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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #107

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (5/13/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  beyond words...

01) --top stories--

Arab Media Play Down, Ignore Beheading // .gov by media-representation

// note: there has been follow-up on the story above which does have  
// and several countries now condemning the actions, for the media  

[and] Berg video website shut down // em-media. rest in peace.

	'Though the decision to close the website was a technical one, he said  
the company would have acted earlier on moral grounds if it had known  
the site's contents.'

// have heard of 'tower guys' often associated with mast antennas atop  
// large buildings, like skyscrapers, where they have to change bulbs  
and to
// do so requires climbing hundreds of feet up, with very large wind  
// never imagined the other "tower guys" who also do radio/telecom  
// too. and to read of the background of a 'tower guy' makes a lot of  

EM-quote: Details of Berg's detention remain murky

	'As an independent telecommunications contractor, Berg was in a field  
of business that, after 35 years of isolation under Saddam Hussein, is  
just beginning to take root. He shimmied up radio, television and cell  
phone towers, installing data communications systems and cell phone  
transmitters.' .. '"For a `tower guy' this was the golden age," said  
Duke, who estimated Berg made about $70,000 in the few months he worked  
in Iraq. "Saddam only allowed hard wire, which is easiest to bug, so  
there was lots of work. Tower guys are a rare breed, very well paid."'  
.. 'Even when he wasn't climbing towers, acquaintances said, he often  
wore the safety belt he used to attach himself, like a mountain  
climber, to the towers' steel ladders.'

[and] More than work drew him to Iraq- Berg took risks around the world

	'[Berg found] his niche - rigging and repairing telecommunications  
equipment, some of it hundreds of feet above the ground.' .. 'In 2000,  
he helped set up the electronics equipment at the Republican National  
Convention in Philadelphia.' .. 'Two years ago, he formed a small  
company in Pennsylvania, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, named after  
a character from Greek mythology who stole fire from the gods and  
brought it to mortals for their use.' .. 'Acquaintances describe Berg  
as equal parts entrepreneur and good Samaritan. He liked lifting  
weights, enjoyed comedy and had a passion for taking modern technology  
to Third-World countries. Friends and family say Berg did volunteer  
work in Kenya and Ghana, where he taught villagers how to make bricks  
and drill for water.' .. '"He was an adventurous sort. You kind of have  
to be if you're going to be climbing these big towers 500 to 1,000 feet  
up in the air, hanging only by a sling," said Walt Billings, a  
colleague of Berg's...' ... '"He wasn't attached to any particular  
company. He was there on his own," Billings said. "But it's not like he  
was bumming around looking for a job. He was a specialist in tower  
work, and one of the first contracts being released was for rebuilding  
of the radio station infrastructure. He wanted to be in the country, on  
the ground, when that work started to take off."' ... '"About Iraq ...  
I am taking photos - where allowed," he wrote during his trip in  
January. "It's actually pretty sad - I just got off one of two 320  
meter monster towers in Abu Ghraib (also home to the main political  
prison) which use[d] to support most of Baghdad area's VHF and UHF.  
Both have been badly looted. ... "I'll definitely share some of these  
pix with you and others next time I'm in the area - I'd love to put  
together a little presentation for SBE [Society of Broadcast Engineers]  
... in about six months after I've been on every site and fixed some of  

Iran Warns Israel of Nuclear Retaliation // doomsday...
Iran on Tuesday warned it would retaliate against Israel
if the Jewish state attacked Tehran's nuclear facilities.

N.Korea, U.S. Tougher at Nuclear Talks - Russia

	'Neither North Korea nor the United States, the two  protagonists in  
the standoff, have shown any willingness to  budge from their positions  
during the inaugural working-level  talks that are intended to pave the  
way for higher-level  meetings.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Cheney gets good news in heart exam

	'Cheney has had four heart attacks and a pacemaker was placed in his  
chest in June 2001. The checkup determined that the pacemaker, called  
an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, was working fine and never  
had to be activated. The device is designed to activate automatically  
if needed to regulate the patient's heartbeat.'

// immediately two repercussions come to mind: one for people with  
// lighting issues, so possibly more natural/full-spectrum lightning  
// the other thing being- more darkness requires more artificial  
lighting, in
// that more power is needed to keep the lights on for a longer time,  
thus the
// demand may be going up, it would seem to indicate, by a certain  

Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%

	'... the dimming trend — noticed by a handful of scientists 20 years  
ago but dismissed then as unbelievable — is attracting wide attention.  
Research on dimming and its implications for weather, water supplies  
and agriculture will be presented next week in Montreal at a joint  
meeting of American and Canadian geological groups.' ... 'Pollution  
dims sunlight in two ways, scientists theorize. Some light bounces off  
soot particles in the air and goes back into outer space. The pollution  
also causes more water droplets to condense out of air, leading to  
thicker, darker clouds, which also block more light. For that reason,  
the dimming appears to be more pronounced on cloudy days than sunny  
ones. Some less polluted regions have had little or no dimming.' ...  
'Since the 50's, hundreds of radiometers have been installed from the  
Arctic to Antarctica, dutifully recording sunshine.'

// there's several dimensions related to electromagnetism and the body  
that it
// is hoped someday will enter the realm of more common knowledge, such  
as how
// the body functions, creates and uses fuel, and the nervous system  
and brain
// work in relation to chemical and biological aspects related to EM,  
such as
// with certain minerals and interactions, or environmental factors and  

EM-related quote: Lack Energy? Maybe It's Your Magnesium Level

	'After each 81-day diet phase, magnesium concentrations were measured  
through blood tests. The scientists also wanted to evaluate the  
characteristics of electrical impulses that provide pumping  
instructions to the heart. Electrocardiograms were taken at the end of  
each phase to measure volunteers' heart rhythms.' .. 'When the women  
ate a diet containing just 40 percent of the RDA for magnesium, they  
showed signs of magnesium depletion in their blood serum, red blood  
cells, and urine. At the same time, they experienced small increases in  
heartbeats that arise in abnormal areas within the heart, which are  
called ectopic heartbeats. They indicate increased myocardial  
irritability.' .. '"These changes indicate that 130 mg of magnesium is  
too little and that the RDA may be correct," says Klevay. "People who  
live in soft-water areas, who use diuretics, or who are predisposed to  
magnesium loss or ectopic beats may require more dietary magnesium than  
would others."' .. 'Perhaps not surprisingly, people who live in areas  
where the water is hard—and therefore contains more minerals, including  
magnesium—have been found to have a reduced risk for heart disease.  
Magnesium is sometimes provided intravenously to people shortly after  
they've had a heart attack, though at least one study showed no  
evidence of a "survival benefit" from the practice.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

EPA Aims to Cut Pollution From Equipment

	'The Environmental Protection Agency will issue a final rule Tuesday  
that requires refiners to remove nearly all the sulfur in diesel fuel  
used by these [mentioned] off-road engines. The rules are aimed at  
cutting their tailpipe releases of smog-causing chemicals and fine soot  
by more than 90 percent.' ... '... environmentalists on Monday  
applauded the EPA's diesel fuel requirements.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// one of the many interesting things about exploring electronics is how
// 'sound' is so closely linked with electronics, and advances in one  
// can be overlapped in another, say with synthesizers and building  
// 'music' also seems conceptually rich in the same way  
'electromagnetism' is.

Computer chip noise may betray code
	'The noise emitted by computer chips could help code breakers decipher  
encrypted messages, according to preliminary research carried out at  
the Weizmann Institute in Israel.' .. 'Adi Shamir and Eran Tromer  
sampled the high-frequency audio produced by computer central  
processing units (CPU) - the highly complicated devices that perform  
the majority of calculations inside computers - in a recording studio.'  
.. 'They discovered that they could distinguish between different  
cryptographic keys being processed by the chip, according to the  
frequency of the sound emitted. They also found they could determine  
the length of a string of characters by measuring the duration of  
certain sounds. This is because these correspond to the amount of time  
taken to process the key.' .... [note] 'In March 2002, Kuhn  
demonstrated that indirect light from a computer monitor, reflected on  
a wall for example, could be used to reconstruct a monitor image.'

EM-related: Spy catcher focuses on economic espionage // via TSCM-L...

Tiny Eyes in the Sky // microstory.  via macsurfer.com

US criticised over web controls-- The US should reopen most of the sites
shut down after September 11 because of terrorism fears, a report says.

	'In the aftermath of September 11, the US authorities shut down some  
36 sites and more than 600 public databases.' ... 'In only four cases  
was there an argument to restrict prevent public access.  These four  
databases had details about pipelines, nuclear reactors and dams.' ..  
'The report appears to justify those who accused the Bush  
administration of acting rashly due to terrorist fears.' .. '"It was a  
gigantic mistake, and I hope the study brings some rationality back to  
this policy," said Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of  
American Scientists' project on government secrecy.'

Taming the Wild West of viruses // via macsurfer.com

	'Although the worms are complex and sophisticated, their authors often  
are not, [Mr Cluley] said.' .. '"These guys aren't geniuses and their  
downfall is the fact that they like to brag."' .. 'Like the murder  
mysteries of old, the codes written for the viruses offer tantalising  
clues about its author.' .. 'The writers, generally teenagers, often  
embed their nicknames in the virus.' .. 'Coupled with the fact that  
they tend to be veracious surfers, posting messages to online chat  
groups, it becomes clear that the search for them would not exactly tax  
Hercule Poirot.' ... 'Ego tends to be the single biggest factor which  
allows virus writers to be caught.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Electricity scheme lights up the lives of rural residents //  

Drivers cruise Net for gas price relief

Fuel cells face challenge on way to mainstream // microfueled laptops...

National electricity policy soon: Shahi // rural electrication in  

	'"Very soon we would be bringing out a rural electricity supply policy  
in pursuance of the responsibility cast upon us under the Electricity  
Act," Power Secretary R V Shahi said...'... 'On the issue of rural  
electrification, he said as much as 56 per cent of rural households do  
not have access to electricity with six major states including Bihar,  
Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Assam accounting for a large portion.'

Moscow 'has most billionaires' // oil wealth

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Vajpayee Made India a Military Power // legacy of nuclear diplomacy...

	'He came to power brandishing Hindu nationalism in a country that  
previously professed nonsectarian values. He set off an arms race with  
rival Pakistan with nuclear tests in 1998 -- then declared he would  
make India a developed nation by 2020.' .. 'Negotiating from a position  
of strength, he excelled as a diplomat and forged close ties with  
Washington and two longtime foes, Israel and China.' .. 'If Vajpayee's  
overtures to Pakistan result in lasting peace, that would be his  
greatest legacy.'

[and] Pakistan Confident on India Peace Process // nuclear diplomacy.

	'Pakistan and India said Thursday the peace process between the two  
nuclear-armed rivals would continue despite the surprise defeat of  
India's ruling party in parliamentary elections.' .. 'Sonia Gandhi,  
leader of the winning Congress party and the likely next prime  
minister, vowed at a news conference in New Delhi Thursday night that  
peace efforts would be continued "absolutely."'

WWII Code-Breakers Tackle Inscription // great story...

	'The experts who cracked Nazi Germany's secret codes are tackling a  
10-letter enigma that has stumped fine minds for more than 250 years --  

How Info-Overload Experts Unwind // countering toxic t.e.d.

	'... a novel Seattle conference this week devoted to technology  
overload and its impact on our lives. The overwhelming aspects of  
technology inspired Levy, a professor in the information school at the  
University of Washington, to organize the meeting, titled Information,  
Silence and Sanctuary.' .. 'Funded by the MacArthur Foundation and the  
National Science Foundation, the slate included computer and technology  
experts, an Episcopal minister, a Zen teacher, a cardiologist, a  
Benedictine monk and a calligrapher.' ... 'Together, the group tackled  
issues and ideas related to the physiological and psychological effects  
of stress created by the speed of modern life. It also explored  
theories on how society has gotten to this point.'

// read an intriguing newsstory about an automobile plant full of  
robots, have
// yet to visit one though it is of high-interest as the scale of  
robotics seems
// to have a dividing line where humans watch over robots, some  
relationship of
// a kind that is hard to imagine without the scale and context, at  
least here.
// Toffler recommended taking such tours as learning experiences, and  
to add it
// would be great if schools were taking these tours to learn and  
discuss what
// is going on in society, following up with studies and people's  
viewpoints of
// what is important to be considering, if this world is arriving day  
by day. if
// Bruces wrote any encyclopedic work in non-fiction it would be of  
interest as
// the scope of observation is unique and these columns are looked  
forward to,
// in the sense oftetimes many issues (geopolitics, energy, etc) are  

Robots and the Rest of Us // roboethics

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Oil price rises hit airline fares // British Airlines. videocom,  

New Undersea Cable Projects Face Some Old Problems // .IN .BD .QT .OM  

	'... announcements came in February and March that two new large  
cables would be built under the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf and the  
Mediterranean Sea to connect East Asia with Europe via the Middle  
East.' ... 'The cables, which were several years in the planning, will  
stretch more than 9,300 miles, touching some of the more underserved  
parts of the globe...'

// .US domestic airlines are bankrupting: 'wanna buy a cheap  
// ironic, isn't "looking back" exactly what the Hubble is designed to  

EM-related: Exclusive: New Bush space speech planned //  

	'NASA has become increasingly optimistic that some form of robotic  
rescue is possible for the aging Hubble Space Telescope.' ... 'Later,  
during a briefing by NASA officials following the public outcry over  
the Hubble decision, Bush simply said, "Never look back," and added,  
"Go forth every single day and do the best job you can."' ... 'Along  
those lines, NASA management is said to be going "back and forth" on  
the issue of when, in the process of assembling the International Space  
Station, to launch the Japanese Kibo research module. Current plans  
call for its flight to the station to come late in the assembly  
sequence.' .. 'The late scheduling has been strongly criticized by the  
Japanese government, to the point where some officials have suggested  
canceling the project and putting the laboratory "in a science museum,"  
according to a source who has worked with Japan on the issue.'

[followup] Great Wall Of China Seen From Space // photo.

	'... according to American astronaut Eugene Cernan, speaking during a  
visit to Singapore: "In Earth's orbit at a height of 160 to 320  
kilometres, the Great Wall of China is indeed visible to the naked  

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Parasitic invasion credited with evolution of sex //  

	'Some time between 2000 million and 700 million years ago, bacteria  
entered into an uneasy truce with larger cells. These cells were the  
precursors of complex eukaryotic cells, that eventually evolved into  
today's multicellular animals and plants.' .. 'The bacteria wound up  
losing around 90 per cent of their genes to the host nucleus and became  
mitochondria - the energy-generating components of complex cells. But  
modern mitochondria are so intimately involved in sexual reproduction  
that one scientist thinks they may even have been responsible for the  
evolution of sex itself.' ... 'If they can pick up and transfer host  
genes, then perhaps this also happened in the earliest eukaryotes. So  
did early mitochondria set our distant ancestors on the route to males  
and females? The jury is out.' ... 'Lynn Margulis of the University of  
Massachusetts in Amherst, who revived the 19th-century idea that  
mitochondria are descended from bacteria, is reluctant to go that  

[and] Quantum trick may multiply CD capacity // entanglement

	'A fundamental law of classical physics has been broken by two teams  
of physicists who have linked particles of light together in a way that  
enhances its normal properties.' ... 'A physical principle called the  
diffraction limit says that light cannot be used to see or inscribe  
features that are smaller than half its wavelength. This limits the  
density of data on a CD, for example, and the size of the circuits that  
can be carved into microchips.' .. 'But now researchers have got round  
this limit by "entangling" the photons that they use. This process  
leaves the particles of light sharing a single quantum state, which  
makes them behave like a single photon with a shorter wavelength and  
higher energy.'

// this might be considered a type of information archaeology of  
// libraries becoming databases, layers, even trash-heaps of cultural  

 From nukes to Sarbanes-Oxley // digital storage management.
Richard Reese has plenty of experience managing paper records, and
he's trying to bring that know-how to keeping track of electrons.

Einstein Defiant: Genius versus Genius in the Quantum Revolution
Edmund Blair Bolles Joseph Henry Press // free e-book. via STS-L
356 pages, 6 x 9, 2004, ISBN: 0309089980

// not sure where William Safire etymologized the political flip-flop  
// there is a ubiquity to electrical terminology in politics that its  
// would be hard to detach from 'charged atmosphere', 'it was an  
// event' and the rest, such as VP Cheney as a 'lightning rod' etc. etc.

Flip-flop tag is well-worn -- if not worn well
Bill Adair,  St. Petersburg Times

How Removable Storage Works

U.S. to Build Fastest Civilian Computer // not-a-cluster vs.  
vector-based race.

	'The project submitted by Oak Ridge scientists envisions a computer  
capable of sustaining 50 trillion calculations per second.' .. 'The  
Energy Department project will involve Cray Corp., IBM Corp. and  
Silicon Graphics Inc., all private companies that have been deeply  
involved in high-performance computing research.' .. 'The program will  
attempt to develop a computer that will surpass Japan's Earth  
Simulator, built by NEC in 2002 and capable of sustaining nearly 36  
trillion calculations per second. Some computers have reached many  
times that speed, but not on a sustained basis.' .. 'With the NEC  
computer in 2002, Japan became the world leader in having the most  
powerful computer for civilian research.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Blackout Baby Boom A Myth, Duke Professor Says // Ignoble Prize...

	'Nine months ago, a massive blackout darkened homes and businesses  
from Michigan to New York to Canada, affecting 50 million people. So it  
stands to reason that maternity wards should be bracing for a  
post-blackout boom, right?' ... "The Aug. 14 blackout may have  
encouraged some couples to have sex. But the absence of electricity  
could have had the opposite effects for others, Morgan said..."

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Voltage Labs. // thanks *
Applied Sciences with Military Applications

Danish fishing trawler nets sub // .DE

US powerless to halt Iraq net images
	'... of course, the real issue is not the depiction of the abuse, but  
the fact that it should have happened at all.' .. '"Certainly one of  
the issues that might be looked into is the use of digital cameras and  
whether or not any policy might be desirable," says US Central  
Command's Lt Cdr Balice.' .. '"But if there's some kind of thought that  
we might introduce a policy because we fear that wrongdoing might be  
exposed, then that is incorrect. In any case, the photographing of  
detainees is prohibited."' .. 'Ultimately, then, the only way that the  
coalition can prevent the spread of images depicting the abuse of Iraqi  
prisoners is to prevent the abuse itself.' .. 'Technology may change,  
but the morality of war will always pose the same dilemmas.'

Active Duty -- Armed Artists of America (AAA) // NYC
Armed with ideas and the tools to create a rapid response
to the globalprogression towards chaos and war.

// new types of satellites were mentionedd previsouly in news in  
relation to
// issues of weaponizing space, though this may be unrelated to this  
// eventually it would seem these could be 'mechanical robots' just  
like UAVs
// in a sense, though able to do remote repairs and other types of work  
// orbit, such as fixing the hubble via a ground-control station and  

First space tug set to launch in 2007

	'The docking process would be automated but monitored by a controller  
on the ground. The tug would then use an ion-propulsion engine to  
slowly move the satellite to another position. The tug would also  
remain attached in order to perform further manoeuvres.'

Study Group Questions Effectiveness Of Proposed Missile-defense System

	'Lamb believes results of the APS study "came out at exactly the right  
time" – just as Congress was poised to begin the process of allocating  
resources to the highly ambitious program, without access to full and  
unbiased knowledge regarding the feasibility of the proposed  
technologies.' ... 'In the end, the scientists concluded that "while  
the boost-phase technologies we studied are potentially capable of  
defending the United States against liquid-propellant ICBMs at certain  
ranges of interest, at least in the absence of counter-measures, when  
all factors are considered none of the boost-phase defense concepts  
studied would be viable for the foreseeable future to defend the nation  
against even first-generation solid-propellant ICBMs."'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Gasoline data send oil to new highs // note: .US driving increases.
	'Oil prices stretched further into record territory on Wednesday on  
higher forecasts for global demand this year and a surprise drop in US  
commercial gasoline inventories, which sent US gasoline futures to a  
new high.' .. 'The US benchmark crude futures contract, June Nymex WTI,  
settled 71 cents higher at $40.77 a barrel. This was the highest since  
October 1990 during the lead-up to the first Gulf war, and moved it  
within 40 cents of its lifetime high of $41.15 on October 10 1990.' ..  
'Analysts said it was highly likely that the Nymex WTI contract would  
break new records this week....'

// note: although not directly em-related, an observation about the  
utopian tax-
// cutting mantra of no ill-effects, others than those deserved:  
everything, in
// turn, ends up costing more at its base price and with add-on costs,  
it seems.
// thus, taxs may be reduced but everything costs more. (or so it  
seems). thus,
// with something like broadband and limited taxation, this is easily  
made up in
// surcharges, either through phone bills or hookup fees or so it seems  

Trade Gap Widens to $46 Billion on Oil Imports // VP Cheney's Energy  

	'Scott McClellan, a spokesman for President Bush, said the trade  
deficit underscored the need to pass energy legislation to increase  
production of oil and gas and alternative fuels.' .. '"We remain in  
contact with producers around the world, urging them not to act in a  
way that would hurt our economy or harm our consumers," Mr. McClellan  
said. "It's also important that we move forward on passing a  
comprehensive energy plan so we don't run into this situation year  
after year."'

Mexican Air Force Films UFOs // no comment. no speculation. visited  
Iran lately.

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Lightning striking the Empire State Building.
 From "A Triumph of Thunderstorm Photography" // via thingsmagazine.net

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