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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #112

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (5/29/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

There is a consistency to 'nuclear' issues in the news,
and how these issues are dealt with and resolved could be
of great importance in national and international relations,
or so it would seem. There has been a call for using nuclear
solutions to address global warming, in the past, and also
now with the minimizing of fossil fuel imports. Yet it should
also be noted that these installations are, at present, still
some of the most dangerous threats to domestic security should
anything go wrong, beyond problems of nuclear waste- That is,
they could be serious targets and produce WMD devastation on
a scale unlike any other weapon, as damage cannot be rebuilt.
Thus, while it may be argued that 'nuclear' is the only way
to reduce a dependency on oil imports, most oil would seem
to go into transporation which nuclear plants cannot power,
and also the risk may be disproportionate on a very large
scale, as a solution to the problem- it could create more
problems than it solves. This is not a statement against
nuclear power, but it as a solution to the problems faced.
Maybe it is one of many simultaneous developments that some
countries will make as a future policy. Though, a mishap or
even attack could devastate an entire region and population.

The national TV news covered the attacks in Saudi Arabia,
and had an analyst of some sort saying prices could, in a
worst case scenario, lead to $100/barrel prices, inflation,
and global economic problems. If memory serves, it was a
goal of Osama bin Laden to raise the oil prices to $130-
180/barrel, as part of a campaign to bring 'the West' to
its knees through controlling oil supplies. So- what if
Saudi Arabia went 'offline' with its production? Would it
be possible that countries could adapt their production
and refinery infrastructures and also with massive goals
of conservation, to go beyond any major disruptions? This
question is not asked for pure speculation but for a sense
that the attacks on the major oil infrastructures have and
continue to be of great strategic interest, and what the
repercussions may be is of legitimate concern to citizens,
as changes would need to be enormous in 'business as usual'
to get through such a situation, but it may be possible if
energy consumption habits were to change, and massively,
to reflect the security situation that is ongoing. What
may happen should a country fall to terrorists as had
happened in Afghanistan? It may have the opposite effect
of the previous OPEC oil embargo in that, if no one were
to do business with a terrorist state, even if there was
oil to be had, the country itself and its livelihood may
be threatened with the expertise, technology, global and
economic culture needed for exports, and such an oil-based
culture would have no foundation in which to exist, except
to plunge into an abyss of pre-electrical development. It
is possible that such a horrible scenario for a people of
such countries themselves may not be out of the question,
and while it may not be reported, this would seem to be a
possiblity should terrorists succeed in their oil goals.

Many countries best resources are in adapting to changed
circumstances, though only after being required to adapt.
And this could possibly be such a situation, that there
may be no other choice than changing existing dynamics of
relationships, as ignoring the inequities that prop up the
current system is proving to be without defense. so too,
enough problems exist with the status quo to force change.
Thus, dynamic innovation, invention, and ingenuity could
do what bureaucratic gridlock could not and still cannot.
And, infrastructures evolved by adapting to such changes.
This is why the .US Energy Task Force was and remains to
be a national and internationaln security issue which is
holding back changes to do what has been done before, and
in keeping documents out of the public view, and refusing
to adapt to changes, threatens the viability of the .US
and other countries through an increased dependence upon
the forces which are now being held hostage by terrorism.
Industrial, not democratic, energy planning in privately
held meetings is threatening the populace, and continues
to this day. And may have exacerbated many problems now
in the news. This demonstrates the value of democratic
energy policy and planning which represents the public,
as it is critical to being able to change the outcomes by
implementing better plans for building peaceful futures.

any comments appreciated.

01) --top stories--

Qaeda Attack Kills at Least 9 Saudis, 7 Foreigners // oil  

	'Al Qaeda-linked militants killed at  least nine Saudis and seven  
foreigners in a string of attacks  in an oil-industry city on Saturday,  
then took hostages and  fled with security forces in hot pursuit.' ..  
'Saudi security sources said an American, a Briton, an  Egyptian, two  
Filipinos, an Indian and a Pakistani died in the  attacks on  
foreigners' compounds in the eastern city of Khobar,  along with two  
Saudi civilians and seven security force  members.' .... 'Witnesses  
said a body had been dragged through the streets,  apparently by  
militants, in the third attack against foreigners  in less than a month  
in the birthplace of Islam. It appeared  aimed at the crucial and in  
part Western-run oil industry.' .... 'In Saturday's spree, militants  
opened fire at the Al-Khobar  Petroleum Center building, believed to  
house offices of major  Western oil firms, before storming into the  
compounds housing  oil services offices and homes of employees working  
there, the  security sources said.' .. 'Witnesses said two cars with  
military markings drove into  the Apicorp complex where militants shot  
dead the child.'

[and] A Look at Saudi Arabia Attacks // May 2003 to May 2004...

// it is reassuring to see an article with the following title in the  
// the more people think about what may happen and plan for  
// surprises will likely at least be engaged and also, changes can be  
// ahead of time, to prevent an utter crippling of critical  
// though, this issue is as broad and deep as the word 'energy' is, and  
// in its final use as gasoline at the pump, but all facets of everyday  
// for instance, how things are made, how they last or are disposed,  
how long
// it takes to do work with equipment that burns fuels a long distance  
// etc. the issue of 'energy' has been pigeon-holded to equal 'oil and  
// consumption in some literal ritualistic act (pumping gas at the  
// yet there is the same 'embedded energy' in all products, everywhere,  
// everything that is mined, manufactured, labored over, all has energy  
// and much profit is built on waste, or 'Power to Burn' as was once a  
// this is to say that industrial designers and others have as much to  
do with
// the questions and solutions as do industrialists in specific energy  

If Oil Supplies Were Disrupted, Then ... // ***

	'Newer to the picture are the growing concerns about sabotage and  
unrest spilling over from Iraq to other nations in the gulf. "The real  
fear factor is at the heart, within Saudi Arabia," said Fareed  
Mohamedi, chief economist at PFC Energy, a consulting firm in  
Washington. "The idea that terrorists could target specific facilities  
within the kingdom brings the fear to a new level."' ... 'A year ago,  
analysts say, the world could manage without Iraq's two million barrels  
or so of daily production, but recovery in much of the developed world  
and roaring growth in China and India mean that the global market now  
needs every drop.'

// it is wondered what the context of the divulging of a nuclear  
arsenal might
// have been, if many countries still have yet to sign treaties. yet  
today it
// may be an advantage to have a known weapons program versus a hidden  
one in
// which no public diplomacy may be possible prior to dealing with  
// in this sense, it could add to security by having more openness than  
// if treaties were somehow re-established in new terms, to stablize  
// and programs. this would seem to be 'common sense' in that, a  
nuclear threat
// out of nowhere could end up threatening everyone on planet Earth,  
and so too
// could possible unforeseen repercussions occur if the world unites in  

Vanunu 'wanted to avert holocaust'
The former technician jailed for 18 years for leaking Israel's nuclear  
has said he was trying to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

US and Russia sign nuclear deal
	'The agreement was signed in Moscow by US Energy Secretary Spencer  
Abraham and the head of Russia's Atomic Energy Agency, Alexander  
Rumyantsev.' .... 'After a signing ceremony, Mr Abraham said the deal  
showed that "America and Russia were working to reduce the global  
threat posed by nuclear and radiological materials".'

Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile // photos linked below

	'There was no immediate reaction from India, but an Indian defense  
ministry official told Reuters the test had been expected.' ....  
'Analysts said the test was a signal to the Indian government that  
Pakistan would not lower its guard, despite tentative peace moves.'  
.... 'Ghauri and Shaheen are different versions of a Pakistani missile  
series named Hatf, which is a reference to an ancient Islamic weapon.'

Nuclear plants beneficial, but caution is needed // .CN

	'The central government mapped out a scheme earlier this year to  
quadruple the current amount of nuclear power in use nationwide by 2020  
and raise the share of this type of energy in the country's overall  
electricity output to 4 per cent.' .... 'The clear-cut goal is in sharp  
contrast with the government"s previous stance on the issue, which  
simply favoured "moderate development" of nuclear plants.' ....  
'    Despite all the advantages of nuclear power, however, one question  
remains worrying: nuclear waste disposal.' .. 'Even in countries with  
advanced nuclear power technology, the disposal of radioactive waste is  
technically a hard nut to crack and requires extremely cautious  

EM-quote from: Kerry Says Focus on Iraq Endangers U.S. // on nuclear  

	'Mr. Bush's aides, including  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, have  
argued that while the nuclear challenge from the North is serious, the  
country is broke and in no position to launch an attack. "You can't eat  
plutonium," Mr. Powell once said, explaining why Mr. Bush would not  
react to North Korean threats to produce more bomb fuel.' .. 'But Mr.  
Kerry argued that Mr. Bush had failed to understand the impact of  
American power in dealing with the North. "We have to be more artful in  
seeing what they see, not just thinking about it from our point of  
view," he said. He argued that "there are a number of options available  
to us that could bring people to the table, cooperative, simultaneous  
steps that could move you down the road."'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Autistic Children Show Outstanding Musical Skills // highly analytical  

	'The study, which was funded by ESRC, suggests that many children with  
this disorder have outstanding abilities in tone recognition. "A lot of  
work has been done on musical savants with exceptional musical memory  
and rarely found absolute pitch ability" says Dr Pamela Heaton who led  
the research. "But our research shows that even children without these  
special talents and no musical training can have highly developed  
musical 'splinter skills'. If we could develop effective non-verbal  
music teaching methods, we might be able to understand more about the  
way these children learn and process other information." A series of  
music workshops in which children with autism will be taught to read  
musical notation are currently being planned.'

Fido part of disaster plan // fido = generic name for dog

	'Minnesota is the first state in the nation to devise and test a  
system for decontaminating pets in a radiation emergency.' ....  
'Minnesota officials came up with the idea after studies showed people  
often refused to evacuate their homes in emergencies. One of the chief  
stumbling blocks was leaving pets in the house.'

Future Robotic Wheelchairs

// have written here several times about an aging population that  
// or listens to loud music (e-amplified) and the probable rise of  
// related issues, including hearing aids. computer 'screens' could end  
// having similar effects on degenerated eyesight as later generations  

Pat Benetar to hawk hearing-aid batteries

	'"Our generation has helped shape American culture, especially since  
we're the first to be raised on rock 'n' roll," Benatar says in a  
brochure for Energizer's new marketing campaign, "It's Hip to Hear."'  
.. '"From Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones, our music defines us, but  
all those years of rockin' are beginning to take a toll," she says.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Blackout gave cities a breath of fresh air // silver lining...

	'As power plants were turned down in south-east Canada and the  
north-east and mid-west US, levels of pollutants fell, says  
meteorologist Russell Dickerson.' .. 'His team from the University of  
Maryland in College Park flew an aircraft over the middle of the  
blackout zone 24 hours after the power had gone down. "This was a  
unique opportunity to explore what would happen to air quality if power  
station emissions were reduced," he says.' .... 'Sulphur dioxide levels  
decreased by 90 per cent, there was around half the amount of ozone and  
visibility increased by 40 kilometres.'

EM-headline: Spammer sentenced to 7 years in prison

[and] Police Grab Hacker Suspects In Canada, Taiwan // worm & trojan

In the Scrapyards of Jordan, Signs of a Looted Iraq

	'In the past several months, the International Atomic Energy Agency,  
based in Vienna, has been closely monitoring satellite photographs of  
hundreds of military-industrial sites in Iraq. Initial results from  
that analysis are jarring, said Jacques Baute, director of the agency's  
Iraq nuclear verification office: entire buildings and complexes of as  
many as a dozen buildings have been vanishing from the photographs.' ..  
'"We see sites that have totally been cleaned out," Mr. Baute said.' ..  
'The agency started the program in December, after a steel vessel  
contaminated with uranium, probably an artifact of Saddam Hussein's  
pre-1991 nuclear program, turned up in a Rotterdam scrapyard. The  
shipment was traced to a Jordanian company that was apparently unaware  
that the scrap contained radioactive material.' .... 'The sites now  
being monitored by the atomic energy agency include former missile  
factories, warehouses, industrial plants and sites believed to contain  
"dual use" equipment like high-precision machine tools that could be  
used either for civilian purposes or for making components for nuclear  
and other weaponry.' .... 'Mr. Zughayer said Jordanian military  
personnel had combed through the load and probed it with detection  
equipment. Officials at the atomic energy agency said that since the  
Rotterdam incident, radiation detectors at Iraq's borders had  
repeatedly picked up generally weak radioactive emissions from deep  
within loads of scrap.' ..'The agency said that in one incident on May  
15, radiation detectors began clicking when a truck carrying a load of  
scrap stopped at the Habur border crossing with Turkey; the truck was  
turned back.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Desperately Seeking Sasquatch // TSCM-related hobby?

	'William Dranginis saw a bigfoot once. It was hairy, a good 7 feet  
tall, and sprinting through the woods of Virginia. In the decade since  
that 12-second sighting, Dranginis has dedicated himself to getting  
another look. To improve his chances, the 45-year-old surveillance and  
security expert from Manassas, Virginia, bought a 24-foot mobile  
veterinary unit and converted it into the Bigfoot Primate Research Lab.'

// there is little stopping this from being implemented as part of the
// existing traffic-camera network, it would seem, some of which use a
// high-speed camera to capture license plates of red_light-runners and
// then, sends an automated speeding/traffic ticket in the postal mail.
// so too, there also seems little stopping robots from doing this work.
// e.g. such tactics could eventually be used with any public web-cams.

Arlington camera acts as a rolling tax collector // database nation.

	'County officials last month began using the BootFinder, a small,  
hand-held camera that scans license plates of parked cars to identify  
people with delinquent property-tax bills and unpaid parking tickets.'  
.... 'Two treasury workers patrol the city in a van, aiming the camera  
at the license plates of parked cars. The camera is connected to a  
laptop computer that compares the license owner's name against a  
database of persons with outstanding taxes or fines.' .... '    "Some  
may say, 'Why be so [stringent] just for parking tickets?' " Mr.  
O'Leary said. "But for us to come for you, you must owe at least $150  
in parking tickets or taxes, a minimum of three citations and nine  
written notices."' .. 'Arlington isn't using the camera because it has  
an unusual problem with outstanding debts, Mr. O'Leary said. "We're  
just always looking for new ways to skin the cat."'

Database Nation : The upside of "zero privacy" // thanks *

New VoIP Tech Could Solve 911 Glitch // VoIP, Inc. patent application...

	'One of the chief drawbacks to the uptake of consumer VoIP offerings  
is that 911 operators are unable to capture the numbers of callers from  
VoIP phones.' .... 'The patent application is titled "Method and System  
for Back-up of Voice Over IP Emergency Calls," and it describes a  
technological process for a specific coding scheme to redirect certain  
call types based on emergency dialing patterns, such as 911, the  
company explained.' .. 'Based on the number pattern dialed, the call  
will be redirected to the legacy  emergency telephony system, allowing  
the user to reach critical fire, police and other services from  
VoIP-capable devices.' .. 'The device also provides a way to route  
calls during power failure by automatically passing calls out to the  
traditional PSTN.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Lebanese Protest High Gas Prices -- Protesters Angered by High Gasoline
Prices Block Roads With Burning Tires in Beirut Suburbs

	'The riots occurred during a strike called by labor unions to demand  
lower gasoline prices and in protest against the government's economic  
policies.' .... 'The unions want the government to drop the price of  
five gallons of gasoline from $16.60 to $10. About 40 percent of the  
fuel price consists of taxes.' .. 'Next week, Beirut is to host a  
meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which is  
expected to decide to increase the cartel's output to curb the recent  
rise in oil prices.' .. 'The riots came amid increasing public anger  
over what is seen as mismanagement of the economy since the end of the  
1975-90 civil war, causing a sharp rise in the cost of living...'

Electricity conservation urged

	'Higher than normal energy loads, combined with the outage of the  
City's Purdom Unit 8 generator and limited transmission capacity, are  
creating conditions that could compromise the reliability of the  
electric power system in and around Tallahassee. The high-energy loads  
are also related to the higher than normal May temperatures and dry  
weather.' .. 'Customers are asked to set air conditioning thermostats  
up to at least 78 degrees and turn off any unnecessary lights and other  
electrical appliances between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Customers can also help  
by avoiding chores requiring large electric loads such as washing and  
drying clothes or using the oven to prepare dinner during these hours.'

Oil retreats below $40 a barrel // ~psychologically charged market

When Energy Rhymes With Nanotechnology

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

[followup] Iran 'anti-cleric' film to hit US // em-media

HK radio host 'quit over threats'-- A veteran Hong Kong politician
has told legislators he quit his radio talk show because of warnings
he would be in danger unless he toned down his anti-Beijing views.

	'Fears for the future of free speech in the former British colony have  
prompted 400 academics to take out an advertisement in the most widely  
read Chinese daily newspaper here, expressing "shock and concern" about  
the talk show hosts' resignations.'

EM-headline: Lightning snuff Flames in Game 2 // sports.

Bizarre tale of boy who used internet to plot his own murder

	'A criminal intelligence analyst, Sally Hogg, pored over 58,000 lines  
of text generated between them in six weeks. Police were able to link  
all the fictional characters back to John because Ms Hogg's analysis  
discovered common features in the typing style, such as the misspelling  
of "maybe" as "mybye", of all the characters.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

// this article furthers the electronic analogy of (extreme)  
// extending it with not 'keeping signals straight', getting 'wires  
// (short circuit, it is assumed), 'switched signals'  
(miscommunication) etc.

Discipline Takes a Break at the White House // em relatd language and  

Army shows off alternative energy vehicles // dual-use design. (free  
day pass)

	'The Army hopes the vehicles will reduce its fuel consumption on the  
battlefield, and other military branches are watching closely. In fact,  
the Air Force has assigned a representative to the Army's Detroit-based  
National Automotive Center, which is developing the vehicles through  
partnerships with manufacturers.' .. "Our intention is to find  
common-use items that work not only commercially but with the  
military," said Army spokesman Eric Emerton.'

EM-headline: Kissinger's Phone Transcripts Are Released, NY Times Says

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Brain blamed for teen stroppiness-- Scientists have discovered that the  
centre of reasoning is among the last areas to mature. //  

	'The researchers found that grey matter - the working tissue of the  
brain's cortex - diminishes in a back-to-front wave over time.' ..  
'They believe this is a key part of the maturation process, whereby  
unused and unneeded connections between brain cells are gradually  
destroyed.' .. 'They found the first areas to mature were those with  
the most basic functions, such as processing the senses and movement.'  
.. 'Next came areas, such as the parietal lobes, involved in spatial  
orientation and language.' .. 'Last to mature were areas such as the  
prefrontal cortex with more advanced functions such as integrating  
information from the senses and reasoning.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Networked homes move closer to reality // 'digital home' consumer  

	'Technology and consumer electronics companies have tried to peddle  
the home of the future for years. But wider use of broadband Internet  
access in the United States, a greater affinity for digital media, and  
more "smart" products and types of networks are bringing the digital  
home closer to reality.' .... 'Despite the recent traction, the digital  
home faces major obstacles. Many consumers call into question the  
usefulness of products such as Internet-enabled refrigerators and other  
digital devices, not to mention their complexity.'

iSuppli predicts shortage of flat panels

Wireless web gets a set of wheels // bicycle wi-fi hub... (nice bike)

	'The wireless bike has wi-fi antennas which mounted on the bike's  
frame and feed into a laptop hidden in the saddle-bag.' .. 'The  
connection is received either from the cellular network or from nearby  

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

'Smart bullet' reports back wirelessly // projectile sensor

	'The projectile, created at the University of Florida in Gainesville,  
US, is 1.7 centimetres in diameter can be fired at from an ordinary  
paint-ball gun. The front is coated in an adhesive polymer that sticks  
it to the target.' .. 'Inside, the elongated projectile holds a sensor,  
a tiny wireless transmitter and a battery. This enables it to report  
back its findings to a laptop or handheld computer up to 70 metres  
away. It can also reusable, because compressed gas within the gun  
provides the propulsion.'

Key Figure in Nuke Trafficking Arrested  

	'There was no public announcement in Malaysia of Tahir's arrest. Two  
senior security officials contacted by AP confirmed the arrest, but  
refused to give further details. They spoke on condition of anonymity.'  
.. '"He is deemed as a national security threat because of his past  
activities in this country," one official told AP.'

// important reading on what may be behind Iraq's missing WMD, as the  
"one of
// the most sophisticated and successful intelligence operations in  

Bush Sr.'s Iraq-Iran Secrets // em-related (nuke+) geopolitical  

[and] The Bush orthodoxy is in shreds. Sidney Blumenthal
A series of investigations has shattered neocon self-belief

	'The Iraqi neocon favourite, tipped to lead his liberated country  
post-invasion, has been identified by the CIA and Defence Intelligence  
Agency as an Iranian double-agent, passing secrets to that citadel of  
the "axis of evil" for decades. All the while the neocons cosseted,  
promoted and arranged for more than $30m in Pentagon payments to the  
George Washington manque of Iraq. In return, he fed them a steady diet  
of disinformation and in the run-up to the war sent various exiles to  
nine nations' intelligence agencies to spread falsehoods about weapons  
of mass destruction. If the administration had wanted other material to  
provide a rationale for invasion, no doubt that would have been  
fabricated. Either Chalabi perpetrated the greatest con since the  
Trojan horse, or he was the agent of influence for the most successful  
intelligence operation conducted by Iran, or both.' .... 'In place of  
the normal channels of intelligence vetting, a jerry-rigged system was  
hastily constructed, running from the office of the vice president to  
the newly created Office of Special Plans inside the Pentagon, staffed  
by fervent neocons.'

No Grounds for Israeli Arrest in Nuke Case -Lawyer

	'Israel had no grounds to arrest the  British journalist who broke  
whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu's  account of his country's atomic  
secrets, the reporter's lawyer  said on Thursday, calling his detention  
a "farce."' .. 'Peter Hounam, a Sunday Times journalist who interviewed  
  Vanunu in 1986 and had been preparing a new documentary on him  after  
his release from jail in April, was taken into custody on  Wednesday  
night at his Jerusalem hotel, witnesses said.' .... 'His story in  
Britain's Sunday Times led independent  analysts to conclude Israel had  
stockpiled hundreds of nuclear  weapons, making it one of the world's  
top atomic powers.'

[and] Israel Frees British Journalist in Nuclear Case

	'A British journalist said Israel held  him in a "dungeon with  
excrement on the walls" before releasing  him on Thursday, a day after  
he was arrested over contacts with  nuclear whistleblower Mordechai  
Vanunu.' ... 'Britain's ambassador to Israel, Simon McDonald, met  
Justice  Minister Yosef Lapid earlier in the day to press for the   
release for Hounam's release.' .. 'Hounam told reporters he planned to  
leave Israel on Friday  and publish in the Sunday Times details of the  
investigation  against him. The security official said the journalist  
was  forbidden to return to Israel.'

Haig Said Nixon Joked Of Nuking Hill
Transcripts of Phone Talks Are Released by Archives

	'President Richard M. Nixon jokingly threatened to drop a nuclear bomb  
on Capitol Hill in March 1974 as Congress was moving to impeach him  
over the Watergate scandal, according to transcripts of telephone  
conversations among his closest aides that were released yesterday.'

Haarp - Holes in Heaven? -- A Documentary // thanks *

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

[oil prices]

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

SONGFINDER: A Digital Bird and Insect Song Hearing Device // via  

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