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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #155

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (12/23/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

// this is a prefact to another post that will be sent later, and
// it may not seem to relate to EM yet it is related to the policy
// issues and a bit abstract, though it is also the basis for a
// holiday wish and so it is being sent to pre-empt another post
// (tonight/tomorrow) that is something potentially very promising,
// if only it was acted upon (reinvigorating .US energy policy)...

Not sure how to include the URLs immediately below, as they will relate
to a post I hope to send tomorrow about Bill Clinton's energy policy
keynote speech at NYU -- for me it relates to the current situation in
Iraq, the tensions with Iran, the issues of North Korea, and policies
such as Kyoto (global warming) and nuclear waste and weaponry. I wanted
to make a list of 'wishes' for the new year, for the holiday season, for
if it is different in any way, maybe one is that people may recapture a
sense of possibility for a brief moment that things can be much better
than they are. The thing that is scariest is that the new year almost
feels like going into a narrowing of the current dysfunctions, rather
than an opening up of new and other potentials, i.e. the future...

It is what looms ahead that is terrifying. A wish would be that against
all odds, the best happens and people start to believe in people again,
and to try to work together, not through warfaring but through peace.
establishing new relations. Every few days the loops returns of a great
what if (or when, then...) of a day like 9/11 when a nuclear bomb goes
off somewhere, and what is now a catastrophic fracturing of relations
becomes an inferno of mismanagement and total, endless worlds at war.
The magnitude being at least 1,000 to 10,000+ times worse with each
and every blow. It is a pending situation, time is moving, and the
policy changes that may prevent or shape the situation are not being
engaged and developed to a necessary degree to make it unconscienable.
That is, should anyone use such a weapon, that whatever their cause
it would be delegitimated for the horrors which would spread as a
result of this path to armageddon. It is especially frightening in
the current situation as it is so predictable what the logic is that
would respond, and the mechanisms that brought reason to cold war
follies and fallicies have been erased with 'true belief' policies
from energy to pollution to natural resources to economics, a short-
sighted view of a long development in a rapidly changing situation.

A bankruptcy of options to do more or better is almost acquiescence
to a type of fatalism, that no more can be done, given the givens.
And a helplessness may pervade the lack of available options. This
would not be so accurate if taking Mr. Clinton's speech and others
works into account, including overtures for change that are limited
by a lack of creativity, imagination, belief, trust, and will to do
what is necessary regardless of  difficulties; it is the only choice.
Will it ultimately take a nuclear detonation to make it real, true.
That is, that the problems are so severe, drastic, and important to
do something now, today, to let go of minor divisions and build up
the structural connections to span the larger distances between us-
such as with global issues that are also local- pollution, energy,
climate change, economics, technology, poverty, education, etc.

It is possible that the new year could open up into something
altogether new, different, and full of renewed hope for shared
possibilites. It is also possible and more likely that what is
now occuring will only be compounded unless there is real change
in the myriad major geostrategic issues that require commonality
in purpose, goals, and concessions to a diversity of perspective.
The privilege of perspective, if a spy satellite (as story below)
or an energy consumption dominance based on economics, these are
rapidly changing dynamics where what once was true has changed-
the ground has shifted, and minds have yet to, especially in the
.US though not exclusively here. A shared condition exists in
which the world is transforming itself- almost as if a gigantic
machine terraforming itself, rolling new code and technologies
and changes, people serving the forces which propel this change.
But it is not guided with human aims, it is for abstractions of
science and technology, and even religion in its profane forms,
a type of trust has been given over to something that excludes
the human dimension from experience, value, ideas, and worth.

Contrary to this, it is imagined that when people in the past
reflected on the greatness of being alive and making it through
another season together, that the wishes were both grounded in
an understanding of where they were going, where they have been,
and where they dream to be in the next days horizons. This past
year has been chock full of issues centered on electromagnetic
influences in the realm of policies, and as Bill Clinton states
energy is central to most other policies that are occuring now.
Where things are today, with wars raging, vast hopelessness, and
frankly enormous cluelessness of how to engage a present moment
which is beyond a conceptual understanding of the old paradigms,
- it is still possible should energy policy be transformed into
one based on common and shared reason and the purpose and will
placed into our global destiny, all for one and one for all, it
is still in the realm of the achievable to take today's wreckage
and recreate a better version of relations upon its foundation,
together, not nation building but an international development.

What if Iran's energy needs were recognized? what if Israel was
to place investments into Palestinian infrastructures with the
wiring of small business and education and economic networks?
What if the six-party talks with North Korea involved a need
for renormalization with the world community to transition
from a black-market nuclear economy to one that is capable of
global interactions and sustainable, through its opening up?
What if Kyoto spurs investments which take hold and instead
of being viewed and portrayed as a limit is engaged as a new
opportunity, new markets, and a place for massive investments
for what are areas for short-medium-long term returns which
have no end in sight for their applications and innovations.
What if nuclear materials are secured, in addition to holding
all countries of the world to shared nuclear treaties, and
the reframing of nuclear weapons treaties to encourage further
disarmament and also a shared agenda for dealing with nuclear
catastrophes and waste storage, nuclear medicine, and research
reactors which could be used for building knowledge that may
someday lead to cures of cancer or other diseases through a
unique cultural approach or perception to the issues of the
realm of particles that should be a human right to be able to
study and obtain basic knowledge into cosmic workings.

Here's my wish for the world: that even if someone did have
access to the most horrible weapons such as a nuclear device,
and that it is only a matter of time before a decision is
made or an action is completed before it is set off-- that
something in the people who choose such actions consider the
fragile chance and the need for massive changes, and the many
who want to see the changes occur, together, a world that is
transformed together, that succeeds together, that moves as
one into a shared and prosperous and respected future- that
after such a devastating action it will be nearly impossible
to regain what is left of civilization and common dignity to
imagine something better than the worst as our future together.
It is believed, maybe naively though still fervently believed,
that it is still possible to transform current situations by
changing energy policies-- and the .US President Bush, if not
being led by VP Cheney's political blunders, could take what
is now a disaster and make it work-- if he is willing to work
with everyone else as a participant in change, not as a CEO
of a country-as-corporation without humanity as a bottom-line.
President Bush could prove his ability to shift the agenda by
allowing more diverse options to what is the current scenario,
to test hypotheses, to bring in more dialogue so as to learn
of what other options are available between nations, peoples.
There's a lot of good that awaits doing, and many are ready
and willing to make the changes, all that awaits is a call.
A call to action, a call to service, a call to the reality
of events as they exist, related to tangible policies which
can be transformed in the realm of energy, economics, war,
trade, which can put to use the massive strengths of .US
citizens and infrastructures in a collaborative effort with
others in the world to approach global issues as a world-
community, with a shared agenda, to take the distortions
of structures that have been warped through nationalist-
bureaucracies and ideologies and bring them into a common
framework of diplomatic efforts and relations to enact the
changes together, not against or for but with one another.

[non-em] Al Neuharth, in Christmas Column,
Calls for Bringing Troops Home from Iraq // via drudgereport.com

[and] Neuharth Call for Pullout in Iraq Draws Massive Response

01) --top stories--

[quote] 2004 Media Follies! // *** note: em-related
The Most Overhyped and Underreported Media Stories of the Year

	'The Year's Most Underreported Stories:
	Global Warming and Climate Change.
	The Resurgence of Nuclear Power.
	The Politics and Economics of Oil.
	Continuing Corporate Scandals.
	Not Every Vote Counts. // related to e-voting
	Anything That Happens on the Ground in Iraq.

// note: nanoelectronics and (sight-smell-taste) sensor properties...
// aka: new scale of the electromagnetic architecture of molecules...

Rapid Progress Reported In Emerging Field Of Molecular Electronics

	'"We have published 64-bit random access memory circuits using  
bistable rotaxane molecules as the memory elements, and we are in the  
process of fabricating a 16-kilobit memory circuit at a density of  
devices that far exceeds current technology," Heath said. "On a Moore's  
Law graph, our memory circuit is at a density of Intel-like circuits  
that will be manufactured decades from now."' .... 'The CNSI, a joint  
enterprise between UCLA and the University of California, Santa  
Barbara, is exploring the power and potential of organizing and  
manipulating matter atom?by?atom, molecule-by-molecule, to engineer  
"new devices and systems that will extend the scope of many existing  
technologies and foster commercial development far beyond anything we  
might have contemplated up until now," Stoddart said.'

// 'quantum darwinism' and the most real reality, really...

Natural selection acts on the quantum world -- Objective reality may  
owe its existence to a 'darwinian' process that advertises certain  
quantum states.

line by Jennifer Davis // collage/acrylic

Night Lights by Carole Booth // pastels

Atomic clock gets mini-makeover  // atomic clock wristwatches. (wired)

	'Atomic clocks work by measuring the frequency of cesium atoms, which  
vibrate almost 9.2 billion times a second. An infrared laser pulsed  
through them is converted into an electrical signal by a photo cell.'  
.. 'In the miniature version, a tiny amount of cesium vapor --  
containing about one billion atoms -- is trapped in a silicon cell.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Strokes: Dental X-rays Reveal More Than Cavities // stroke

Magnetic Bracelets Reduce The Pain Of Osteoarthritis, Study Finds

[or] Magnetic bracelet pain relief probably placebo effect

Toys have lasting impact on brain // *** owls and glasses!

	'Professor Knudsen said learning new skills very early in life prompts  
neurons in the brain to build new connections that still work into  
adulthood.' .. 'He said toys that beep, crinkle or need prodding and  
poking are all likely to shape a child's brain for future tasks.'

Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds // ** via  

	'The research project, which took four years and which was coordinated  
by the German research group Verum, studied the effect of radiation on  
human and animal cells in a laboratory.' .. 'After being exposed to  
electromagnetic fields that are typical for mobile phones, the cells  
showed a significant increase in single and double-strand DNA breaks.  
The damage could not always be repaired by the cell. DNA carries the   
genetic material of an organism and its different cells.' .. '"There  
was remaining damage for future generation of cells," said project  
leader Franz Adlkofer.' .. 'This means the change had procreated.  
Mutated cells are seen as a possible cause of cancer.'

Model Simulates Dynamics Of Heart Rhythm Disorders // electrical  

	'The source code of this cell model is freely available on Internet.'  
.... 'Spiral-shaped electrical waves rotating at a high frequency can  
result in a more rapid contraction of the heart. Ventricular  
fibrillation is caused by spiral waves degenerating into a chaotic  
pattern of many small waves. Ten Tusscher demonstrated that in a  
healthy heart, stable three-dimensional spiral waves arise after the  
administration of several large electrical impulses. Under modified  
model conditions, the same electrical impulses were found to result in  
degenerating spiral waves that lead to fatal fibrillation.'

[non-em] Children's Hospital Boston Launches Major Genetic Study Of  

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Deadlock over Kyoto's successor -- This year's meeting on the UN  
Climate Change Convention is deadlocked over a proposal to start  
informal discussions over the next year about the future of the  
climate-change regime.

	'The Americans are refusing to talk about the future; the Europeans  
are refusing not to talk about it.'

Who opens e-mail spam? // via wired.com

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

U.N. Ends Failed Listening Device Probe // em-countermeasures;  

	'Although the device was only found this fall, the inquiry has already  
finished and will not be reopened, said a U.N. official, speaking on  
condition of anonymity.' .... 'Well-placed security sources, however,  
questioned whether any major secrets could have been overheard because  
top government officials have security that includes electromagnetic  
waves to thwart eavesdropping systems.'

[and] What Data is Hidden on the UN Bugging Device? // images.

Camera Phone Criminals Targeting Holiday Shoppers
Identity Theft Is Fastest Growing Crime In Florida // drudgereport.com

	'Police said that criminals who are able to get close enough to a  
person's personal information can snap a photo of the card or bank  
account number, and steal the number.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// on some sunday political show (i think it was) there was a
// common sense analsysis that Russia was using and developing
// its energy resources in its own self-interest strategically.
// which seems to be something held in common among most nations
// and regions that have export-based energy supplies in a world
// of exponential increases in demand. this would appear to be a
// different condition from being a nation dependent on energy
// imports, that different factors are at work in decision making.
// one curiousity, for instance, in the middle-east is why Iran's
// energy issues are not included in the nuclear contentions that
// are going on-- there are many reports of why a nation that is
// undergoing massive 'development' projects would need additional
// energy resources, as with .US technoforming (vs. terraforming)
// in the early 20th century. and also .CN is a case-in-point of
// the need for a new energy dialogue and collaborative actions
// so everyone can move in better, more sustainable directions.
// a privilege of hierarchial perspective needs to be transformed
// to one of a shared inhabited dimension of common experiences,
// in which any nuclear bomb going off anywhere in the world is
// seen as negative for human civilization, and reclaiming of the
// nuclear materials from research reactors may be critical to a
// new energy international policy initiative and global treaties
// as is the jump-start of the Kyoto Protocol, and investment in
// the best advances in this realm, in addition to innovations
// and research-and-development which may stave off future wars
// if the energy equations can be brought into a global balance...

[quote] Putin: Is U.S trying to isolate Russia?

	'Putin strongly defended the purchase of Yukos oil company assets by a  
state-owned firm, Rosnfeft, saying the state was protecting its  
interests. Putin's deputy chief of staff, Igor Sechin, serves as  
Rosneft's chairman of the board.' .. '"Today, the state -- using  
absolutely legal, market mechanisms -- is ensuring its interests. I  
consider this perfectly normal," he said.' .. 'Putin said that already  
developed energy resources would be sufficient for another 45-55 years  
at the current level of production but that Russia must continue  
exploring new resources including in eastern Siberia.' .. '"This work  
is under way. I would like it to be more intensive," he said.'

[and] Putin hints at China alliance for Yukos oil // drudgereport.com

	'Immediately after Mr Putin's statement, Gazprom said a new  
memorandum, signed two days before the auction, covered strategic  
co-operation with China in the oil sector - particularly over oil  
projects in Russia. It already has an agreement with CNPC over gas.'

// it seems most if not all large-scale dam building involves wide-
// spread flooding of lands and untold devastation, if with cultural
// sites or agriculture or even the cause of today's 'droughts' by
// the increased water consumption in arid areas, and water shortages.
// .CN has built the Three Gorges, and possibly .EG also has a massive
// dam under construciton if memory serves. the drive for cheap energy
// is countered in the .US today by global warming-related water issues
// and changed weather patterns such as with rain and snow which will-
// ultimately- effect infrastructures built on outdated weather models.
// it is wondered what technologies exist for small-scale dam building,
// and specifically in regard to Iran's power build-out, if it is also
// related to making deserts into farmland or a lock system or whatnot.
// adaptable energy systems or at least redundant would seem critical
// when patterns are changing. dams without water. via artsjournal.com

A series of new dams is submerging archaeological sites throughout Iran
Ambitious hydro-electric programme is pushed ahead regardless of  
heritage fears

	'This potential archaeological tragedy has received little media  
coverage in the west, and many of the areas have never been properly  
surveyed. What has emerged thus far may just be the tip of the iceberg,  
and in the process of attempting to transform itself into a modern  
industrial state, Iran seems set to obliterate a significant part of  
its cultural heritage.'

SolarPC kicks that dirty 400-watt PC habit // 12 volt solar PC

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

CNN's most e-mailed stories of 2004 (weird news)

The gingerbread laptop

[headline] Ex-Chilean Dictator Pinochet Has Stroke // em-event

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

A computer disguised as a watch // ** .ch perspective on SPOT

[headline] Small Plane Strikes Radio Tower, Killing 2
(900 ft.) Tower Tumbles To Ground // via drudgereport.com

Study finds that memory cards aren’t damaged by airport metal detectors

Nuclear-powered Mission To Neptune Could Answer Questions
About Planetary Formation // NASA proposal...

	'The plan is based on the availability of nuclear-electric propulsion  
technology under development in NASA's Project Prometheus. A  
traditional chemical rocket would launch the spacecraft out of Earth  
orbit. Then an electric propulsion system powered by a small nuclear  
fission reactor – a modified submarine-type technology -- would propel  
the spacecraft to its deep-space target. The propulsion system would  
generate thrust by expelling electrically charged particles called ions  
from its engines.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Cell's Tiny Power Source Critical For Synapse Function // and  

	'Each living cell is a miniature breathing, eating, waste-expelling  
organism. Hundreds or thousands of little footprint-shaped mitochondria  
generate energy for cell functions from sugar and oxygen. They are  
particularly important in brain cells, where they perform additional  
jobs related to signaling and programmed cell death, but little is  
known about how their distribution and movement relates to the synaptic  
activity crucial for learning and memory, said Morgan Sheng, the  
Menicon Professor of Neuroscience at MIT and an investigator with the  
Howard Hughes Medical Institute...'

Fleeting Images Of Fearful Faces Reveal Neurocircuitry Of Unconscious  

	'It’s one of the first times that neuroimaging has captured the  
brain’s processing of unconscious emotion.'

* could plagiarism be considered a form of identity theft?

Camera scoops amazing Orion snaps // the infrared sky...

	'The cluster of stars in the bright region is known as the "Trapezium"
The images reveal not only the illuminated edges of clouds and  
filaments, but also thousands of young stars that are otherwise hidden  
from view at visible light wavelengths by the gas and dust.' .. 'WFCAM  
detects infrared light, or heat radiation, which is the key to  
understanding many types of astronomical objects.' .. 'These include  
stars in our own galaxy and beyond, interstellar clouds, the mysterious  
"failed stars" known as brown dwarfs, and quasars at the edge of the  
observable Universe.'

Nanotubes Glow, Even Within Biological Cells // interesting...

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Top Ten Trends for 2005: The risks and rewards of trendspotting.

Giant robots in the backyard // mecha warmachinery. via macsurfer.com

Research Demystifies Quantum Properties Of Exotic Materials

	'The new research bolsters the growing body of theoretical and  
experimental work in a new subfield of condensed matter physics known  
as “correlated electron physics,” a discipline that's grown up in the  
past decade with the aim of understanding all the electronic processes  
governing both natural and man-made materials.' .... '“Our experimental  
observation points toward a complete breakdown of the traditional  
[quantum critical points] theory,” said Paschen.' .... 'The real-world  
effect of electron correlations on material properties can be profound.  
The effects are widely believed to be a key element behind the  
mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity...'

Researchers Seek Truth in the Secret Life of the Battery // diagnostic

	'In the technology, each battery pack contains a two-chip system  that  
can constantly calculate the remaining energy. The chip sets have  
algorithms that take into account impedance, the opposition to  
electrical current flow, which changes with conditions like age,  
temperature and use. Based on mathematical models of lithium-ion  
chemistry, the chips use these impedance measurements to adjust  
predictions of the charge remaining in the battery.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Saudi Al Qaeda Urges Attacks on Oil Facilities-Web // via  

	'"We call on all the mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula to unify  
their ranks... and target the oil supplies that do not serve the  
Islamic nation but the enemies of this nation," said the statement from  
the Al Qaeda Organization in the Arabian Peninsula, which was dated  
Dec. 18.' .... 'There was no immediate response from state-owned oil  
giant Saudi Aramco to the statement, but the firm said on Saturday it  
remained "on alert at all times" to secure the world's biggest  

Cuba counters US Christmas lights // mediawar...
Cuba has put up photos of abused Iraqi prisoners in front of the US  
interests section in Havana after the US displayed Christmas  
decorations there.

Missile defense deadline scrapped

Hezbollah TV loses satellite feed to U.S

	'The station, which ranks fourth or fifth among Lebanon's nine  
stations, has drawn protests from across the globe for airing  
anti-Israel programs that include videos glorifying Hezbollah and other  
Arab suicide bombers who target Israelis, describing the attacks as  
"heroic martyrdom operations." Its presenters refer to Israel as "the  

Weapons-Grade Uranium Returned to Russia // 13lbs from .CZ

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

China's Thirst for Oil Undercuts U.S. Effort on Iran (Update2)

	'Eventually, the need to find allies may make China more cooperative  
with the U.S. rather than less, said U.S. Senate Foreign Relations  
Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, a Republican from Indiana. One  
example, he said, may be China's willingness to lead a U.S. initiative  
for multination talks with North Korea over its suspected nuclear  
weapons program,...' .... 'Ruan Zongze, vice president of the state-run  
China Institute of International Studies in Beijing, said he doesn't  
see a ``strong linkage'' between China's quest for oil and policies  
toward Iran...'

Oil Price Rise Named Top Business Story // via drudgereport.com

Pliable solar cells are on a roll // ***

U.S. ruling irrelevant, Russia says // Yukos...

	'The injunction, issued in Houston, didn’t target the auction itself,  
but the financing by banks that all do business in the United States.  
The judge accepted jurisdiction in Yukos ’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy case  
earlier this because the firm has a Texas bank account, among other  
small assets in the state.' .. 'The group of Western banks — including  
Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro, BNP Paribas and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein  
— froze between $10 billion and $13 billion it had loaned Russia’s  
stateowned natural gas monopoly Gazprom for its bid, Russian and other  
news reports said.'

// could be related to a home server with multiple OS' for running
// a media network, internet, wireless, website, etc. in addition,
// Apple has a storage-area-network in the works which if considering
// 'cabinet'-based electronics, might fit into a modular server-based
// setup for the home/office/business given how media files are huge.
// add VoIP, cellphones, PDAs, peripherals, TVs, plus an OS which can
// be a web-server (if made consumer friendly) and gone are ISPs too.
// multiple OS', one could run audiovisuaol, another home automation...

IBM confirms Apple's plans for 'multi-OS chip' // infrastructures...

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

The Atomium building // thanks *

	'The Atomium is a symbol of the atom concept, because it represents a  
crystal mollecule of metal, actually of the centered cubic system. In  
this crystal system, the atoms are placed on the vertexes of a cube,  
and one atom occupies its center. The elementary centered cubic system  
is composed of 9 atoms. In crystal chemistry, the structure of crystals  
is commonly represented by spheres the centers of which materialise the  
mean position of the atom in the crystal network ; the binding forces  
which exist between the atoms are materialised by links interconnecting  
the spheres. These binding forces are the essential cause of the  
chemical properties and the mechanical resistance of the different  
elements, and particularly metals ; if is thus perfectly logical to  
clearly mark their existence in any representation of crystals.'

pink sun by Jennifer Davis // a bit Archigram...
reception by Jennifer Davis
rabbit by Jennifer Davis

Archigram - Plug-in City
About Archigram
The Archigram Vision // images. (tuned suburb, etc.)

// thought some architectural history book said plug-in city was based
// on the electrical plug and socket, though cannot find it online...

[and] definition: plug-in city

	'Skeletal metal armatures ready to receive air-transported,  
crane-mounted living pods that could be relocated and reconfigured at  
the whim of their inhabitants."Definition: The Plug-in City is set up  
by applying a large scale network-strucutre, containing access ways and  
essential services, to any terrain. into this network are placed units  
which cater for all needs. These units are planned for obsolescence.  
The units are served and manoeuvred by means of cranes operating from a  
railway at the apex of the structure. the interior contains several  
electronic and machine installations intended to replace present-day  
work operations. "From Peter Cook "Plug-in City" in VV.AA., Archigram,  
Birkhauser, Boston 1972.'

Pixel Lab // ***

// uncertain if all superfund toxic sites include radioactive waste...

harrison neighborhood superfund sites by Elissa Cedearleaf Dahl

Making Modern Art Seem Ancient // http://www.bitforms.com

	'"My gallery is devoted to new media art forms and what I wanted to do  
was show people there was a history doing code-based works 30, 40, 50  
years ago," Sacks said.'

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