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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #57

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (10/25/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--  URLs...

01) --top stories--

Solar flare may zing satellites, wireless networks //geomagnetic storm

	'NOAA warned that a storm of this magnitude could disrupt satellite  
and other spacecraft operations , as well as power systems,  
high-frequency communications systems and navigation systems. Among the  
potential effects could be intermittent performance of high- frequency  
radios, which could interfere with some of the world's wireless  
communications networks.'

[followup] Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth, Tweaking Power Grids //drudge

	'In a G-3 storm, power systems may need to correct voltage.'
[and] Big solar storm hits Earth with few effects // gizmodo.com
	'The solar activity has also been creating x-rays all week, Murtagh  
said. This energy travels at the speed of light, needing only about  
eight minutes to reach the Earth. Here they affect the ionosphere, the  
electrified region of the atmosphere more than 35 miles above the  
ground.' .. 'That's far above where people live and travel, but the  
layer is important because it reflects some frequencies of radio waves,  
such as those in the "high frequency" range, which are used for  
long-distance communications such as those used by airplane pilots  
flying far out over oceans or explorers in remote places.' .. 'Solar  
activity disrupts such communications, and Murtagh said the Space  
Environment Center has heard from climbers on Mount Everest about  
communications problems.' .. 'While no major problems with satellites  
were reported Friday, the geomagnetic storm was affecting Global  
Positioning System (GPS) satellites.'

EM-related quote from: Names in lights // The Wellstones, memorial

	'In another tribute, the names of Paul and Sheila Wellstone were  
flashed on tickers and other signs in New York's Times Square on Friday  
as part of Lifetime Television's campaign against domestic violence.'  
... 'In April, Lifetime began featuring the names of leaders in  
combating violence against women on NASDAQ's electronic billboard and  
other signs in the square. The Wellstones will be featured through  

// table of contents below gives a sense of the range of EM inquiry...


1.1 Definition of "RFR"
1.2 Purpose of this Review
1.3 Literature Selection
1.4 Assessment of Scientific Information and Risk
1.5 RFR Safety Standards
1.6 Measurements of Environmental Levels of RFR in Selected U.S. Cities  
and at Special Locations
2.1 Thermal Interactions and Specific Absorption Rates (SARs)
2.2 Quantum Interactions and Nonthermal Effects
2.3 Interactions of Modulated RFR:
2.3.1 Sinusoidal Amplitude Modulation
2.3.2 RFR Pulses at Low Duty Cycles
3.1 Studies of Humans:
3.1.1 Epidemiologic/Occupational Studies
3.1.2 Congenital Anomalies
3.1.3 Clinical Studies of Accidental Overexposure
3.1.4 Special Senses: Ocular Effects: Animals Humans Auditory Effects Cutaneous Perception RFR Shock and Burn
3.2 Mutagenesis, Cytogenetic Effects, and Carcinogenesis:
3.2.1 Microorganisms and Fruit Flies
3.2.2 Mammals and Mammalian Tissues
3.2.3 Cancer Induction and Promotion in Animals
3.2.4 Conclusions
3.3 Studies on Teratogenesis and Developmental Abnormalities:
3.3.1 Effects on Nonmammalian Species
3.3.2 Effects on Mammals: Rodents Primates
3.3.3 Conclusions
3.4 Nervous System:
3.4.1 Blood-Brain-Barrier Effects
3.4.2 Histopathology and Histochemistry of the Central
Nervous System: Studies of Excised Neural Tissue In-Vitro Histochemical Effects In-Vivo Histological
and Histochemical Studies
3.4.3 Alterations of the Electroencephalogram and Evoked Potentials
3.4.4 Calcium Efflux
3.4.5 Conclusions
3.5 Immunology and Hematology:
3.5.1 In Vitro Studies: Leukocyte Studies Erythrocyte Studies
3.5.2 In Vivo Studies: Effects of Exposures on Immunological Parameters
3.5.3 In Vivo Studies: Effects of Chronic Exposure on Health,  
Longevity, and Resistance to Disease
3.5.4 Conclusions
3.6 Physiology and Biochemistry:
3.6.1 Metabolism and Thermoregulation
3.6.2 Endocrinology
3.6.3 Cardiovascular Effects
3.6.4 Ocular and Auditory Effects in Animals
3.6.5 Conclusions
3.7 Behavior:
3.7.1 RFR Effects on Naturalistic Behavior, Reflex Activity, Learning,  
and Performance of Trained Tasks: Rabbits and Rodents Nonhuman Primates
3.7.2 RFR and Drugs
3.7.3 Conclusions
3.8 Cellullar and Subcellular Effects:
3.8.1 Structures and Constituents of Microorganisms and Other  
Single-Cell Systems
3.8.2 Conclusions
6.1 Actual or Presumed Exposure of Humans
6.2 Studies with Animals
1 Radiofrequency Radiation Protection Guides
2 Radiofrequency/Microwave Threshold Limit Values
3 Maximum Permissible Limits for Exposure to RFR
4 USSR 1984 RFP Occupational Standard
5 USSR 1984 Standard for Public Exposure to RFR (0.03-300 MHZ)
6 Estimated Population Exposures for 15 U.S. Cities in Microwatts Per  
Square Centimeter
7 Categories of Cancer Mortality
8 Reclassified Cancer Mortality Data
9 Revision of Table 7
10 Revision of Table 8
11 Results for total Court
12 Categories of Shortwave Equipment Usage(2x4)
13 Categories of Shortwave Equipment Usage(2X2)
14 Assumed Aliteration of Table 13
15 Results of Appleton and McCrossan 1972
16 Results of Appelton ET AL. 1975b
17 Percentages of Opacities
18 Exposure Parameters
19 Results for Salmonella
20 Salmonella Survival Versus Cultivation Temperature
21 Results for Drosophila
22 Frequency of Sister Chromatid Exchange in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells
23 Half-Decay Time Ratios (HDTRs) for First Series
24 Correct Mean Half-Decay Time Ratios for the Ratios for the First  
25 Half-Decay Time Ratios (HDTRs) for Second Series
26 Half-Decay TIme Ratios (HDTRs) for RFR Pulses in Synchrony with the  
Peak of the Compound Action Potential
27 Half-Decay Time Ratio (HDTRs) for RFR Pulses out of Phase with the  
Peak of the Compound Action Potiental
28 Half-Decay Time Ratio (HDTRs) for Asynchronous RFR Pulses
29 Effect of  2.45-Ghz RFR on AChE Activity
30 Effect of Low-Intensity 2.45-Ghz RFR on AChE Activity
31 Effect of RFR Frequency on AChE Activity
32 Effect of E- and H-Fields on Neurochemicals
33 Adenosine-Triphosphate (ATP) Concentrations
34 Creatine-Phosphate (CP) Concentrations
35 RFR Effects on Mean Heart Rate (MHR)
36 Pecentage Calcium Efflux from Normal and Poisoned Brains
37 Percentage Calcium Efflux from Brain and Muscle  
38 Mean Calcium-Efflux Ratios from Chick Forebrain
39 Mean Calcium-Efflux Ratios from Cat Cortex
40 Calcium Efflux from Chick Brain
41 Mean Calcium-Efflux Ratios (Vt/Vc) Versus Power Density (PD)
42 Mean Calcium-Efflux Ratios for Various Multiples of the Normal LGF
43 Effects of 16-HZ Modulation on Calcium Efflux
44 Effects of Unmodulated (CW) RFR on Calcium Efflux
45 Effects of 16-HZ Modulated RFR on Calcium Uptake
46 Effectof RFR-Exposure on the Ratio R
47 Relative Insertion Lossand Reflectance for Various Samples
48 Tests of C. Krusei vs Broth at 41.2-41.8 GHZ
49 Log Virus Concentration (LVC)
50 RFR Effects on Colchicine Binding Activity in Rabbit Brain'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Germ Crazy? New USB Device Filters Air // USB ionizer. via gizmodo.

Lightning Injury Facts: Myths, Miracles, and Mirages.
An article about both lightning and electrical injuries.

	'Injuries from man-made, generated, or "technical" electricity have  
been reported for only about 150 years; but injuries from lightning  
must surely predate written records.  Depictions of lightning affecting  
people or events appear in writings and drawings from almost every  
ancient religion.  Although such an occurrence was sometimes  
interpreted as a positive sign of blessing, more often it was seen as a  
sign of the god's warning or vengeance.' .. 'Priests, the earliest  
astronomers and meteorologists, became proficient at weather  
prediction, interpreting changes in weather as omens of good or bad  
fortune, sometimes to the advantage of their political mentors.   
Observations of lightning and other natural phenomena were often used  
to decide matters of state, the scheduling of battles or other events.'

Lightning Protection for Farms

	'The National Board of Fire Underwriters reports that lightning is the  
number one cause of farm fires. Lightning is also responsible for more  
than 80% of all livestock losses due to accidents and millions of  
dollars in damage to farm buildings and equipment annually.'

Orgasmatron Puts Tech in Sex

	'A Texas company claims to have invented a kind of Orgasmatron for  
women -- an electrical stimulation device that takes women to a  
pre-orgasmic state.' ... 'About the size of a Walkman, the Slightest  
Touch works via a pair of electrical pads attached to the ankles.' ..  
'According to the company, the current stimulates two acupuncture  
points related to three nerve pathways in the pelvic region -- the  
hypogastric, pelvic and pudendal nerves.' .. '"This is a nice marriage  
of high technology, classic nerve theory and ancient Chinese meridian  
theory," said senior design engineer Norman Comparini.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Cell phone makers connect for recycling program // + criticisms

	'More than 400 million cell phones are sold every year, vs. about 100  
million PCs.' .. 'But like PCs, they contain hazardous materials that,  
if released in a landfill, could contaminate surrounding soil and  
groundwater. Some of those include lead, lithium ion and cadmium.' ..  
'The initiative asks cell phone companies to pledge to promote  
recycling and use recycled products in phones and packaging.' .. 'It  
requires new cell phones certified by the CTIA to meet some recycling  
regulations.' .. 'It brings together information about company  
recycling efforts on a Web site, www.recyclewirelessphones.com. That  
makes it easier for consumers to figure out how to get rid of phones.'

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

New Spy Gear Aims to Thwart Attacks in Iraq // learning from NYC?

	'Some devices would help detect roadside bombs and booby traps that  
have been killing American-led occupation forces, Mr. Tether said.   
These countermeasures use a variety of approaches including lasers,  
acoustic sensors and electromagnetic technologies, he said.'

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Nearly Alive! // .US Energy Policy flash cartoon by Mark Fiore

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Carp barrier on Mississippi could cost $25 million

	'The underwater barrier would be similar to one that Smith-Root built  
last year in a canal near Chicago that connects Lake Michigan with the  
Illinois River. The barrier's underwater electric cables send out  
shocks that repel fish.' .. 'Catfish farmers in Arkansas originally  
imported bighead and silver carp from China in the early 1970s.' ..  
'The catfish farmers wanted the carp to clean the water in their  
massive aquaculture ponds. But some of the carp escaped and have spread  
along the Mississippi, damaging the ecosystem in many areas.' .. 'When  
disturbed by motorboats, silver carp also jump several feet out of the  
water and have injured anglers and recreational boaters.'

Electric Fish Barriers // thanks *. via design-l...

	'The electrical fish barrier can be thought of as an impassible  
barricade, and the fish guidance system as a repelling zone. Both  
consist of electrical current passing through water. The electrical  
circuit is made up of two or more metal electrodes submersed in water  
with a voltage applied between them. Electric current passing between  
the electrodes, via the water medium, produces an electric field. When  
fish are within the field, they become part of the electrical circuit  
with some of the current flowing through their body. The electric  
current passing through fish can evoke reactions ranging from a slight  
twitch to full paralysis, depending on the current level and shock  
duration they receive.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Coming Soon: Smarter Ways to Stop, Turn and Cruise

Up To MF:
an anecdotal review of the spectrum as seen and heard by the writer.

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

How Your Brain Works

	'Introduction to How the Brain Works. Neurons. Brain Parts. Lower  
Brain. Balancing Act. Higher Brains. Water on the Brain...'

Body network gains speed // walking in/on EM. TRN newsletter...

	'The network, dubbed ElectAura-Net, is wireless, but instead of using  
radio waves, infrared light, or microwaves to transmit information it  
uses a combination of the electric field that emanates from humans and  
a similar field emanating from special floor tiles.' .. 'The  
researchers' transceiver transmits data by oscillating the           
electric field surrounding the device. When the electric field that  
naturally emanates from a person intersects the electric field of the  
nearest tile transceiver, oscillations in one field are transmitted to  
the other.'

First Estimates Developed Of Lightning-Associated "Sprites" --
Radio Signals Help Scientists Estimate How Many Occur In Thunderstorms

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

[no news is no news]

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Alliant unveils futuristic soldier garb

	'Davis, 22, demonstrated his high-tech garb before silent, riveted  
employees. The attire included a computer and global positioning system  
strung on his belt, a thermal-seeking M-4 rifle, a helmet equipped with  
a computer screen eyepiece and a microphone that could connect soldiers  
to colleagues in the field.' .. 'The prototype is designed to download  
maps to the 3-inch monitor that was positioned left of Davis' eye. With  
the click of a button he can visually locate fellow soldiers and  
download messages to commanders at the base, the St. Peter native  
said.' .. 'Davis' prototype weighed 54 pounds and came complete with  
battery packs, an armored vest, a night-vision goggles holder and  
cables that tethered his rifle to his computer.'

// since this news story, questions remain about its accuracy...

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia in secret nuke pact // via drudgereport.com

	'To counter what Pakistani and Saudi leaders regard as multiple  
regional threats, the two countries have decided to quietly move ahead  
with an exchange of free or cheap Saudi oil for Pakistani nuclear  
know-how, the Pakistani source said.' ... 'Prince Abdullah reportedly  
sees Saudi oil reserves, the world's largest, as becoming increasingly  
vulnerable over the next 10 years.'

Israel used unmanned drones to track, kill Hamas // UAV + TV

Iraq Media Guy Rebuilds Qatar At the Garden // Media War/Convention

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

// such moves were publicly stated by companies struggling with
// the California power outages, that they would not expand and
// may even move out of state. this may be unrelated, but exodus
// may tie in with realities Andy Grove mentioned, in addition to
// general trends, what if all the chipmakers leave silicon valley?

Intel CEO says California has lost its luster // wow.

	'He offered little if any hope of reversing course and expanding again  
within California, where Intel was founded in 1969.' .. '"It's quite  
simple," Barrett said when asked by Gartner analysts whether Intel  
would be hiring or expanding plant capacity in California in the  
future. Barrett fell silent and nodded his head decisively left and  
right, a wordless signal that his answer was a firm "No."'

X10 files for Chapter 11 // world's largest online advertiser

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Tim Hunkin, Jewelry: LED ring

QUOTE: Tim Hunkin/ ELECTRICITY // Great books by Mims...

	'ELECTRONICS: I did quite a lot of electronics for my engineering  
degree, but it was so theoretical it was no help in actually building  
anything. I eventually bought this children's kit - which was  
brilliant. Then I found the booklets by Forest Mimms. I recommend his   
'Getting started in electronics' ISBN 40293 10515'





Scrambled Signals // R.Packer
Local Artist to Unveil Media Deconstruction Kit,
a Tool That Manipulates the Content of TV News

URLs from: "abraham linkoln" <abelinkoln@hotmail.com>
<nettime-ann> [ann] net.art education and its contents

International Journal of Architectural Computing // via in-enaction

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