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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #25

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (5/3/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

00) --commentary--

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01) --top stories--

Molecular Expressions: Chip Shots // must see.

	"The Chip Shots website explores the hidden beauty in some of today's  
hottest microprocessors as visualized under a microscope.  Using a  
variety of unique, highly-refined reflected optical microscopy  
techniques, we have developed a large collection of full-color  
photomicrographs (photographs taken through a microscope) illustrating  
the beautiful patterns observed on integrated circuit surfaces."

I Feel, Therefore I Am // makes sense. always has.

	"In the middle of the 17th century, Spinoza took on Descartes and  
lost." ... "But it seems history may have sided with the wrong man. For  
more than a decade, neuroscientists armed with brain scans have been  
chipping away at the Cartesian facade."

FCC to Study Effects of Cell Phone Towers // some hope...

	"Federal regulators launched a broad effort Thursday to study and  
police how the growing number of cell phone and broadcast towers  
sprouting across the country affects historic sites, American Indian  
land and the environment." ... "Federal Communications Commission  
Chairman Michael Powell said his agency will work with the U.S. Fish  
and Wildlife Service to study why migratory birds fly into towers. An  
estimated 5 million to 50 million birds die in such accidents each  
year, according to Fish and Wildlife."

Simple Science Fairs Go  the Way of the Dinosaurs // the future...

	"The simple fair of times past... has become a research extravaganza  
in which students armed with computers, electron microscopes and other  
powerful instruments explore ever more ambitious terrain."

CNET :Electronics :Wireless :Radiation chart
Cell phone radiation levels; Comparison charts by manufacturer
Ten highest-radiation cell phones (U.S.)
Ten lowest-radiation cell phones (U.S.)

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

A Pain in the Eye That's Forever // Romenesko's Obscure stories
Lasik and its failures // laser-eye surgery nightmare...

New Brain Imaging Pinpoints Areas Of
Brain Most Crucial For Normal Functioning

	'"It is an important breakthrough because it is a bridge, a tool, to  
bring two completely different traditions in brain research –  
lesion-behavior mapping and fMRI's -- into alignment."'

Brain Surgery, Without Knife or Blood, Gains Favor // radiosurgery...

	the Gamma Knife is a "no-knife surgery that blasts its target with  
hundreds of high-intensity radiation beams in a single session. There  
was none of the cutting, bleeding, general anesthesia, ear-to-ear scar  
or long recovery associated with traditional craniotomy."

Halting nanotech research 'illogical', says pioneer

Gulf troops face tests for cancer // DU. depleted uranium...
		"...civilians in Iraq should be protected by checking milk and water  
samples for depleted uranium over a prolonged period. Some soldiers  
might suffer kidney damage and increased risk of lung cancer if they  
breathed in substantial amounts."

SARS suspends key Taiwan trade show

Einstein and Newton showed signs of autism // EM people...

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

And here's the pitch: It's a cell phone from the cheap seats //  
	"It's all part of baseball's new poetry. All part of the great Major  
League Baseball Cell Phone Toss."

Impact alert as X-ray satellite plummets to Earth

	"The 1400-kilogram BeppoSAX satellite is expected to break up as it  
enters the Earth's atmosphere on Tuesday evening, showering the area  
below its flight path with chunks of metal."

Disaster industry finds silver lining // Business continuity services...

	"Disaster recovery services range from consulting, to data backup at  
remote sites, to dedicated alternative offices and equipment, to mobile  
offices that can roll to a customer's site."

Classic keyboards redux// refurbbing old keyboards. via gizmodo.net.
PC Keyboard specialists perform miracles

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

RSG-X10-1 // DIY video-sniffingvia gizmodo.net...

	"Recently 2600 magazine had a cool article called "Warspying." In the  
article they describe how to use a X10 video receiver in yer car to spy  
on wireless video cameras as you drive around town. Sounds fun, so here  
at RSG we figured we'd give it a shot. Ideal for walking, this version  
is compact and battery-powered."

A New Way to Catch a Hacker // honeytoken tripwires...

// what about macro-scripts/spam virii run off of unknowing PCs?

New weapon for spam: bounty // hunters...

Wi-Fi security gets a boost // WPA to replace WEP...

	"WPA is the third specification related to Wi-Fi to receive  
certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance for interoperability, which means  
that approved products are supposed to work with each other no matter  
which company manufactured the product."

Gadgets That Promise Security Sell Briskly // lots of it EM-related...

Web-Based Attacks Could Create Chaos In The Physical World; Computer  
Security Researchers Suggest Ways To Thwart New Form Of Cybercrime //  

Sugared water Apple censors Miles Davis // Apple Music Store DRM issues

London jamcams go dark for May 1 demo

Putting Controls On Fed's Automated Intelligence Gathering
Xerox PARC is working with Darpa to create a privacy-protection system  
as part of the government's controversial Total Information Awareness  

	"PARC plans to develop a "privacy appliance" that would help blunt  
some of those concerns by making it harder for intelligence agencies  
and other government users to get personally identifiable  
information--names, addresses, or Social Security numbers, for  
example--from such databases, or even to narrow queries in such a way  
that only a handful of people meet certain criteria."

Broad Domestic Role Asked for C.I.A. and the Pentagon // EM  

	"The proposal, which was beaten back, would have given the C.I.A. and  
the military the authority to issue administrative subpoenas — known as  
"national security letters" — requiring Internet providers, credit card  
companies, libraries and a range of other organizations to produce  
materials like phone records, bank transactions and e-mail logs."

Former U.S. security czar to join eBay // private sector secures...

Securing Windows Systems

	"Despite their fears about the security of Windows deployments, nine  
out of 10 firms were still running sensitive applications on Microsoft  
platforms." .. "The fact that firms preferred to deal with the risks of  
Windows rather than swap to a different and arguably more secure  
platform was no surprise to some IT experts."

How Wiretapping Works -

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

New batteries promise low-cost electricity // non-toxic...
Magnesium makes rechargeable power packs cheaper, lighter and greener.

Up to 8 More Seen Charged in Enron Case // not over till its started...

Nuclear Power Plant Alert
FBI Warms Law Enforcement About Terror Activity at Power Plants

Iraq 'may have to quit Opec' // url via nettime...

	"Iraq may have to leave the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting  
Countries so it can pump out extra oil to pay for the country's  
reconstruction, says a former Iraqi oil minister who is now a key  
adviser to the American government." 			
	... "Chalabi [cousin of Ahmed Chalabi, the Pentagon's choice to head  
the country], who served on the US State Department's Future of Iraq  
Oil and Energy Working Group, says the Iraqi industry must be  
privatised to attract foreign investment following the war."

Scientists Propose Quake Alert System

	"Richard Allen of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Hiroo  
Kanamori of the California Institute of Technology developed a way to  
determine the location, origin, time and - most importantly - magnitude  
of an earthquake from as little as four seconds of measurements of the  
P wave. The system would rely on seismic instruments already deployed  
across the greater Los Angeles region."

New Technologies // lighting tech...
Light the Way to Significant Savings

Fresh Analysis of Satellite Data Reveals Global Warming

// quite interesting short article on how an e-book changes the use
// of a 60Hz screen refresh, to once per page-turn, so that the image
// is frozen once an e-book page is turned, instead of constantly
// needing to be refreshed, as a result prolonging battery power.

Budget e-book stretches battery power

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Hackers Have Field Day with Madonna Decoy
		"Some observers thought Madonna was smart to fight piracy with its  
own tools. Others perceived a thrown gauntlet -- hackers soon defaced  
Madonna's Web site with an equally profane retort along with several  
downloadable files of the then-unreleased songs."

The rise of the keyring drive : So small you forget it's there The  
floppy disk is dead. Long live the pocket drive, a tiny piece of kit  
that is a revolution.

// it is hard to post a severe critique when there is a lot of
// news about such efforts that is not posted due to the volume
// of efforts at trying to make technological advances equitable.
// yet, considering the computer as a device, and its needs, it is
// hard to see it as a universal solution or even an efficient one,
// versus technologies that may have different infrastructures...

Computers to Africa scheme criticised
The practice of supplying second-hand computers to Africa can prove to  
be an expensive mistake, according to a UK report.

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

High-definition DVD on the way // HD-DVD, backward compatible...

// comment on Apple's music/player strategy: it requires a minimal
// 300.00 USD investment to be able to use the download music service,
// via an iPOD device, in addition to the need for a broadband network
// connection, which narrows down the market to such an extent that in
// this day and age it would be surprising if it gains mass traction.
// that is: unless recent explorations of the new devices software are
// correct, and that (digital) record-in is a feature being developed.
// in this way, selling iPods as educational devices (as is being done)
// would actually allows people to get high-quality digital audio in to
// a computer (and multimedia works) where today it is quite difficult.

Apple Launches Paid Music Service

A Passion for Radio
Radio Waves and Community
Edited by Bruce Girard // e-book, free .pdf

Tigers use infrasound to warn off rivals

How CDs Work -

How DVDs And DVD Players Work -

How Plasma Displays Work -

How Cordless Telephones Work -

'Phone threat' to air safety
There is new evidence passengers using mobile phones endanger aircraft,  
according to a Civil Aviation Authority report obtained by BBC News  

	"In tests, compasses froze or overshot, navigation bearings were  
inaccurate and there was interference on radio channels."

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO MAGNETISM // environmental/rock magnetism...

Shifting Into Overdrive
What happens when mass storage leaves microchips in the dust.

Squeezing light from nanotubes // fiber optical chip tech...

	"At the University of Toronto, meanwhile, researchers have managed to  
produce light by injecting electrons into a polymer embedded with  
"quantum dots," microscopic crystals made of lead sulfide.  
Polymers--chemicals made of large molecules in repeated structural  
units--are being used in research into processor, display and other  
technologies." .. "...nanotubes are so small-- measuring about a  
nanometer, or a billionth of a meter, in diameter-- that they are  
considered one-dimensional objects."

Butterflies' polarized glint attracts mates
Light waves coming off females' wings in one plane lure males.

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// memory of Mosaic's release at the U of MN computer labs
// where the connections were fast enough to use Mosaic, and
// everything else at that time centered around Gopher (which
// the University developed ) & Bulletin Board Systems (BBS')...

10th anniversary of Mosaic browser marked

( BW)(CT-GARTNER)(IT)(ITB) Gartner Says Worldwide PDA Shipments
Declined 11 Percent in the First Quarter of 2003

Palm exec calls for more aggressive handheld designs

	"PDA designers need to create more imaginative, focused and low-cost  
designs to spark the slowing handheld market, according to the  
president and chief executive of PalmSource, Inc. David Nagel said the  
company is close to launching a new secure OS architecture and two new  
vertical market licensees for its Palm OS."

DSL Firms Drop Prices to Compete 

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

// quite a strange article. apparently fighter-drones are in the
// works. one thing about air/land/sea power is that it is not all
// defined in military terms, in the sense that energy, global
// warming, and sustainable development (eco/soc/politial culture)
// may lead new developments, disregarded in the US view of power...

American Power Moves Beyond the Mere Super // thanks *

	"Paradoxically, the runaway American victory in the conventional arms  
race might inspire a new round of proliferation of atomic weapons. With  
no hope of matching the United States plane for plane, more countries  
may seek atomic weapons to gain deterrence." ... "the United States is  
working on unmanned, remote-piloted drone fighter planes that will be  
both relatively low-cost and extremely hard to shoot down, and small  
drone attack helicopters that will precede troops into battle. No other  
nation is even close to the electronics and data-management technology  
of these prospective weapons." +electronics arms race

// cruise missiles that would travel mach 12 x the speed of sound.. what
// would the sonic boom be like when traveling low in the atmosphere?

US developing superfast missile to deny escape to future Saddams

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

Brave New World of Web Services // via XML feeds...

Slate Sets a Web Magazine First: Making Money

Indie ISPs Fight for Survival 

	"Extinction is not the only trouble bedeviling ISPs. Owners and  
workers say they are being forced to turn into Net nannies, cops and  
snoops by the cavalcade of anti-terrorist and copyright-protection  
legislation that's been passed in the last two years."

The Lab that Fell to Earth
Once the center of the technology research universe, the storied MIT  
Media Lab is now teetering on the brink of breakup - or, even worse,  

NSF Researchers To Help Modern Organizations Adapt
And Respond In The Information Age // MKIDS...

	"The most critical networks in any organization are not necessarily  
the ones carrying Internet traffic, but the social networks among  
persons and groups that define an organization's process and knowledge  
flow. Kathleen Carley's goal is to estimate the size, shape and  
weaknesses of those social networks to help managers predict how an  
organization is likely to respond to anticipated and unanticipated  
changes. Ray Levitt wants to design, from the ground up, organizations  
without any weaknesses at all."

The latest revolution? On-demand spin

	"You have to wonder about the wisdom of the over-the-top,  
we-just-reinvented-the-universe approach. It's easy to understand why  
so many vendors are eager to bang that drum as loudly as possible. But  
maybe if they just stopped talking in tongues, they'd get a better  

Dot-com double take // market shakeout, reorganization, reordering...

	"Don't look now, but many dot-coms are working. While most industries  
struggle to swallow the overwhelming effect of a prolonged lethargic  
economy, consumer Internet companies are just now hitting their stride."

U.S. White-Collar Jobs in Wave of Emigration

	"This increasing mobility of many jobs -- in IT, but also in areas  
like accounting and engineering, and in less-skilled fields like call  
centers -- has grown into a mainstream trend. ... As with those factory  
jobs, the job market for American tech workers, already depressed by  
the dot-com bust and the stagnant economy, could get tighter." ...  
"Keep Your Skills Up"

New Tech Bubble in the Making? 

	"Now the worry is whether investors will push tech stocks too high  
without good reason. If that happens, a big retreat could be on the  

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

It Takes Tech to Tango // EM architecture...
Way past Ikea lies a Swedish housing complex that is ecologically sound  
and wired for all sorts of remote-control fiddling with heat, power and  

Climate change goes on show // by way of re-insurance...
Munich exhibition explores our experiment with Earth.

Space settlement design contest // results...

Beyond High C, High Technology // happy ending/beginning...

	"Mr. Zucker, 55, has learned that the computer can be his friend.  
After Columbia University, the owner of WKCR-FM, dropped Mr. Zucker as  
the host of "Opera Fanatic" in 1994, he turned his efforts to  
preserving early opera recordings and films through his nonprofit Bel  
Canto Society. There, at www.belcantosociety.org, fellow fanatics can  
hear his old radio programs and purchase his remastered CD's, DVD's and  

// digital reconstruction using satellite/radar imagery and CAD... these
// types of projects offer a view of how interdisciplinary skills may be
// used to catalogue cultural meta-data, past, present, and future...

Ancient Architecture in Ohio Has a 3-D Rebirth

	"Now, in a five-year collaboration by architects, archaeologists,  
American Indians and others, the long-forgotten sites have been  
reconstructed digitally so that people can see three-dimensional  
computer models of the ancient structures as they once were, including  
symmetrical octagons and a great earthen circle that measures a quarter  
of a mile across." ... '"We discovered early on that you can't  
appreciate the perfection of the geometry solely by looking at these  
earthworks from the ground," he said. They are too vast. "But when we  
animated our cameras to fly over the ruins," using 3-D software, "the  
geometric shapes revealed themselves fully."'

Boston Festival Blends Art, Tech  // Digital Conducting Feedback  

1st Global Conference Artificial Intelligence: Exploring Critical Issues
20th to 22nd October 2003, Vienna, Austria

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