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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #86

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (2/18/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

  	Located a $5 EMF device: hardware store 50-600VAC
  	voltage detector, as mentioned in the NY Times article
  	on stray voltage from lamp posts in the city. It is a
  	pen-like device that beeps and blinks during detection,
  	and picks up an electrical field from a few inches away.
  	A good way to do basic compare-and-constrast experiments
  	with devices to see if they are still sending electricity
  	through them, even when off (such as a television, or
  	anything with a blinking LCD display most likely) as this
  	'always on' electrical design has been brought up with
  	regard to conserving energy-- that even when off, the
  	appliances of today still are using electricity from
  	the power grid, or many of them do so. An electrical
  	space heater is unusual in its reading, as it can be
  	read from farther out than other objects, so can a TV
  	if remembering correctly. This device starts at 50 volts
	and upwardsm, so things with transformer boxes/wall warts
	usually drop down the power so these will not register.
	In any case, there is reason to believe one could take
	this outside and get measurements from overhead lines
	if the fields were nearby, and it would go off from a
	greater distance. A good tool for learning/teaching.

01) --top stories--

Dispute Imperils North Korea Nuke Talks

	'"There is no agreed estimate of anything," said Leon Sigal, a North  
Korea expert. "As with Iraq, there is significant disagreement in the  
intelligence community about pieces of this."' ... 'Pyongyang might  
pursue two tracks: offer to freeze activities at its plutonium-based  
site at Yongbyon in exchange for concessions, and persist in denying or  
downplaying claims it has a program based on uranium enrichment. It  
could also attack the credibility of U.S. intelligence following the  
failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.' ... 'Some  
security analysts believe the mystery will put pressure on the United  
States to be more explicit about what it knows.'

// also possible is sovereignty within an international structure.
// read recently .US president Jimmy Carter was nuclear submariner.

How the World Can Be Saved, Redux // Bohr: Nuclear Diplomacy needed.

	'Remarkably, the same issues - and the same stark polarizations, with  
advocates pushing internationalism on one hand and unilateralism on the  
other - lie behind the swirl of recent proposals for dealing with what  
experts call a dangerous new phase of nuclear proliferation.' ...  
'Analysts say the nuclear black market may turn out to be so extensive,  
and its dangers so threatening, that the shock of discovery will help  
close the historical gap between the two factions and prompt tough  
reforms - new global rules, institutions and methods to limit the  
bomb's spread.' .. 'The alternative, they say, could be grim.' ... 'The  
current crisis marks a dangerous escalation, experts say. Never before  
has the nuclear black market been found to operate with such startling  
impunity and thoroughness. This time it offered complete kits - raw  
uranium, machines for enriching it and even blueprints for how to turn  
nuclear fuel into atom bombs.'

Beyond Fossilized Thinking // Daniel Goodstein LA Times Op-Ed...
The world needs innovative technology now to meet energy needs

	'If we lived in an orderly, rational world, it might be possible for  
some other fossil fuel to fill the gap. But anyone who was alive in  
1973 knows that we don't live in such a world, especially when it comes  
to a shortage of our precious gasoline. In 1973, a temporary,  
artificial shortage immediately caused mile-long lines at gas stations  
and panic and despair for the future of our way of life. When worldwide  
oil supplies reach their natural peak, the shortages that follow will  
be neither temporary nor artificial.' ... 'President Bush has asked us  
to think beyond our mundane concerns and dream of placing humans on the  
hostile surfaces of the moon and Mars. He would do better to offer a  
far more visionary and courageous challenge: to kick the fossil fuel  
habit now, before we have made Earth hostile to humans.'

[and] Energy crisis 'will limit births'-- As the world's reserves
of oil and gas run out over the coming decades, the birth-rates of
societies are likely to fall considerably, a US scientist says.**

	'"In the modern context, energy use per capita affects economic  
activity. So a prolonged decline in energy use per capita will tend to  
depress the economy which, in turn, will cause a decline in the  
fertility rate." [says Professor Abernathy]'

[and] Oil: The illusion of plenty // Iraq, OPEC, politics, peak oil, *

	'Petroleum reserves are limited. Petroleum is not a renewable resource  
and production cannot continue to increase indefinitely. A day of  
reckoning will come sometime in the future. The point at which  
production can no longer keep up with increasing demand will mean a  
radical and painful readjustment globally to everyday life.' .. 'In  
spite of that indisputable fact, people behave as if the global  
petroleum supply is unending. Predictions of the exhaustion of oil  
reserves seem to have lost all credibility. The public assumes that  
inexpensive oil will be available essentially forever. The idea that  
petroleum resources are finite and that petroleum production might peak  
in the near future seems to have vanished from all discussions of  
energy policy in Congress, in the press, and even among public interest  
groups.' ... 'Much as X-ray and nuclear magnetic resonance tomography  
examine structures within the human body non-invasively,  
three-dimensional seismography now allows potential oil-bearing  
formations to be evaluated in great detail. Nuclear magnetic resonance  
probes are used to determine porosity and hydrocarbon content as well  
as to estimate the permeability of these formations. Petroleum deposits  
are being brought into production on the continental shelves off Texas,  
Brazil, and West Africa in water up to 8,000 feet deep--areas that  
were, until recently, inaccessible. Technological advances like sub-sea  
terminals, directional drilling, and floating production, storage, and  
offloading ships have been developed to exploit smaller, previously  
uneconomic or unreachable deposits. Sophisticated science and  
technology coupled with unparalleled profitability has provided the  
foundation for the wide availability of oil.' .. 'Yet the same advances  
in geology and engineering that have provided consumers with seemingly  
limitless petroleum also allow much better estimates to be made of how  
much oil may ultimately be recovered....'

// dual-use data grids. note that remote shut-off of appliances
// could also be used, beyond the control of the power company,
// to inject a worm into a system and knock out not only every
// computer but dishwasher, clothesdryer, refrigerator, etc etc.
// an actual 'security' overview should be involved in upgrades.

Researchers Putting I.T. into Electricity
Making the necessary transformation from 20th to 21st century
technology requires widespread deployment of I.T. resources in
order to transform the infrastructure into a "smart, self-healing
grid," says Massoud Amin of the Electric Power Research Institute.

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Knifeless surgery kills cancer with sound // acoustic window required.

	'"If you can image the tumor with diagnostic ultrasound, you should be  
able to treat it," ter Haar told reporters at the annual meeting of the  
American Association for the Advancement of Science.' .. '"In the same  
way as a magnifying glass can be used in bright sunlight to set fire to  
dry tinder, sound energy can be focused and used to raise tissue  
temperature to the point at which cells die," ter Haar explained.' ..  
'Basically the tumors are cooked to death quickly. The focused sound  
energy raises the temperature to around 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60  
degrees Celsius), killing the cells in about one second. By targeting  
cells systematically in this manner, an entire tumor can be destroyed,  
she said.'

Blind Can Plot Course With GPS // great.

	'The $2,000 machine, in King's estimation, is a giant step forward in  
helping the blind to live full lives. Called the VoiceNote GPS, the  
device combines computer technology, including digital voicing, with  
the global positioning system device, which allows a person to pinpoint  
his or her location. The device, in essence, makes an audio map.' ...  
'The VoiceNote comes with a 5-GB hard drive, according to King. It can  
store a multitude of GPS coordinates -- for downtown Anchorage, for  
example, and other cities and points of interest...'

Scientists to Set Up Chinese Brain Bank

	'Researchers hope to sign up Hong Kong and mainland Chinese willing to  
donate their gray matter to science after they die and also willing to  
share personal medical and psychological information that will help in  
the studies.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Expert says nuclear waste dump unsafe

	'The nation's nuclear waste dump proposed for Nevada is poorly  
designed and could leak highly radioactive waste, a scientist who  
recently resigned from a federal panel of experts on Yucca Mountain  
told The Associated Press on Wednesday.' .. 'Paul Craig, a physicist  
and engineering professor at the University of California-Davis, said  
he quit the panel last month so he could speak more freely about the  
waste dump's dangers.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Smart Software Gives Surveillance Eyes a 'Brain'

Brain fingerprints under scrutiny // drudgereport.com
A controversial technique for identifying a criminal mind
using involuntary brainwaves that could reveal guilt or
innocence is about to take centre stage in a last-chance
court appeal against a death-row conviction in the US.

	'Brain Fingerprinting, developed by Dr Larry Farwell, chief scientist  
and founder of Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, is a method of  
reading the brain's involuntary electrical activity in response to a  
subject being shown certain images relating to a crime.' .. 'Unlike the  
polygraph or lie detector to which it is often compared, the accuracy  
of this technology lies in its ability to pick up the electrical  
signal, known as a p300 wave, before the suspect has time to affect the  
output.' .. '"It is highly scientific, brain fingerprinting doesn't  
have anything to do with the emotions, whether a person is sweating or  
not; it simply detects scientifically if that information is stored in  
the brain," says Dr Farwell.'

// had wondered if flatbed scanners had brought new clients for
// palm readers who telecommute. in searching, locate some basic
// information in an updated version for the security context.

Biometrics information resource -- Hand Geometry

	'This biometric approach uses the geometric form of the hand            
    for confirming an individual’s identity. Because human hands are not  
              unique, specific features must be combined to assure  
dynamic              verification.' .. 'Hand  geometry is occasionally  
misunderstood as "palm reading", as the placement of  the hand  
palm-down on the reader can be confusing to the those unfamiliar with   
the technology.'

Workplace data theft runs rampant // and counter-surveillance...
Office technology makes it much easier for workers to steal
important information from their employers, a study has shown.

	'Research into intellectual property theft found that almost 70% of  
people have stolen key information from work.' .. 'The most pilfered  
items include e-mail address books, customer databases as well as  
proposals and presentations.' ... '"The surprising thing is the level  
to which people believe this is acceptable," said Chris Watson of data  
forensics firm Ibas, which commissioned the survey.'

// had heard earlier it was possible that neighbors using cable
// modems might be able to snoop on eachother's connections because
// of a shared line, yet had no idea it was 500-1000 households.
// this is the same concern, if not even greater, with powerline
// networks, and the potential for unnecessary vulnerabilities...

Cable modem hackers conquer the co-ax // via Security Scrapbook

	'SecurityFocus asked four U.S. cable modem service providers if they  
protected their customers with the encryption option. Comcast,  
Adelphia, and CableVision's Optimum Online declined comment; a  
spokesman for Time Warner's Road Runner service didn't return repeated  
phone calls on the question. Comcast's terms of service, however,   
acknowledges a risk of eavesdropping by "other subscribers," and  
Optimum Online's bluntly admits the company doesn't utilize encryption:  
"All Subscriber's ethernet traffic ... will be reflected by the cable  
Modem in an unencrypted form onto the cable network and be subject to  
eavesdropping."' .. 'The architecture of cable modem  networks likely  
prevents eavesdropping of upstream traffic,  liked typed  passwords and  
credit card numbers, and websites using SSL would be immune from  
passive monitoring. "But downstream traffic is certainly visible to  
lots of people if crypto isn't used,"  said AT&T security researcher  
Steve Bellovin, in an e-mail interview.'

Biology stirs Microsoft monoculture debate

	'Geer and others believe Microsoft's software is so dangerously  
pervasive that a virus capable of exploiting even a single flaw in its  
operating systems could wreak havoc.'

New York Police Training for Catastrophic Terrorism

	'The New York Police Department, working with city health officials,  
federal authorities and other agencies, has been preparing for a  
possible attack with nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, perhaps  
the most daunting threat facing municipalities in a post-9/11 world.'  
... 'Early detection, experts have long argued, is perhaps the most  
important aspect of a response to a biological or chemical attack. And  
so for months, New York has been trying to acquire the most  
sophisticated detection equipment available.' .. 'To that end, the city  
has been working with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,  
developers of the Autonomous Pathogen Detection System. These devices  
not only continuously monitor the air, but also  automatically detect  
and identify, through multiple simultaneous testing, the presence of  
more than 100 different bacteria or viruses - within 45 minutes.' ..  
'Fully automated, they operate 24 hours a day for an entire week  
without servicing or human intervention, said John M. Dzenitis, a  
Livermore engineer in charge of the program.' ... 'The Police  
Department has been using more than 700 personal radiation detectors  
for more than a year to identify unusual radioactive materials,  
checking  trucks on the street to cars and  garages around the city,  
among other areas.' ... 'A critical issue police officials have  
agonized over is the question of enforcing a quarantine and isolation  
in the event of an epidemic caused by  natural or unnatural causes,  
like a terrorist attack.'

Hackers for Hire // black and white...

TEMPEST 101 // via TSCM-L

// it may be possible that there is something broken in the social
// and educational system, in which this is the result. as such,
// it may be that unleashing young persons imaginations so as to
// be able to engage and find a place in the overly mystified and
// encrypted present may do a lot more than only damage control...

Spying appeals to worried parents // via macsurfer.com

	'Thanks to a proliferation of new software, more and more parents are  
finding ways to spy on their children by secretly monitoring their  
movements on the Internet or by planting tracking devices in their cell  
phones.' .. 'This supply of kid-surveillance devices has grown  
alongside concerns about how to keep children safe in a world of school  
violence, teen suicides and Internet predators.' ... 'Electronic  
snooping on one's children is legal, but, "There's something  
fundamentally creepy about covertly monitoring other people, even  
children," said Lee Tien, a senior staff lawyer with Electronic  
Frontier Foundation, an Internet privacy watchdog group. "We are not  
big fans of covert surveillance in any form. We feel it's much better  
to talk to your children."'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Japan, Iran 'near oil deal' // .jp is 2nd biggest oil importer...

[and] Official: Iraq Considers Pipeline With Iran

EM-relate quote: US is trying to overthrow me, says Venezuelan leader

	'Relations between Venezuela, a top oil supplier, and the US have been  
strained over Mr Chavez's friendship with Cuba's Fidel Castro and his  
open criticism of Washington-backed free market policies.'

The Oil Field of the Future Is Digital // ** new oil media...

	'While the petroleum business still depends heavily on burly machinery  
and people, the modern oil field is becoming more digital by the day.  
Among the gradual yet far-reaching technological advances are drill  
bits armed with minicomputers that can relay information from deep  
under the ground to scientists around the globe almost  
instantaneously.' ... 'Improved mapping software allows geoscientists  
to better identify the sweet spots of petroleum reservoirs thousands of  
feet below the earth's surface....' .. 'Once the well is drilled and  
production begins, subsurface sensors powered by low-voltage batteries  
transmit continuous streams of data about pressure, temperature and  
flow via high-speed satellite networks. As geoscientists and engineers  
at [remote] offices ... can direct oilfield technicians to adjust  
remote-controlled valves located in the well to maximize output.'

[and] U.S. Petroleum Engineers Become Rare Commodity

Middle East Electricity expo' opens
Assisting in the rebuilding Iraq 'is a duty', H.E Humaid bin Nasr
Al Owais, Minister for Electricity and Water UAE, said today.

EM-related quote from: Rare Storm Dumps Snow on Middle East

	'A rare storm dumped more than two feet of snow on parts of the Middle  
East, breaking power lines in Lebanon, collapsing a wall at a holy site  
in Israel and delaying talks between Israelis and Palestinians. At  
least one person was killed.'

Schizophrenia link to lead petrol

Biophotonics Research Institute
EM Self-Field Theory - A New Paradigm for Physics

	'Self-fields are internal electric (E-) and magnetic (H-) fields     
that help produce the internal dynamics of electrically neutral objects  
as diverse as photons, atoms, solar systems and galaxies, as well as  
charged particles such as electrons and protons. Self-fields can be  
unified inside a field theory, which collates the four known forces:  
strong and weak nuclear, electromagnetic and gravitational forces.  
Online access to the seminal paper by Dr. Anthony H. J. Fleming is  
provided, EM self-field theory: the electron in hydrogen    atom.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Academics shed stigma of video games

	'Rejecting the stigma that computer and video games are just for kids,  
academic worldwide are studying them alongside literature, music and  
art.' .. 'Their discipline is taking hold. Today there Ph.D. programs,  
research centers and online journals devoted to digital games.' ..  
'Known as ludology, from the Latin for game, these studies have spawned  
a class of academics who analyze how the wildly popular form of  
entertainment tells stories - and what it reveals about  

Robots get friendly: Robots are acting more like people. Will
our attachments eventually become too strong? // ~virtual humans

	'Some experts worry that attachments may become too strong (see story,  
page 18), subjecting people to manipulation by clever programmers or  
unnatural reliance on machines for companionship. But those working in  
the field agree on one thing: The way we communicate with an onscreen  
face (sometimes called a "chatbot") or a fully released robot is  
becoming friendlier and friendlier - even fun.'

EM-related quote: Celebrating a Policy Seer and His Cold War Insight

	'The [20 foot] Long Telegram, Mr. Kennan's effort to explain Soviet  
behavior and goals, has become a symbol of the days when career Foreign  
Service officers had a direct impact on American policy.' ... '... the  
Long Telegram is a reliable window into Mr. Kennan's personal  
frustration at Washington. And this telegraphic essay hit official  
Washington like a lightning bolt that illuminated the landscape.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Government considering dismantling BBC // bad news day.

[and] The Five Sisters // or, total command+control of infrastructure.

	'McCain's plaintive  question to Powell — "Where will it all end?" —  
is too little, too late. This senatorial apostle of deregulation, who  
last week called the world's attention to the media concentration that  
helps subvert democracy in Russia, has been blind to the danger of  
headlong concentration of media power in America.'

// incredible story about embedded computers versus other types...

Commercial software aided reboot on Mars // via macsurfer.com

	'Tech support for an $820 million mission is a cautious affair.' ...  
'"The advantage of using commercial software is it's well-known, and  
it's well deployed," said Mike Deliman, an engineer at Alameda- based  
Wind River Systems Inc., which made the rovers' operating system. "It  
has been used throughout the world in hundreds of thousands of  
applications."' .. 'The operating system, VxWorks, has its roots in  
software developed to help Francis Ford Coppola gain more control over  
a film editing system.  But the developers, David Wilner and Jerry  
Fiddler, saw a greater potential and eventually formed Wind River,  
named for the mountains in Wyoming. VxWorks became a formal product in  
1987.' .. 'The operating system is embedded in systems that control  
jetliners and atomic colliders, anti-lock braking systems in cars and  
even heart pacemakers. It's also been used successfully in the Mars  
Pathfinder lander, Mars Odyssey orbiter and Stardust comet probe.' ..  
'"These are all things that can't afford to fail," Deliman said.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Symmetry and Harmonics
Harmonic Images // Lissajous Figures...*
Arabic ornaments and 'traces regulateurs'
katoptrics, kaleidoscopes  and theatrical mirrors

[and] Lissajous Figures // Java applet *** (make your own)

The CURTA Calculator Page

Projects for Students and Hobbyists

Multi-valued logic

Logical programming

Email Clock

a handbag representing a person's journey through different
wireless networks  with sound frequencies and light patterns

VMW meter // ICs sitting atop a computer, won't they get fried?

Sandwich Printed Circuit Board // ex. of printed circuit board kits

Perl's Extreme Makeover

	'Interoperability with other languages will be a hallmark of Perl 6.  
It will run on a new interpreter engine, Parrot , specifically designed  
to "support a wide range of languages and allow them to easily  
interchange data and share types and functions," Conway said.' ..  
'Parrot provides a "software CPU" with register-based architecture  
instead of the more common stack-based virtual machine architecture.  
"That allows us to tap into several decades' worth of research in  
optimization of hardware-based register machines," Conway said.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Glimpse into Digital Photography's Future

IBM delivers autonomic tools // open-source self-managing PC toolkit

New Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

ATI touts low-cost HDTV tuner card // just the beginning...

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Pakistan disavows nuclear race -- Pakistan will not try to match
India's nuclear weapons development, although it will soon test
a long range missile, President Pervez Musharraf has said.

AP: Nuclear financier has ties to Malaysia

Putin vows to build missile defense system with new strategic weapons

	'Russia reserves the right to update its armed forces to maintain its  
security, but it has no imperial or hegemonic ambitions, Putin  

[and] Russia plans new generation of weapons // Bulava

	'Putin said that Russia was continuing research in missile defense  
systems and may build a new missile shield. Russia now has a missile  
defense system protecting Moscow that was designed in the 1970s and  
modernized in the 1990s.' .. 'Some military analysts said his statement  
could indicate the revival of Soviet designs for nuclear warheads that  
zigzag on their final approach to a target, confusing missile  
defenses.' .. 'Such behavior would make a missile hard to intercept and  
destroy.' ... 'He said that the research on zigzagging warheads began  
in the 1980s in response to Ronald Reagan's ‘‘Star Wars" program.'

EM-related quote, from: Putin Watches As Missile Launch Fails

	'There were differing accounts of what happened.' .. 'The Interfax and  
ITAR-Tass news agencies said the Novomoskovsk had been scheduled to  
launch two RSM-54 missiles in succession at a practice target on the  
Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East.' .. 'They quoted an  
unidentified Northern Fleet officer as saying a satellite signal  
blocked the missile launch from Novomoskovsk, a Delta IV-class  
submarine.' .. 'An online news outlet, gazeta.ru, said the missile  
suffered an engine failure and disintegrated immediately after its  
launch.' .. 'Despite earlier official statements about the scheduled  
launch, the Russian navy's chief, Adm. Vladimir Kuroyedov, was shown  
later on NTV television insisting the navy had planned only imitation  
"electronic" launches, both of which he said were performed  

// the above quote is loose in description so here is a
// more representative version of the 'satellite' issue...

[and] Analysis: Russian missile failure // relay failure.

	'Russian Navy sources later cited by the official RIA Novosti news  
agency and the private, but still respectful, Interfax agency said the  
missiles were never actually launched but the exercise was aborted  
through an automatic shutdown transmitted by satellite relay.'

AP: Pakistan Nuke Scientist Bought Loyalty

	'Abdul Qadeer Khan spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy  
loyalty -- writing checks for anything from seminars to friends'  
weddings -- in a patronage scheme that allowed him to elude suspicion  
as head of the world's most successful nuclear black market, senior  
scientists and government officials told The Associated Press on  

[and] AQ Khan suffers heart attack, condition critical

Libyan Arms Designs Traced Back to China
Pakistanis Resold Chinese-Provided Plans // via drudgereport.com

	'The bomb designs and other papers turned over by Libya have yielded  
dramatic evidence of China's long-suspected role in transferring  
nuclear know-how to Pakistan in the early 1980s, they said. The Chinese  
designs were later resold to Libya by a Pakistani-led trading network  
that is now the focus of an expanding international probe, added the  
officials and experts, who are based in the United States and Europe.'  
.. 'The packet of documents, some of which included text  in Chinese,  
contained detailed, step-by-step instructions for assembling an  
implosion-type nuclear bomb that could fit atop a large ballistic  
missile. They also included technical instructions for manufacturing  
components for the device, the officials and experts said.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Googlescape: Are we headed for Bubble II? // billions & billions...

Electronic stores discover women: Marketing survey spurs new tactics

	'"This whole industry has an IQ of about 2 when it comes to females,"  
said Dave Williams, vice president of marketing research for  
Minneapolis-based Best Buy Stores.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

// of all of Johns' works, the one that brings the many
// dimensional aspects of the alphabet and numbers together
// is in 'field painting', which can be related to many things,
// such as LED displays and flipping letters/paradoxical logic.

field painting by Jasper Johns // great story on battery power...

wires // 2004 painting by Jennifer Davis

[and] other works/details // creative talent.

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