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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #77

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (1/19/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary-- no comments.

(Awaiting the .US Supreme Court ruling on release
of .US Energy Task Force documents to the public.)

01) --top stories--

// regarding the .US Energy Task Force investigation:
// after falling off my chair reading this, it was thought
// this surprise gift from the news could be shared to
// offer some context to the invisible goings-on of the
// .US Energy Task Force process and papers which
// are going to be up-for-review by the Supreme Court
// of the United States of America, at the same time the
// related events of Enron's role in designing this public
// policy (and, possibly, much more) with Ken Lay's role
// as an unprosecuted figurehead of three years now to
// be brought into relation to Andrew Fastow's plea deal
// for 98 counts of fraud, which may get to bigger fish in
// the Enron events yet dealt with-- that the story below,
// and VP Cheney's intimate role in all things energetic,
// to be meeting with a Supreme Court Justice (Scalia)
// while the .US Energy Task Force is up for review in-
// front of the .US Supreme Court to release papers,
// and that this 'hunting trip' which produced little fowl,
// was held on the lands of an 'oil-services company'
// friend, also potentially related to .US Energy Task
// Force conflicts of interest, is- to be generous- totally
// outlandish to give further benefit of the doubt of no
// improprieties to influence process in such maneuvers.
// The only thing that could be done, it would seem,  is
// that Justice Scalia recuses himself from the review
// and decision over the .US Energy Task Force issues.

Scalia trip with Cheney raises eyebrows
Justice to hear case of energy task force

	'The pair arrived Jan. 5 and were guests of Wallace Carline, the owner  
of Diamond Services Corp. an oil services company in Amelia, La. The  
Associated Press in Morgan City, La., reported the trip on the day the  
vice president and his entourage departed.'

Toles cartoon on Enron, Fastow, Lay, Skillings, Cheney bunkerology

// distributed decentralized redundant diverse efficient => security

Power blackouts likely:  Electricity systems are becoming ever more
vulnerable, and there's no quick fix. // there's no fix like no fix.

	'Two groups of researchers have independently brought forward evidence  
of intrinsic weaknesses in the North American power grid. Their  
analyses both conclude that massive power blackouts such as the one  
that took out New York last summer are likely to happen again.' ..  
'Last week, John Kappenman, a US Government advisor from the  
California-based company Metatech Corporation, told the annual meeting  
of the American Meteorological Society in Seattle, Washington, that  
geomagnetic storms could cause much larger blackouts. And, he warned,  
the way the grid is growing only makes it more vulnerable. "The threat  
is greater than anyone had previously thought," says Kappenman.' ...  
'As the grid grows, and more inter-connecting wires are added to the  
system, it actually becomes more vulnerable to such storms, says  
Kappenman. "It lowers the total electrical resistance of the system,  
effectively making a bigger antenna for picking up induced current," he  
says. Over the last 50 years, there has been a tenfold increase in the  
lengths of power lines in the US. "The power companies have unwittingly  
built risks into the grid, and the risk is spiralling out of control,"  
he says.' ... 'To model [the] process, the team constructed a map of  
the US containing over 14,000 generating, transmission and distribution  
substations, and 19,000 connecting power lines 1. They conclude that  
the US power grid is a so-called 'exponential network', in which most  
of the network functions without giant hubs that connect large sections  
of the network together. However, the few well-connected hubs that do  
exist are crucial to the power distribution. If those transmission  
substations that bear the highest power loads are the first to break  
down, failure of just 4 % of them leads to a break-up of around 60 % of  
the network, they found.'

Waste Motor Oil Management May Pose Threat To Health And
The Environment // .US = 'one billion gallons of used oil' each year

	'The results provide further incentive for citizens and policymakers  
to encourage alternative used oil management strategies, possibly  
through incentives for treatment and by supporting markets for  
processed oil products, according to Boughton. But he is quick to point  
out what he considers the best option of all: use less oil in the first  

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Spam E-Mail Plays on Men's Deepest Fear // spam-envy...
	'According to Wired magazine, some 6,000 people ordered pills from  
Goringly.biz through the Amazing Internet Products  Web site over a  
four-week period, spending on average $100 each for two bottles. Wired  
traced the ownership of AIP to a  19-year-old New Hampshire chess whiz,  
Braden Bournival, who shied away from a reporter for the magazine who  
approached him at a chess tournament last summer.'

Infrared Brain Stimulation // post from bioelectromagnetics-list...

Evidence That Memories Are Consolidated During Sleep // slow-wavesleep

// example of dual-use benefits developed for space exploration...

Space Technology In New Technique To Fight Breast Cancer

	'This innovative system will offer cancer patients a new non-invasive  
treatment option that is more patient-friendly and without the negative  
side effects associated with chemo and radiation therapies.' ..  
'"Benefits will also include savings to the public health care sector  
because it is an outpatient treatment," adds Brunsveld van Hulten.' ...  
'ESA's expertise in wave propagation modelling has been essential in  
getting the two MRI and HIFU technologies to work optimally together.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Burning Fossil Fuels Has A Measurable Cooling Effect On The Climate

	'Atmospheric researchers have provided observational evidence that  
burning fossil fuels has a direct impact on the solar radiation  
reflectivity of clouds, thereby contributing to global climate change.'  
... '"This study is important for two reasons," Penner said. "First, it  
provides evidence that there is some cooling of the climate due to  
anthropogenic aerosols. Second, the simulation model we used has been  
shown to be a valuable tool in determining more directly the impact of  
aerosols on the climate."'

Why Hubble is being dropped

	'Left alone, Hubble will fall back to Earth sometime in 2012 and it is  
big enough not to burn up completely.' .. '"Its main mirror, and its  
titanium support ring, will survive and reach the ground," Steven  
Beckwith told BBC News Online.' ..  'It is estimated that left alone  
there is a one in 700 chance of human casualty being caused by an  
uncontrolled Hubble re-entry. That is, everyone agrees, unacceptable.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Fingerprint Identification Door Lock // at Consumer Electronics Show

	'Shepherd 210 Fingerprint Identification Doorlock verifies pre-stored  
fingerprint. Only the persons with matched fingerprints are allowed  
open the door. Up to 50 persons can store their fingerprints to the  

Paedophile gets five-year net ban // versus life-term...

	'This laudable initiative is, sadly, symbolic. Detective Sergeant  
Diane Davies, who worked the case, noted that "police could not stop  
him using the equipment".'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

EM-quote: Putin Asks Saudi Arabia's Help to Rebuild Chechnya

	'The Chechen leader says Saudi officials agreed to provide financial  
assistance to help rebuild Chechnya, which has been devastated by  
nearly a decade of conflict between Russian troops and Chechen  
separatist fighters.' .. 'Relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia  
were given a major boost last September when the crown prince visited  
Moscow.  The visit was made largely to discuss commercial relations  
between two of the world's leading exporters of oil.'

Iraq Oil Abuses Alleged

Oil Prices Jump 5 Pct on U.S. Deep Freeze

// curious to know where the political use of 'flip-flop' arose from,
// as there is a circuit event called a 'flip-flop' in electronics...

Iraq oil deals go to KBR and Parsons // flip, flop, flip, flop, flip.

[related] definition of term flip-flop:

	'flip-flop (n.) Also referred to as a bistable gate, a type of circuit  
that is interconnected with like circuits to form logic gates in  
digital integrated circuits, such as memory chips and microprocessors.  
The name "flip-flop" comes from the circuit's nature of alternating  
between two states when a current is applied to the circuit (for  
example, 1 to 0 or 0 to 1). A flip-flop will maintain its state  
indefinitely until it receives an input pulse, called a trigger, which  
forces it to alternate its state. Once the circuit changes state it  
remains in that state until another trigger is received.'

13 Dead in Algerian Gas Explosion

	'Refinery officials said the blast was under investigation but early  
indications were that it was accidental.' .. 'More than 12,000 people  
work in the port's industrial zone. Algeria, which has been struggling  
for more than a decade to end an Islamic insurgency, is one of the  
world's largest exporters of natural gas.'

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs


New Black Cable Channel Debuts on MLK Day

	'"There should be more than two cable channels that aggressively  
target African-Americans in a universe of more 200 channels," said  
Jason Helfstein, a media analyst with CIBC World Markets Corp.'

The cyberbrains behind Howard Dean:  Just one year ago,
few Americans had heard about an obscure governor who
happened to want to be president of the United States.

[related?] Study: Network news criticizes Dean most // media-state

	'More than three-quarters of the coverage of Dean's foes by the  
nightly news programs was favorable, while a majority of attention to  
Dean was negative, the Center for Media and Public Affairs found.'

Battle over 'dirty bomb' suspect

Red Sea crash recorder found

Killer uses Internet to revel over crimes, taunt victim's kin

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

EM-related quote from: War of Ideas, Part 4, Thomas Friedman

	'... three dangerous trends are converging around Israel. One is a  
massive population explosion across the Arab world. The second is the  
worst interpersonal violence ever between Israelis and Palestinians.  
And the third is an explosion of Arab multimedia — from Al Jazeera to  
the Internet. What's happening is that this Arab media explosion is  
feeding the images of this Israeli-Palestinian violence to this Arab  
population explosion — radicalizing it and melding in the heads of  
young Arabs and Muslims the notion that the biggest threat to their  
future is J.I.A. — "Jews, Israel and America."'

The FCC History Project // via TSCM-L...

	'In recognition of the social and economic importance of communication  
technologies, the FCC has undertaken a history project with the purpose  
of reminding those who either visit or work in FCC headquarters of the  
rich technological heritage that underlies today’s vibrant  
communications marketplace.'

How Caching Works -

Linux TV--  The world's top electronics makers are
rallying around an operating system--and it's not Windows.

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

How USB Ports Work -

Java runs remote-controlled Mars rover:
The same piece of software that lets people around the world play
video games on their cell phones is now letting scientists drive
the ultimate remote-controlled car across the surface of Mars.

Robots to gain eyes in the back of their heads // all seeing eyeball

	'The new "eye," named the Argus Eye after the all-seeing Greek god,  
passes the images to a computer which works out the direction in which  
the robot is pointing and heading.' .. 'While humans can rely on  
sensors in their ears to navigate themselves, many robots have to rely  
solely on their single eye.'

To Be in Sync With Mars, Team Resets Body Clocks // plus MarsDial...

	'Accurate timekeeping is also crucial because of the extreme daily and  
seasonal swings in temperature, winds, atmospheric pressure and frost  
on Mars, scientists say. They are careful to note when measurements are  
taken, local time.' .. 'The good news for the humans who must match the  
rover cycle, Squyres likes to quip, is that "you  get to sleep in 39  
minutes later every day."' .. 'The bad news  is that the amount of  
offset with Earth time is constantly sliding.'

Rover takes microscopic images of Mars

Camera Phones Help Buyers Beware // thanks *. local e-surplus CueCats

	'The CueCat -- that pesky bar-code scanner from Digital Convergence --  
may be dead, but its spirit is finding new life in the form of a camera  
phone.' .. 'During the past six months, no fewer than four software  
firms have released applications to help consumers turn their  
camera-equipped mobile phones into personal bar-code scanners.' ..  
'Like the CueCat , the applications automatically trigger the download  
of coupons, reviews and other information about a given product  
whenever a user takes a photo of its bar code.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Gillette: New disposable razor hums, makes hair stand on end //gizmodo

	'Gillette rolled out a new high-tech, premium razor Thursday, a  
souped-up version of the Mach3Turbo featuring 62 patents and a tiny,  
battery-powered motor that emits pulses that work on the skin to prop  
up hair so it can be lopped off more easily.' ... 'The M3Power comes  
with a Duracell battery -- also manufactured by Gillette and lasting  
three to six months under normal use -- that fits in the handle and  
powers a small motor that generates what Pesce described as a "gentle  
hum." That energy increases the tension in facial skin, and essentially  
props up hairs, which can otherwise lie flat.'

Gamepad aims to build up muscle // Kilowatt gaming system...

	'The Kilowatt gaming system is a life-size controller that forces  
gamers to use their muscles to play.' .. 'The traditional thumb sticks  
and buttons on a gamepad are blended into a single shoulder-height  
joystick.' .. 'The controller is attached to an alloy steel resistance  
rod and a sensor array.' .. 'The sensors measure the microscopic flex  
in the rod as a gamer pushes and pulls on it.' .. 'This is translated  
into data for the game console, as well as calculating the amount of  
force used.' ... 'The system works on the principle of isometric  
exercise, which contracts the muscles without moving any joints.' ..  
'After just a couple of minutes of playing Gran Turismo with the  
joystick, you can feel the strain in your upper arms and shoulder  
muscles.' ... '"With the Kilowatt, you are expending calories and you  
are breaking a sweat.  It is actually physically difficult."'

Headlights Get Their Moment in the Spotlight // xenon bulbs and LEDs

	'Beyond style, practical reasons have spurred  car companies to focus  
on lighting. In Europe, there are strict regulations on lights'  
brightness and height levels as well as the kinds of lights used. As  
European cars find their way to the United States, so do the innovative  
light designs. Then there are the aging baby boomers with diminishing  
vision who demand brighter and better lighting.'

Image drives fate of flash memory cards:
The digital home is here, and the early beneficiaries are the
makers of removable flash memory cards. // cellphone cameras...

Robot belly-dancer shakes her stuff:  A computer program
that mimics fish nerves creates the perfect wriggle. // CPG...

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Weapons experts arrive to begin disarming Libya // good news...

Notes on accuracy, warfare, and representation // outstanding.

// what is the public science on this? the statements are from the
// Fusion Institute which obviously has some special interest in it.
// it is also a good argument for doing nothing, strategically, to
// change current patterns of energy infrastructures, then to go for
// another 'big gamble' that this monopoly game will just work out...

U.S. Eyes Space as Possible Battleground // highly suspect.

	'"I think the new initiative is driven by a desire to beat the Chinese  
to the moon," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense  
and space policy research group.' ... 'The moon, scientists  [what  
scientists? -Ed] have said, is a source of potentially unlimited energy  
in the form of the helium 3 isotope -- a near perfect fuel source:  
potent, nonpolluting and causing virtually no radioactive byproduct in  
a fusion reactor.' .. '"And if we could get a monopoly on that, we  
wouldn't have to worry about the Saudis and we could basically tell  
everybody what the price of energy was going to be," said Pike.' ..  
'Gerald Kulcinski of the Fusion Technology Institute at the University  
of Wisconsin at Madison estimated the moon's helium 3 would have a cash  
value of perhaps $4 billion a ton in terms of its energy equivalent in  
oil.' .. 'Scientists reckon there are about 1 million tons of helium 3  
on the moon, enough to power the earth for thousands of years. The  
equivalent of a single space shuttle load or roughly 30 tons could meet  
all U.S. electric power needs for a year, Kulcinski said by e-mail.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

PC viruses spawn $55 billion loss in 2003 // says anti-virus co.

	'"The spam threat will increase exponentially, and will become the  
hideouts for viruses and hacking programs trying to gain an entry into  
the network," [Lionel Phangm Trend Micro's managing director] added.'  
.. '"Blended threats also will remain the standard way to attack  
networks, where one virus file will create four to five different  
activities within the system."' .. 'Phang offered the following example  
of a blended threat: A spam-generating virus causes a surge in the  
company's network traffic and prompts its network administrators to  
block the junk e-mail, and while technicians try to fix the spam  
problem, the virus drops a program into the system that monitors  
keystrokes and steals company passwords and user IDs.'

// Hotwheels toys made earlier mars probes, likely collectors items.

Mars Mania hits toy shop shelves : The current fascination
with Mars is giving a stratospheric boost to more

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Toward a Cybernetic Pedagogy: The Cognitive
Revolution and the Classroom, 1948-Present. John M. Heffron

	'Cybernetics marks, as Henry Adams said of the electric dynamo almost  
a century ago, a distinct rupture with the past, with all of our old  
ideas of force and matter, cause-and-effect, the human and the  
mechanical—"a sudden irruption of forces totally new," wrote Adams in  
"The Dynamo and the Virgin" (1898), referring to the technological  
wonders on display at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, although he  
could just as easily have been referring to the cybernetic revolution  
of recent years. Compared to the values of technique and control  
embodied in the dynamo, the Virgin Mary represented for Adams an  
earlier and more sympathetic force in human affairs, a time when the  
limitations of human existence were the sign of a higher moral and  
spiritual grace, not an obstacle to be overcome in the interest of  
greater industrial growth and stability.12' .. 'Norbert Wiener, whose  
work established the parameters of this new field, is not alone  
responsible for this dramatic shift in the relations between the human  
"animal" and the dynamo, Adams's new "symbol of infinity."13'

1958: The Integrated Circuit is Invented by Jack Kilby // image...

Pictorial History of Media Technology

1950: Simon Electromechanical Personal Computer // image

1955: TRADIC - The First Fully Transistorized Computer // image

1971: Intel 4004 - The First Microprocessor on the Market // image...

	'The 4004 contains 2000 transistors and is a 4-bit microprocessor  
capable of processing 4 bits of information at a time at a rate of  
about 0.06 MHz.'

1981: Osborne Portable Computer // image...

object sex // online experiment forces either-or bias...

EM-related quote from article: Israeli ambassador kicked
out of Swedish museum after vandalizing art // no comment.

	'According to museum director Kristian Berg, the ambassador went  
berserk in front of the 400 specially-invited guests when he saw the  
piece.' .. '"He pulled out the plugs and threw one of the spotlights  
into the fountain which caused the entire installation to short-  
circuit and made it totally life-threatening," he told TT.' ...  
'"Ultimately we had to escort the ambassador out of the museum," museum  
director Berg said, adding that he did not consider the artwork to be a  
provocation.' .. '"It is rather an invitation to think about why such  
things happen in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," he said.'

circuit board earrings

blue capacitor earrings

binary code necktie

computer keyboard necktie // wow.

motherboard t-shirt // strange ode.

Nuclear plant may win listed building status

	'Mr Fraser has also recommended Torness power station, near Dunbar,  
despite the building, which was designed by Howard Lobb, filling him  
with dread.' .. 'Describing it as "a lump that, however it is chopped  
up and buried, will be malignant for an age", he said: "I can't deny  
its power and beauty...it plays huge, grey shimmering abstract tricks  
with the sky, the light and the cloud."'

Designer ATM agent of change?:  Bronze machine brings chic to blight

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