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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #111

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (5/26/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- (all things nuclear)

01) --top stories--

Nuclear jet crash 'could kill millions'

	'Fears that the UK's nuclear plants are vulnerable to a 9/11-style  
attack or accident are growing. Evidence is emerging that the no-fly  
zones around nuclear plants are regularly breached by both military and  
civilian aircraft. And a report for the UK parliament leaked to New  
Scientist says that such an attack might kill millions.' .. 'Since the  
2001 attacks on New York and Washington DC, the area of the ban has  
been doubled to cover a radius of two nautical miles (3.7 kilometres).  
Planes also have to stay above a certain height, which varies for  
different sites.'

[and] U.S. Nuclear Plants State-by-State Interactive Map

// curiously missing from these maps are Israel's nuclear powerplants...

[and] Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: WORLD MAP

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: NORTH AMERICA // %

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: EUROPE // %

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: EAST ASIA // %

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: ASIA

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: AFRICA

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: SOUTH AMERICA

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: RUSSIA

// there is an interesting 'tax' aspect to this, in that to add a 'gas  
// would be to lesson 'income' taxes, in return, which is shifting the  
// for taxation to energy consumption, not work itself but possibly a  
type of
// efficiency of working, getting things done economically. not having  
// understandign of the in-depth issues or arguments, this alone is  
// in that legitimate issues about taxation are included, and reflect  
an idea
// also referred to by a type of energy accounting, that 'the cost' of  
// needs to be related to what it costs, energy-wise, to produce and  
// them, to give some accurate indication of the cost/benefit of the  
// this would change the old equation of earth's resources are  
boundless, with
// one that says they cost something more than their extraction, and  
even the
// afterlife of goods may be part of the cost when one purchases a  

The 50Ę-a-Gallon Solution By GREGG EASTERBROOK

	'... Had federal gas taxes gone up  50 cents a gallon 10 years ago,  
several things might not have happened or would have had far less  
impact.' .. 'The  S.U.V. and pickup-truck crazes would not have  
occurred,  or at least these vehicles would be much less popular;   
highway deaths  would have been fewer;  and  gasoline demands would be  
lower as would  oil imports. To continue, the  world   price of oil  
would have been lower,   since  petroleum demand in the United States  
is the first factor in oil markets;  greenhouse-gas emissions in this  
country would be lower; Persian Gulf oil states would have less  
influence on the global economy and less significance to American   
foreign policy; fewer dollars would have flowed to the oil sheiks; and  
the trade deficit balance for the United States  would be smaller.' ..  
'Don't all those things sound pretty good?  And if higher gasoline  
taxes had moderated the ever-growing national  thirst for oil,  fuel at  
the pump still would have become more expensive ó but Americans would  
be sending the extra money to Washington rather than Riyadh.'

cartoon: Marconi has a premonition...

Ship carrying 4000 cars hits oil tanker, sinks // symbolic.  

02-- electromagnetic health & safety


Full Moon Exerts No Pull On Frequency Of Epileptic Seizures

	'The researchers divided the seizures into epileptic seizures, those  
caused by electrical disruptions in the brain, and psychogenic  
nonepileptic seizures, those that are not caused by brain electrical  
disruptions and tend to be emotional. The most epileptic seizures, 152,  
were recorded in the moon's last quarter. The researchers found  
epileptic seizures decreased to their lowest number, 94, during the  
full moon.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Bacteria thrive in radioactive soil // see EM warfare section  
Study could result in new methods for toxic cleanup

	'The team of scientists has identified more than 100 different species  
of bacteria in a mixture of sand, silt and clay extracted from beneath  
several underground Hanford tanks, which were built in 1953 to hold  
highly radioactive waste produced from the recovery of plutonium from  
irradiated nuclear reactor fuel rods.' .. 'About 53 million gallons of  
radioactive liquid, sludge and other material are stored in the 177  
underground tanks. Some of the tanks, which are less than 10 miles from  
the Columbia River, have leaked into the groundwater, exposing the  
sediment for decades to very high radioactivity.' .. 'Scientists  
cultured bacteria from the sediment and analyzed their DNA to try to  
identify them.' .. '"The proteins we found were quite dissimilar to  
whatís already in the international databases," Brockman said. "It's  
telling us that these organisms just havenít been studied much  
before."' .. 'The findings also could be important to further study  
into using organisms to clean contaminated sites.' ... 'Hanford was an  
important site for the top-secret Manhattan Project to build the atomic  
bomb during World War II. For 40 years, it processed plutonium for the  
nationís nuclear weapons arsenal. Today, work there centers on a $50  
billion to $60 billion cleanup, to be finished by 2035.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

DoD denies ban on camera phones

Spooks, Sleuths, and Data Sharing // via wired.com
Against long odds, a new federal group called the TTIC now has
14 key networks, including the CIA's and FBI's, linked together

Will code check tools yield worm-proof software? // .biz

// in case there is any cross-over between computer & biological  

Researchers Reveal That Microbes Have Stolen Some Of Our Genes

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Launch of rooftop wind turbine pilot // photo. via ae-l

	'The revolutionary Swift turbine has been developed by Edinburgh  
company Renewable Devices Limited, and is at the cutting edge of global  
renewables technology.' ... 'Each turbine can generate up to 4000 kW  
hours of green electricity each year, saving up to 1720kg carbon  
dioxide, the main greenhouse gas and cutting the schoolís energy bill  
by up to £284. They generate minimal vibration.'

In Belize, electricity vs. tourism-- A $30 million dam, due to be  
next year, will generate needed power, but could turn off ecotravelers.

	'The Macal has always been central to life here, providing drinking  
water, food, and the primary means of commerce - initially to transport  
goods, now as a main attraction for the nature- loving tourists on  
which the local economy depends. But today the river is also at the  
center of a roiling, four-year battle over the construction of a new  
dam in one of Central America's last undisturbed forests.' ..  
'Environmentalists and local residents say the dam will harm the  
surrounding environment. The Canadian company building it says it will  
have minimal ecological impact while making the country more  
self-sufficient. The project highlights the dilemma faced by many poor  
nations, especially those whose economies rely primarily on ecotourism:  
how to bring economic development while maintaining the reason that  
travelers - and their tourist dollars - go there.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

[General Electric CEO] Jack Welch: Cheney May Step Down // via  

Israeli Nuclear Spy Appears in Court // lives in a church...

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

New Technology Shows The Brain's Axons Are
Extremely Sensitive To Directional Cues

	'Similar to connecting your PC, monitor, mouse and printer correctly  
to make all computer parts work, the developing brain needs a series of  
critical wiring connections to be made for it to function properly.  
But, unlike computers that come with a user and troubleshooting manual,  
nerve fibers called axons must follow molecular cues to find the right  

Lucent to acquire Internet phone service provider Telica // VoIP

EM-quote from: Space suit switch complicates spacewalk

	'The 4.5-hour spacewalk is needed to fix an earlier glitch with the  
station itself. On April 21, a power controller failed, shutting off  
power to one of the three gyroscopes that control the station's  
alignment. The two remaining gyros can keep the station in place, but  
any further gyro failures would require firing on-board thrusters to  
keep the station properly aligned.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Small world networks key to memory // via NewsScan...

	'This simple network behaved in a simple way: an activating pulse  
travelled through the network and then disappeared at the fringes. They  
then added short cuts to connect distant parts of the network: the key  
to a small world.' .. 'They found that when 10 to 20 per cent of the  
neurons participated in short cuts, the network formed self-sustaining  
loops of activity. For example, region A would activate B through a  
short cut that would similarly trigger C. Finally, a short cut from C  
sparked A again, completing the loop. Intriguingly, a second strong  
activating pulse would shut the whole system down again. "So we get  
bistability," says Solla.'

Second Newport Student Is Accused of Hacking, Then Changing Grades

Researchers Reveal That Microbes Have Stolen Some Of Our Genes

Magnetic Forces May Turn Some Nanotubes Into Metals

	'Kono said the discovery could lead to novel new experiments on  
one-dimensional magneto-excitons, quantum pairings that are interesting  
to researchers studying quantum computing, nonlinear optics and quantum  
optics. Kono said it's too early to predict what types of applied  
science might flow from the discovery.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Low-carb Energy Diet, Using 33 Percent Less Hydrocarbons, Would Trim
U.S. Consumer Fuel Costs By $438 Billion, Cornell Ecologists Claim

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Russian contractors to quit Iraq
A Russian company helping to rebuild power facilities in Iraq is to  
all its workers from the country following a fatal attack on its staff.

	'Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko said the  
contractors were on their way to work at the al-Dawra power station.'  
.. 'They were fired on by masked gunmen as they approached the gates of  
the compound, Russian TV said.' .. 'Some of the wounded are thought to  
be in a critical condition.' .. 'Russia is not part of the US-led  
coalition, but has many workers in Iraq trying to restore the energy  
sector.' .. 'Correspondents say Russian experts have played a major  
role in reviving the Iraqi energy industry and other infrastructure.'  
.. 'But last month Moscow evacuated some 365 citizens of ex-Soviet  
countries after a spate of kidnappings of foreign nationals.'

// important article to read about nuclear powerplants and nuclear  
// with an issue of using 'atoms for peace' as cover for weapons  
building. it
// is curious how all the nuclear waste which _must be dealt with will  
be dealt
// with over a period of decades. ultimately, it could become a much  
larger and
// more complex liability, even with citizenries (if they have a say)  
because of
// the vast risks associated with storing such nuclear waste-streams.  
in the .US
// even the most advanced attempts are deeply disputed (Yucca Mountain)  
for the
// ability to safely store the waste-- so what if countries without  
some similar
// level of investment becomes less safe because of a defenseless  
stockpile of
// waste that could destroy the landscape and people through nuclear  
// from a simple perspective of human beings, it would seem the more  
open this
// issue is capable of being, the more secure everyone may be, with  
// even if it is not ideal. because of other options, a surprise mass  
// of radioactive waste inside a country, by its own hand, would be  
// much money is needed to deal with these waste steams, which used to  
be buried
// and, if not mistaken, were part of 'brownfields' of polluted sites-  
in which
// billions and billions of dollars are still being used to  
decontaminate. what
// if the ecomonics of cheap nuclear power actually cost more, in  
secret, with
// the long-term effects which need to addressed up-front to not go  
// though even international goals of addressing these issues from the  
cold war
// were put by the wayside and are today unresolved, to the peril of  
all, and
// this habit-of-20th-century-industry could continue to a country's  
own demise
// and those located around them, which would be effected in  
fundamental ways.
// (through war, waste streams, toxic clouds, contaminated goods, or  
// an issue of 'self-reliance' could also be an important factor, which  
if not
// dealt with openly, could lead to a nuclear desert, 'the wasteland'  
of lore.

Nuclear Weapons in Iran: Plowshare or Sword? //*** virtual weapons  

	'The Iranian crisis, and related ones simmering in North Korea and  
also around Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani expert who recently  
confessed to running nuclear black markets, are giving new urgency to  
limiting proliferation, a central danger of the atomic era.' ...  
[nature of nuclear dual-use] 'The development of such arsenals is often  
hard to hide, because it takes place in large industrial complexes  
where nuclear power and nuclear weapons are joined at the hip - using  
technologies that are often identical, or nearly so. Today, with what  
seems like relative ease, scientists can divert an ostensibly peaceful  
program to make not only electricity but also highly pure uranium or  
plutonium, both excellent bomb fuels.' ... 'The central compact of the  
nuclear age - what critics call a deal with the devil - is that  
countries can get help from other nations in developing nuclear power  
if they pledge to renounce nuclear arms. That principle was codified in  
the 1968 treaty and has produced a vast apparatus of the International  
Atomic Energy Agency that not only helps nations go peacefully nuclear  
but also monitors them for cheating.'

[and] Keeping Track of Uranium

	'Tacked onto the defense authorization bill is an amendment approved  
by the Senate that prompts this reaction: You mean the US isn't doing  
this already?'

[and] Iran Bars UN from Military Sites - Diplomats

	'The United States says Iran has two nuclear programs -- a  public one  
it has declared to the U.N. and a secret one aimed  at developing  
atomic weapons. Tehran rejects this charge,  saying its plans are  
limited to the peaceful generation of  electricity.' .. 'Iran's  
ambassador to the United Nations in Vienna, Pirooz  Hosseini, denied  
that the IAEA was facing access problems.' .. '"This is not correct  
information ... from these unnamed  diplomats," Hosseini told Reuters,  
adding that there were  "discussions" between Tehran and the United  
Nations about site  access.' .. '"They're not problems. (The IAEA) will  
have access to the  sites they want to visit. Everything is going in a  
smooth way."' .. 'IAEA officials declined comment.' ... '"There's a  
general hardening of opinion" against Iran on  the 35-nation IAEA  
governing board, the second diplomat said.  "The pattern of behavior  
suggests they're trying to hide  something."' .. 'However, he  
acknowledged there was no hard evidence that  Iran was concealing  
anything, just suspicions.'

[and] U.S., Russia to Sign Fuel Retrieval Deal

	'Russia and the United States will clinch a deal Thursday to retrieve  
highly enriched uranium from inadequately guarded research reactors in  
former Soviet republics and satellites in what should help prevent  
terrorists from assembling crude nuclear devices, officials said.' ...  
'The deal, which does not require ratification, envisions all highly  
enriched Russian uranium being returned to Russia by the end of 2005  
and all spent nuclear fuel being brought back by 2010, according to  

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Chinese TV makers moving overseas // interesting account of global  

	'Facing the rising challenge of dumping accusations, Chinese TV set  
manufacturers are expanding their overseas production bases to detour  
trade barriers.'

Massive tax bill threatens Yukos

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Architecture event: One Land, Two Systems -
Beyond the division lines in Israeli spatial planning
Announcement, One Land, Two Systems, 25 May 2004 // thanks to  

	'The project One Land, Two Systems brings together architects,  
planners, photographers, lawyers, writers, human rights activists to  
design and show alternatives and to bring these into the publice  
debate. The FAST initiative (Foundation for Achieving a Seamless  
Territory) does not only aim at an
international audience, but tries to stimulate the public debate in  
Israel proper. With this design competition the international  
professional engages the spatial planning in Israel.'

Computer Aided Architectural Design in Asia: THE FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS
CAADRIA 2005 > Digital Opportunities-- Education, Processes, Innovation

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