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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #142 (up for review)

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (9/05/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

* sending this as i am not sure what to do with it...
maybe it could form the basis for specific critiques
of what the newsletter is not doing that it should be,
or what it could be doing, or in a different way... brian

01) --top stories--

Rochester schools go wireless // PDA Student Computing (PSC) via  
Students in district tap technology at fingertips // ***

// Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton has derailed talks in North  
// which private diplomatic efforts had to recover for 6 way talks, now  
// neoconservative says this about Iran, truthful or not, it is  
// foreign policy and if it is on his assessment it is the  
// the option available would seem to be to get 'in writing' the pledge  
// no nukes, plus inspections as seem to be allowed, and nuclear  
// rather than the Iraq-nuclear approach, redux, trust-me neocon  
// it is not that it is absurd, it is the approach which flip-flops  
from a
// moderate diplomatic (step-by-step) approach, stabilization, to one  
// on fear, threats, and posturing which, frankly, exacerbate all  
// in terms of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear waste, nuclear  
// again, .US foreign policy (by neocons) is incompetent for  
// if extreme rightests drive foreign policy, extreme rightism will be  
// interface, without diplomatic bridges, to make moderate options  
// a pledge has been made, to get it in writing is a great opportunity  

U.S.: Iran preparing to make nuclear weapons // nuclear diplomacy  

[and] Iran says it will resume uranium processing

	'A confidential report by Mohammed ElBaradei, head of the  
International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, supplied to diplomats  
yesterday and obtained by the Guardian, says that Iran has recently  
told his inspectors that in "August/September" it would convert 37  
tonnes of crude uranium into uranium hexafluoride - the gas spun at  
high speed through cascades of large centrifuges to be enriched, either  
to low levels for use as nuclear power station fuel, or to high levels  
for weapons purposes.' .. 'The news will encourage US-led hawks to seek  
to punish Iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions. The US undersecretary  
of state, John Bolton, said: "Iran's announcements are further strong  
evidence of the compelling need to take Iran's nuclear programme to the  
security council.' .. '"The United States will continue to urge other  
members of the IAEA board of governors to join us in this effort, to  
deal with the Iranian threat to international peace and security," he  
added.' .. 'Iran agreed last year to freeze its enrichment programme.'  
.. 'More sceptical diplomats following the two-year mystery of its  
nuclear project said the Iranians were entitled under their  
international commitments to process the uranium, that they had  
notified the IAEA well in advance, and that there was no evidence of  
them enriching uranium to levels required for a weapon.'

[and] Powell Says U.N Must Act Now on Iran Weapons // nuke-treatytime

	'Secretary of State Colin Powell  said on Wednesday the time had come  
for the United Nations to  take punitive action against Iran for its  
alleged nuclear  weapons program.' .. 'Speaking to reporters flying  
back with him from a one-day  trip to Panama, Powell said he would urge  
members of the  International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), at its board  
meeting  on Sept. 13, to refer the issue to the U.N. Security Council.'  
.. '"We still believe that the Iranians are not fessing up to   
everything. They still have a program that, in our judgment, is  a  
nuclear program designed to develop ultimately a nuclear  weapon," said  
Powell.' .. '"Our view is that it should have been referred to the  
(U.N.  Security) Council long ago and that is still our position, that   
it ought to be referred to the Council."' .... '"Diplomacy never works  
until it works," he said. "I think  there is still a diplomatic track  

[and] Iran welcomes IAEA's report on contaminated uranium

[and] Seoul admits enriching uranium // *** nuclear diplomacy...
Revelation complicates bid to curb Pyongyang, Iran

	'The U.S. State Department said Thursday that while the South Korean  
activity should not have occurred, and should have been reported  
earlier, the United States is glad Seoul had reported it to the IAEA.'  
.... '"Their transparency and cooperation in resolving this matter is a  
strong example of how states should respond in complying with their  
obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty," Boucher said.' ..  
'[State Department spokesman Richard] Boucher said Libya was another  
example of a country that came forward to admit past nuclear activity  
and show it was no longer engaging in such activity.'

[and] Kerry and EU would offer Iran a nuclear deal // via  

	'Kerry aides said that, if elected, his administration, in cooperation  
with the European Union, would offer a deal to Iran that would allow  
the Islamic republic to retain its nuclear facilities. In return,  
Teheran would have to pledge to return all imported nuclear fuel  
acquired for its reactor at Bushehr.'

[and] Iran 'ready to give nuke guarantees' // ***

	'"We are prepared to build trust and provide a guarantee that our  
enrichment activities will always be peaceful."'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

[headline] Frances strikes, knocks out power to 4 million // fl.us  


[and] EMG

Full-body CT scans increase cancer death risk // uh-oh

	'"Our research provides definitive evidence that radiation risk is  
associated with full-body CT scans. The radiation dose from a full-body  
CT scan is comparable to the doses received by some of the atomic-bomb  
survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where there is clear evidence of  
increased cancer risk," said David J. Brenner, Ph.D., D.Sc., lead  
author of the study and professor of radiation oncology and public  
health at Columbia University in New York City.'

[and] Yearly full body scan ups cancer risk from 1 in 1200 to 1 in 50

Radiation Not Always Needed for Breast Cancer

[quote] Music Fans, Beware the Big Bass // wow.

	'Noppen said he and his colleagues suspect that loud music may damage  
the lungs due to its booming bass frequency, which can be felt as a  
vibration going through the body. The lungs may essentially start to  
vibrate in the same frequency as the bass, which could cause a lung to  

How X-Rays Work:

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Google is dying - Death by a billion cuts // (???) via cryptome.org

IBM Recalls Notebook Adapters // 553,000 fire+shock hazards

Rare earth magnets for fun and profit

the power of only one of the surplus hard drive magnet

Magnetic field viewing film

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// common sense: any attack which would create an atmospheric cloud of  
// from nuke waste would be carried by whatever the prevalent weather  
// would allow. unsure of the patterns in the southwest to south to  
// nor northeast (besides downdraft from international cold fronts) --  
is that
// it would seem likely that the horizontal line of nuke waste  
shipments could,
// feasibly, send a cloud of radioactive debris in a certain  
predictable area,
// should an attack occur. maybe this is the same 'beltway' region of  
the .US,
// as mentioned in politics. though for half-the-country an attack  
could likely
// contaminate everything to its eastward direction, given spread and  
// maybe it is a few states, maybe a dozen, maybe just one. though the  
// that is shown would make it unlikley to affect, say, Washington  
state, if
// not due to transportation routes than due to how weather moves  
// this is a similar issue in all nuclear waste around the world: an  
// could be as deadly as a dirty-bomb, and it could go cross-border,  
into an-
// other country, and cause long-term damage to the environment and  
// reason enough for a basic treaty on securing and storage of nuclear  

Nuclear Waste Transportation Routes -- Highway and rail routes most  
to be used to transport high-level nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain,  

Grand Central Transmitter Theories // NYC...

RFID 101:  The basics // short overview. via TSCM-L...

Is Encryption Doomed?: Our entire information society rests on a fragile
foundation that mathematicians are racing to dismantle. // NP. via  

2600 Magazine founder and editor arrested // NYC RNC protests...

FBI Copies Computer Hard Drive in Israel Probe

Security pros warn of critical flaws in Kerberos

[TSCM-L] Analysis of discovered RF device // ultimate e-DECON report  

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Crude Oil Drops as Threats to Supply From Iraq, Russia Diminish

BEIJING sets electricity generation target
Business Report - Johannesburg,South Africa
SHARP rise in wholesale electricity prices
NZ City - New Zealand
CALIF. lawmakers reject Gov. Schwarzegger´s solar electricity ...
Waste News - Akron,OH,USA
2,500 families are without electricity on eastern part of island
Puerto Rico Wow - Puerto Rico,USA
IRAQ Asks Turkey for More Electricity
Zaman - Turkey
NO Water, Electricity Cuts for Otavi
AllAfrica.com - Africa
PRICE of electricity goes up in Beijing
China Daily - Beijing,China
BUSINESSES hope electricity prices will fall
Maryland Gazette Newspapers - Gaithersburg,MD,USA
GOVT Concludes Plan to Boost Electricity
AllAfrica.com - Africa
BELARUS to up electricity exports to Poland in 2004
Interfax - Belarus
ELECTRICITY price rise signals 'black day' for business
Ireland Online - Dublin,Ireland
ELECTRICITY cost to rise by 9% next month
Limerick Post - Limerick,Ireland
PAKISTAN does not want to import electricity from Iran
Daily Times - Pakistan
DEREGULATED electricity drives up cost
BRIEFING: Iran says uranium for electricity
Pioneer Press (subscription) - St. Paul,MN,USA
COUPLE 'harassed' by electricity company
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press - Norfolk,England,UK

COUPLE'S Lives Lit Up after Decades Without Electricity
The Scotsman - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK

ILL-FATED squirrel leaves thousands without electricity -  

	'"It's one of the biggest problems we have," she said. "Squirrels get  
on top of one of our transformers and get electrocuted."'

Status of Iraqi oil exports unclear

	'An Associated Press reporter who went to the Faw terminal to check on  
operations was prevented from entering by British troops. British  
military officials said they did not have information on the oil flow  
and referred journalists to South Oil Co.' .. 'Dow Jones newswires  
quoted unidentified shipping agents as saying four tankers were at the  
oil terminal near Faw, two loading crude at a rate of more than 1.7  
million barrels a day, a third waiting to take on cargo and one that  
had finished loading.' .. 'A U.S. military official in the Persian Gulf  
region told AP that he had been briefed that four tankers were docked  
at the offshore terminal, but he was unsure whether the ships were  
taking on oil. The official spoke on condition he not be identified.'

[and] Southern Iraq Oil Exports at Full Capacity // the next day...

	'An Iraqi oil official in Baghdad, speaking on condition of anonymity,  
told Dow Jones Newswires that the terminal was working at capacity.'

Yukos faces oil production halt -- Yukos, the Russian oil giant, could  
forced to halt production because of a new court order, the company has  

// the 'real' hydrogen economy- nuclear plants making fuel for hydrocar  
// nuclear waste does not seem to disappear in this model, it's in the  

Let a Thousand Reactors Bloom -- Explosive growth has made the People's  
of China the most power-hungry nation on earth. Get ready for the  
meltdown-proof future of nuclear energy. // *** fuel-ball Doppler  
	'... Physicists and engineers at Beijing's Tsinghua University have  
made the first great leap forward in a quarter century, building a new  
nuclear power facility that promises to be a better way to harness the  
atom: a pebble-bed reactor. A reactor small enough to be assembled from  
mass-produced parts and cheap enough for customers without  
billion-dollar bank accounts. A reactor whose safety is a matter of  
physics, not operator skill or reinforced concrete. And, for a bona  
fide fairy-tale ending, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is  
labeled hydrogen.' .... 'For people to accept nuclear power, [Edward  
Teller] argued, reactors must be "inherently safe." He even proposed a  
practical test: If you couldn't pull out every control rod without  
causing a meltdown, the design was inadequate.' .. 'But Teller's advice  
was ignored in the rush to beat the Russians to meter-free  
electricity...' .... '[INET's] ... multiple reactors can be  
daisy-chained around one or more turbines, all monitored from a single  
control room...'

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

Up Close and Personal With the First Family // about .US political TV  

	'It has become a truism to say that political conventions have been  
turned into made-for-television events. Actually, television is turning  
into a made-for-convention device:...'


	'Die Verbesserung von Mitteleuropa, Roman , the only large literary  
work of the Austrian author Oswald Wiener (born 1935), is considered to  
be an "experimental" novel.  In this work, the author launches a  
fundamental critique of language, culminating in his concept of a  
device called the Bio-Adapter . This device--presented  as satire as  
well as a serious utopia--is intended to achieve the  individual's  
freedom from language and thus to enable unmediated  experience of  
'reality', which otherwise would be determined by  language.  According  
to the author, this determination has to be  overcome.  Yet, even his  
perception of the issue as well as of its  solution are defined by  
language.  Hence, there is no absolute, firm  point of reference for  
analysis.  The Bio-Adapter--itself a  product of language--is designed  
to sidestep the problem.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away

[and] SETI has not found ET: official // ***

[project] The Classroom Radio Telescope // DIY

[and] Amateur Radio Telescope

LEDs Light Up LCD TVs:
Tiny Solid-State Bulbs May Create Better Flat-Panel Displays

	'LCD panels create an image by selectively blocking the rays from a  
backlight. CCFLs generate invisible ultraviolet light, which excites  
the phosphors lining the lamp tubes, which then give off visible  
light.' .. 'This light is stronger in the blue, green, and yellow  
ranges of the color spectrum, and doesn't have a deep red component,  
according to Mark Pugh, vice president for strategic marketing at  
Lumileds, the company that developed the LEDs used by Sony.' .. '"Our  
Luxeon LEDs can be tuned to match the needs of the display. In this  
case, we used red, green, and blue LEDs that closely match the color  
filters on the LCD panel," sasy Pugh. "As a result, more light passes  
unimpeded through the filters, resulting in a richer display with more  
saturated colors."'

China Will Launch 3 Weather-Monitoring Satellites

Scientists Set Internet2 Speed Record // *** 6.63 Gbps CERN->Caltech

	'Scientists are racing to move gigantic amounts of data by 2007, when  
CERN's Large Hadron Collider  (LHC) will switch on. This huge  
underground particle accelerator will produce some 15 petabytes (  
define )  of data a year, which will be stored and analyzed on a global  
grid of computer centers.' .. 'High-energy physicists are excited about  
the LHC because they hope it will allow them to find the Higgs  bosun,  
a theoretical particle that they believe creates mass.' .... 'This  
record speed of 6.63Gbps  is equivalent to transferring a full-length  
DVD movie in four seconds. There are uses in astronomy,   
bioinformatics, global climate modeling and seismology, as well as  
commercial applications from entertainment  to oil and gas exploration.'

Passion Of The Christ DVD Sales Top 4 Million In Single Day // Finding  
Nemo #1

Why Hybrids Are Hot 
Have you seen gas prices? Purists can wait for hydrogen. The market  

[headline] Spacewalking Astronauts Install Antennas // rabbit ears...

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Scaled-Up Darkness: Could a single dark matter particle be light-years  

// see images of microcontrollers made using photon emission  

MICROCONTROLLERS/ICs: Going Clockless // Applicances. via  

	'The problem with a system clock is that it has to permeate every part  
of the system. In an embedded system-on-chip solution this means that  
the entire surface of the chip becomes honeycombed with an array of  
metal tracks that distribute the clock signal.' .. 'Each of these  
tracks has its own electrical capacitance, which is added to the input  
capacitance of every gate to which the clock is connected. Every time  
the clock ticks this capacitance has to be charged and discharged. And  
every time it ticks, at least a few gates in every part of the circuit  
must activate.' .. 'As clock frequencies shift up into the hundreds of  
megahertz, this all adds up to significant power dissipation. Some  
electronic systems, however, such as those embedded in smartcards, have  
little enough electrical energy to perform the required logic  
functions, let alone drive a power-hungry clock signal.' .. 'To  
overcome this problem, Philips Research has invented Handshake  
Technology, a new way of implementing ultra-low power consumption  
embedded systems that eliminates the need for a system clock...'

// note: (CERN) birthed the internet, particle physicists now birth  

Scientists to fire up world's largest grid // virtual supercomputer.  
via TechNN
Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid will process 15 petabytes of data  
a year

A Vast Web of Tiny Sensors: UCLA's Deborah Estrin discusses how networks
of small, smart monitors can change the world and how we understand it

AAG 2005 Meeting-  Call For Papers: Geographies of Media
Last Day for Session Registration: October 21, 2004

	'We are seeking papers that examine geographies of the various forms  
of media, including music, art, advertising, newspapers and magazines,  
and animation etc.' .. 'These sessions should include contributions to  
current issues surrounding these media, beginning with constructions of  
space, culture, society, and identity within textual realms.' .. 'We  
are hoping to present a wide range of both topic and context and seek  
participants interested in the geographical implications - social,  
political, cultural, and economic – that are often contained within the  
spaces and places of different forms of media. These contexts invite  
inquiries into the production, distribution, exhibition, and  
consumption of all types of media and we encourage critical,  
pedagogical and discursive contributions. Our 2003 session was very  
well-attended with a wide variety of topics followed by an excellent  
discussion period and we expect the same again this year.' .. 'To  
present a paper you must do the following before October 21, 2004...'

Solar Physics: 3D Coronal Magnetic Fields

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Ricegrain-sized atomic clock

// if blade servers could function as both internal home networks and  
// websites, the cabinetry modules could function similarly to audio  
// in that a RAID storage component could be added, a wireless  
component, tivo-
// like component, VoIP component, and customized for media production,  
// production, audio, syncing PIM data between computers online and  
// and a UPS, power management, central media, etc. 'wireless' may seek  
to do
// what wires cannot, reverse-engineer such a decentalized system yet  
with the
// server model all the components could be managed under one  
upgradable device.
// (that is, faster processor does not mean new PC, only new blade to  
add-in to
// a multi-CPU cluster-like OS (Mac OSX, say) with dwellings design for  
// (ie. not in-wall wiring, wireless emission blocking outside  
dwellings, etc).
// note: it is stated to be an infrastructure, not digital media  

I.B.M. to Share Technology and Designs for New Computer // ** open  
blade servers

	'The announcement reflects I.B.M.'s recent strategy of trying to gain  
a competitive advantage by sharing some of its intellectual property  
with industry partners and by embracing open technology standards.'  
.... 'Blade computers combine processing, network connections and some  
storage on a single circuit board. The servers - each as thin as a  
knife blade - slide like drawers into a chassis that resembles a  
miniature, high-tech bureau; an average chassis may hold four or five  
servers. The computers have a lower price tag and use less power than  
traditional servers; also, because they include multiple blades in a  
single unit, they can be easier to monitor and manage than row after  
row of traditional stand-alone servers.'

Letting Gamers Play God, and Now Themselves // behavioral  

	'Mr. Molyneux's most far-reaching ambition for Fable is that this  
liberty will teach players something about themselves.' ... 'Mr.  
Molyneux thinks the choices he asks Fable's players to make will be  

[and] Body and brain of gamers probed // gaming for physical therapy?

	'The testing process the industry has in place at the moment is  
"broken", said Dr Thornton. What he proposes is more or less testing  
the blood, sweat and tears of gamers and seeing what it says about the  
games.' .... 'Dr Thornton's research with Dr Jon Purdy involves  
measuring mood with psychological questionnaires, and using computer  
software, they can monitor alertness and cognitive function.' .. '"We  
are also measuring heart rate to look at how games activate human  
bodies and analysing spit for hormones", said Dr Thornton.' .. ('Early  
signs suggest players can enter an "altered state of consciousness") ..  
'"We are hoping to be able to compare that with sportsmen and women  
playing physical games."'

Sharp's Quick Release Screws // robotic heat-based

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

SA man charged for 'nuclear bomb'

	'The old apartheid regime in South Africa had a nuclear weapons  
programme.' .. 'But this was closed down by the white government before  
it relinquished power in 1994.'

// from what has been written, the AIPAC is a special interest group,  
// aligned with .US Neocon policymakers, and is not necessarily the  
sole or
// only arm of public policy direction between the .US-.IL  
// (i've forgotten the other .org but it is for Palestianian+Israeli  

Alleged Pentagon leaks may be connected to Iran policy // 'whole ball  
of wax'

	'"Policy officials in the Pentagon repeatedly bypassed the normal  
interagency process, and there are questions about whether they also  
may have tried to mobilize Israel's [AIPAC approach to] political  
influence in Washington to lobby for some of their proposals,  
especially on Iraq and Iran," one of the administration officials  
said.' (via TPM)

High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and
High Altitude Microwave (HPM) Devices: Threat Assessments
Congressional Research Services, August 20th, 2004 // .pdf, via Secrecy  

US Army's Tactical High Energy Laser Shoots Down Mortar Rounds //  

[em-quote] Yale student charged with crowding Cheney

	'Asked what Frampton wanted to tell Cheney, Mazurek said, "Iraq and  
the vice president's position with respect to his connections to the  
oil industry."'

Bush rules out war against Iran:
President says circumstances not the same as Iraq

// note: Canadian news source said the airplane that was brought down in
// Queens, NY shortly after 9/11 was also bombed by a flying terrorist.

Putin Says Plane Crashes Involved Terrorists Linked to Al-Qaeda

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

- Crude oil falls again as Iraq fears ease
- Oil prices rise slightly on Russia supply concerns

Video Game Maker Acclaim Files for Bankruptcy // Acclaim Entertainment  

Global sales of mobile phones hit record levels

	'Nonetheless, the Asian market, China in particular, represents a big  
growth opportunity for Western phone makers, Gartner and other analysts  
said.' .. 'The market share of Chinese phone vendors has fallen to 38  
percent from about 50 percent because they have not been able to make  
phones with built-in cameras with color displays and cannot compete  
with Western manufacturers in quality or on price, analysts said.' ..  
'"China is still the most important market on a global basis and  
remains critical for the top six handset manufacturers," Wood said.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

// so too, EM poles and infrastructures could be naturally snakikng  
// and other detailing, or equally baroque in their non-architect  
// by way of an evolution of starts and stops in achieving large  
// also, the first modernism has to die before its  
// this is an intriguing way to regenerate architecture in a new  


	'... It is sometimes overlooked that Art Nouveau was the first style  
conceived expressly for industrial production. The style's naturistic  
forms would soften the machine's hard edge. Industrialization made  
everyone nervous. It uprooted people from the land and destabilized  
traditional land-based social structures. Might not society be better  
off if industry were made to look like plants? ...'

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