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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 22:58:23 -0500

  recently snoezelen, a theory of sensory stimulation for
  autism and dementia, was linked to in the newsletter.
  so i went about making a device (*) and took photos
  and a digital camera-based short movie of the cycling
  of a red-green-blue LED, trying to capture the effect.
  it is a basic project yet very successful in its purpose,
  though a fiber-optic wand is like big glass slivers when
  alone with little persons so this device was a prototype.
  in any case, images are online of the device itself, very
  simple black box with batteries inside, wired to a switch,
  and an microchip-based LED, which sends light through
  the bundle of glass fibers cut at various lengths. images:

1) device *

2) green light *

3) movie *

if urls do not work directly, see the last 3 entries at:

to me this is an experiment of the basic idea that such
light-information bypasses the language areas of the
brain and engages other areas in a soothing way. and
the 'snoezelen' approach apparently also scales up to
entire rooms of such devices, columns of bubbles of
light, and sounds, and textures, almost surreal mutli-
sensory media, it could change everyday lighting too.

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Welcome to ROMPA® - the home of Snoezelen (R)

[and] Sensory therapy.

	'So what is ‘Snoezelen’ ?' .. 'The word ‘Snoezelen’ is not a  
scientific name. It was developed from a combination of two Dutch words  
which roughly translate as to ‘sniff’ and ‘doze’. It was hoped that  
this may conjure up the lazy, relaxed feeling that ‘Snoezelen’ was  
capable of producing. It is a concept that endeavours to provide  
sensory experiences within a controlled environment.' .. 'The concept  
was developed in Holland approximately twelve years ago but it now can  
be found in many different parts of the world including America, India,  
Europe and Japan. The word ‘Snoezelen’ is a trade mark of ROMPA which  
describes a multi-sensory environment.' .. 'Although ‘Snoezelen’ is  
often recognised as a room specifically designed to stimulate all the  
senses it is important to remember that these experiences can be  
replicated in everyday life. This suggests that everyone may experience  
‘Snoezelen’ regardless of their         disability.'

[and] google search for Snoezelen

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