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  ugh. i missed that, apologies. if i had the resources it would
  be nice to have a calendar for events and such yet there is
  a lot of work to do on the project website before this will be
  realized. about that post, the part that was interesting to me
  was that they were open to interpretations/approaches to the
  questions of exhibiting such works. but then, the limits that were
  mentioned (no digital->analog/linear works) is non-sensical as
  an artificial boundary, trying to separate the past from the present
  (new ideas and people, not already secured in any tradition) and
  yet this is where such works would gain strength, relating video,
  film, performance, electronics, light, and other artworks with the
  present-day web and computer and other network art researches.
  it would be ideal if a conference was just on 'electromagnetism'
  or even a subset (electronics) and was not overdetermined but
  inclusive of how many ways this is defined. one demonstration
  of this is to look/search any dictionary for 'electro' and 'electric'
  and 'magnet' and 'electromagnet'  and see how vast these words
  transverse across disciplines and time and perspectives. if taking
  the recent article mentioned about performance art into account,
  it is very similar to artists who include knowledge of what they are
  working with (beyond medium, and messages) and integrating its
  physics, history, philosophies, and to compare this to those in the
  past in this field of studying EM through trial and error would lead
  to the major advances in the field, and to previous (not necessarily
  present day) major historical persons (Volta, Franklin, Thales). it
  seems that today there may be similar value in sharing ideas and
  data and unknowns and questions, and included (even undesired)
  facts and positions into the processes of understanding, exploring,
  and questioning how EM relates to existence, and the essence of
  life even, that today's artworks that are not focused on themselves
  but on the path of discovery and invention, that the context and the
  placement of works would possibly be seen as more valuable when
  in-relation to other works, for better and worse, as they share common
  traits and uncommon attributes but also together define the present-
  day's understanding which has driven world culture for 300 years,
  in terms of batteries and power, and now 100 years of media and
  infrastructure development, today having to figure out what it is that
  has been created (context) and the relation of the parts to the whole.

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> oh my.. what a deadline!
> thanks all the same.

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