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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #63

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (11/21/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  URLs URLs URLs...

01) --top stories--

Iraq & Our Energy Future // via Alt Energy Inst. newsletter. ***
Homepage of class website by students of  Geography
378 (International Environmental Problems & Policy)

	'This website was developed in May 2003 by students of Geography 378  
(International Environmental Problems & Policy) at the University of  
Wisconsin-Eau Claire, to examine the connections between the Iraq War  
and the energy polices of the United States and the world community.  
The recent conflict in Iraq, and the aftermath of the 2003 invasion,  
has focused attention on global environmental issues in several ways.'  
... 'The opinions expressed on this website are those of the students  
or their research sources, not of all Geography 378 students, the  
instructor, or of the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire and its  

As students power up, colleges rewire // energy use & war are related.

	'Today's collegians are part of a generation raised on electronics,  
and colleges are having no choice but to spend hundreds of thousands of  
dollars to upgrade electrical systems. Often, the upgrade costs are  
getting passed on to parents and students in the form of higher fees.'  
.. '"It looks like Circuit City in some of those rooms," said Dan  
Bertsos, director of residence services at Wright State University near  
Dayton.' ... 'Some officials say higher energy costs, campus  
expansions, lighting and the addition of computer labs and other  
energy-eating facilities are more to blame for increased power demand  
than student appliances.' ... 'The higher amp load has some schools  
setting limits and conserving.'

Energy bill blocked in Senate

	'Approval of an energy bill has been a top priority for President  
Bush, who repeatedly called on Congress to finish the legislation this  
year.' .. 'As opponents to the bill appeared to gain strength, Vice  
President Dick Cheney began calling GOP senators urging them not to  
abandon the president on the issue. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, a  
former senator from Michigan, was dispatched to Capitol Hill in the  
hours before the voting.'

China Set to Act on Fuel Economy // reality-based (energy) policy...

	'The Chinese government is preparing to impose minimum fuel economy  
standards on new cars for the first time, and the rules will be  
significantly more stringent than those in the United States, according  
to Chinese experts involved in drafting them.' .. 'The new standards  
are intended both to save energy and to force automakers to introduce  
the latest hybrid engines and other technology in China, in hopes of  
easing the nation's swiftly rising dependence on oil imports from  
volatile countries in the Middle East.' ... 'The International Energy  
Agency predicts that by 2030, the volume of China's oil imports will  
equal American imports now.' ...  'In a major departure from American  
practice, all new sport utility vehicles and minivans in China would be  
required to meet the same standards as automatic-shift cars of the same  
weight. In the United States, standards for sport utilities and  
minivans are much lower than for cars.' ... 'Over all, average fuel  
economy in the United States has been eroding since the late 1980's as  
automakers shifted production from cars to light trucks. It fell in the  
2002 model year to the lowest level since 1980. Automakers in Europe  
have accepted European Union demands to increase fuel economy under  
different rules that could prove at least as stringent as China's  

Jolts turn liquid to solid // electrorheological effect...

	'The change from liquid to solid and back takes place within a          
  hundredth of a second and requires a relatively small electric  
current, said Sheng. About 8 thousandths of a watt will turn a square  
centimeter of the nano particle mixture solid, he said. The power drawn  
by an 80-watt light bulb will turn a square meter's worth of the  
mixture solid.' .. 'Although the transition from liquid to solid  
happens quickly, it is continuous rather than abrupt,...'... 'The  
electrical force holds atoms together and is one million trillion        
    trillion trillion times stronger than the gravitational force. In  
everyday life, however, we feel gravity as weight, but can hardly feel  
any strong electrical forces, said Sheng. "The reason is... that the  
positive and negative charges in our universe are very finely balanced  
and their electrical forces nearly canceled," he said.' .. 'This makes  
the electrical force extremely weak at distances larger than atomic and  
molecular dimensions, but it can be very strong at the nanoscale, said  
Sheng. The strong electrical force is responsible for the strength of  
all solids.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Virtue in mind -- What has the virtuous life of a 17th-century  
philosopher got to do with going out for lunch, the need for a second  
Enlightenment, basing feeling and emotion in maps of the body - and  
being furious with your boss? For the past decade, neuroscientist  
Antonio Damasio has been weaving such strands together in his books,  
the latest of which, Looking for Spinoza , was published in May.

	[Question:] 'One of those points of consonance for you lies in  
Spinoza's idea that "the human mind is the very idea or knowledge of  
the human body". How does it relate to your ideas?' [Answer:] 'I too  
believe that continuous signals from the body to the brain provide a  
continuous backdrop for the mind. In fact, I doubt we could be  
conscious in the usual sense of the term if we did not have a backdrop.  
Body signalling is also the essential substrate for feelings. When we  
have an emotion we alter the state of the body in a variety of ways,  
and then we register the resulting changes in the brain's body maps and  
feel the emotions. Emotions come first, feelings second.'

A 'brain charger': The ultimate PDA accessory? // via macsurfer.com

	'Peeg, short for "personal electroencephalogram," is designed to  
stimulate different types of brain waves by sending positive waves to  
the wearer, said Joonon Moon, a director in the planning department at  
Seoul-based DreamFree . Company literature says Peeg is the "world’s  
best mobile digital brain charger."' ... 'The experience in some ways  
is similar to taking a nap while playing a Kraftwerk album.'

Brain Scans Shed Light on Attention Disorder

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Berlin to get trash cans that can talk // solar, glowing, talky

	'Starting next spring, the German capital's trash service will build  
electronics into a handful of the city's 20,000 street-side  
wastebaskets that will allow them to speak or sing to the public, a  
spokesman said Thursday.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

New Cellphone Offers Big Shots Eavesdrop-Proof Call

	'Berlin-based Cryptophone, a unit of privately held GSMK, developed  
the phone by inserting an encryption software inside a standard  
handheld computer phone. This ensures that calls can only be decoded by  
a similar handset or a computer running the software.'

Mobile users told to 'chase Bush' // vs. mobile 'bubble'

	'"We have been described as a second generation smart mob. We are  
encouraging people to use camera phones and send us e-mails with  
photos," campaign co-organiser Richard Wild explained to BBC News  
Online.' .. '"We are trying to spoil the PR, so we are not doing  
anything directly, but encouraging people to protest by turning their  
backs in press photos so they can't be used."' .. 'The campaign  
organisers have also asked people to go into protest "exclusion zones"  
to send SMS updates and on-location reports about his appearances, and  
events at protests.' .. '"We want to show everyone in the world we are  
doing this and we using the web channels to influence mainstream  
channels as much as possible," said Mr Ireland.' .. 'All the messages  
and pictures will be posted on the website as soon as they are  

Who Else is Listening? // historic sweep article via TSCM-L...
by Bernard B. Spindel with Bill Davidson - Collier's, June 10, 1955
An Expert Wiretapper Talks About His Trade

125 nabbed in cybercrime crackdown // fraud, hacking, spam

	'"Online criminals assume that they can conduct their schemes with  
impunity," Ashcroft said. "Operation Cyber Sweep is proving them wrong,  
by piercing the criminals' cloak of anonymity and prosecuting them to  
the fullest extent of the law."'

Bad radar prompts White House evacuation // electronic gremlins pop-up

	'Air Force fighter jets were scrambled and the White House was briefly  
evacuated on Thursday after birds or possibly disturbances in the  
atmosphere tripped radar that keeps watch on restricted air space  
around the complex.'

European Cyber security agency is go // ENISA

Nigerian email conmen fall into their targets' net // via nettime-l

05-- electromagnetic power & energy


	'This paper reviews some of the key challenges in developing  
solid-state electronics operating at power levels from approximately  
0.1 to beyond 1 MW. Applications exist in this range of power for  
military and commercial applications alike. The technology of great  
interest is wide-band-gap semiconductors, particularly SiC, which is  
well known for its superior electrical strength and thermal  
conductivity compared to the traditional power semiconductor, Si. These  
properties can be utilized to have significant benefits at both the  
device and systems level.'

Magnetic Storm // website for NOVA TV program...
Is the magnetic field protecting Earth from deadly radiation
about to reverse direction or even disappear?
	Impact on Animals: Would a dramatic change in the Earth's magnetic
	field affect creatures that rely on it during migration?
	When Compasses Point South:  As this time line shows, our planet's
	magnetic shield has reversed its direction hundreds of times.

	Gallery of Auroras:  Auroras like those displayed here would be
	visible every night of the year during a magnetic field reversal.
	See a Reversal: Watch a simulated flip of the Earth's magnetic
	field, from the first signs of instability to the final reversal.
	Links to resources:
Teaching about the Earth's Magnetism in Earth Sciences Class

GOOGLE: Searched the web for magnetotactic bacteria...

GOOGLE: Searched the web for magnetosomes...

Searched images for magnetosomes. 

Searched images for magnetotactic bacteria. 

Searched the web for geomagnetism. 

Living Lodestones: Biology of Sharks and Rays

Searched the web for geomagnetism. 

Searched images for geomagnetism. 

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Kasparov and Computer End 3-D Chess Series in Tie // a grandmaster...

	'"Machines are getting better, but we humans are also learning," said  
Kasparov, considered by chess experts to be the best player in the  
history of the ancient game. "Today, I know much more about computers  
than six years ago.'

UN: Nordic Nations Lead Digital Technology Access

	'The agency said what it dubs its Digital Access Index (DAI) was the  
first such survey to take into account education levels and  
affordability as well as the existence of infrastructure in determining  
where countries stood in the rankings.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Life without wires // (bluefuturism). via NewsScan...
Technology analyst Bill Thompson contemplates a future without
wires, where you never have to plug in a new DVD player into
the TV or hook up a digital camera to your computer.

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

New Machine Can Detect Drugs Like Dogs // e-nose. via NewsScan...

Chronological Methods 11 - Paleomagnetic and Archaeomagnetic Dating


Dating Exhibit: Archaeomagnetism
	'Magnetic information is also recorded in ferromagnetic elements in  
baked clay which have kept their position on cooling from the last  
firing of the clay. This means that baked clay, used for thousands of  
years in the construction of hearths, ovens and kilns, contains a weak  
but permanent magnetization which can be measured to determine the  
magnetic intensity and declination at the time of its last cooling. The  
thermoremnent magnetism (TRM) of baked clay is gained from the magnetic  
properties of magnetite and hematite, iron-oxides that make up on the  
average of 6-8% of the earth's crust. In raw clay magnetic particles of  
these minerals are aligned to form magnetic domains, or crystals.' ..  
'Before clay is baked these domains (which may be thought of as tiny  
bar magnets) are orientated in random directions. They do, however,  
tend to balance each other out magnetically by turning domains next to  
them in opposing directions, thus, balancing out the magnetic effect of  
the lump of clay. If the temperature is raised to over several hundred  
degrees Celsius, the thermal agitation of the crystals allows some of  
the domains to be aligned by the earth's magnetic field. When the clay  
cools their directions remain fixed, and there is a weak permanent  
magnetization in the same direction as the earth's field.'

Magnetism As The Wavelengths Of Matter Waves...
Does Frequency Squared Equal Matter?

	'Abstract: 'This text proposes first of all a new picture of the well  
known equation: wavelength x frequency = speed.  In this outlook,  
wavelength is equivalent to magnetism, frequency is equivalent to  
electricity and speed is the speed of the outgoing wave.  This is true  
for both electromagnetic waves as well as matter.  Magnetism or  
wavelength is the primary focus of this text.  In addition, a  deeper  
analysis of Planck and de Broglie's respective radiation and matter  
equations are given.  It is found that the inherent difference between  
matter and radiation may be the squaring of frequency.  Note also the  
image in the text, provided to aid in the understanding of a somewhat  
new outlook of electromagnetism.  The probable consequences of this  
model are discussed.'

Northern Lights appear over Scotland // images. via drudgereport
A solar storm has hit Earth's outer defences, generating
colourful northern lights in Scotland.

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Peering into visual future with OLEDs // via macsurfer.com

	'The key is a luminous screen that has no back light, and is therefore  
capable of more vibrant colors while burning less power. It uses a  
process called electroluminescence, which also means the image doesn't  
lose quality when viewed from an angle.'

Smaller Computer Chips Built Using DNA as Template // bio.transistors

	'The scientists ... coated the DNA with gold, producing a simple  
electronic device consisting of the nanotube connected to gold wires at  
each end. Current through the nanotube could be switched on or off by  
applying an electric field — the definition of a transistor.'

Robot does the work of a pharmacist in record time

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

EM-QUOTE from: US's 'Iron Hammer' Code Name
1st Used by Nazis // via syndicate

	'The U.S. military's code name for a crackdown on resistance in Iraq  
was also used by the Nazis for an aborted operation to damage the  
Soviet power grid during World War II.' ... '"Eisenhammer," the German  
for "iron hammer," was a  Luftwaffe code name for a plan to destroy  
Soviet generating  plants in the Moscow and Gorky areas in 1943,  
according to  Universal Lexikon on the www.infobitte.de Web site.'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

China to promote own alternative to DVDs // Enhanced Versatile Disk  

	'Seeking to compete on its own terms in the lucrative entertainment  
industry, China announced a government-funded project Tuesday to  
promote an alternative to DVDs and "attack the market share" of the  
global video format.' ... 'On the surface, it would seem that EVD's  
international impact could be huge, because China makes about 60  
percent of the world's DVD players, said Vamsi Sistla, senior analyst  
with Allied Business Intelligence, an Oyster Bay, N.Y.-based research  
firm.' .. 'But there is no guarantee that standards bodies and  
Hollywood will endorse EVD, meaning that EVD machines for the  
forseeable future will need to also play DVDs -- thereby forcing  
Chinese manufacturers to keep paying DVD royalties, Sistla said.' ..  
'Also, while EVD is designed to be better than DVD at recording and  
showing finer-quality images for high-definition TVs, the HDTV market  
remains small -- and already is the focus of competing standards, such  
as Blu-Ray and HD DVD-9, developed by leading electronics companies in  
Japan, Korea and Europe.'

Report: Tech Employment Dips, But Rate Slowing // via macsurfer.com

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Libeskind's hotmail inbox

Ultrasound Call for Entries
Deadline: December 15th, 2003

Real-time collective graphic interaction on the Internet Mbone
Art & science research on real-time collective phenomena

Launches its 2003 edition book bilingual : "NOVAS MiDIAS/NEW MEDIAS"

Hey, That Big Computer Is Really a Great Actor // interesting...

	'Mr. Dresser's stab at the experiment is a strange hybrid, a mix of an  
art installation, a morality play and a computer game. Each solo  
audience member enters a booth where a run-of-the-mill office is set  
up; it quickly  becomes apparent that he or she has just taken a new  
job. The new boss, a smarmy, disembodied voice, congratulates the  
hireling over an intercom. Then a colleague, slightly frantic and  
unhappy, calls on the telephone to inform the participant that the boss  
is corrupt. A secretary with a sexy voice interrupts several times by  
intercom, delivering mixed messages about the other characters.' ..  
'Before long the audience member is caught in a spiraling moral  
dilemma, wondering whether to believe one character or another about a  
possible scandal. The tension builds until the  theatergoer must make a  
pivotal decision about whom to trust, based solely on the voices and  
what appears on the computer screen. "I'm just trying to spread a  
little bit of discomfort, because I don't think there is enough of that  
in the world," Mr. Dresser said, chuckling.' .. 'The other five plays  
also take place in small booths that are sets...'

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