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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #27

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (5/17/2003)
01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

00) --commentary--

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01) --top stories--

<http://drudgereport.com/zavos.htm> // Drudgereport.com EM-HEADLINE

	"...Then came the 'Frankenstein' element, reports the DAILY MAIL. "The  
empty egg was stimulated to accept the genetic material by a jolt of  
electricity, in effect to persuade it to think that the injected DNA  
was a male sperm." ... "This small electric shock makes them  
fuse,"explains Zavos."

LOGIC GATES quote: "A light switch and a rat trap are digital devices."

U.S. Vigilantes Test Drones on Mexican Border // D.I.Y. homeland  

	"The vigilantes say they plan to outfit each UAV with a global  
positioning device to pinpoint migrants, and then forward hose  
coordinates to the Border Patrol."

Peter the Great's amber room reborn

[and] Reconstructed Amber Room ready to dazzle world leaders

Lights flicker on, off; patience wears thin in Baghdad // mystery...

	"Although U.S. officials said they did not target the power grid,  
Baghdad went dark in early April -- its electric supply knocked out by  
war damage, workers abandoning their posts and decay under Saddam  
Hussein's regime."

Wired to the Brain of a Rat, a Robot Takes On the World // the future.

	"A group led by a university researcher has created a part mechanical,  
part biological robot that operates on the basis of the neural activity  
of rat brain cells grown in a dish. The neural signals are analyzed by  
a computer that looks for patterns emitted by the brain cells and then  
translates those patterns into robotic movement. If the neurons fire a  
certain way, for example, the robot's right wheel rotates once." ...  
"In Dr. Potter's hybrid system, the layer of rat neurons is grown over  
an array of electrodes that pick up the neurons' electrical activity. A  
computer analyzes the activity of the several thousand brain cells in  
real time to detect spikes produced by neurons firing near an  

Consciousness confronts itself // pre-electromagnetic paradigm.

// wonder if a compost heap could power something, or if it could
// only produce methane gas, biodegrading, as in larger landfills...

Electricity extracted from grape // not a potato battery...
Researchers prove plants or animals could power tiny sensors.

	"The set-up is called a biofuel cell. It harnesses metabolic energy  
and                  does not generate any toxic by-product." ...  
"[tapping] into the metabolism of glucose and oxygen, which generates  
energy in all plant and animal cells." .. "Metabolism involves the  
transfer of electrons from glucose to oxygen."

Dirty bomb victims 'may be shot' // as (UK) WMD crowd control...

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

Radiation poisoning feared from Iraq looting

	"Doctors fear that hundreds of Iraqis are suffering from radiation  
poisoning after widespread looting of the country's nuclear facilities."

[and] Kyrgyz Officials Fear Radioactive Spills
	"Killer landslides could spread radioactive pollution across much of  
southern Kyrgyzstan, they fear."

[and] Simulated Terror Strikes Hit Chicago and Seattle

	"Over the five days of the exercise, participants will be engaged in  
unclassified and classified round-the-clock exercise simulations. This  
afternoon local agencies in Seattle began dealing with a simulated  
radiological dispersal device test, or dirty bomb, near the Tully's  
Coffee roasting plant in an exercise that is expected to last 36 hours."

// assuming this brain research relates to EM medical science...

Thousands of brains were kept for research without
the consent of grieving relatives // via drudgereport.com...

[and] Scandal of brains held without permission // also via drudge...

	"An estimated 22,000 brains out of 30,000 known to be held in  
laboratories and universities were taken without consent."

Brave new brain // via SciTech Daily Review...
Neuroscience is now big business, with discoveries coming thick and  
fast. The time to worry about the future of our brains is now, says  
Steven Rose.

Making Johnny Sit Up Straight// ergo...

E-Mail Stress Disorder: New Tech-Age Plague? // .sh shock

Bioelectromagnetism // figures and animations...

Scientists Identify Mechanism For Tumor Death By Radiation; Disruption  
Of Tumor's Blood Supply Involved In Tumor Regression // radiation  

Diabetes In The Elderly Linked To Fewer Cellular 'Power Plants'

	"At the biochemical level, the hormone insulin promotes the transfer  
of glucose in the blood into cells for energy production and storage.  
Mitochondria within the cells convert glucose and fatty acids into  
energy via oxidation."

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Verizon to turn pay phones into WiFi spots

[.US] SEC sues spammer for alleged Web fraud

	"The Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit, filed in U.S.  
District court in Tennessee, charged K.C. Smith with raising $102,554  
through bogus Web sites and about 9 million unsolicited e-mail  
messages. Smith even used the SEC's own seal to convince investors the  
scheme was legitimate, according to the lawsuit."

Gates: 'Wake up and steal the coffee' // funny.

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Secure phones no obstacle to wiretapping - US Govt // via gizmodo.net

Court will decide if police need warrant for GPS 'tracking' //  

How Wiretapping Works -

New hacking tool sees the light -- A Princeton University student has  
shed light on security flaws in Java and .Net virtual machines by using  
a lamp, some known properties of computer memory and a little luck.

	"The technique relies on the ability of energy to "flip bits" in  
memory. While cosmic rays very occasionally can cause a random bit in  
memory to change value, from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0, Govindavajhala  
decided not to wait. He used a lamp to heat up the chips inside a  
computer and cause one or more bits of memory to change."

Wireless cameras raise privacy fears // short synopsis...

British ports to screen for dirty bombs

Hackers bigger threat than rogue staff // via wired.com

// there is something unique about digital records as 'evidence'
// and it will be interesting to see how info might be compromised
// through hacking, mismanagement, OS failures, and compiling of
// records in a massive database, especially given obsolescence
// of computing platforms, and costs to upgrade and maintain them.
// for instance, digital camera photos (it was once read) have to
// be transferred from the camera to a sealed bag and put away so
// they cannot be tampered with prior to being used as evidence-
// so what if there is a virus on a computer, what would that do?
// or if some evidence in the 3.5 terabyte system was tampered with?
// 'pre-event recording' from Tivo television recording technology...

Digital cop cams will be watching // radar, gps, audiovisuals, data+
IBM has developed a digital recording system for police squad cars that  
will capture sound and video from traffic stops and arrests.

	"The digital-video system consists of a PC, a removable hard drive,  
and software to record the video. At the station, a large server with  
up to 3.5 terabytes of storage--about 5,000 hours worth of digital  
video--will hold all the video collected by police. Officers will check  
out a hard drive at the beginning of their shift, insert it into the PC  
in the squad car and then return the hard drive at the end of their  
shift. On average, a shift will produce two to four hours of video,  
Crowell said."

Hacking 2003: The new agenda // RATs - Remote Access Trojans...

	"Targeted attacks are carried out by highly skilled hackers motivated  
by financial gain and armed with the expertise to do serious damage."  
... "Rather than using a Trojan horse that operates as a separate,  
standalone application-- which may be discovered-- hackers now employ  
"malware" that subverts your other, trusted applications. They use your  
copy of Outlook or Internet Explorer to send the hacker your corporate  
secrets--and even to make sure that the "tag-along" transmissions are  
encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer!"

Open Season on Wireless LANs

Autos' black-box data turning up in courtrooms // via techdirt.com

Matrix Sequel Has Hacker Cred // SCAD power grid? via techdirt.com

	"...it's the first major motion picture to accurately portray a hack."

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Iraq's Crude Awakening // the world's new #1 oil exporter?
It's only a trickle now, but it could become a gusher that rocks the  

With Resolution, Coalition Could Control Iraq Indefinitely

ZPEnergy - The Energy of The Future

Fuel cell-propelled aircraft preparing to fly

	"The experimental one-person craft, being built by US aerospace  
company Boeing, will rely entirely on a 25-kilowatt fuel cell for  
propulsion once airborne. The fuel cells will provide electrical power  
for propeller motors."

How Oil Drilling Works -

// great article on Enron's collection which is bizarrely appropriate
// in that the very big lightswitches turned off power in California...

The Gavel Falls On Enron Artworks -- Auction Puts Tiny Dent in Company  

	'"Soft Light Switches," an eye-stabbing orange vinyl sculpture by  
leading pop artist Claes Oldenburg, was meant to grace the power  
trading floor -- so appropriate -- of the Enron Corp.' ... 'The  
committee did find works that reflected a company culture then thought  
of as brash vitality, now widely deemed something darker. "There's  
something Enron about every piece," says Michael McGinnis, head of  
contemporary art at Phillips. "What they have is energy, something  
almost industrial or electric about them."'

Magnetic Probe For Rocks, Recordings, Nanotechnology

	"The FORC method involves subjecting materials to a series of  
switching magnetic fields. How they respond gives information about the  
size, orientation and behavior of magnetic grains in the material."

Miniature fuel cells-- Batteries not included? Will tiny versions of  
the fuel cells now being developed for cars soon power laptop computers  
too? //thanks*

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Hold technology creators liable?

New Iraqi TV Complains of U.S. Censorship

Influential S. Korean news site uses 'citizen reporters'

Darwin Proved Right by Experiment with 'Alien' Life

	"Researchers prodded and annoyed life-like digital entities over more  
than 15,000 generations to learn that evolution among simple creatures  
is in fact based on the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest and  
that the progress is plodding."

Fighting Women Enter the Arena, No Holds Barred // gaming...

Australia's Solar Rebate Program Extended // thanks *

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

New Life For Undersea Fiber -- Once the marvel of the telecom
world, the first undersea fiber optic cables have reached the point
of telecom obsolescence. Now they'll serve out their retirement
gathering oceanographic data. // new cables @ ~terabyte/sec. thanks *

[and] Vulnerabities of Submarine Cables // fascinating...

How GPS Receivers Work

Google to fix blog noise problem // bloggoogled tab...

Britons are enslaved by the mobile telephone // via gizmodo.net...

	"The research, based on a survey of 1,000 people, 50 in-depth  
interviews and three focus groups, was conducted jointly by the Henley  
Management Centre and the research company Teleconomy. It found that  
more than a quarter of all users regard their phone as essential, with  
a significant minority reporting that they feel strangely detached from  
life if they do not have it with them or are made to turn it off."

The Wireless World Conference, 17-18th July
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

On ultra-fast carbon memory // NRAM...

The China Syndrome // op-ed on private state media in .US

Fish - Sensing Electricity [see animations]

Paris becoming world wireless leader // 'weefee'

	"The perfect marriage: cafe society and wireless Internet."
New Virtual Reality Array Allows Immersive Experience
Without The Disorienting 3-D Goggles

  // wild idea, Mars ('autonomous flyer') drone. wonder if the
  // aerodynamics would need to be altered for Mars' differing
  // atmosphere (?) and gravity. and, if the drone would fly to
  // Mars (hard to imagine) or if it would be 'hatched' like the
  // earlier Mars Lander with robotic videocameraworks. thanks *...

Martian aircraft to be built -- Soon, a small aircraft laden with  
and a high-speed datalink could be flying over the mountains of Mars -
the first aircraft to fly over the terrain of another world.
08-- electromagnetic matter & information

AI Founder Blasts Modern Research// Minsky... media lab fallout...

	""AI has been brain-dead since the 1970s," said AI guru Marvin Minsky  
in a recent speech at Boston University. Minsky co-founded the MIT  
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1959 with John McCarthy."

How Motherboards Work -

How Hard Disks Work -

Deepest View Of Space Yields Young Stars In Andromeda Halo

The Evelyn Wood of Digitized Book Scanners // automated digitization  

	"Inside the room a Swiss-designed robot about the size of a sport  
utility vehicle was rapidly turning the pages of an old book and  
scanning the text. The machine can turn the pages of both small and  
large books as well as bound newspaper volumes and scan at speeds of  
more than 1,000 pages an hour."

64-bit battle lines form -- War of the SuperChips close

Extreme Beings: How Life Scrounges for Photons // matter, energy, info  
-> life.

	"Where theres light, theres a resource an organism can exploit, using  
the light energy to form energy-rich molecules-- in other words,  
photosynthesis.." ... "Hydrothermal vent water also emits light, mostly  
in the infrared, and biologists supposed that the vent detected that  
light, perhaps to stay near the vent, where they could find food,  
perhaps to avoid getting too close. The bacteria use near-infrared  
light, with wavelengths almost into the range of visible red light, to  
carry on photosynthesis."

Getting atoms to march one by one
As interest in nanotechnology peaks, government scientists are claiming  
a significant breakthrough with the ability to make atoms move one by  

INFRARED GOGGLES FOR UNDER $10. Human IR Vision Experiment
2002 Bill Beaty // DANGER. via gizmodo.net...

New subatomic particle found // SLAC heavy quarks...
Mysterious quark blend hints at what holds atoms together.

	"The particle's mass is lower than predicted, and is very clear...
Ds (2317) has a very definite weight of 2,317 mega-electron volts - the
units that physicists use to describe both the mass and energy of  

New Sensor Bares Faults In Smallest Possible, Most Advanced Circuits

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// have been contemplating about this one for a long time now...
// once used a (infrared it seemed) underwater light/camera to
// look for the structure of the bottom of a lake. also, GPS must
// be used for lake maps, and is used for ocean and river navigation
// on commercial boats (and buoy-navigation networks), plus the old
// trolling motors, wonder if electromechanical bait exists yet...
// wi-fi is, one is to guess, irrelevant below water if radio waves
// as has been the case with submarines, surfacing for communications
// (which, in the age of underwater fiberoptics, is likely no longer
// true, as an underwater internetwork of sorts likely also exists).

Tackle box goes high-tech with sonar and wireless gadgets

Gates Goes From Geek to Chic// prototype future computer by MS & HP...

Intel prototype transforms notebook // wild double-jointed notebook...

2003 Products Of The Year // more accurately: '2002 products of the  
Among the thousands of new products that appeared in 2002, the editors  
of Network Magazine recognize 27 that stand out from the rest.

Net publishers expand offline // cross-media marketing...
Some Web publishers have traditional-media stars in their eyes as they  
venture into radio or television, in a new sign of the digital domain  
going mainstream.

// this is the local weatherman, the best, quite funny and a sci-techi
// entrepreneur with 'microclimates'. there are some interesting small
// weather stations that interface with computers already,  
// else with 'SPOT' radio signals, updated weather reports could come to
// PDA screens and watches based on geographical location to  

Pinpoint Weather-- Cheap computer power and high-tech observation  
systems mean precise forecasts, offering consumers personalized reports  
and saving weather-sensitive businesses millions.  // via techdirt.com

// LED based advertising billboard, the kind that are ubiquitous
// in outdoor advertising. This type of technology could be seen
// as related to the architectural thesis by Venturi, Rauch, and
// Scott-Brown, 'Learning from Las Vegas', where signage, lighting,
// and other attributes of The Strip were related to a generalized
// Main Street. This LED signage may be significant in this regard.

A New Affordable Alternative for Advertising
Capable of showing stunning Photographic images, text, animations,
logos, and video clips in 32,768 shades of colors. Made in USA.

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

N. Korea fired laser at troops

	"Two Apache attack helicopters were illuminated by lasers in early  
March by a weapon that had the characteristics of a Chinese laser gun,  
an indication that North Korea has deployed a new and potentially  
lethal weapon." .. "The Chinese laser gun ... can cause eye damage at  
ranges up to three miles."

Al-Qaida Operative Warned of Attacks // via e-mail...

	"The al-Qaida operative, who identified himself as Abu Mohammed  
al-Ablaj, wrote in an e-mail Sunday to the London-based Al-Majalla  
magazine that al-Qaida has stored arms and explosives and set up  
"martyrdom" squads in Saudi Arabia to launch what he described as a  
"guerrilla war" on its leaders and the United States."

Rumsfeld: U.S. Used New Missile in Iraq // thermobaric warhead...

Russian parliament approves nuclear-arms treaty

Commercial U.S. Satellites to Serve Military Purposes /// ...

	"Under the new policy, commercial remote sensing satellites will  
provide images and data to the U.S. military as well as to other  
government agencies. The government will rely to the "maximum practical  
extent" on U.S. commercial remote sensing space capabilities to serve  
"military, intelligence, foreign policy, homeland security, and civil  
users," the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy said in  
a statement Tuesday."

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Public Wi-Fi has look and feel of a dead duck // .biz modeled...

E-tailers Lock In Repeat Orders

	"A small but growing number of online retailers are rolling out  
so-called auto-replenishment programs, in which customers sign up for  
periodic shipments of everything from pet food and steaks to diapers  
and acne medicine. ... "But for merchants that can get consumers to  
stay with the program, the resulting revenue stream can be a boon to  

// related: developments in portable gaming systems which
// could rival the hybrid cellphone market and PDA market...
// it was once (and possibly still) imagined that consoles
// would be a way to broadband and an information device for
// homes that are not PCs, a portable gaming device would then
// be capable of extending such a future system, possibly.

Game Console Prices Drop

[and] Sony bets on patience for handheld games -- Electronics giant  
Sony has been eyeing the handheld gaming market for years but held off  
until the technology and the market were right, a company executive  

[and] Got Game? Might Need a New PC //computer games...

U.S. Moves to Allow Trading of Radio Spectrum Licenses // thanks *

	"...a move that could result in improved service for the nation's  
millions of users of cellphones and other wireless devices." .. "The  
decision to allow companies to transfer portions of the spectrum they  
do not use promises to reshape the economics of the market. It will  
also change the longstanding federal framework that regulates the  
holders of spectrum licenses."

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

1.0	Guidelines to reduce EMF exposure in a home:

White Nights: Photographer David Allee explores the harsh but ethereal  
effect of artificial light on man-made environments. // nice EM work.

To Err Is Creative in Net Art

Bruce Newman: 'Matrix' taps into deepest tech fears // via macsurfer.com

If Martians Went to Design School // 'inside the [brain] pod'

The Software Construction Analogy is Broken // via salon.com

The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation // via salon.com

The Atomic Orbitals -- Atom in a Box (November 17, 2002) // thanks *
Real-Time Visualization of the Quantum Mechanical Atomic Orbitals

Male circuit diagram for robot designed by Norman T. White 1988

A Reign of Harmony // materials, construction techniques, aesthetics...
The style of TVA's dams has had an undeniable influence on modern  
architecture. But when the world-renowned architect Le Corbusier  
visited America in 1946, he was most impressed by TVAs transformation  
of the Tennessee Valley.

nanoensembles : Audio visual autonomous pieces
series started January 2002 Antoine Schmitt

	"Little detuned musical automatas, which evolve endlessly and  
autonomously." ... "In-between the individual presence of the objects  
and sounds, and presence of the ensemble."

7. international festival of architecture in video
viewpoints on architecture CALL FOR ENTRIES

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