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some urls, then some comments below...

tsunami .gif animation // 600k. incredible...

from: International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC) site

U.N. Urges Expansion of Tsunami Warning System to Indian Ocean

AUSTRALIAN SPACEGUARD SURVEY // *** resources, graphics...
Tsunami from Asteroid/Comet Impacts

Tsunami warning system being developed in Seattle could avert disasters

	'The tsunameter pioneered at the Seattle lab is actually a system -- a  
sophisticated pressure gauge set on the ocean floor that sends signals  
to a surface buoy, which in turn radios its findings to a satellite.  
The satellite then sends the data to the scientists, who must still  
interpret it and decide if a warning should be sent out.'

tsunami warning system // or lack thereof... (short)

Asia Tsunami Warning System Feasible, But Political // *** more on  

	'The tsunami was spawned by the most powerful earthquake in 40 years,  
which struck off the Indonesian coast an hour before the tsunami made  
landfall on Sunday. U.S. officials tried frantically to warn the deadly  
wall of water was coming, but there was no official alert system in the  
region. ' .. 'Six "tsunameters" along the Pacific coastline, one near  
Chile and 14 off the Japanese coast now feed data to the U.S. Pacific  
Tsunami Warning Centers in Hawaii and Alaska.' .. 'Scientists wanted to  
place two more of the tsunami meters in the Indian Ocean, including one  
near Indonesia, as part of a global warning system, but the plan has  
not been funded, said Eddie Bernard, director of the National Oceanic  
and Atmospheric Administration's Pacific Marine Environmental  
Laboratory in Seattle.'



  not sure what others think of the coincidence in oil
  exploration technology and earth events in the same
  geographic regions... to me it is very difficult to
  consider the question itself, if it were possible at
  all, because of the many paradigmatic issues that are
  layered in any one question which is related to other
  fields or crosses knowledge boundaries, especially in
  regard to electromagnetism as it is not a thing-in-
  itself as a subject, or so it seems to be broken up
  into discrete segments of knowledge when it is not
  this in actuality.

  for instance, the effect of ultrasound or submersed
  loudspeakers and microphones have been reported to
  be connected to beaching whales and other sea-life
  over a period of years, and yet there is something
  assumed from past psychological and philosophical
  approaches which separates out human lifeforms and
  their nervous systems and ability to 'feel' pain,
  or be in anguish, from those of similarly networked
  sensational beings who inhabit the oceans. often it
  is declared they cannot feel pain, as they are unable
  to be identical to humans in their speech, processing,
  use of language, complex interactions, having thumbs,
  whatever the criteria, they are separated out, apart
  from the electromagnetic similarity in construction,
  and some horribly inaccurate model, truly inhumane,
  is applied to non-human lifeforms which are treated
  as if inorganic and like nature, ready to exploit
  for profit, for advantage, whatever, it is not a
  question of balancing the food-chain in some very
  complex multiple non-linear ecological systems, it
  is instead to do some very specific task without
  the fuzziness of some immaterial 'essence' which
  cannot be quantified and therefore is not real.

  the fact is is that if electromagnetism were its
  own field of inquiry, its own empirical criteria
  were based on its own foundations in knowledge,
  then pre-electromagnetic philosophies would not
  be dictating a sub-par reality and doing massive
  retrograde damage to all systems to advance each
  subsystem by increments, yet always in the other
  paradigm, separated out from the whole view of
  events, and thus limited by oilman and oil-co.
  perspective, or whatever first person or industry
  or special interest perspective could be taken at
  any given time or place or space.

  the ability of animals to feel pain and to be
  effected by their environment also relates to
  the role of humans-human interactions and the
  'liability' of actions-reactions/cause-effect,
  day to day in the same environment. take issues
  of e-waste, toxic-recycling, and e-business, at
  what cost? at what value are today's businesses
  founded on, what are the criteria for evaluating
  'success' and 'profit' when most things are tied
  into a seamless web, and everyone perpetrates the
  systems grinding upon the world stage automatically.

  it is this type of thing that would be great if
  mathematicians and database thinkers would start
  to reverse engineer reality, and correlate the
  connections between things that are left outside
  the established, distributed, common-sense view
  which is not able to conceive of a present beyond
  a limited view of the past (pre-electromagnetic,
  in many ways, with no breakthrough issue to get
  fully into another foundation of constructing/
  ideas, to build up new relations to the present
  and connections between events otherwise that
  are unexplained by the old systems of thought
  except through mysticism or speculations or
  conspiracy). psychologically too, as without
  a foundation to base such thinking on, one may
  always run up against ingrained views and the
  perspectives which defend the status quo sense
  of events- where opinion and fact merge together.

  if the facts are electromagnetic and looking at
  the events, who knows what may be found someday
  when more is known. though with what is known
  today in separate fields, what if that were to
  be integrated and an integrated view was to be
  established which could inform and improve the
  subsystems reliant upon accurate EM information
  to base their own R&D on-- even oil companies.
  it is like the story of the elephant, it would
  seem, with everyone getting a sense of the part
  yet the whole is not conceptualized as of yet.

  my own belief is that it is hard to pin any one
  event on anyone in particular, as there are some
  major forces at work, including consumption of
  said natural resources in ways probably unknown
  to the majority who use these resources, and it
  is hard to draw a line of liability that does
  not also lead to every user of a computer online,
  for instance, and global warming, oil wars, etc.

  it is possible one can look at a war like Vietnam,
  first French then US involvement there, and then
  to question its status as a oil region during the
  time of the war and what it meant in these terms,
  as a potential future oil fields for development.
  WWII also has interesting aspects around energy.
  as does most everything in one way or another in
  that it connects with an unaccounted for dimension
  of the critical role EM plays in its formation,
  until it is made unspectacular by becoming more
  common sense knowledge, that it is not discounted
  or uncounted or disregarded from the case in point.

  for the tsunami that could be soundings, it could
  be radar, it could be tesla-tech geological warfare,
  it could be vibrations, resonant frequencies of sound
  waves, it could be disruptions of information/patterns,
  it could be a view of the fever-charts which record the
  vital signs of the Earth's oceans, comparing these to
  those of brain-waves or heart-beats (eeg/ekg) which
  show the tremor, maybe like a cardiac-arrest and the
  resulting systemic emergency. the monitoring buoys
  could be an artificial sense/sensor system to relay
  signals back to the artificial/database/networked
  brain around the world, of oceanographic researchers
  and monitors, who go to their systems to report to
  that part of the world body, or find themselves to
  be unable to do so, effectively, then to reprogram
  its actions to prevent further such devastations
  as a giant intelligent system, world organization.
  in this conceptual view, of the whole or a greater
  whole than one part, the oceans, the fish and sea-
  lifeforms, the oil explorers, the global tourism
  industry, the weather monitors, satellites, and
  other dimensions are like different parts of the
  same thing, like cells in a body performing their
  different tasks and maybe for the worse, too. yet
  this shared context is, to me, closer to where a
  questioning would be if it were empirically-related
  across industries and from some EM perspectives,
  not that it could not be true, but that there may
  be many truths needed to achieve that point of view,
  and it seems many are psychological/philosophical,
  that reason is needed, a new foundation of relating
  things that is not achieved for electromagnetic-
  events by way of non-electromagnetic analyses of
  these EM critical events and their specific nature.

  and this is an enigma, at least to me, what can be
  accomplished if this reality is not real to anyone?
  if the question is not actually a question in the
  sense that it is impossible to address given the
  way things exist, (and science is not science, too,
  in how it is performed and considered, empirically,
  when caught within language and psychological ID).

  i don't know but this is my 2 nanocents of guessing
  that it is relevant, yet who knows until it can be
  addressed at a high-level of consideration required.

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