelyto  
confront  Iran or Syria accused by Washington of meddling in  
theinternal affairs of Iraq.' .. '"The United States, because of its  
confrontational  posture toward Iran and Syria, could create even more  
violence in the nameof  fighting the war on terror, even though one can  
argue that the war on terror  really has little to do with these  
disputes," he said.' .... 'Iran has said it is willing to open nuclear  
talks  with the United States if it treats Iran as an equal partner,  
but the US has  shown no interest in doing so.' .. 'To Carpenter, if  
diplomacy fails to resolve Iran's  nuclear dispute, the Bush  
administration will consider launching preemptive  military strikes  
against suspected nuclear sites in Iran and meanwhile assisting  forces  
against the Iranian governmentto ultimately achieve a regime change.'

[and] Iran To Allow Inspections Of Nuclear Site

Army solicits network ideas // via wired.com

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Canada Weighs Banning Internet Drug Sales

RFID: The Plot Thickens -- The first big deadline from Wal-Mart passes  
this month, but the real challenges are just starting to unfold. //  

// note: were .CN to enact strict environmental 'standards' on goods  
sold &
// purchased, it could change world behavior and become a default  
// e.g. with computers, monitors, recyclable packaging, and toxic  

China has to do more for recyclable economy // **

	'Meanwhile, energy and resources consumption per unit output value in  
China  is three times that of the world average level, Wang added.' ..  
'All this prompts China to rethink the current economic development  
mode,  which is running at the expense of the environment and high  
energy resource  consumption, he said.' .. 'Now, instead, China is  
pushing for the development of a recyclable economy,  which stresses  
clean production and full use of industrial pollutants.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Season's Greetings at the Speed of Light // laserart

// ironic if the semiconductor Fabrication plants and their clean rooms,
// bunny suits, and HEPA air filters may be museum grade for  
// maybe someday one will have to go through a sealed chamber, take an  
// shower, wear protective clothing with face shield to view original  
// in a totally controlled, clean-room environment to prevent  

Air to 'guard Michelangelo David'

// back by popular demand, the local television station ch.45
// had a burning fireplace log with holiday music on Christmas...

Turning Flat TVs Into Digital Art Galleries // via artsjournal.com
New Service to Deliver High-Resolution Art to HDTVs, PCs

[and] High art at crossroads // via artsjournal.com
Bus terminal flashes photo exhibit

	'"We're working on finding a sponsor who can share the cost with us,"  
he says. "It's a live bulletin board that grasps people's emotions, and  
shows what can be done beyond just advertising."'

// em-architecture related. note: em-infrastructure is grid-based...

Superstudio: Pioneers of Conceptual Architecture
By Jonathan Ringen // via archnewsnow.com

	'"[Superstudio] saw that architects need to be involved in a different  
kind of thinking about what their profession is," says William Menking,  
professor at Pratt Institute and co-curator of the exhibit with  
architect Peter Lang. "Rather than just creating luxurious objects, or  
introducing people into the world of consumer objects, they should be  
worried about such political issues as, 'What is architecture?'"' ...  
'Superstudio wrote that ultimately the grid would form a "single  
continuous environment, the world rendered uniform by technology,  
culture, and all the other inevitable forms of imperialism." This would  
allow for a truly democratic human experience: because every point on  
the grid is identical, no place is better than any other. (Of course,  
like all of Superstudio's work it is polemical, in this case being both  
unrealizable and nightmarish to contemplate.)'

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