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Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 23:42:15 -0500
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> If you haven't seen this already, you would be interested in the 
> artwork
> of Eric Paulos in this area:

  hi Garnet, thanks for the URL. i was thinking that the
  work seemed familiar and a while ago i e-mailed a
  person in berkeley whose work in robotics seemed
  in the same realm, and since lost their e-mail and it
  is likely the same person.

  there is something very interesting about this that is
  lost in other more sinister experimenters who are
  actually making weaponry or it may be a honeypot
  (to attract those with such an interest) -- so it is nice
  to see the challenging work and the hardware and
  the aesthetics and the ideas still a part of it, along
  with the danger posed by EM science and technology.

  one thing struck me immediately: the etoys robot (etoys
  improvement system) as a photograph looks like a very
  small robot with a microphone that it is talking into. kind
  of funny in this, like a (very very short) stand-up comic.
  see image at:
  then the thought arose that it would be interesting if a
  robot using a microphone and amplifier was able to be
  placed in a public square, and their speech networked
  from online, or via pre-recorded statements, and to send
  these out as a speech from their recorded voice to a live
  microphone and amplifier in a public place as free speech.

  such that, people could occupy the robotic body via its
  internal mechanisms (moving an arm as a gesture) when
  across the world, while another may give a shout for the
  destruction of the world by the lack of ubiquitous concrete.
  or, debates could happen by people occupying these same
  robots, but in a series or group photo, even if small. a bit
  different from robotwars (spawned i assumed by SRL),
  and now robot debates or robotalk or robonets. in any
  case, this is great to see. thanks for the link. brian

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