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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #34

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (7/04/2003)
01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

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01) --top stories--

Baghdad boils during blackouts

	"SABOTAGE against Baghdad's power grids has blacked out much of the  
city for days on end, forcing residents to sleep on roofs and study by  
candlelight." .. "The top US official in Iraq, Paul Bremer, accused  
remnants of Saddam's regime of sabotaging the power grids and promised  
to do everything possible to fix the damage."

// CTS or "Combat Zones That See" technology. 40 million cameras
// and counting. Distributed analytical webcams. important...

U.S. develops urban surveillance system

	"The Pentagon is developing an urban surveillance system that would  
use computers and thousands of cameras to track, record and analyze the  
movement of every vehicle in a foreign city." ... "The project's  
centerpiece is groundbreaking computer software that is capable of  
automatically identifying vehicles by size, color, shape and license  
tag, or drivers and passengers by face." ... "The [CTS] program  
"aspires to build the world's first multi-camera surveillance system  
that uses automatic ... analysis of live video" to study vehicle  
movement "and significant events across an extremely large area," the  
documents state."

// an excellent article on adaptive radio via the US DoD. it
// is curious how 'software' is equated directly with 'policy.'

New Tech Feeds Spectrum Debate

	"The policy implications of this technology are immense, representing  
a full-on assault on claims by spectrum licensees that their frequency  
bands have no space for other users and must be protected from  
interference, even from low-power wireless devices that only put out a  
radio signal detectable over a short distance. DARPA has projected that  
the technology would increase the efficiency of spectrum use by an  
order of magnitude or more. If proven effective, the technology could  
become the driving force behind a new generation of unlicensed wireless  
technologies." .. "According to DARPA, the XG technology would allow  
the shared use of spectrum through cognitive radio devices. These  
devices would adapt to the gaps in frequencies available in a  
particular region by taking into account time, frequency, code and  
other signal characteristics when determining where along the frequency  
band the device's signal would be sent." ... "The potential uses for  
the technology go far beyond military applications. DARPA is developing  
XG as an open, unlicensed standard and hopes commercial users will  
adopt it."

Future Tech: 20 Hot Technologies to Watch

	"Materials: Carbon Nanotubes, Health Care: Biosensors,  
Microprocessors: Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography, Warfare: E-Bombs,  
Warfare: Infrared Countermeasures, Mobile: Self-Driving Cars, Energy:  
Fuel Cells, Materials: Plastic Transistors, Materials: OLED Displays,  
Broadband: Silicon Photonics, Networking: Microsoft SPOT, Wireless:  
Mesh Networks, Networking: Grid Computing, Security: Quantum  
Cryptography, Wireless: Radio-Frequency ID Tags, Components: Magnetic  
Memory, Entertainment: Social Gaming, Software: Text Mining, Recycling:  
Reverse Engineering, Robotics: Cognitive Machines, Online Extra:  
Prototype Gallery, R&D Watch"

Media-merger ruling imperils democracy // nonelected media bosses

	"[A] single company could influence the elections of 98 U.S. senators,  
382 members of the House, 49 governors, 49 state legislatures and  
countless local races." ... "...the merger of the dominant newspaper  
and TV station could create local news monopolies in 200 markets  
serving 98% of Americans."

'Soft walls' will keep hijacked planes at bay // GPS no-go...

These folks deliver July 4th oohs and ahhs // EM and fireworks

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

Lightning Safety Awareness Week: June 22-28, 2003

Medical Aspects of Lightning:
How Big A Problem Is This? Statistics

Even When Not on a Phone, Cell Phone Users Are More Distracted
When Driving Is There a 'Distracted-Driver Personality' Type?

Working from home has hidden costs: Teleworking reduces commuter  
pollution, but uses heat and light and ups trips to the shops.

Reaping the whirlwind: // relates to EM power & tech...
Extreme weather prompts unprecedented global warming alert

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Is Google God? By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN // not sure where to put this...
// technically inaccurate about wi-fi & google. plus, xenophobic...

	'Says Alan Cohen, a V.P. of Airespace, a new Wi-Fi provider: "If I can  
operate Google, I can find anything. And with wireless, it means I will  
be able to find anything, anywhere, anytime. Which is why I say that  
Google, combined with Wi-Fi, is a little bit like God. God is wireless,  
God is everywhere and God sees and knows everything. Throughout  
history, people connected to God without wires. Now, for many questions  
in the world, you ask Google, and increasingly, you can do it without  
wires, too."'
	"In other words, once Wi-Fi is in place, with one little Internet  
connection I can download anything from anywhere and I can spread  
anything from anywhere. That is good news for both scientists and  
terrorists, pro-Americans and anti-Americans." [???]

Gates on the lifespan of desktop computing // on obsolescence...

Beep! Drop that phone and stop cheating // via gizmodo.net
LONDON - Electronic scanners will be used to stop students cheating in  
O-level and A-level exams by using Internet-enabled mobile phones which  
can receive answers through e-mail, pictures and text messages.

Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt // Iraq Dossier data...

Recycling: Reverse Engineering
Saving the environment through mathematical models.

	"The goal of the Georgia Tech project is to home in on optimal reverse  
production systems--recycling infrastructures that reclaim as much of a  
used device as possible at the lowest cost possible."

Liability loopholes catch UK tech firms // "security"

PDA HORROR STORIES!!! // non-fiction. August 1999 to present.

	Including: "Night of the Peripatetic PalmPilot. Et tu, Brute? Mom the  
Murderer. Invasion of the Palm Snatchers. Palm Serial Killer. Sigh on.  
Purina VisorChow. Hassle of EPOC proportions. Winter kills."

Ink more expensive than champagne // short. read last sentence.

Dell to Stop Using Prison Workers // some good news...

	"[T]he Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition... said  in its report that  
inmates who work at the prison recycling operation were not protected  
by the Fair Labor Standards Act and were paid from  20 cents to $1.26  
an hour." ... "The coalition said that reliance on cheap prison labor  
was a major obstacle to the creation of a profitable recycling industry  
for discarded electronics."

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

New AOL IM program offers encryption // yes. client-to-client.

Government Prying, the Good Kind  // .gov information awareness...

	"GIA allows people to explore data, track events, find patterns and  
build profiles related to specific government officials or political  
issues. Information about campaign finance, corporate ties and even  
religion and schooling can be accessed easily. Real-time alerts can be  
generated when news of interest is breaking."

A Safer System for Home PC's Feels Like Jail to Some Critics

	"Critics complain that the mainstream computer hardware and software  
designers, under pressure from Hollywood, are turning the PC into  
something that would resemble video game players, cable TV and  
cellphones, with manufacturers or service providers in control of which  
applications run on their systems." 	"In the new encrypted computing  
world, even the most mundane word-processing document or e-mail message  
would be accompanied by a software security guard controlling who can  
view it, where it can be sent and even when it will be erased. Also,  
the secure PC is specifically intended to protect digital movies and  
music from online piracy."

RFID Chips Are Here

[and] New Tech Raises Privacy Concerns // RFIDs...  

	"A RFID tag essentially consists of a radio antenna hooked up to a  
microchip. The chip can hold all the information about a tagged item --  
when and where it was made, how to best store and handle it, and so on.  
Every item tagged can obtain a unique identity." ... "Such tags either  
can be active -- hooked up to a battery, say -- or be passively  
energized by radio waves from a scanner. Active tags can be read from  
much longer distances -- about 100 feet -- while cheaper, passive tags  
require scanners to be anywhere from less than an inch to about nine  
feet away." ... "[T]he industry and government-backed Auto-ID Center  
... recently invented a way to kill tags. Whenever it received an  
encoded radio signal, a tag's chip could be programmed to blow its fuse  
or otherwise self-destruct."

Black boxes in cars: saviors or snitches? // event data recorders...

	"Though capabilities vary widely among carmakers, most recorders store  
only limited information on speed, seat belt use, physical forces,  
brakes and other factors. Voices are not recorded."

[.US] Dept. of Interior Ordered to Disconnect from Web

// billg on Windows Longhorn as MS Homeland Security effort...

A Safer System for Home PC's Feels Like Jail to Some Critics

	"Mr. Jobs argued that elaborate hardware-software schemes like the one  
being pursued by the Trusted Computing Group will not achieve their  
purpose." .. '"It's a falsehood," he said. "You can prove to yourself  
that that hardware doesn't make it more secure."' ... "Beyond changing  
the appearance and control of Windows, the system will also require a  
new generation of computer hardware, not only replacing the computer  
logic board but also peripherals like mice, keyboards and video cards."

Wireless Hunters on the Prowl // WorldWide Wardrive

Bloomberg extortionist jailed for 4 years // computer crime...

Lost? In danger? Alert by Satellite: The new [personal locater] beacons  
have advanced features including global positioning system technology,  
which make it easier and quicker for NOAA satellites to pick up  
distress signals and relay accurate locations to rescuers.

Microsoft launches digital ID software // MIIS 2003.

Graphic, innocuous, strange: Casino 'blooper' video stars the
unwitting // via Romenesko's Obscure Store and Reading Room

Virus writers strictly PC; Macs largely
snubbed by cyber underworld, says Sophos

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

No War For Oil? Forget about it in sprawl-dominant culture.
By James Kunstler // EM-related design...

A Declaration of Energy Independence
New clean-energy coalitions talk up national security and the economy

	"The Energy Future Coalition and the Apollo Alliance have hit on an  
effective approach that the movement as a whole would do well to adopt:  
Wrap an environmental agenda in the mantle of today's more emotionally  
immediate issues of national security and new jobs."

DoD Project Manager Mobile Electric Power

	"Electric power, provided primarily by mobile generator sets in the  
combat zone, is the lifeblood of the Armed Forces. For without it, all  
the technical wizardry of modern warfare -- the Weapons' Systems, the  
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) Systems, and  
Logistics Support Systems -- are useless."

quote: The Genie in an Architect's Lamp
Frank Lloyd Wright's '57 Plan for Baghdad May Be Key to Its Future

	"In 1950 Iraq created a Development Board to chart a path for using  
the oil money to move the still primitive desert country into the  
modern age. For the first five years the board targeted the country's  
infrastructure: roads, flood control, sewerage, hospitals, schools and  
the like. .. By 1957 the basics had been taken care of and the board  
was ready to move on to more ambitious public works. With Iraqi  
architects scarce at the time, leading architects from the West were  
invited to submit proposals for specific projects. .. Among those who  
did were Germany's Walter Gropius, France's Le Corbusier and Italy's  
Gio Ponti. Wright was enlisted almost as an afterthought."

NEC develops notebook fuel-cell battery

Energy: Fuel Cells

Energy Secretary Promotes Renewables, Efficiency // no comment.

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Inca may have used knot computer code to bind empire

	"[A] leading scholar of South American antiquity believes the Inca did  
have a form of non-verbal communication written in an encoded language  
similar to the binary code of today's computers. Gary Urton, professor  
of anthropology at Harvard University, has re-analysed the complicated  
knotted strings of the Inca - decorative objects called khipu - and  
found they contain a seven-bit binary code capable of conveying more  
than 1,500 separate units of information."

Entertainment: Social Gaming // voices and teamwork...

	"Gaming is becoming an increasingly social activity, with IDSA results  
finding nearly 60 percent of gamers playing with friends, 33 percent  
playing with siblings, and about 25 percent playing with spouses or  
parents. LAN parties and massively multiplayer online games are also on  
the upswing." "...Voice chat broadcast through TV speakers is already  
supported in Clone Wars and other Xbox Live games. Also under  
development is voice-based command and control of game characters'  

Japan's 'digital shoplifting' plague // via NewsScan...

	"They might spot a new hairstyle or a new dress in a glossy fashion  
magazine and they want to know what their friends think - so they take  
a quick snap with their mobile phone camera and send everybody a  

Forget F-Stops: These Cameras Have Area Codes

Lightning Strikes Preacher Who Asked For Sign // drudgereport.com
Bolt Hits Steeple, Travels Through Guest Evangelist's Microphone

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

NASA Appoints Team to Investigate Hawaii Crash // Helios UAV...

Windows links to new storage standard // iSCSI SANs...

// what year is it again? the last quote is laughable in that
// hardware, software, & provider quashed attempt at DSL here.

FCC official: No need to regulate ISPs

Mobile: Self-Driving Cars // magnetic lanes...

	"Meanwhile, the FCC has allocated spectrum at 5.9 GHz for an  
802.11a-style dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) network for  
cars. It would initially be used for toll collection and measuring  
traffic congestion."

Broadband: Silicon Photonics // 40-Mbps last mile [VoIP]...
Fiber to the home is no longer just a pipe dream.

	"Before high-speed links emerge on a wide scale, manufacturers need to  
miniaturize the equipment and reduce the costs of the optical--or more  
often, hybrid optoelectrical--hardware. That's where integrated  
photonics--specifically the integrated optical circuit (IOC)--comes in.  
An IOC is a chip with a light source, optical filters, photodetectors,  
and optical wave guides."

SAS Airline Installs Wireless Net Access // hacking in flight?

	"Connexion's service requires installing two antennas on each  
aircraft, one to transmit data to satellites and one to receive data. A  
server and routing system inside the plane relay signals to and from  
plug-in ports at the seats or wireless networking cards in passengers'  
laptops, essentially turning the entire plane into a Wi-Fi hotspot."

All Weather Fuel Cell Vehicle in the Works // Hyundai...

Quantum ComSat May Send Mail Faster Than Light Speed
The strangest property of a photon may be its ability to communicate  
faster than its own speed -- the speed of light. Scientists can create  
so-called "entangled photon pairs" that can instantaneously influence  
one another no matter how far apart they are.

TV Over the Radio? It's in the Picture // broadcast PDA-TVs...

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Macintosh in the land behind the 64-bit Looking Glass
My First Take: Suddenly The Leader? By Nebojsa Novakovic

3D displays go on show

Y2K Computer Bug stuffed animal from EM Assemblage exhibit

Materials: Plastic Transistors // organic electronics...

Materials: OLED Displays // organic-LED. flexible, too...

	"Simply put, an OLED uses a carbon-based designer molecule that emits  
light when an electric current passes through it. Piece lots of  
molecules together and you've got a superthin display of stunning  
quality--no power-draining backlight required..."

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// ~potentially 'one of the Holy Grails of nano-electronics'.
// it seems that someday computer monitors and televisions may
// merge dual-use markets, plus windows/mirrors as screens...

New Motorola process could bring down cost of big TVs

	"In addition to its use in producing 60-inch and larger displays at a  
retail price potentially below $1,000--a fraction of the current cost  
for plasma displays--the new Motorola process will have a variety of  
other applications, researchers said. It could be used in devices to  
detect and eradicate infectious microbes, such as that causing the SARS  
epidemic in Asia, and also in fuel and solar cells, ultra-small  
transistors and memory chips." ... "Motorola said the new displays also  
would be effective on larger surfaces for billboard advertising and  
sporting events."

// wonder if a flash-based PVP may arrive someday, since
// 1 to 4GB compact-flash cards are now in the making...

So Long, MP3; Hello, PVP // personal video players...

First 'motion-controlled' smartphone unveiled

// wrote about this idea earlier this week, and it turns out
// the phone companies and Microsoft are already preparing...

17. Unified Communications System // prototype home telecom ctr...

	"Today's communications system is a mishmash of many different  
technologies created over the span of more than one hundred years. To  
bring all these technologies under one umbrella, Sprint created this  
prototype network system, where you have a single phone number, e-mail,  
and messaging system, regardless of location or access technology. The  
demo unifies five access technologies (both wireless and wired) across  
three networks into one center."

[and] AOL links AIM with Verizon // AV-chat with VoIP next?

	"AOL has been partnering with mobile-phone companies in the hope of  
extending its services onto non-PC devices--part of its "AOL Anywhere"  
strategy. The idea has been to enable subscribers to access their AOL  
services when away from their PC and discourage them from defecting to  
alternative services on their cell phones."

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Electromagnetic (EM) Gun Technology Assessment

Warfare: E-Bombs // microwave munitions & HPM gunships...
Electromagnetic pulses on the 21st-century battlefield.

	"Aside from the rifle, the knife, and the grenade, there are few items  
in the 21st- century military arsenal that do not rely on transistors,  
circuit boards, and processors." ... "The [HPM] pulses can invade via  
the target's antennas (this is known as front-door entry) or through  
unshielded wiring, circuits, and processors (backdoor entry). The  
effects can range from temporary system malfunctions and lockups to  
outright motherboard damage. Some attacks could cause catastrophic and  
permanent damage."

Warfare: Infrared Countermeasures

	"A DIRCM system confuses the IR seeker in the nose cone of an incoming  
missile, prompting it to plow into the ground well short or well wide  
of its intended target. An on-board DIRCM system first warns of an  
incoming IR missile up to 10 miles away and then hands off the  
information to a jammer. This jammer uses an IR tracker to follow the  
missile and guide a laser beam onto its nose, which houses the IR  
seeker. The system then transmits jamming signals that send the missile  
off target."

N Korea 'may test nuclear bomb'

Government Warns of Mass Hacker Attacks // from Homeland Security...

[and] Hackers' Contest Site Vanishes: Security community
urges usual care to prepare for site-defacement match.

U.S. to Beam TV Show to Iran From Washington

	"...the Bush administration continues to encourage internal dissent  
against the ruling clerics..." ... "The Voice of America program, to be  
announced today, will be sent from Washington by satellite to avoid the  
jamming that has interfered with U.S. government radio programs aimed  
at the Iranian people."

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

The Magazine That Launched a Decade // esp. p.5 "The Wired Way"
With an empty bank account, an army of interns, and a borrowed
photocopier, Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe created Wired and,
in the process, helped trigger the digital revolution. In his
new book, Gary Wolf recounts how they did it.

Chip sales gain for a third month // economic indicator...

Electronics makers rally around Linux
Several large consumer electronics companies are banding
together to spread the usage of Linux in a range of new devices.

Nielsen SoundScan to Track Download Sales

6 Myths

NYT: 'BENJAMIN FRANKLIN' // "the consummate networker"
The Founder of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Inc.

N.Y. court denies jobless benefits to outstate telecommuter

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

Immaterial Variable Media Art / Video Art Preservation

CALL FOR TAPES: NEXT 5 MINUTES // media-library...
International Festival for Tactical Media
Amsterdam, 11 - 14 September 2003

'SONASPHERE' is a sample-based live sound performance
system with a generative 3D interface. Nao Tokui.


	"Description: The proposed project consists in an unrecorded  
world-scale email-based multi-language chat inspired by and starring  
Japanese cellphones: world leading portable communication device. This  
chat will be a textual online exchange, while four media installations  
will permit World Forum visitors to "witness" the happening in real  
time at Ogaki's venue..."

Case modder smuggles PC on board Millennium Falcon

'AMERICAN EFFECT' - Subject Is U.S., Object Is Art

	QUOTE: "More laid back but still implicitly critical are photographs  
by a Chinese photographer, Danwen  Xing. His large-scale still lifes,  
so to speak, depict vast dumps of American "e-waste," or computer  
rubble, shipped to Guangdong Province on China's south coast (the same  
province said to be the source of the SARS virus)." .. "There  
impoverished laborers sort and recycle parts, filling local rivers and  
irrigation canals  with the leftover sludge. Meant as a comment on  
America's Nimby environmental policies, the pictures despite their  
content have an eye-pleasing formal elegance."

Recruits: survival research laboratories <http://www.srl.org/>

	"with new machine projects in production and major large shows coming  
up, SRL needs  recruits to make things happen in a timely and excessive  
fashion that our fans have come to expect.  you can help build and  
operate the worlds most intense machines and special effects in the  
most dangerous shows on earth.  if you are interested in learning about  
and participating in no holds barred extreme robotics, please send  
contact info and resume to: markp@srl.org "

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