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From human being <>
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 11:57:08 -0500
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  found an architectural example...

>  (*examples for classical architecture are undocumented so are
>  hard to search for visual examples, although there are people
>  who search for visual alphabets in architectural environments,
>  and books exist on this subject, though not this symbol itself. If
>  one looks at balconies or detailing of wood or stonework on a
>  larger building, railings, this symbol can be seen in buildings.]

  i just found one minor example used in contemporary architecture
  which is very hard to see (it is also a cycling .gif animation, but 
  give a sense of one way to see this symbol in architecture, and it
  is often by itself as is a single alphanumeric display, so this example
  is more like a scrolling LED display in terms of a repeated pattern:

look at outside image above door, that is the same symbol as the
LED display, and, it is possible the interior gratework is also similar.


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