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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Wed, 3 Dec 2003 01:16:29 -0600

  ... have been stuck with the website development
  due to many issues, including lack of resources,
  outside input in the design and functionality, basic
  software (vector graphics, database) to build-out
  certain sections and to create needed content. it
  is often unknown what should be attempted next,
  as there is no one focus, it is more an experiment,
  changing, trying to figure out what it is able to do...

  have had an idea for months (that is hanging above
  those that i've had for years now, such as databases,
  graphics, etc) which has been to not develop in the
  usual way of documenting URLs and maintaining
  them. this URL obsolescence can be taken care of
  by some programs, yet there is a certain likelihood
  the more data, the more out of date links, over time,
  the more work on URLs URLs URLs. the strategy
  was hoped to be self-developed & on-site content,
  so that URL-sprawl and its wasteland could be kept
  at bay, long enough to get an idea of what is going
  on with the site, and how best to develop it further...

  -- in any case, the point being that to deal with issues
  such as these, decisions about how to develop the
  website are slowly happening, changes, one is to
  try to focus on main sources, a general focus, and
  also to get away from the idea of an 'url' and get to
  an idea of general 'resources' for electromagnetism,
  even if embedded in other materials. this is not an
  ideal approach though limits make it the pragmatic
  solution to going forward for now. and then the idea
  of such an approach gave more glimpses in that it
  is not about volume of URLs but finding content that
  is consistent enough to categorize this way. so the
  idea of using 'categories' came to mind, not that it
  is original but it may offer an idea of how the site
  could be transformed. for instance, the 'exhibits'
  section of the website has the same content yet
  has been put in categories. they are not exact nor
  expert, it is hoped others will have feedback and
  content suggestions to make it so, and this is also
  electromagnetic 'works' and 'articles' are similar
  in being able to be further categorized. (e.g. the
  various mailing lists, meta-sites, magazines and
  journals, and news sites could be placed into a
  type of general categorization, alongside more
  specific works, and possibly transform alongside
  one another when in juxtaposition.)


  -- also, the EM education part of the site is and has
  been the main priority of the much larger project of
  the EM educational initiative (EEI) and a lot of it is
  content generation, addressing such issues as
  'digital and analog' and basics on how one might
  go about learning electronics, curriculum ideas,
  issues related to literacy, realms in each discipline
  which contribute interdisciplinary EM knowledge,
  etc. to get started the navigation for that section
  has been prepared, yet enough basic content
  needs to be developed before information can
  go online for that section. so that is where anyone
  on the list with ideas could be very helpful, if you
  have ideas, please share them on- or off-list. it is
  very helpful to have additional perspectives in a
  project like this, so ideas are much appreciated.
  constructive critiques are always welcome. too.

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