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// just received information on this symposium on electromagnetism
// and two files, including an essay and extended program, which are
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http://www.electronetwork.org/temp/englishversion_ programme.doc

// this data can also be found on the website. it is very exciting to  
// this exploration beginning to occur, as a lot has preceded it, as the
// list of artists compiled by Mr. Wilson attest to. some  
// of great interest is the 'whole view' with EM research, artists, and  
// in addition to such things as "The Russian Origins of  
Electromagnetic Art"
// which could begin bridging gaps that go well beyond where thinking is
// today with regard to a common context for EM-based works and ideas.
// for those lucky enough to live in the beautiful city of Montréal, if  
you visit
// the symposium please share your experience, and if possible let  
// with interest in electromagnetism know about electronetwork.org.  


A Symposium on

Art and Electromagnetism – A Relationship in the Form of a Wave


The symposium will bring together artists who are drawn to the  
phenomenon of electromagnetism and attracted by a historical view of
contemporary media arts. Beyond the computer's ephemeral rise to the  
of discourse, the arts are confronted with a vital force that is close  
their source of inspiration. Electromagnetism was discovered by Oersted  
1820, at a time when many thinkers were directly influenced by  
poetic celebrations of the commonality between the arts and sciences.
Stephen Wilson's Information Arts (MIT Press 2002) has given artists and
scientists the world over a clearer understanding of the nature of their
creative convergences by reframing the debate on art's oscillatory
relationship with modernity in 21st century terms. The book that has  
a reference point for so many artists will be the starting point for
discussions at this symposium.

Friday April 11: STEPHEN WILSON

2.00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m  / Room RM-130, Sciences de la gestion, UQAM

Opening Presentation: A talk by Stephen Wilson

followed by a round table discussion of his book


(MIT Press 2002)

with artists and researchers from France, Britain, Canada, Germany and  
United States

Nina Czegledy, Sabine Himmelsbach, Joanna Berzowska, Anne Marie Morice,
Gerald O’Grady, Peter Ride, Luc Cou rchesne Hervé Fisher, Charles Halary
Book launch for two collections of texts

in the UQAM at 6:oo p.m. Galerie des Étudients en arts visuals, Jasmin  
Catherine-St Denis

Interfaces et sensorialités

  (texts compiled by Louise Poissant for the Presses de l’Université du

Les défis du cybermonde

(texts compiled by Hervé Fisher for the Presses de l’Université Laval)

These two books present a wide range of contributions, including  
several by
symposium participants, on media arts and the convergence between  
and scientists, that illustrate Montreal's role on the leading edge of  
increasingly important international movement.



   9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. / Room RM-130, Sciences de la gestion, UQAM
Mesmerizing Media

Long before McLuhan, Mesmer posited an osmosis between communication  
and the
flux of nervous energy in the body.

Charles Halary, Director of Teslabtec-Hexagram UQAM.

Attraction, Gender and Social Magnetism

Art and human sensibility are shaped by the conflicting forces of  
and repulsion.

Joanne Lalonde, Art History, UQAM.

Electromagnetic Outerwear

Electronic fashion : body as interface

  Joanna Berzowska, Concordia-Hexagram-MIT

The electromagnetic body "revisited"

Technology is gendered.

Anne Marie Morice, Directress of the Paris-based web-zine Synesthesie

  2:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m.

Exposing Electromagnetism

Exposure – exhibition – electromagnetism

Sabine Himmelsbach, ZKM-Karlsruhe, Germany

The Kirlian Effect

Or how art photography can reveal the body's electromagnetic waves

Marie Jeanne Musiol, photographic artist, Hull

The Art of Electromagnetic Instrument-Making

Sinusoidal combination between invention and continuity

  Simon Pierre Gourd, Department of Communications,  VAAR-LMI- Hexagram,

The Cultural Uses of Electromagnetic Biometrics

The ways of Western science meet the wisdom of the East

Didier Combatalade, Thought Technology Inc

Electromagnetic Textures in Media Art

Textiles as an inspiration for a virtual women's art

Ingrid Bachmann, Concordia-Hexagram

SUNDAY April 13th

Electromagnetic WORLD

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. / Room RM-130, Sciences de la gestion, UQAM

  Iconographic Sound

 From phonograph to iconograph and beyond

Louise Provencher, art critic, Teslabtec, Montreal.

To hold but not serve is to resist
An electromagnetic project to destabilize the institution of art

Michel de Broin, artist, Montreal


The ionosphere as a celestial light show

Nina Czegledy, curator and artist, Toronto
Peter Ride, CARTE, University of Westminster

The Sparks Series and Nikola Tesla

The art of the spark

Ælab (Gisèle Trudel / Stéphane Claude), artists, Montréal

Electromagnetics Interference between Art and Politics
The cultural expression of art in Eastern Europe

Steve Kovats, architect, IUM V2, Rotterdam

2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  Faraday's Cage: To Which Emissions Should We Grant Permissions?

Accepting or rejecting the waves: an artist's view of how to live one's  

Catherine Richards, artist, Ottawa University

The Dance of the Seven Magnetic Veils

Flux, energy and form in contemporary dance

Marc Boucher, École des Arts visuels, UQAM

VLF - Planet Earth's Standard for Magnetic Sound

Listening to infra light with your ear to the ground

Jean-Pierre Aubé, artist, Montreal

The Russian Origins of Electromagnetic Art

Orthodoxy as scientific transducer

Valéry Nosulenko, Moscow / Maison des Sciences de l'Homme de Paris

  Conclusion : Charles Halary (TESLABtec) and Louise Poissant (CIAM)
Media arts under influence

Coordinator: Charles Halary, Director of TESLAB, halary.charles@uqam.ca
Tel. (514) 987-3000 ext. 4378

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