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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #75

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (1/13/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Big changes this week in regard to Paul O'Neill, former Secretary of  
Commerce. One of these is that the war in Iraq was planned prior to  
9/11, in January of 2001 -- with 'maps of oilfields' -- which have been  
mentioned here previously, with reporting by others online. At the same  
time, Andrew Fastow's case with Enron on 98 charges of fraud was to  
come up before a judge, and the judge decided against a plea bargain,  
thus breaking down the possibility. With superb timing, Mr. Cheney made  
some kind of appearance in the the public to talk about how great his  
heart is. At the same time he surfaces, WMDs are alleged to have shown  
up in Iraq. All of these are EM-related issues, in larger part or  
minute detail. The weirdest EM-related news heard this week was also  
related to the 'new' future moonbase and mission-to-mars that is to be  
pitched: the reason given on a financial television show by one of the  
especially interested parties was, something to the effect, ~well,  
there's a lot of metal (or iron) there~ (on the moon), ~and therefore  
it would be good for datastorage.~ Another similar quote was to inhabit  
the moon for then the .US could get rare elements for advanced fusion  
energy power for the Earth. So everything seems to be coming together  
now... how current events are often EM related. (that is, oil, policy,  
energy, business, corruption, mineral mining in space, future energy  
sources, weapons of war, geostrategy, politics.)

01) --top stories--

// note: oil went above 35.00/barrel today in the .US...

Oil prices hit highest level since Iraq war // via drudgereport.com


	1. Iraq Oil Map.PDF
	2. Iraq Oil Foreign Suitors.2.PDF
	3. Iraq Oil Foreign Suitors.1.PDF
	4. UAE Oil Map.PDF
	5. UAE Oil Proj.PDF
	6. SA Oil Map.PDF
	7. SAOilProj.PDF

Iraq: the Struggle for Oil. By James  A. Paul. Executive Director,
Global Policy Forum. August,  2002 (revised December, 2002) //thanks *

	'The US and the UK governments also see  control over Iraqi and Gulf  
oil as essential to their broader military, geo-strategic and economic  
interests. At the same time, though, other states and oil companies   
hope to gain a large or even dominant position in Iraq. As  
de-nationalization  sweeps through the oil sector, international  
companies see Iraq as an extremely  attractive potential field of  
expansion. France and Russia, the longstanding insiders,  pose the  
biggest challenge to future Anglo-American domination (US-UK), but  
serious competitors from China, Germany and Japan also play in the Iraq  

[and] Report: Pentagon Auditors Altered Files // .US energy task force,  

	'Pentagon auditors spent 1,139 hours altering their own files in order  
to pass an internal review, say investigators who found that the  
accounting sleuths engaged in just the kind of wasteful activity they  
are supposed to expose.' .. 'When the auditors in the New York City  
office learned well in advance which files a review team would check,  
they spent the equivalent of more than 47 days doctoring the papers and  
updating records from several audits, the Defense Department's  
inspector general concluded. Administrative staff, audit supervisors  
and other employees also participated in the scheme.' ... 'The defense  
agency, which audits government contracts, is the same one that  
recently reported that Vice President Dick Cheney's former company,  
Halliburton, may have overcharged the Army as much as $61 million for  
gasoline in Iraq.' ... 'The report said agency employees believed that  
"upgrading" the working papers was a normal and acceptable practice and  
that they did not try to hide what they were doing.'

EM-quote:  TPM by Joshua Marshall (January 11, 2004 -- 12:02 AM EDT)

	'Along these lines too, I've never been one who believes that oil --  
in a direct sense -- was a key cause of this war.  (By 'direct sense' I  
mean, the desire to have direct financial control over oil reserves as  
opposed to a general recognition that stability and friendly states at  
the key supply points of the world's oil supplies is of vital concern  
to the US.)  But big decisions like this always have a myriad of  
motivations behind them and multiple parentage.  Explanations tend to  
be quite over-determined.  But I hear more and more about what's in  
those Cheney energy task force records.  Might be time to revisit that.'

N. Korea urges U.S to accept nuke freeze

	'International and domestic pressure is mounting for the Bush  
administration to accept the North's offer of a freeze as a compromise  
to rekindle six-nation talks on the nuclear standoff.' ... 'While  
previously rejecting such offers, the United States -- against the  
backdrop of the delegation's visit -- called Pyongyang's latest  
proposal a "positive step forward." South Korea hailed the plan as  
creating "atmosphere" for new negotiations.' ... 'The North has  
insisted it needs nuclear weapons as a deterrent against a possible  
U.S. attack. It says it will freeze its nuclear programs as a first  
step if Washington lifts sanctions against it, resumes shipments of  
heavy oil, and removes North Korea from the State Department list of  
countries that sponsor terrorism.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

EM-related quote: Confessions of a White House Insider // pollution

	'... losing debates before they had begun. The  President  asked for a  
global-warming plan one minute and then while it was being  formulated,  
announced that he was reversing a campaign pledge to cut  carbon   
dioxide emissions and pulling out unceremoniously from the Kyoto   
global- warming treaty, short-circuiting his aides' work. The President  
was  "clearly  signing on to strong ideological positions that had not  
been fully thought  through," says O'Neill.'

// there has been previous debate concerning using the Internet
// as a catch-all reason for socail ils, and thus controlling it
// as a way to cure social ills of more disturbing societal ills.
// how can such issues be addressed, without taking away privacy
// of everyone as a result. so as to destroy these exploitations.

Internet to blame for rise in child abuse, says study

Future Of Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Lies In Tumor 'Barcode'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

EM-quote: VP would back ban on gay marriage // drill global, ski local

	'The vice president defended the administration's recent bullish  
efforts to expand exploration and production of natural gas in the  
Rocky Mountain region. "There is such an enormous demand for gas out  
there around the country. Prices are high, and we need to develop those  
resources from the standpoint of our national energy requirements," he  
said.' .. 'When asked about the environmental cost of such production,  
Cheney expressed confidence that development could go hand in hand with  
conservation.' .. '"One of the things I was always sensitive to as a  
Wyoming congressman was all those folks on both coasts who want to tell  
us how to do our business in the Rocky Mountains when in fact we have  
done a great job protecting and preserving the environment over the  
years," Cheney said. "That is why they like to come to places like  
Jackson Hole and Aspen to vacation."'

Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert // via cryptome.org

	'Cheney is  portrayed as an unstoppable force, unbowed by inconvenient  
facts as he  drives  Administration policy toward his goals.'

EM-related quote: FLASH CARD, part of the NewsScan newsletter

	"Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the   
usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody   
thinks of complaining." (Jef Raskin)

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

// -- what homeland security color are you? red? yellow? or green?
// if safe, get your free green card, or green freedom card, soon.
// read that boarding passes for planes have 'SSS' on them, as of
// now, or three asterisks, '***' as a signifier for watch-listed...

Air Travel Database Plan Is Set To Advance // prepare 4 profiling...
U.S. Seeks Passenger Records to Rate Risk // via drudgereport.com

	'Despite stiff resistance from airlines and privacy advocates, the  
U.S. government plans to push ahead this year with a vast computerized  
system to probe the backgrounds of all passengers boarding flights in  
the United States.'

'MRI system for semiconductors' // signal analyzer?

	'Leisz, 50, is founder, president and CEO of Wavecrest Corp., an Eden  
Prairie manufacturer of equipment that is fast enough and accurate  
enough to detect flaws in even the fastest of the hyper-speed  
semiconductors now under development.' ... 'Today, the speed of  
Wavecrest's products is measured in attoseconds, which is the time it  
takes light to traverse not a hair, but an atom. Whoops, there's that  
glaze again.'

// radio scanners make mention of specific frequencies used by
// fast food restaurants (between 30Mhz-60MHz, somewhere, it
// seemed), and, it is imagined if such a frequency was found,
// one can listen to drive-in exchanges, also said commonplace.
// thus, it would seem if the radio frequency is known then a
// simple soldered transmitter kit could be made just for this...

Hackers heckle drive-in diners
US police are hunting hackers who tapped into the radio
at a fast food drive-through and insulted customers.

Errant E-Mail Shames RFID Backer 

	'The e-mail, written by a college intern at GMA, reads, "I don't know  
what to tell this woman! 'Well, actually we're trying to see if you  
have a juicy past that we could use against you.'"'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

The Barreling Bushes
Four generations of the dynasty have chased profits through cozy
ties with Mideast leaders, spinning webs of conflicts of interest

New Calif. wind farm seen as model for wind energy

	'High Winds' turbines are taller, more powerful and more efficient  
than older generation turbines, which means the project can generate  
more energy with fewer machines. Each turbine generates 1.8 megawatts,  
18 times more than the 100-kilowatt turbines built two decades ago.' ..  
'Older turbines can't rotate from side to side, so they often remain  
idle, and only operate at maximum efficiency when the wind blows in the  
right direction. High Winds' turbines swivel to face oncoming breezes,  
capturing energy at wind speeds as low as eight mph, said FPL spokesman  
Steven Stengel.'

Magnetars, The Most Magnetic Stars Known,
More Common Than Previously Thought

Privacy in an Instant - How Smart Windows Work

How Quartz Watches Work -

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Cuba tightens control over Internet

	'Cuba's communist government already heavily controls access to the  
Internet. Cubans must have government permission to use the Web legally  
and most don't, although many can access international e-mail and a  
more limited government-controlled intranet at government jobs and  
schools.' .. 'Now Cubans will need additional approval to access via  
the nation's regular phone service. Since few Cubans are authorized to  
use the Internet from home _ only some doctors and key government  
officials _ the new law amounts to a crackdown on illegal users.' ..  
'The law states that the move is necessary to "regulate dial-up access  
to Internet navigation service, adopting measures that help protect  
against the taking of passwords, malicious acts, and the fraudulent and  
unauthorized use of this service."'

Poll: Alternative news gaining influence

[and]  KTIS Radio buys two Iowa stations, Associated Press

	'That kind of fundraising success has become routine for the  
noncommercial station since 1998, when KTIS overhauled its FM offerings  
to include a grouping of catchy Christian contemporary music, news  
feeds and traffic reports, bookended by announcers touting a subtle  
evangelical message.' .. 'Meanwhile, its AM dial broadcasts the  
"teaching and preaching" typical of most Christian radio stations.' ..  
'During its September "Sharathon" event, KTIS raised enough to cover  
its annual operating budget of $2.6 million in 36 hours and finished  
the three-day on-air drive with a total pledge of $4.8 million.' ..  
'Minnesota Public Radio's October pledge drive lasted more than a week  
and fell $150,000 short of its $1.9 million goal, said MPR spokeswoman  
Suzanne Perry.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

// 75% less money, could be a repeat of the early PC clone wars...

Scooter clone takes on the Segway-- You could soon see a lot more  
people zipping around on stand-up Segway-type electric scooters.

New TVs Are Easy to Admire, Tougher to Comprehend // digital dystopics

	'It is becoming harder to buy a television set than a personal  
computer. The unheralded side effect of the digital transformation that  
promises to bring TV sets new levels of quality and performance is that  
they've become much harder to decipher.'

Researchers Testing Way To Communicate
To Soldiers On Battlefield Through Vibrations

How Photocopiers Work -

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Random Acts of Spamness // increasing streams of data pollution...

	'By throwing a hundred or so random words rarely used in sales spiels  
into each e-mail missive, spammers hope to thwart Bayesian filters by  
making the spam appear to be personal correspondence. Incorporating  
words that might be used in legitimate e-mails is also intended to  
poison the checklist the filter uses, forcing it to mark, for example,  
e-mails with somewhat common words like Amazon and fish as spam  
indicators.' ... 'Some spammers have started hiding hash busters from  
consumers by formatting the filter-fouling gibberish in white text on a  
white background. Users probably won't see it, but the filters will  
still be able to "read" it.'

Original Electromagnetic Clocks // this is great. see controller...

// see clock set for Standard, Universal, and Sidereal. via PHYS-L...

[and] Sidereal Clock: Keeps time by the stars instead of the sun

	'Most clocks keep "solar time". A solar day is one in which the earth  
makes one rotation and the sun returns to the same place in the sky.  
Astronomers keep time in relation to the stars, with what is called  
"sidereal time". A sidereal day is one in which the earth makes one  
rotation and the stars return to the same place in the sky. A sidereal  
day is a little bit shorter than a solar day because the earth is  
moving around the sun and it must turn a little bit farther each day to  
face the sun.' ... 'Objects in the sky are located by their celestial  
position. This position is commonly given as "Right Ascension" and  
"Declination". Every astronomical object has these coordinates. For  
example, The star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion is at Right  
Ascension 5 hours 55 minutes and Declination 7 degrees 24 minutes. The  
Right Ascension is sidereal time. This allows you to know what  
celestial objects are "up" if you know what the local sidereal time is.  
Once you have a sidereal clock on your wall, if you see that it's 5:55  
local sidereal time, you know that Betelgeuse and Orion are on the  
meridian. If it's 18:37 sidereal time, Vega and the constellation Lyra  
are on the meridian. If you're familiar with celestial coordinates, a  
sidereal clock allows you to keep in touch with what's going on in the  
sky even during the daytime when the stars cannot be seen.'

EM-quote from: The Allure of an Outpost on the Moon

	'"I think there is a lot of data hidden away on the Moon that remains  
to be unraveled," Dr. McKay said. "The lunar regolith is like a giant  
tape recorder that has been running for billions of years."'

EM-quote from: Confessions of a White House Insider // EM media...

	'Suskind had access not only to O'Neill but also to the  saddlebags he  
took with him when he left town, which included a  minute-by-minute  
accounting of his 23 months in office and 19,000 pages  of  documents  
on CD-ROM.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

PBS funding up after 3-year dry spell // .US public cyberspace, oil

	'Exxon Mobil Corp., which had given "Masterpiece Theatre" $300 million  
over 35 years as sole sponsor, will end its association with the  
program after this spring.'

// this platform (audiovisual) makes a lot of sense, going beyond
// the .mp3 + addon failed strategy (ref. handspring), and into a
// device that could be used by artists for showing slides (maybe,
// with a port hookup, on a tv), for showing movies or running an
// installation in a gallery of these things, where an art center
// could have people come in and install their works, upload them
// into the larger display (audiovisual) network, or to plug-into
// it using, possibly, something small and AV enabled. battery-life
// probably would not be an issue if it could be plugged in with a
// jack for such uses. something like this on an airplane to watch
// a movie, even television, it is possible, would be possible, even
// radio. battery life though for AV is apparently more intensive,
// and so maybe demand for such a device in addition to cellphones
// can bring massive R&D innovation in batteries & micro-fuelcells.
// (consider the state of 'pocket televisions' as comparable in that
// they have smaller screens, often with issues of screen quality
// for broadcast and refresh rates of color LCDs, and though they
// had battery issues (besides mobiles and PDAs) and these PMCs
// have bigger screens and will also be using video intensively).
// first thought was it was what an iPod was going to be, then
// also, that it looks like what these 'tablets' were meant to be.

Creative's new gizmo steals the show// Zen Portable Media Centre (PMC)

	'According to Creative, though small, the Zen PMC can carry hundreds  
of hours of video and thousands of songs and images.'

Gates Details Vision of 'Seamless Computing' at CES

	'In his keynote address at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics  
Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, Microsoft chairman and chief  
software architect Bill Gates expanded on the company's vision for  
"seamless computing," demonstrating software designed to deliver  
unified digital experiences and make the technology in consumers' lives  
work as a connected whole. '

// see: Figure 1: Type of Sensor by Home Appliance Type, 2003
// washing machines appear to have the most sensors in them...

Sensors: Bringing the World of Tomorrow...Today
by Michael Rasche, industry research manager, Frost & Sullivan

	'We live in a world that is starving for information. We want it  
immediately, in greater detail, and in higher volumes. Through the  
wonders of sensors, the 21st century promises to make information about  
our homes, and what is happening within it, more readily available and  
easier to access.'

Kodak to stop selling traditional cameras in U.S. // via gizmodo.com

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

The Barreling Bushes
Four generations of the dynasty have chased profits through cozy
ties with Mideast leaders, spinning webs of conflicts of interest

Park Police Bomb Their Terrorism Test // dirty-bomb-dud. via drudge...

Rebels Hit Philippine Power Plant; 7 Die

	'Lucero said the rebels intended to destroy the power plant, about 50  
miles south of Manila, and cause a widespread blackout on the main  
Philippine island of Luzon.' .. '"They intended to paralyze the  
livelihood of the people ... and they would just be alienated from the  
masses," Lucero said.' .. 'The rebel spokesman told DZRH radio the  
attack was "in response to the directive of the party to intensify  
tactical offensives" and to punish the soldiers based in the area for  
human rights violations.' .. '"The attack was directed at the  
detachment," Rosal said. "In truth they did not do anything to (the  
facility)," he said.'

Pentagon plots turning scooters into robots

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

The Barreling Bushes
Four generations of the dynasty have chased profits through cozy
ties with Mideast leaders, spinning webs of conflicts of interest

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

An Archaeology of Imaginary Media -- Excavating mankind's dreams
of the ultimate communication medium.  February 5 - 8, 2004,
De Balie - Centre for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam

Sanyo at CES '04 // concept-phone prototypes. via gizmodo.com

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