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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #72

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (1/02/2004)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Note: private diplomatic initiatives on North Korea's nuclear program...
while the .US has lost the keys to its own nuclear plants and  
(Some big news regarding energy policy may soon be forthcoming...)

01) --top stories--

U.S. Officials Confirm N Korea Visit by Nuclear Experts // hope...

	'North Korea has invited a delegation of U.S. nuclear experts from  
outside the Bush administration to visit its main nuclear complex next  
week, U.S. officials said Friday.' .. 'It will be the first exposure by  
outside experts to the site since  Pyongyang expelled U.N. monitors at  
the end of 2002, the officials said.'

EM-related quote: Hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror // nukewar

	'President George W Bush was sent a public manifesto yesterday by  
Washington's hawks, demanding regime change in Syria and Iran and a  
Cuba-style military blockade of North Korea backed by planning for a  
pre-emptive strike on its nuclear sites.' ... 'It may be assumed that  
their instincts at least are shared by hawks inside the government,  
whose twin power bases are the Pentagon's civilian leadership and the  
office of the vice-president, Dick Cheney.'

// note: many current whitehouse staff are watergate era appointees
// including a former president of the .US, vice president, on & on...

[and] UK feared Americans would invade Gulf during 1973 oil crisis

	'Ted Heath's government feared - at the height of the 1973 oil crisis  
- that the White House was planning to invade Saudi Arabia and the Gulf  
to secure fuel supplies, according to Downing Street files released  
today.' .. 'Suspicions about Richard Nixon's administration as it  
struggled to shake free from the Watergate scandal, the documents show,  
were reinforced when the prime minister was only belatedly informed of  
a worldwide nuclear alert declared by the US.'

E-Voting Firm Acknowledges Hacker Break-in

	'VoteHere Inc. of Bellevue, Wash., confirmed Monday that U.S.  
authorities are investigating a break-in of its computers months ago,  
when someone roamed its internal computer network. The intruder  
accessed internal documents and may have copied sensitive software  
blueprints that the company planned eventually to disclose publicly.'

Israel jails settler radio bosses:  An Israeli
court has sentenced four managers of a pirate
radio station set up by settlers in the West Bank.

Missing Keys At U.S. Nuke Labs // 200 hundred!!! via drudgereport.com

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

CT scans may harm children's brains

	'Studies of those who were exposed to radiation while still in the  
womb from the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima have shown  
that high doses can harm the brain. But little is known about the  
effects of low doses according to Per Hall, an associate professor at  
the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and colleagues writing in this  
week's British Medical Journal.' ... 'They found that low doses of  
ionising radiation, similar to those from a CT scan, "may adversely  
affect intellectual development".'

'Smart Bracelet' for Medical Emergencies // via gizmodo.com Turkey

Brainwave fault explains slip-ups : Scientists have found
an explanation for those mornings where you put coffee
on your cornflakes and the cat in the washing machine.

	'Monitoring of the volunteer's brainwaves showed they were more likely  
to make a mistake following a drop in levels of a type of brainwave  
called P300.' ... '"We looked at P300 waves and we found that if they  
began to fall, we knew a mistake was likely to happen.'

RIP Nuclear Waste // safety and security issue...

	'At present highly radioactive waste is put into interim storage where  
it has to sit for 30 to 40 years for its radioactivity and heat  
production to decline. It is still hazardous and should be stored  
somewhere permanently.' .. 'In many countries, it is unclear who will  
pay for the cost divided over hundreds, even hundreds of thousands of  
years.' ... 'Critics say big central repositories would again increase  
the risk of accidents or theft because the nuclear waste has to be  
transported to them from each plant.' .. 'In many cases, it is unclear  
for how long nuclear waste is the liability of the firm causing it, and  
when the state takes over.' .. 'This makes it tough for utilities to  
calculate the cost, especially if the repositories are built in such a  
way that they have to be guarded for security reasons.'

// once again, imagine the need for future hearing aid developments
// in a world of mp3 players and cellphones and iPod audio-effects...
// audiologists may be preparing for a boom in future marketplaces...
// plus, what developments (cellphone headsets? speech translation?)
// might be dual-use with hearing-aid technologies? maybe they will
// be like eyeglasses/contact lenses and vision, yet for listening...

Tests for 'smallest' hearing aid // design value + cultural awareness

	'The manufacturers hope it will help end the stigma associated with  
wearing more visible hearing aids.' .. 'This has resulted in many  
people refusing to use a hearing aid, even though they would benefit.'  
... 'UK audiologist Heather Dowber said the device was a "major  
breakthrough" in hearing aid technology.' .. 'She said: "This product  
looks set to offer a genuine solution to some of the long established  
technical problems associated with hearing aids, including feedback,  
occlusion or ear blockage and, of course, comfort."'

How CAT Scans Work -

Foo-foo that grumps and frumps won't like // via macsurfer.com

	'Wild Divine is a "game" that works on PC or Macintosh and uses  
biofeedback hardware and a series of simple interactive relaxation  
exercises to get players in tune with their stress levels.' .. 'For  
about $130 ($160 after Dec. 31) you get PC and Mac software, a "Light  
Stone" control box, three fingertip clasps called "Magic Rings," a  
companion guidebook and a CD of ethereal music.' .. 'The three Magic  
Rings connect to the tips of the index, middle and ring fingers of your  
non-mouse hand and monitor heart rate variability and something called  
"skin conductance level." Players usually have to relax or stir  
themselves to manipulate on-screen objects.' .. 'Using only your  
ability to control your biorhythms, you'll stack rocks, shoot arrows,  
float balloons, control water, kindle fires and perform about 40 other  
tricks designed to teach you the ways of relaxation, awareness and the  
mind-body connection.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// one new laptop: battery, LCD screen, and motherboard all broke...

IBook, IPod Users Plot Lawsuits // full price upgrades to fix flaws...

Industry by industry, executives give their outlook for 2004

Incentive to Recycle Tech Gadgets 

// a handspring PDA just died. batteries just drain. it was the
// 2nd replacement for the first one that did this. obselente IT:
// no liability for faulty wiring, circuits, or quality control...

[and] Gadgets to garbage
Electronics of Christmas Past are coming back to haunt US landfillers

	'"Americans already have a large inventory of obsolete consumer  
electronics sitting in their homes," says John Powers, a consultant to  
the electronics recycling industry, adding, "The pace of technological  
change in consumer electronics seems to be growing. So in five years,  
that buildup is going to be significant."' .. 'So far, e-waste  
represents less than 1 percent of total municipal solid waste, the  
Environmental Protection Agency reports. But the fraction belies its  
potential pollution impact.' .. 'More than other municipal solid waste,  
e-waste is larded with heavy metals that leach into groundwater.  
Chromium, zinc, lead, copper, manganese, selenium, and arsenic are  
common on electronic circuit boards. The threat from those is growing  
as the volume in landfills grows.'

Websites collect Apple gripes
Users threaten suits over claims of defects

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Police database called intrusive by rights group // via macsurfer.com
System designed to let cops coordinate quick search for terrorists

	'Russo was in the right place at the right time because of a powerful  
tool called MATRIX, for Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange.  
The Intranet system combines a variety of public and law enforcement  
databases, allowing law enforcement agents to quickly search addresses,  
Social Security numbers, credit card records, criminal histories,  
drivers license files, property records and other databases to quickly  
track down suspects.'

G-man lessons : Howard Schmidt’s three decades of work confirms
that security is still a sum-zero game. // via macsurfer.com

Inside-out images secure screens

Wi-Fi Tag Prototype Ready for Testing // tracking. via gizmodo.com

Phishing Attacks Soar

	'Phishing, the term used to describe malignant e-mail posing as  
legitimate messages from banks, retailers, and credit card companies,  
soared in November and December as scammers took advantage of the  
holiday rush to try to trick users into divulging personal and  
financial information.'

Libya Used 'Network' for Nuke Technology : Libya Received Nuke  
Technology From a 'Sophisticated Network' of Foreigners, Official Says

	'"If a country was to show transparency and active cooperation, that  
can open the doors of lots of avenues for a complete change of face.  
... It is a lesson for North Korea to observe," ElBaradei said.' ...  
'Gadhafi, who revealed his surprise decision Dec. 19, had said he hoped  
the move would put pressure on Israel also to disarm. Israel refuses to  
confirm or deny it has nuclear weapons and is the only Middle Eastern  
nation believed to have the atomic bomb.'

Viruses make criminal move : After a quiet start, 2003 has been
another vintage year for computer viruses. // TOP VIRUSES OF 2003

In this data-mining society, privacy advocates shudder: The Internet
makes public information much easier to access -- and exploit

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Halliburton to lose Iraq oil project // interesting...

	'The Defense Energy Support Center, which buys fuel for the military  
throughout the world, will supervise the shipments and choose new  
contractors to replace Halliburton, Vice President Dick Cheney's former  
company.' .. '"We're taking over the mission," the center's  
spokeswoman, Lynette Ebberts, said Tuesday.'

[and] Iraq keeps Russia, France in running for oil deals

	'The delegation, which met with Russian President Vladimir Putin,  
included SCIRI head Abdelaziz al-Hakim, who is keen along with some  
Islamist and Kurdish members of the Governing Council to strengthen  
relations with countries like France and Russia and become less  
dependent on Washington and its allies.' ... 'Leading the opposition to  
normalising oil relations with France and Russia is Ahmad Chalabi, the  
best-connected Iraqi politician in Washington and the man who lobbied  
to pass a U.S. law committing the United States to overthrow Saddam and  
help Iraq become a democracy.'

Sleuths Patrol Nations for Nuclear Mischief

Electroplating boosts solar cells

Alaskan oil transfers stopped amid terror concerns // oilflow stops...

	'The slope produces about 20 percent of the United States' crude oil,  
but accounts for only about 11 percent of the country's oil  

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

// note: during one of the most tumultuous times in geopolitics
// this is the kind of television programming .US audiences get...

In a lackluster year, TV was king of pain // via drudgereport.com

N. Korea Wants Citizens to Be Tech-Savvy

	'North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, whose sayings are followed by  
his people with a religious fervor, has defined three types of fools in  
the 21st century: people who smoke, people who don't appreciate music  
and people who can't use a computer.' ... '"We get some of the  
brightest North Koreans in our projects," said Lee Kwang-hak at South  
Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., which has been outsourcing to  
Pyongyang's Korean Computer Center since 2000.' ... 'Under Kim's rule,  
North Korea has opened computer labs, made computer education  
compulsory at schools and even claims to have developed a drink for  
computer fatigue. In 2001, Kim declared he would "computerize the whole  

www.knighthood for publicity-shy inventor of the world wide web

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

How Movie Distribution Works -

Fax - the technology that refuses to die
Why bother with fax machines when almost everything
put on paper has been produced in digital format?

Tiny Nanotube Antennas May Yield Better Signals
In Cell Phones, Televisions

Blog, Blog, Blog: The Navy Tests Web Logging For Team Communications

How Compasses Work -

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Light frozen in place

	'To trap the electromagnetic energy of light, the researchers fired a  
red laser pulse into a glass cylinder containing rubidium atoms. The  
key to freezing the light pulse after imprinting its information into  
the atoms is lighting the rubidium gas with a pair of control laser  
beams rather than a single beam, said Bajcsy. In addition to  
reconstituting the stored signal pulse, the control beams interfere to  
create a standing-wave pattern of dark and bright regions, he said.' ..  
'The light pattern makes the atoms act like a set of mirrors, which  
traps the electromagnetic energy, said Bajcsy. "As the re-created  
signal pulse tries to propagate through the medium, the photons bounce  
backwards and forwards in such a way that the pulse overall remains  
frozen in space," he said. Switching off one of the control beams  
releases the pulse.' .. 'This works due to two properties of the  
interaction of light and matter: dispersion and absorption.'

// try: xFreq 11 111, yFreq 12 221, hueFreq 01 030, Samples 0191
//  or: xFreq 01 002, yFreq 09 350, hueFreq 01 881, Samples 0002

Lissajous Lab // thanks *

[and] ECLIPSING BINARIES // binary star java sim...

[and] Binary Star Simulation

X-ray Binary Stars

First Double Star Satellite Successfully Launched

Prion proteins may store memories  // switch...
Study hints at vital job for two-faced proteins.

	'Now a team led by Eric Kandel at Columbia University in New York has  
found that a prion-like protein called CPEB may help nerve cells store  
memories. A transient electrical signal in the brain might flip CPEB  
into its prion form, the researchers suggest, helping to create a  
permanent memory trace.'

Tool eases Grid monitoring // grid computing...

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Bill Nye's 'Cool' Interplanetary Sundial Heads For Mars

	'The sundials, positioned on each rover's rear solar panel, are there  
not only to tell the hours but also to help the science team adjust the  
rovers' panoramic cameras. Scientists will use the colored blocks in  
the corners of the sundial to calibrate the color in images of the  
landscape so that Mars can be seen in its true colors. And pictures of  
the shadows that are cast by a sundial's center post -- in sundial  
terminology, the gnomon -- will allow scientists to properly adjust the  
brightness of each Pancam image.'

Heavyweights Are Choosing Sides in Battle Over Next DVD Format // HDTV

	'The discs, which have been under development for several years, will  
hold four to five times more digital video and audio data than those  
now on the market. They are needed because broadcasters and movie  
studios are planning to take advantage of the spread of high-definition  
television screens to produce more digital programming with multitrack  
sound and much better resolution.' .. 'The new discs and their players  
will not be widely available until at least 2005, but already the  
world's largest electronics, computer and entertainment companies are  
embroiled in a multibillion-dollar fight over whose technology will  
become an industry standard.' ... 'The ideal, everyone involved  
insists, is for one format to emerge as the winner so costs can be kept  
to a minimum.'

Shape key to strong sensors

// if no broadband or encrypted networks is e-commerce boom likely?

BitTorrent, 'Gi-Fi,' and Other Trends in 2004

10 tech trends for 2004 // Surveillance...

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

EM-related quote: Effort to Promote U.S. Falls Short, Critics Say

	'Public diplomacy is "a complete and utter disaster in Iraq," said  
Mark Helmke, a senior staff member on the Senate Foreign Relations  
Committee, who holds that the occupation authority has done little to  
counter criticism that it is an imperial, occupying force. "We have  
four different agencies running media operations there. There's no  
coordination, no strategy."'

E-mail hoax terror warning also a virus

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Tech's Top Trends for 2004
Yes, it will be a better year, especially for consumers, overseas
telecoms, and China -- which will become ever-more important

	'ENERGY: Daniel Yergin, chairman of Cambridge Energy Research  
Associates-- ... '"The key factors for oil prices in 2004 are Iraq,  
Russia, world GDP and China," he said.'

Blueprint issued to develop industries // .CN development list...

	'According to the list, the State is seeking the  expansion of  
advanced energy systems, genetic engineering, information  technology  
and modern transportation.' .. 'In the information technology sector,  
the State will  encourage the development of Internet equipment,  
satellite telecommunications  and computer components.'

OpenOffice Finds Sweet Spot with Governments // open-source software

	'Following a trend by foreign administrations, the Israeli government  
this week suspended its acquisitions of new computer software from  
Microsoft.' .. 'Price issues and the U.S. company's refusal to sell  
individual programs from its standard software package are cited as the  
main reason behind the switch, according Associated Press reports.  
Instead, Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva said Wednesday that the  
Israeli Ministry of Finance will begin distributing Openoffice.org to  
its users beginning this week. The Israeli government plans to begin  
distributing Openoffice.org software on CD-ROM to public access points  
across the country in 2004.  The Hebrew version of Openoffice.org was  
translated by Sun Microsystems and IBM with the support and assistance  
of the Israeli Finance Ministry.' ... 'Governments around the world  
appear to be taking an interest in Openoffice.org and open source  
software in general.' ... 'The trend is even extending into more U.S.  
agencies, which have been some of Microsoft's best customers.'

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts


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