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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #80

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (1/28/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

have been contemplating the state of data management
lately, and wondering what large-scale effects this
may have, over a period of decades, with loss of the
details of daily electronic information, today, locked
into inaccessible archives or formats. except those
which may be locked-up into proprietary or other types
of databases, such as commercial data-mining or .gov
or other surveillence databases linking every bit of
demographic and other data into some representation of
societial patterns, and how individuals are portrayed,
understood, and relate in the machinery of this network.
what if every e-mail one has ever written is lost in
one's own archives, but reconstituted afar, in another
database, which decades hence will be found to have
compiled records on things now happening, though never
before imagined- will such information someday become
part of the public realm, for its anonymity of peoples
lives, and instead become some interaction of abstract
facts and an atlantis-like sunken network of minds, in
a fragile era, to then be cryptically reviewed for any
or all codes, the interpretation of 'history' to try
to understand some near-distant future, looking for
some rationality in what is happening in these times?
maybe formats will be found through reverse-engineering
of perspectives with some remove from the immediacy of
the present, and will become common knowledge of what
is going on out of mind, out of sight- that a whole-
ness and order may be forming yet is still unformed.

01) --top stories--

How Electromagnets Work

// 'justice' limited by the 'propriety' of legitimate public inquiry?

Chief Justice balks at ethical questions on Scalia // privatized judge

	'Sens. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, a presidential candidate, and  
Patrick Leahy of Vermont asked Rehnquist last week to clarify  
disqualification practices after Scalia acknowledged joining Cheney on  
a recent duck hunting trip.' ... 'Rehnquist said any suggestion that  
Scalia should recuse himself "is ill considered."' ... 'Rehnquist [is]  
a Republican put on the high court by Richard Nixon in 1972 and [was]  
made chief justice by Ronald Reagan in 1986...' ... '"It has long been  
settled that each justice must decide such a question for himself," he  
wrote in a letter sent to Lieberman, Leahy and each of the other court  
justices.' .. 'Rehnquist did not give an opinion about whether Scalia  
should step down from hearing the case, but made clear that it was up  
to Scalia -- and no one else -- to make that decision. After the case  
is over "anyone at all is free to criticize the action of a justice,"  
Rehnquist wrote.' ... 'Scalia, named to the court by Reagan, is one of  
the court's staunchest conservatives. He has said there is no reason to  
question his ability to judge the case fairly.'

[and] The energy case: In re Cheney, 03-475. // search 'scalia'

Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno unveil digital "manifesto" // yes.

	'By removing record labels from the equation, artists can set their  
own prices and set their own agendas, said the two independent  
musicians, who hope to launch the online alliance within a month.' ..  
'Their pamphlet lists ideas for artists to explore once they're freed  
from the confines of the CD format. One might decide to release a  
minute of music every day for a month. Another could post several  
recorded variations of the same song and ask fans what they like best.'  
... 'Eno and Gabriel both suggested they'd welcome a chance to make  
songs that stand alone.'

Files 'overloaded' Mars probe : Nasa scientists say hundreds
of computer files that have accumulated on the Mars rover
Spirit may be the cause of problems that have crippled it.

	'These "cruise files" will now be deleted from the second Mars rover  
Opportunity before it rolls on to Mars to begin its science mission.'  
... 'The space required in the rover's Ram memory to manage the data  
files stored in its flash memory was more than anticipated due to the  
build-up of files, Ms Trosper told a news conference.' .. '"We have  
lots and lots of files on the spacecraft," she said.  "We've been all  
the way through cruise [the journey through space], we've been using  
flash for that whole time. We have some cruise files on the file  
system.' ... 'They will try to run a health check on the memory on  
Tuesday and try to delete some of the problem files on Wednesday.' ..  
'After an initial reset on Thursday, Spirit became locked in a loop,  
continually rebooting its computer.'

Touring Big Red - How the Mars Exploration Rovers Work

[&] Power Problem Crops Up on "Opportunity" Rover

	'The power glitch involves a heater that keeps turning itself on, even  
if engineers want it off.'

Opportunity Closing in on Scientific Jackpot // composition of Mars...

	'Opportunity has tested the three scientific sensing instruments on  
its robotic arm that will be used for up-close examination of rocks and  
soil: the microscopic imager, the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer for  
determining what elements are present, and a Mssbauer spectrometer for  
identifying iron-containing minerals...' ... 'But the hardware that  
could offer the first tell-tale inspection of hematite and the  
outcrop's composition is the Mini-Thermal Emission Spectrometer, or  
Mini-TES.' ... 'This instrument sees infrared radiation emitted by  
objects. It can be used from where Opportunity now rests on the lander  
deck. That device can determine from afar the mineral composition of  
martian surface features, permitting scientists to study select rocks  
and soil patches in detail.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Technology Lets Deaf Communicate Via TV // via macsurfer.com

	'Taras and Anita Denis are both deaf. But thanks to new technology  
involving a videophone device mounted on top of both TVs, the couple  
are able to talk in real time in the method they are most accustomed to  
_ American Sign Language.' ... 'The videophone appliance, calls and  
service are free. They are part of a federal program aimed at providing  
equal telecommunications access to the deaf and hard of hearing. Under  
the Americans With Disabilities Act, all long-distance telephone  
companies are required to pay a percentage of money collected from  
phone customers into a national telecommunications relay services fund.'

This is your brain in love // interesting. click free-day-pass.
In a fascinating new book, evolutionary anthropologist Helen Fisher
examines the chemistry responsible for the giddiness, fixations and
overarching lunacy associated with romantic love.

	'So here are the basic characteristics: You lose a sense of self, your  
edges become porous -- this person almost invades, but it's a very  
pleasant invasion. Then there are mood swings -- real giddiness and  
ecstasy when things are going well, but if you don't hear from him via  
e-mail or phone, there's despair.' .. 'But the main characteristic for  
me is obsessively thinking about the person...'

WTC Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields // 7 pages .pdf

Nervous System: Gross Anatomy // outlined. interesting navigation.

The Human Central Nervous System // overview...

divisions of the nervous system // (image)

the central and peripheral nervous sytem // (image)

primary sensory, motor, and association areas of the cerebral
cortext// (body image-maps) * (a case of 'flatland' sydrome?)

autonomic nervous system // (image)

The Autonomic Nervous System // (image) ***

Cell Phone Explosion Burns Man's Buttocks // drudgereport.com

	'Mohamed Radzuan, a 40-year-old electrician in Kuala Pilah district,  
about 50 miles south of Kuala Lumpur, said he had purchased a new  
battery for the phone a week ago.'\

EM-quote from: ADA Takes On FDA Over Schizophrenia Drugs // diabetes

	'John Newcomer, an associate professor of psychiatry at the Washington  
University School of Medicine, says the new report should help doctors  
filter through conflicting drug company promotions. "There's more than  
just marketing here," says Newcomer. He notes that Geodon sales never  
took off because it causes a change in the electrical rhythms of the  
heart. But that, he says, is a theoretical risk.'

Brain size matters for sex:  The fear centre finds a role in arousal.

Scientists Grow Neurons Using Nanostructures

Multiple Sclerosis Not As Progressive Or Disabling As Once Thought

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// poetic justice would seem to be involved here...

Beer spill shorts out Iron Maiden concert // entertainment...

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// Frist rose to power by unseating Tom Delay in his own GOP party.

Memo-leak probe expands to Frist's office //.US Senate Majority Leader

	'Asked about the investigation Tuesday, Frist refused to talk about  
it.' ... 'Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, began the  
investigation in November after Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Edward  
Kennedy, D-Mass., protested what they said was the theft of the memos  
from their servers.' ... 'The leak of the messages "shouldn't have  
happened. I'd be the first to admit that it shouldn't have happened,  
and I'm upset that it did," Hatch said Tuesday after being criticized  
by conservatives for going along with the investigation.' ... 'Hatch  
said he hoped to make the final report public.'

E-mail worm snarls computers across globe

[&] Gloomy forecast for MyDoom fallout -- The mass-mailing
MyDoom virus has become the fastest spreading program
to date and the damage could continue for months or years.

Viruses and hackers make Windows more secure - Gates

	'"It would be wrong to say an operating system is more secure because  
nobody is attacking it," said Gates, in a clear dig at OS rivals such  
as Apple and Linux.'

U.S. to start airline background checks // US-VISIT/CAPPS II

Researcher Develops Advanced Motion-tracking Camera For Surveillance,
Security, Videoconferencing // AIMS to automate the panopticon?

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Ice knocks out power along East Coast // .US

`Moon plan to give U.S. control over energy sources'

	'The paper draws attention to the fact that the 2020 deadline Mr. Bush  
set for building a lunar base coincides with the expected construction  
of a thermonuclear reactor and a global energy crisis. With energy  
consumption in industrially developed countries growing at a rate of 10  
per cent a year, thermonuclear power stations may be the only way to  
overcome an impending energy crux.'

Visualizing Electrical Grid and remote command and control...

Myths about Solar Electricity // 2 page .pdf, via ENERGY NEWSBRIEFS...

Anatomy of a Utility Pole

	'The life expectancy of a wooden pole is between 25 and 50 years.'

WOOD POLES // supply company, various species...
<http://www.guelphpole.com/ woodpols.html>

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Telepathy debate hits London: Audience charmed by the paranormal.

In a Mental Institute, the Call of the Outside

	'"A power problem?" I echoed.  Was this some sort of psychological  
shorthand, perhaps, or a reference to hospital politics?' .. '"Yes,"  
said Dr. C.  "There aren't enough sockets up at the nursing station to  
plug in everyone's chargers."' .. "Chargers for what?" I asked, even  
more confused.' .. '"For batteries.  For the patients' cellphones and  
computers," Dr. C. said.  "It's a real problem for the nurses.  After  
they charge up, the patients go into their rooms to talk, but they can  
only stay there until their batteries run out, and they're always  
rushing up to the nurses' station to recharge."'

Clinton's Gift to Internet Age - Only 2 E-Mails

// could Presidential mouse movements be off-the-shelf and insecure?

[image] Clinton using Oval Office laptop // via drudgereport.com

Senior House Democrat Sees Gadhafi // world diplomacy, leadership...

	'Lantos said he was convinced Gadhafi intends to follow through on his  
pledge to abandon Libya's programs to develop nuclear and other weapons  
of mass destruction and has cooperated with U.S. experts in the country  
to oversee fulfillment of that promise.' ... '"The conversation was  
extremely cordial," Lantos said. "[Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi]  
repeatedly emphasized this turning to peace and his hopes it will lead  
to a new relationship" with the United States.'

54 Net users 'jailed by China'
China has imprisoned a growing number of people for expressing
opinions on the Internet or downloading banned information from
the Web, the rights group Amnesty International said Wednesday.

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

New wireless standard to carry cable TV signal // ultrawideband

How Compasses Work

Butterflies boast ultrablack wings: Insects use optical trick to get  
the blackest black out of dark pigments. // EM stealth by design...

X-ray Shout Echoing Through Space

	'Since they know precisely at what speed the X-ray light travels in  
space, the team in Leicester have determined accurately the distance to  
the dust sheets by measuring the size of the expanding rings. The  
nearest dust sheet is located 2900 light years away and is probably  
part of the Gum nebula, a bubble of hot gas resulting from many  
supernova explosions. The other dust layer is about 4500 light years  
away. Understanding how dust is distributed in our Galaxy is important  
because dust favours the collapse of cool gas clouds, which can then  
form stars and planets. Knowing where dust is located helps astronomers  
to determine where star and planet formation is likely to occur.'

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

The Pentaquark: The Strongest Confirmation To Date // new matter

	'Nearly all matter on Earth is held in the nuclei of atoms. An atomic  
nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons, with the number of protons  
determining the chemical element. In the last four decades, physicists  
have discovered that these subatomic particles are composed of even  
smaller particles, called quarks, which are held together by a strong  
nuclear force called "glue." Each proton and neutron is composed of  
three quarks, for example.' ... 'For years, scientists have predicted  
that five-quark particles also could exist under unusual  
conditions....' ... '"Detection is difficult because we are unable to  
'see' the pentaquark itself, which lives less than one hundredth of a  
billionth of a billionth of a second, before decaying into two separate  
particles," said Paul Stoler...'

Russian Mathematician Ladyzhenskaya Dies

	'Over the last 50 years, [Olga] Ladyzhenskaya studied the so-called  
"sixth mathematical problem of the century," Navier-Stokes Equations.  
They deal with turbulence, hydrodynamics and fluid flow.' .. 'Besides  
uses in oceanography, aerodynamics and cardiovascular science, the  
equations help meteorologists predict the movement of storm clouds.'

Do plants act like computers?: Leaves appear to regulate
their 'breathing' by conducting simple calculations.

	'...Plants appear to 'think'...'

Four Keys to Cosmology -- The big bang theory works better than ever.
If only cosmologists could figure out that mysterious acceleration....

	'From the perspective of life on Earth, cosmic history started with  
inflation--a celestial reboot that wiped out whatever came before and  
left the cosmos a featureless place. The universe was without form, and  
void. Inflation then filled it with an almost completely uniform brew  
of radiation. The radiation varied from place to place in an utterly  
random way; mathematically, it was as random as random could be.' ...  
'Gradually the universe imposed order on itself. The familiar particles  
of matter, such as electrons and protons, condensed out of the  
radiation like water droplets in a cloud of steam. Sound waves coursed  
through the amorphous mix, giving it shape. Matter steadily wrested  
control of the cosmos away from radiation. Several hundred thousand  
years after inflation, matter declared final victory and cut itself  
loose from radiation. This era and its dramatic coda have now been  
probed by high-precision observations of the fossil radiation [see "The  
Cosmic Symphony" ]....' // continued...

// 'pentacene' may be viable candidate for retooled printing presses.

Electronic paper goes organic // e-charged ink. no transistors.
Carbon-based electronics could put e-paper on the presses.

	'The electronic paper (e-paper) looks like a flexible plastic sheet  
printed with black and white text or images. But the 'ink' can be  
rearranged in an instant to display different words or images. A single  
page could effectively house an entire library.' ... 'The new 'organic'  
e-paper unveiled by the Philips team can be switched up to 75 times per  
second - faster than a standard television screen.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Desktop computers to counsel users to make better decisions
What if a personal computer knew how its user is feeling? //gizmodo

	'Aided by tiny sensors and transmitters called a PAL (Personal  
Assistance Link) your machine (with your permission) will become an  
anthroscope — an investigator of your up-to-the-moment vital signs,  
says Sandia project manager Peter Merkle. It will monitor your  
perspiration and heartbeat, read your facial expressions and head  
motions, analyze your voice tones, and correlate these to keep you  
informed with a running account of how you are feeling — something you  
may be ignoring — instead of waiting passively for your factual  
questions. It also will transmit this information to others in your  
group so that everyone can work together more effectively.'

Microwave Steel: Faster, Cleaner, Cheaper // amazing. EM-architecture

	'The feat was accomplished by Michigan Tech researcher Jiann-Yang  
(Jim) Hwang, who wired together the magnetrons from six garden-variety  
microwaves into one super-heavy-duty oven and added an electric arc  
furnace. He then put iron oxide and coal inside. In a matter of  
minutes, the microwave energy reduced the iron ore to iron, and the  
electric arc furnace smelted the iron and coal into steel.' ...  
'Microwave technology could cut production costs by as much as 50  
percent, Hwang says. In addition to energy savings, it uses coal,  
eliminating the need for high-cost coke. And the manufacturing process  
is simple, cutting the number of steelmaking steps in half.' ... 'It's  
also friendlier to the environment, with significant reductions in  
greenhouse gases and sulfur dioxide emissions.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Cellphone gun in action // 528KB movie.

quote: Will Dubya Dump Dick? // nukes/oil/kickback.biz/uranium.docs+++

	'In a new book on Tony Blair, author and 'Financial Times'  
correspondent Philip Stephens depicts Cheney as the surprise guest at  
key meetings between Bush and the British prime minister.'

U.N. aims to study link between environment, wars // nothing about oil

	'Pollution, droughts, floods, storms, desertification, and rising sea  
levels are among possible triggers of wars in a world with more and  
more people competing for limited resources.'

// googlenews is a very interesting service, as content can
// be found largely similar in worldwide presses, though there
// are sometimes minor, sometimes major details that stand out.
// given the document in the last newsletter about VP Cheney and
// his 'predisposition' or what could even be called 'true belief'
// about WMDs, it is wondered if it is an answer in search of a
// solution... just as the claims by Paul O'Neill were made, that
// a reason/motive for going to war with Iraq was present day 1...

Bush open to new attacks over alleged Iraqi WMD // googlenews.com

	'Democrats want an independent probe to look at what went wrong with  
U.S. intelligence and whether the Bush administration manipulated it to  
justify an invasion.' ... 'The Washington Post reported last June that  
multiple visits to the CIA by Vice President Dick Cheney created an  
environment in which some analysts felt they were being pressured to  
make assessments of Iraq data fit the administration's policy  

// probably correct: to be able to put everything into a 'historical
// context' should come in very handy for VP Cheney - in court. then a
// 'narrative' will exist for all longstanding unanswered questions...
// [an aside: 50 person entourage with .US special forces as escorts].

[+] Cheney Unusually Visible as He Mends Fences in Europe

	'Mr. Cheney's advisers say that raising the vice president's public  
visibility and opening a public-relations offensive is aimed at mending  
fences with foreign critics of the Iraq war and countering Democrats'  
efforts at home to demonize him  as a symbol of the Bush  
administration's close corporate connections and overreliance on  
dubious intelligence about Iraq's illicit weapons programs.' ... '"This  
year's going to be a long slog, and it's imperative that we recount the  
accomplishments of the administration," said Mary Matalin, a longtime  
Cheney adviser.  "This is something he can do quite well.  He's  
particularly adept at putting events in a historical context."' ...  
'[Paul Light, at NYU remarks] '"Handling Dick Cheney is like handling  
nuclear material.  It can be quite powerful, but it can be quite  
dangerous and has to be handled carefully."' ... 'Mr. Cheney was a  
major architect of the administration's march to war with Iraq...' ...  
'Democrats acknowledge they are seeking to make Mr. Cheney a lightning  
rod for criticism of the administration.'

// trademark comment of an ideological position of true belief--
// an especially odd and vague use of 'certainty' in this regard.

[and] Dick Cheney urges NATO to strengthen itself to fight terrorism

	'From documents seized in Afghanistan and the questioning of  
detainees, he said the United States had "the certainty" that  
terrorists are trying to acquire  unconventional weapons.'

[photo] Vice President Dick Cheney, Villa Borghese Gallery in Rome

// there is something interesting about the use of an underdog 'movie'
// soundtrack (Italian, no less) used by politicians when campaigning,
// the last one was when Clinton or Gore did a televised walk-through
// of the back hallways, as if a rockstar or super-celebrity was to
// be arriving 'in the building' versus Elvis' leaving it. maybe the
// word or skill is stage-management in enterainment. or megalomania.
// also, a detail in another story says while VP on stage with troops,
// Mrs. Cheney read her book ~a primer on patriotism~ to .mil children

[&] quote: Cheney Rallies U.S. Troops, Meets Pope // juxta_positioning

	'Cheered by U.S. troops, Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday the  
nation's response to terrorist threats must be ``to take the fight to  
the enemy.''' .. 'Separately, in Rome, he exchanged messages of peace  
with Pope John Paul II, giving the world's Roman Catholic leader a dove  
made of glass and being encouraged in return ``to work at home and  
abroad for the growth of international cooperation.''' ... 'That  
15-minute meeting at the Vatican was quiet and sober. When Cheney spoke  
later to airborne troops of the Army Southern European Task Force, he  
strode onstage to the theme of the movie ``Rocky.''' ... '``In the face  
of this danger, we have only one option, and that's to take the fight  
to the enemy,'' Cheney said.'


	'A technique, such as camouflage or electronic measures, that conceals  
characteristics to make an operation invisible.'


strategic deception

	'Deception planned and executed to result in foreign national policies  
and actions which support the originator's national objectives,  
policies, and strategic military plans.'

deception stories

deception objectives

deception means


	'In military deception, a trick of war designed to deceive the  
adversary, usually involving the deliberate exposure of false  
information to the adversary's intelligence collection system.'

emission control

signature control

infrared signature control

laser signature control

optical signature control
	'The employment of materials, electronics, and platform design  
features intended to reduce the susceptibility of the platform to  
detection, tracking, and engagement by an adversary using optical  

radio frequency signature control

magnetic signature control

screens // world-picture -> world-screen? (heidegger/virilio)

	'In surveillance, camouflage and concealment, any natural or  
artificial material, opaque to surveillance sensor(s) interposed  
between the sensor(s) and the object to be camouflaged or concealed.'

// the VP gets Wired overview. war, energy policy, Halliburton, WMD...

As Election Looms, Cheney Steps Out from Shadows 

[and] em-quote from: Elections lure hard man from the shadows

	 '"Am I the evil genius in the corner that nobody ever sees come out  
of his hole? It's a nice way to operate actually." [Cheney said]' ...  
'The vice-president's association with Halliburton, the oil services  
company where he was chief executive before joining the administration,  
has been a political irritation as the company remains under  
investigation on allegations of overcharging the US government on Iraq  

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

EM-quote from: 'Liberal' is a dirty word for George Carlin

	'Q: Do you feel like this country has progressed any way, shape or  
form in the past 20 years?' ... 'A: Everybody's got more jet skis and  
Dustbusters now and sneakers with lights in them. They've got more  
cheese on their thing that they buy. They get double helpings. See,  
Americans measure all their progress in the wrong way. They measure by  
quantity and by gizmos and toys. And not by quality and by things that  
are important.'

EM-quote: Neil Bush divorce produces disclosures // +.edu-software.biz

	'Bush has gone on to reap profits from other ventures. In the  
deposition, he said he hoped to receive an estimated $2 million for  
acting as a consultant to Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.,  
co-founded by Jiang Zemin's eldest son.' ... '"Now, you have absolutely  
no educational background in semiconductors, do you Mr. Bush?" Brown  
asked.' ... '"That's correct," said Bush, who holds an MBA from Tulane  

// thought there was an upper-limit for human productivity before
// it drops off from wear-and-tear, vis-a-vis the assembly line.
// note: the role of EM infrastructure for economic environments.

Cisco chief: Productivity is new engine of wealth // old economics
	'"The next big thing in technology is going to change dramatically our  
standard of living,"   Chambers said in an interview. "If productivity  
grows 1 percent per year, your standard of living doubles every 72  
years. If it grows at 3 percent, which I think is probable, you're  
talking every 24 years."' ... 'Not everyone [at Davos] shares his  
enthusiasm. While economists agree that countries with a more    
productive labor force grow faster, the drive for productivity is  
spurring many Western   companies to relocate jobs, increasingly  
white-collar ones, to cheaper markets including India and China.' ...  
'"We believe that to compete in this environment we're about to go  
into, with very good   competitors from Asia, etc., that our  
productivity per employee needs to be $700,000," he said. It is  
currently around $490,000, a level that Chambers said was twice that of  
its nearest rival.' ... 'Cisco's productivity jumped 9 percent in the  
last quarter, Chambers said, contributing to an 87.5 percent increase  
in profit per share...' ... '"The jobs over time will go to the  
best-educated places with the best infrastructure and the   most  
supportive governments," Chambers said. "How you create an environment  
where the jobs stay is going to be a key element."'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-30 III. // ***

This Modern [Computer Simulated] World // op-ed cartoon

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