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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #36

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (7/18/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

00) --commentary--

Was glad to learn about a website showing weavings I saw in
a local museum, please see section #12, art and artifacts....

01) --top stories--

US warned of 'imminent' nuclear peril // July 16th...

	"Former United States Defence Secretary William Perry has warned that  
the US and North Korea are drifting towards war, with an "imminent  
danger" of nuclear explosions in American cities." ... "Mr Perry, in an  
interview with the Washington Post, warned that time was running out in  
the nuclear crisis. "I think we are losing control of the situation,"  
said the Clinton-era defence chief."

Why America is Running Out of Gas: Inflated oil prices and natural
gas shortages are wiping out jobs and savings, thanks to three
decades of bungled energy policy. Get ready for more bungling

Hydrogen-fueled Cars Not Best Way To Cut Pollution,
Greenhouse Gases And Oil Dependency

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly // [no comments]

	"Under a system deployed on the White House Web site for the first  
time last week, those who want to send a message to President Bush must  
now navigate as many as nine Web pages and fill out a detailed form  
that starts by asking whether the message sender supports White House  
policy or differs with it." ... '"This is the most ridiculous Web form  
for contacting someone I have ever seen," said Mr. Matzzie, who is a  
professional Web site designer.'

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: Grandiose Schemes for Electronic  
Eavesdropping May Hurt More Than They Help. By Robert X. Cringely

	"The Federal Bureau of Investigation administers the Communications  
Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), which was passed by Congress  
in 1994.  CALEA was a response to advances in digital communications.   
It was a way for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to go beyond  
old-fashioned phone taps and listen in on mobile phone calls, pagers,  
the Internet and any other form of electronic messaging that might be  
used by enemies of the state.  CALEA made the phone companies and pager  
companies and Internet companies responsible for building into their  
equipment the capability to tap all types of communications on the  
order of a judge or -- in the case of foreign surveillance -- of the  
U.S. Attorney General.  Every telephone switch installed in the U.S.  
since 1995 is supposed to have this surveillance capability.... Not  
only can the authorities listen to your phone calls, they can follow  
those phone calls back upstream and listen to the phones from which  
calls were made.  They can listen to what you say while you think you  
are on hold.  This is scary stuff." ... "In a sense I think the problem  
comes down to the "dumbing down of IT."  The biggest problem with CALEA  
is the people managing it.  They don't know it needs to be secured.   
This column, for example, will be widely distributed, but will have no  
impact whatsoever on the folks it should because they simply won't get  
it." ... "Many of IT's biggest problems are simply repeats of past  
problems.  Through this "dumbing down" process we've lost the ability  
to stop the cycle."

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

Why we can't get that song out of our heads // MTL Neuro Inst...
With rare exceptions, the brain has a deep affinity for music

	"After an argument, he realized that all music now sounded strange.  
The stroke had wiped out his capacity to comprehend the patterns of  
tone and tempo, pitch and rhythm we call music."

Bionic Eyes Benefit the Blind // various EM-approaches...

	"Putting in the all the electronics, though, may prove to be a  
problem, since the eye is a corrosive environment where electronics  
don't do too well."

Rapid brain growth seen linked to autism - US study

	"The key question for researchers is whether rapid brain growth --  
which in theory is too fast for vital neurological  connections to form  
-- is the cause or just a symptom of autism. Autism is only diagnosed  
later, as early as age 2."

Study: Link between cadmium and breast cancer

	"The metal is common in pigments, alloys and batteries and can be  
encountered in soldering processes. It is also an air contaminant  
produced by burning fossil fuels..."

[and] Critics Say E.P.A. Won't Analyze Some Clean Air Proposals

	"Agency employees say they have been told either not to analyze or not  
to release information about mercury, carbon dioxide and other air  
pollutants." ... 'Mr. Lieberman said that the environmental agency's  
decision not to conduct an analysis "was an intervention from above  
that closed down an effective scientific inquiry for political and  
ideological reasons."'

Sleeping on it works

	"The researchers..., also found that the five hours following learning  
are the crucial period when new information is lodged in the brain's  
memory bank." ... "During the experiments the researchers used mild  
electric shocks to generate fear in mice."

Cell phones could prevent cancer // UV monitor. via gizmodo.net

Frequent flyers fears over cosmic rays allayed

	"At the cruising altitude of 10,000 metres, people are exposed to up  
to 150 times as much cosmic radiation as at sea level, and levels are  
even higher near the poles. Passengers are exposed for so little time  
it is not considered dangerous."

Satellites Will Join Search For Source Of Ebola Virus

The Brain's 'Timex': Biological Clock
More Influenced By Temperature Than Light

Awareness, Technology Can Cut Stress Injuries For Computer Workers

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

~Speaking~with~the~Dead Philip K. Dick [by Erik Davis]

A Pollution-Free Hydrogen Economy? Not So Soon.

	"Electric cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells don't produce  
greenhouse-enhancing carbon dioxide. But producing hydrogen does--and  
if we want to reduce our petroleum dependence, we're going to have to  
reconcile ourselves to that fact."

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Videocams Record Airline Flights  // city buses do it...

Internet Security Experts Escalate Warnings:
Hackers Publish Instructions for Exploiting Flaw
in Widely Used Cisco Systems Internet Harware

New Chip Can Be Implanted in Humans // via NewsScan...

	"The microchip, the size of a grain of rice, is implanted in the arm  
or hip. Hospital officials and security guards use a scanning device to  
download a serial number, which they then use to access blood type,  
name and other information on a computer."

Beyond the Wall: Infrared surveillance cams. Seismic field sensors.  
Real-time data maps. Welcome to the new US Border Patrol. // ***

Picking Up the Pieces // paper shredder countermeasures. Stasi.

	"...The expanded battery of techniques now includes pulping,  
pulverizing and chemically decomposing sensitive data. Yet these more  
complex methods are not always at hand in an emergency, which is why  
the vagaries of de-shredding will be of interest to intelligence  
officials  for some time to come."

// it seems possible that when a broadband (DSL) modem is
// 'configuring' its connection during setup (for several
// minutes) it is a black-box situation, where information
// could be gathered from a computer, input into the modem,
// who knows? it is doubtfull that an opportunity to snoop
// through a backdoor is not already a built-in 'feature'...

Media Consolidation in a Broadband Era // FCC .net consolidation

	"Many companies might argue that they are doing their customers a  
favor by tracking their Web behavior and suggesting related sites or  
services. But if the Web really becomes a marketplace for political  
opinions, tracking users' whereabouts sets a dangerous precedent."

U.S. Cybersecurity Efforts Lacking, Says Former Presidential  
Cybersecurity Advisor Clarke // 'you can't have perimeters anymore'

	'"Because of the reorganization of the federal government through the  
Department of Homeland Security, the federal government is in less good  
shape today to deal with IT security in the private sector than it was  
a year ago," [Clarke] said.' ... 'Because the federal government has  
failed to implement the public-private partnership called for by the  
national cybersecurity strategy, private companies need to join  
together to "work on security problems without help from the  
government," Clarke said.'

// thing is, people with basic knowledge of how the internet
// functions today with clear-text passwords for e-mail, ftp,
// web browsing, weak encryption, also know by common-sense
// that this the security environment is ludicrous. so much so
// that companies (ISPs, software makers, banks, businesses)
// who ignore these threats may ultimately bear liability...

Internet Security Firm Decries The State of Internet Security

	'ISS in part attributes the boost in serious security incidents to  
attackers increasingly using older techniques and relying on known  
threats to assault systems still not patched by IT, and thus  
vulnerable.' .. 'ISS also ... [predicts] that attackers will  
increasingly target such technologies as home networks, cellular, and  
wireless; communities such as home and home office broadband users; and  
applications such as instant messaging and file sharing in an attempt  
to find unprotected systems.'

[and] MS secures 140k desktop Homeland Security deal // 'secure'?

Cities Ready Sirens As Terror Warnings // civil defense sirens...

Researchers ``privacy appliance'' seeks to harness
government snooping // TIA fix-it R&D. via NewsScan...

[and] Funding for TIA All But Dead // black-budget program?

PHENOMENON: Walk-By Hacking // Kismet & 3D wi-fi insecurity...

	"On the hunt for 30 seconds, Gary Morse is jazzed. We've walked about  
45 feet down Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, and he has  
been counting the number of chirrups coming from the speaker of his  
hand-held computer. Each represents potential prey: wireless networks  
in the offices and apartments above us. So far, we have had more than a  
dozen chances to sneak Internet access, reap user ID's and passwords  
and otherwise peer into the private affairs of individuals and  
businesses." ... "What makes the installation easy also guarantees that  
the electronic breaking and entering needn't be taxing." ... "Wireless  
networks can encrypt the messages, so that everything you might see is  
a jumble of unintelligible mush, but few are set up to use these  
capabilities. People want convenience. Only a third of the networks  
Morse has spotted are using encryption. The rest are transmitting  
everything in plain text that anyone could read."

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot-- Grandiose Schemes for Electronic  
Eavesdropping May Hurt More Than They Help. By Robert X. Cringely

[Curious if new cybersecurity laws will mean more surveillance
or actual security measures for dial-up, ftp, e-mail, instant  
messaging, e-commerce, identity theft, privacy rights, secure public  
wi-fi, liability, encryption, etc. or if it will be another chip in the  
silicon pyramid that is Total Information Awareness (TIA). And
consider that electronic voting machines used in the last mid-term  
election in the US sent its signals via wireless that could have
been intercepted along the way, it is entirely possible to do...]

Cybersecurity Laws Expected

	"Businesses will get legal guidelines this year on how to secure their  
pieces of cyberspace, but lawmakers aren't giving details yet." ..  
"Forthcoming cybersecurity legislation will be "meaningful regulatory  
approach to securing private-sector critical infrastructure" says  
Representative Adam Putnam (R-Florida), who chairs a Congressional  
subcommittee dealing with cybersecurity."

Gaming the Safeway Club Card

	"For millions of major supermarket shoppers, a discount card has  
become a way of life: In exchange for personal data, the store hands  
over a card that is good for discounts. Yet few know what happens to  
their information once they get their card." .. "And that bothers  
social activists like Cockerham..." ... "He signed up for a new Club  
Card and began offering Cockeyed.com visitors stickers with his card's  
bar code. By placing the stickers on their cards, would-be Rob  
Cockerhams can band together, creating a single shopper with massive  
buying power. More importantly, they are monkeying with Safeway's data  
collection, and employing the Web to do it."

IBM, Adobe boost digital signatures // security chip?

Researcher: Windows flaw remains // shatter-attack security hack

Internet Chat Seen as Tool to Teach Theft of Credit Cards [honeynet]

Concerns of Wiretapping Imperil a Planned Merger // globalcrossing

Tales of the Encrypted Drive. By  David Morgenstern.
After some tweaks, WiebeTech releases its first external
hard drive with encryption built in. Who needs this device?

	"The drives will come in a range of encryption strengths: forty-, 128-  
and 192-bit key lengths.... In addition, Wiebe will offer a  
Tempest-hardened enclosure sure to please that segment."

The Long and Short of Snort Intrusion Detection

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// tentative answer to the question raised below, until the
// US Energy Task Force documents are released: because--
// Enron _was .US Energy Policy, and now there is nothing.
// Plus, there has been no alternative developments that are
// being pursued to change this equation. it's not a question.
// it never was. it was answered in advance, and in secret...

OIL QUAGMIRE By NICOLE GELINAS // oil-OPEC political info...

	"President Bush is in a tough spot. Renewed strength at OPEC is  
preventing an oil-price decline triggered by global recession, while  
environmental and economic concerns at home dampen long-term investment  
in domestic natural-gas assets." ... "But Bush must wage a war on both  
fronts, or face one question from Democrats next year: Why are oil  
prices nearly 50 percent higher than they were during the Clinton  
years, despite a much-heralded blueprint for energy investment released  
early in your administration?"

Enron files reorganization plan

	"The domestic business, CrossCountry Energy Corp., will have Enron's  
full or partial interest in three North American natural gas pipelines.  
The second company, to be called Prisma Energy International Inc.,  
includes 19 international power and pipeline holdings."

Pipeline May Jeopardize Turkish Entry to European Union

Report: Iran Makes Giant New Oil Find // via drudgereport.com

Icebound Antarctic Telescope Delivers First Neutrino Sky Map

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

World's poor to get own search engine // content via e-mail...

	"Someone using the software would e-mail a query to a central server  
in Boston. The program would search the net, choose the most suitable  
webpages, compress them and e-mail the results a day later."

Researchers delve into the human factor

// there is heated debate about the effectiveness of lie-detector
// tests, and the ability to circumvent them, if understood. this
// story demonstrates a black-box aspect held over truth-telling...

Fake lie-detector reveals women's sex lies

	"A third group had electrodes placed on their hand, forearms and neck  
and were told they were being attached to a polygraph or lie detector  
machine - although there was in fact no working machine."

French Government Bans Term 'E-Mail' // "courrier electronique"

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

Fat Pipe Dream: // DSL4all .jp, $21/month 12Mbit/sec. VoIP+VoD.

	"Son shrugs off the skepticism. Broadband is good for the economy, he  
suggests, and a revived economy is good for Softbank's far-flung  
investments, from Yahoo! Japan to E*Trade." ... "In the US, DSL still  
routes through asynchronous transfer mode switches, old-school phone  
equipment that's reliable but inefficient, prone to breakdowns, and  
profligate with bandwidth. Softbank's network opts instead for gigabit  
Ethernet switches, which transmit data via IP routers. Thanks to lower  
maintenance costs, a GbE network can be up to 100 times cheaper to  
operate than an ATM backbone - even while providing faster speeds."

Wi-Fi, Li-Fi and Mi-Fi // Linux-Fi, Microsoft-Fi...

Corporate e-mail to call on cell phones

Burger Time // comparison of Tablet PCs to burgers...

PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption // Jakob Nielsen...

Animal cams offer strange world views

Start-Up Wireless Gear Circumvents Obstructions // wi-fi around..

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Firehose-Like Jet Discovered In Action // images+movies

	"An X-ray movie of the Vela pulsar, made from a series of observations  
by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, reveals a spectacularly erratic  
jet that varies in a way never seen before. The jet of high-energy  
particles whips about like an untended firehose at about half the speed  
of light. This behavior gives scientists new insight into the nature of  
jets from pulsars and black holes."

Moore Sees End to Famous Law

Is it a computer display or a hand woven textile? // electric plaid

Satellites See Lightning Strikes In Ozone's Origins

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Exploding Universe of Web Addresses // IPv6...

	'In the future, everything from automobiles to home appliances will be  
connected to the Internet, Mr. Lightman said, "and we're going to need  
something like 100 IP addresses for each human being."' ... 'That  
capacity is expected from IPv6, which promises to increase the supply  
of addresses from 4 billion today to 35 trillion by some estimates.'  
... 'An IPv6 address consists of eight groups separated by colons, not  
periods, and hexadecimal notation (base 16) is used. So a typical  
address might be 2001:0418:000C:0003:0000:CF00:C0A8 :2E2E, although  
there are rules relating to zeroes that would allow many addresses to  
be shortened.'

The promises, perils for nanotech

	"Of all the technological changes you could foist on a semiconductor  
maker, a new material such as carbon is the scariest, according to  
various researchers. There are just too many unknowns and variables,  
which is why many of the established companies say that they won't be  
looking at replacing traditional silicon technology for a decade or  

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

U.N. Chief: N. Korea a Nuclear Threat // July 18...

Amid Nuclear Crisis, China Sends N.Korea Letter

British army planned nuclear landmines

	"...To counter the threat of Soviet invasion, the UK planned to bury  
10 huge nuclear landmines in Germany,... The extraordinary weapon was  
designed to cause mass destruction and radioactive contamination over a  
wide area to prevent an occupation by Soviet forces."

Operation: "Air Conditioner" // Military mom initiative...
Sending Air Conditioners to the Troops in Iraq!  

Timing is fatal flaw for missile defense

	"The Airborne Laser being developed by the US Missile Defense Agency  
could fire faster, but is hampered by only being able to deliver  
damaging power over 300 to 600 kilometres." ... "Space-based  
interceptors could in theory reach targets faster. But the APS panel  
concluded that full coverage would need a fleet of 1600 interceptors,  
each weighing 1.2 tonnes. That would require launching spacecraft at  
five to 10 times greater than the present capacity of the US."

...turningtables... // .US soldier live from Baghdad (7.13.2003)
<http://turningtables.blogspot.com/> <http://moja_vera.fotopages.com/>

	'inside the barracks...on the walls there are hand prints...and names  
written in bad english...tell salam i found raed...he wrote his name  
with his finger next to a really bad self portrait...it probably wasn't  
him...how many raeds could there possibly be...who knows...'

What is a Wargame // would be good for educational SIMs (+D&D)

	"A wargame is an attempt to get a jump on the future by obtaining a  
better understanding of the past. A wargame is a combination of "game,"  
history and science. It is a paper time-machine. Basically, it's  
glorified chess. If you've never encountered a wargame before, it's  
easiest to just think of it as chess with a more complicated playing  
board and a more complex way of moving your pieces and taking your  
opponents." .. "A wargame usually combines a map, playing pieces  
representing historical personages or military units and a set of rules  
telling you what you can or cannot do with them. Many are now available  
on personal computers. The object of any wargame (historical or  
otherwise) is to enable the player to recreate a specific event and,  
more importantly, to be able to explore what might have been if the  
player decides to do things differently." .. "To be a wargame, in our  
sense of the word, the game must be realistic. And in some cases, they  
are extremely realistic, realistic to the point where some of the  
wargames are actually used for professional purposes (primarily the  
military, but also business and teaching)."

[and] Computer Wargames

Defector to Bush officials: Strike N. Korea before it's too late

	'[North Korean Defector Park Gap Dong] warned that North Korea would  
use its nuclear weapons against Japan, South Korea and even the United  
States if give the time to develop them.' .. 'A senior defense  
researcher with Japanese Defense Agency's National Institute for  
Defense Studies said North Korea has likely developed small nuclear  
warheads for its missile forces.  Hideshi Takesada wrote in the Sankei  
Shimbun last week that "North Korea possesses small nuclear warheads."'  
... 'The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that China and North  
Korea have cooperated to produce and deliver components for missile and  
WMD programs to a number of Middle East clients, Geostrategy-Direct.com  
reported in its current editions.' ... "The North Korean firm ... is  
said to have a significant presence in such Middle East states as  
Egypt, Libya, Iran and Syria."

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

[in the news in the .US is a new 'do not call' list for tele-
marketers. it seems that half of the workforce in this industry
could be laid off from new regulations on very annoying automated
marketing calls for a given client. yet, if these 'call centers'
are based on VoIP technology, is it possible to turn these actual
locations/places into broadband video-teleconferencing and call
centers, where citizens could use the technology for work or for
use as if going to a telework center, but for highspeed AV over
secured lines and with some level of privacy for such content,
such that the person in the next cubicle cannot hear what one is
saying or listen into a private conversation, or din of babble.
it was thought internet cafes might make inroads with AV chat,
as a decentralized service, yet an AV telecenter may also work
as a test-bed for deploying AV broadband services in cities...]

Is VOIP ready for prime time? // costs of ATAs. nex-gen standards...
Net phone calling is poised for a major boost as cable giants
get into the game, but some big players are holding back.

	"VOIP services for now typically promise a smaller phone bill,  
virtually wiping out charges for long distance and international calls.  
In addition, connecting phone calls over the Internet could eventually  
open the door to advanced communications services that tie voice  
together with e-mail, instant messaging and video conferencing--  
something that Microsoft and others are already working to achieve."

The impact of switching from options to shares: Loss of
stock options won't change Silicon Valley's mentality

Wind Powers Brit Energy and Jobs

[and] Wind mapping tech to be exported // via wired.com

The politics of open-source software

	"The ISC is by far the most vocal opponent of a growing trend:  
Legislation that, if enacted, would all but prohibit government  
agencies from purchasing proprietary software for their own use. The  
ISC asserts that such legislation could jeopardize the future of the  
worldwide commercial software industry."

Open Source Is the Route to Collaboration

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

CYBERTEXTILES: Weavings of W. Logan Fry // Microchips, UPCs, more...

Poles & Structures-- Transmission Structures As Landscape Art: Artistic  
and structural design are blended to create a visually appealing  
transmission line. // em-architecture...

	"IVO's structures incorporate artistic design elements to appeal to  
the general public. Using industrial design principles, main structural  
elements that can be mass produced are combined with visually appealing  
features to produce customized, artistic shapes. The designs are  
intended to avoid the monotonous repetition usually associated with  
transmission lines." ... "The design concept became a reality through  
the multi-disciplinary approach of skilled transmission line designers  
and a world famous international team of architects and industrial  
designers. Their work has produced a family of structures that combine  
reasonable mass production costs with variable, aesthetically pleasing  

Digital Homes: Net hookups are spreading from the study to the living  
room, bedroom, and kitchen // issues related to em-architecture...

	"In short, the home increasingly is where high-tech is. To get a sense  
of some everyday applications now rolling out, BusinessWeek interviewed  
residents of digital homes around the world. Not surprisingly, we found  
consumers who say they crave technology, but only if it's  
no-muss-no-fuss. They should control the technology, not have it  
control them. It should "just work," make life easier, and even help  
free up time to do something else. Here are some snapshots from the  
digital home:..." ... "Today's connected homes look nothing like the  
top-down schemes for automated houses hatched by Japanese electronics  
companies in the 1980s. In Japan's Platonic ideal, prior to the  
commercial Internet, all the amenities were to be controlled by a  
central computer. In contrast, consumers today are setting up their  
electronics room by room to share high-speed Net connections and to  
exchange music, video, and other content...."

The Robot Won't Bite You, Dear // ArtBots: the robot talent show

Bollywood technology kills poster art

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