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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #18

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (3/14/2003)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & medicine
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transportation & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic art & artifacts

00) --commentary--

// disclaimer: the following article (3 parts) is political
// analysis dealing with OPEC, development, war, and oil.

QUOTE: THE AMERICAN EMPIRE // thingist @ bbs.thing.net...
Part 1: Reluctant hegemon By Francesco Sisci

'Empires are made of blood. The cross, which now symbolize Christianity  
and its ideals of mercy and tolerance, was for centuries the sign of  
power and of the most atrocious death the Roman Empire could devise.  
Lines of crosses holding thousands of people were erected on the sides  
of roads leading to Rome warning the foreign traveler and reassuring  
the Roman citizen of the pitiless power of Rome. Rome was a cruel  
empire, and it knew it so well that Cato, speaking of the many enemies  
of Rome, would say: "Let them hate us as long as they fear us."'

\\ a specific comment: in a thesis i made the same connection
\\ between electrical distribution poles and American Empire,
\\ but not in the political or religious sense, and maybe it
\\ is naivety, yet the article also mentions 'soft-power' of
\\ 'movie, television, music, and software industries', which
\\ to me are a cultural and as such, symbolic empire, and a
\\ type of 'common empiricism' in the developed world, these
\\ marching, non-religious yet symbolically-charged crosses,
\\ carrying electricity in Muslim and atheist nation-states.
\\ in the sense that (if correct) the idea of 'zero' (0) was
\\ invented and discovered in the ancient Arab world, and that
\\ it is now embedded in common culture as are its mathematics,
\\ in this way, electrification in large part is due to unique
\\ drives in the US American way of development, which became
\\ a standard or model for developing nations, for better and
\\ for worse, even simultaneously, (the good with the bad). it
\\ is for this reason that ideas of 'total' economic, social,
\\ and political Empire are differentiated from the view of an
\\ empire of cultural symbols, contributing to a civilization
\\ shared and co-developed by many nations, in various ways.

\\ thus, in one sense this electrification (as has been said
\\ by numerous peoples) brought the world closer together, by
\\ extending this electrical infrastructue of power, media,
\\ and technology, that no doubt has is hugely political and
\\ economically based (say, Enron, or the U.S. Administration's
\\ personal connections with the internal politics of OPEC),
\\ alongside the more socio-cultural aspects which may benefit
\\ a vast majority as they open up cultures to interpretations,
\\ and as such, help in defining the uniqueness of a place...
\\ if this empire idea were literalized in the e-infrastructure,
\\ and a religious war is really going on, then there are whole
\\ countries populated by Christian crosses, and to decide this
\\ as a private thought, one could plunge a country into a pre-
\\ electrical darkness through the heresy, or, the ideology may
\\ consider it a secular development, necessary for development
\\ and therefore, defining a public realm and other vantages.
\\ else, they would need to destroy their own e-infrastructures.

\\ if there was a 'vote' on this, in al Qaeda terroritory, then
\\ even using a cellphone or TV would be heresy, potentially, as
\\ they are supported by this very infrastructure of e-crosses.
\\ A private person may argue it is christian religious symbolism,
\\ though common sense shows there is an aesthetic lineage beyond
\\ and before this, defined worldwide today, in the public realm.
\\ would the Communist or Muslim countries willingly put up these
\\ religious symbols, if that is how they were to be perceived???

\\ in this sense the common electrical wooden pole shows some of
\\ the reach of "globalization" through electromagnetism, and its
\\ development. and in this sense, culturally, there is empirical
\\ evidence to suggest a common basis for development, reliant on
\\ these infrastructures of power, media, and technologies. yet,
\\ it is completely absurd in terms of 'total empire', to assume
\\ U.S. American control over all EM systems and this order- not
\\ that delusions may not be indeed possible. at least this is
\\ one of many potential views on the oft-identified 'US Empire'
\\ and its aspirations, versus a more down-to-Earth consideration
\\ of actual 'power' and its limitations which compose the U.S.,
\\ if phrasing it in electromagnetic terms, and purposefully so.

for more on this subject, please see the AE thesis segment at:
full path: AE thesis-> Towards AE-> Comparison (+Parti +State)

and, because the form and information exist, i share an image
of a sculpture which clarifies why aesthetics play a role in
how one defines an empire, and electrical distribution poles...

& further, consider Salvador Dali's 'Discovery of America':

- a sword is a boat mast is a cross is an e-distribution pole -

bc [this is not sent as a political or religious statement,
but as commentary about EM in relation to these concepts. i
was going to write about the reversal on OPEC issues and the
war but of any article, the above is very interesting in this
way and, in this regard, is sensible for what is at stake.]

01) --top stories--

// silicon chip to replace human brain's EM-hippocampus...

World's first brain prosthesis revealed

"The inventors of the prosthesis had to overcome three major hurdles.  
They had to devise a mathematical model of how the hippocampus performs  
under all possible conditions, build that model into a silicon chip,  
and then interface the chip with the brain."

// grey propaganda, oil/war criminals, EM radio psych-ops...

New Iraqi radio station enters airwave war

"US-backed psychological operations inside Iraq appear to have  
intensified with the launch of a new propaganda radio station, New  
Scientist can reveal. The broadcasts target the elite troops of the  
Iraqi army and the country's oil workers.

The new radio station is called Sawt al-Tahrir al-Iraq, meaning Voice  
of Iraqi Liberation. It was first detected on March 6 by Mika  
Mäkeläinen, a radio enthusiast in Finland. The station broadcasts  
programmes twice a day, at 0630 and 1830 GMT at the radio frequencies  
1206 and 4025 kHz."
'"Iraqi oil workers have also been warned against sabotaging oil  
reserves: "The oil wells and government installations belong only to  
the Iraqi people, and any deliberate damage to these sites will be  
considered as a capital crime. The next regime and government in Iraq  
will put on trial all those who participate in the execution of those  
orders as war criminals."'

The myth of interference // wow.
Internet architect David Reed explains how bad science
created the broadcast industry.

'Spectrum is more like the colors of the rainbow, including the ones  
our eyes can't discern. Says Reed: "There's no scarcity of spectrum any  
more than there's a scarcity of the color green. We could instantly  
hook up to the Internet everyone who can pick up a radio signal, and  
they could pump through as many bits as they could ever want. We'd go  
from an economy of digital scarcity to an economy of digital  
"Spectrum as color seems like an ungainly metaphor on which to hang a  
sweeping policy change with such important social and economic  
implications. But Reed will tell you it's not a metaphor at all.  
Spectrum is color. It's the literal, honest-to-Feynman truth."

// if true, so much for Powell's U.S. assurances about oil...

Kurd PM: French, Russians to lose Iraq oil

"French and Russian oil and gas contracts signed with the Saddam  
Hussein regime in Iraq "will not be honored," Barhim Salih, a leading  
Iraqi Kurdish official, said in Washington Friday, just before a series  
of high-level meetings with Bush administration officials."
"Although there have been dark hints that French and Russian opposition  
to a second U.N. resolution in the Security Council could have economic  
consequences, this is the first clear threat from a leading opposition  
figure from inside Iraq that their oil contracts will not be honored."

02-- electromagnetic health & medicine

// this is a very delicate subject and it is not sent for any
// political/social purposes, other than that it centers around
// the beginning of life, which is equated with consciousness,
// which is defined as an electromagnetic phenomenon. and the
// question of 'life' remains a central questions in our culture.

Foetuses 'may be conscious long before abortion limit'

"Lady Greenfield is sceptical of philosophers and doctors who argue  
that consciousness is "switched on" at some point during the brain's  

"She believes instead that there is a sliding scale of consciousness  
and that it develops gradually as neurons, or brain cells, make more  
and more connections with each other."

// [note: this question is similar to that of 'life in the
universe' after the Big Bang theory, and how matter and
energy transformed into (information/intelligent) beings.]

World's first brain prosthesis revealed // significant.

Technology eroding the wall between disabled, non-disabled

"...newer digital cell phones often interfere with hearing aids.

Many disabled people find wireless devices so hard to master that  
engineers plan an extensive discussion on design improvements at this  
month's CTIA Wireless 2003, one of the industry's most important  

Reeve Smelling the Coffee Again, and More

"The actor Christopher Reeve, who can breathe on his own for 15-minute  
stretches after experimental surgery to implant electrodes that  
stimulate the muscles in his diaphragm, told reporters today that he  
had just had a remarkable experience."
"Every time the electrodes stimulate his diaphragm to contract, Reeve,  
50, said, he feels a sensation like "a mild little flick of the  
finger," which is not uncomfortable."

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Group resumes Xbox cracking project

"A cracked encryption code could allow hackers to run homemade Linux  
software on an unmodified Xbox, satisfying a $100,000 Xbox hacking  
challenge by Michael Robertson, chief executive of Linux software  
company Lindows."

Study: Spell-check can make writing worse

"A study at the University of Pittsburgh indicates spell-check software  
may level the playing field between people with differing levels of  
language skills, hampering the work of writers and editors who place  
too much trust in the software."

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Benetton to track clothing with ID chips // RFIDs...
Retail clothing chain Benetton will soon add technology to its garments  
that allows for real-time tracking of its inventory.

(&) What Your Clothes Say About You // more RFIDs. thanks *

'Mike Liard, an analyst with technology research and consulting firm  
Venture Development, said the more companies that embed RFID tags in  
their products, the more likely it is for someone to drive by a home  
and say, "'Look what we've got in there. An HDTV is in there, and she  
wears Benetton.'"'...

"The RFID technology offers Benetton a number of advantages, not the  
least of which is its ease of use. ...employees with RFID receivers or  
shelves with the technology can scan entire boxes of items from up to  
five feet away."

Nuclear Experts Meet to Secure Radioactive Sources // dirty bombs...

"Improving control of radioactive sources, such as those used in  
medicine and industry, is a key focus for conference participants."

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

Uncertainty of War Unsettles Oil Industry

"Most analysts say, however, that key indicators of the oil industry's  
health — notably low inventories of oil and petroleum products at  
American refineries — suggest that now, prices would remain steep  
regardless of military action."

// given the information fog, this story has been one of the
// longest running, and recurs quite frequently either due to
// actual attacks, threats by leaders, or oil pressure-points...

Al Qaeda plans oil field attacks

"The al Qaeda recruitment is targeting radical Islamists in Saudi  
Arabia and Yemen who are willing to conduct suicide attacks and other  
sabotage against the oil fields outside Iraq.	The threats to oil  
facilities highlight the possibility that military acton will disrupt  
the flow of oil from the Middle East, where most of the world's oil  

How Hydrogen Can Save America // thanks *

"The cost of oil dependence has never been so clear. What had long been  
largely an environmental issue has suddenly become a deadly serious  
strategic concern. Oil is an indulgence we can no longer afford, not  
just because it will run out or turn the planet into a sauna, but  
because it inexorably leads to global conflict. Enough. What we need is  
a massive, Apollo-scale effort to unlock the potential of hydrogen, a  
virtually unlimited source of power. The technology is at a tipping  
point. Terrorism provides political urgency. Consumers are ready for an  
alternative. From Detroit to Dallas, even the oil establishment is  
primed for change. We put a man on the moon in a decade; we can achieve  
energy independence just as fast. Here's how." By Peter Schwartz and  
Doug Randall

Cheap solar power on deck

"The researchers' prototype has an overall efficiency of less than one  
percent compared to about 15 percent for today's solar cells. Overall  
efficiency is a measure of the number of photons that hit a device  
versus the number of photons that make it to the electric circuit."

06-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

A New Set of Social Rules for a Newly Wireless Society:
Mobile media are bringing sweeping changes to how we coordinate,  
communicate, and share information.

"Keitai-wired youth are in persistent but lightweight contact with a  
small number of intimates, with whom they are expected to be available  
unless they are sleeping or working. Because of this portable, virtual  
peer space, the city is no longer a space of urban anonymity; even when  
out shopping, solo youths will send photos to friends of a pair of  
shoes they just bought, or send fast-breaking news about a hot sale  
that is just opening. After meeting face-to-face, a trail of text  
messages continues the conversation as friends disperse in trains,  
buses and on foot, nimble thumbs touch-typing on numeric keypads."

Will GPS tech lead to 'geoslavery'? // from TSCM-L...

// included for what .mil people died in protecting... the
// local newspaper described the 'antenna' as one for cell-
// phones behind a fence with a cargo container or somesuch.
// the antenna was described as red-and-white striped, and
// it is curious if it is a commercial phone service. in this
// story it is described as being near Jewish settlements,
// which would make cellphone towers in current battlezones.
// are cellphone towere placed in a war zone worth human life?

2 Israeli Guards Mistakenly Killed by Own Troops // relevant EM quote:

"In the West Bank, military reinforcements were directed to the area  
around Hebron after intelligence reports that Palestinian militants  
were preparing an assault, the army said. Soldiers spotted two armed  
men near a hilltop antenna station that included a mobile home used by  
workers, the army said."

07-- electromagnetic transportation & communication

Gov't Employees Told to Limit Cell Use

"Government employees around the country are being told to share cell  
phones, get better calling plans or give up their phones altogether as  
officials try to balance their deficit-ridden budgets."

// this may demonstate that hybrid-phones, like its cousin the
// hybrid PDA-phone, may lose its vital core functionality...
// thus, if hybrid-PDAs are danger, maybe also hybrid-Phones...

As Cellphones Become Cuter, Clarity Suffers // older-tech better...

"But for all these wireless wonders [PIM, ring tones, games], industry  
analysts, researchers and consumers say that many of the sleek,  
versatile new models are simply not as good as the old ones at being  

// UWB, also known as (AKA) next-generation Bluetooth...

Military's 'sneaky wave' out of hiding // ultrawideband...

"Philips, Texas Instruments and Samsung are among the other companies  
flexing their muscles as part of the IEEE 802.15 Working Group for  
WPAN, .. a new standard technology for wireless personal area  

Wireless Meshes with Its Future // 'a new buzzword...'

"With mesh networking, every device can be a router, which fosters a  
dynamic multihop environment that pundits claim will provide users with  
more robust wireless networks: Network traffic will no longer be  
dependent on a system with a single point of failure."

Radio is going digital // from gizmodo.net...
But dueling standards complicate transition

"Gone was the the fading in and out of the signal. Gone was the very  
narrow bandwidth, with no treble or bass to speak of. Instead, we heard  
music that actually sounded like music. People speaking sounded like  
they were nearby, not thousands of miles away like they do on today’s  
shortwave broadcasts."

How Fax Machines Work

How Doorbells Work

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Book Review: The Ascent of the Software Civilization

"IN the late 1960's and early 70's, there was great excitement about —  
and investment in — the notion of computing as a utility-like service  
that could be delivered to offices and homes to solve all manner of  
problems. The idea flopped because it proved to be too complex a  
challenge to write the software needed to distribute computing as a  
service from a central time-shared machine to many users...

"Today, the utility concept is making a comeback..."

// this is an excellent article, a primer on 64 bit computers,
// what current workstations are used for, and how gaming boxes
// and new chipsets may change the computing with 64-bitness...

An Introduction to 64-bit Computing and x86-64

'"the 64-bit question" is actually two questions: 1) how does the  
existing 64-bit server and workstation market use 64-bit computing, and  
2) what use would the consumer market have for 64-bit computing.'

'...a 32-bit processor can address at most 4GB of memory. (Remember our  
2 32 = 4.3 billion number? That 4.3 billion bytes is about 4GB.) A  
64-bit architecture could theoretically, by contrast, address up to 18  
million terabytes.'

'...there is another application domain for which 64-bit integers can  
offer real benefits: cryptography. Most popular encryption schemes rely  
on the multiplication and factoring of very large integers, and the  
larger the integers the more secure the encryption.'

// fascinating advances in IR chip-tech... thanks *. a long-
// time hope is to get an IR camera filter though they are
// hit or miss with digital camera manual exposure settings.
// has been wondered if regular electrical lines on streets
// show up as lines of heat; a 'glowing invisible landscape.'
// an IR filter is $90 USD, with IR cameras $10-30,000+ USD...

The QWIP Infrared Detector: A Cheaper Way to See in the Dark

"As light comes into the detector, it passes over corrugations on each  
pixel that scatters the spectrum so it can be absorbed. The array then  
converts the light into an electric current that passes to an attached  
circuit and translates the signal into a computer image."

Flower arranging made easy
Virtual petals yield basic truths of flower growth.

"They found that the plant uses the flower's centre line as a reference  
point for coordinating growth. Multiplying cells move like a wave along  
the length of the petal. Changes in the speed, direction and width of  
this wave dictate petal shape."

How Inkjet Printers Work -  

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Music companies fear new 100-hour discs

"Sony's system will use the ultra-efficient data compression system  
used in MiniDiscs, to squeeze 30 hours of MP3 music onto a single blank  
CD. The discs will play on a new generation of personal stereos...  
Philips's system uses a computer DVD recorder to save at least 100  
hours of MP3 music on a blank DVD, which will play on a new portable  
DVD player."

// yikes. makes one remember the state-fair exhibit seeing
// the gigantic cow-milking electro-mechanisms in action...

Teat-seeking robot to help cows milk themselves: Soft-touch
technology could increase yields while farmers lie in.

'Since the late 1990s, some 1,800 farms in northern Europe and North  
America have introduced automated milking machines. These use a rigid  
robotic arm, similar to those in car-manufacturing plants, to attach  
milking cups to between two and ten cows waiting in stalls.

Davies says that the strength of his device is its softness. "I build  
robots that can shake hands with people without the risk of slicing  
their head off," he says.'

Three Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

Arming the future: // sci-fi-mil-tech...
[Alliant Techsystems] engineering military's next weapons

"Alliant's developing arsenal includes the XM29 "smart" gun. The  
14-pound, electronics-packed rifle tracks targets with lasers and can  
spit rounds of 20-millimeter explosive bullets up to 500 meters, a big  
improvement over single grenade launchers. The 20-millimeter rounds  
detonate in mid-air near the target for maximum destructive power. The  
two-barrelled gun also can shoot 5.56-millimeter bullets.
"Of equal importance to the company's future is the Spider, a  
remote-controlled "land mine-alternative" that could easily find a home  
in a comic book adventure.

"Each device is the width of a Frisbee and activated by a soldier using  
a laptop. With a keystroke, the soldier can choose to launch from the  
Spider a sticky net to ensnare an enemy, an electric shock to stun him,  
a smoke bomb to obscure his vision, a small "flash-bang" explosion to  
frighten and disorient him or a full explosion like a regular land  


U.S. Stocking Uranium-Rich Bombs?

"In an attempt to reduce this over-abundance of nuclear waste, the  
Defense Department provides depleted uranium to munitions makers such  
as Alliant Techsystems -- the largest maker of depleted uranium  
projectiles in the world -- at no cost and buys it back as completed  

"Depleted uranium has a few drawbacks. It is 40 percent as radioactive  
as pure uranium and has a half-life of 4.5 billion years..."

Military to clamp down on e-mail // nytimes article...

"The critics assert that e-mail and Internet communications raise  
several potential problems: It is voluminous and thus hard to monitor;  
it can convey not only words but images; and it is immediate, meaning  
that an enemy might be able to tap in to real-time updates of troop  
movements, the presence of a general, or a military outpost's perimeter  

Report warns crude nuke terrorism a threat

Iraqi Cyberwar: an Ageless Joke // important disinformation patch...
Did U.S. infowar commandos smuggle a deadly computer virus into Iraq  
inside a printer? Of course not.  So why does it keep getting reported?

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

// an article defining Off-The-Shelf dual-use EM .mil-tech...

Military Now Often Enlists Commercial Technology

Money and happiness // context and EM related-quote...

"...The "dismal science" - economics - rules our lives and politics. So  
when one of the wizards of economics breaks ranks spectacularly and  
rips away the curtain of his own profession's mystique, it is time to  
take notice."

"...Neuroscience has backed up social and psychological surveys: brain  
scans now prove that people's reported happiness levels are remarkably  
accurate, as easy to measure as decibels of noise. And people are no  
happier than they were."

Blogging Goes Corporate // interblogs, intrablogs, extrablogs?

"A few companies already are deploying blogs for internal and external   
communications. Though the trend has been tentative so far -- only a  
handful  of companies are putting out public blogs authored by their  
employees -- it seems  likely that the number of corporate blogs will  
skyrocket in the near future. Are  enterprises ready for this new   

SanDisk updates flash card line : SanDisk is refreshing its line of  
removable flash memory cards with higher capacity CompactFlash cards  
and smaller versions of the Secure Digital card format.

12-- electromagnetic art & artifacts

Painting in the Wake of the A-Bomb: The Art of War // NYC

	Images From the Atomic Front
	Chung Cheng Gallery, St. John's University
	8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens NYC
	Through March 21

Movie men add special effects to media war // .mil set design...

"Gone are the easel and chart, solitary television and VCR machine with  
which General Norman Schwarzkopf showed fuzzy images of smart-bomb  
raids during the 1991 Gulf War. On a set that will become instantly  
recognisable, generals will present updates from two podiums at the  
front of a stage adorned with five 50in plasma screens and two 70in  
television projection screens ready to show maps, graphics and videos  
of action. ...

"Besides looking good on television, the presentation conveys another  
message — that American technology is second to none and far outclasses  
anything possessed by the Iraqis, who will be watching the briefings on  
the Arab broadcaster al-Jazeera."

Frog Design / Motorola Offspring Wearables Concept

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