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I also forgot to mention this recurring issue, that your post
reminds me of: sterilizing the metals. I wonder how these
types of electronics components could be made safe for
touching human skin in the same way real jewelry is- if
rubbing alcohol or other methods are needed, say, if one
were to get scraped by the logic chip earring that looks like
a bug with silver legs, so to avoid the dreaded tetanus shot...

if anyone is interested in making such jewelry or experimenting
there is a catalog from Jameco (U.S.) which has images of many
of the offerings and grab-bags of components for a few dollars,
homepage at  though a local electronics
surplus and seeing some of the wild stuff up-close can help to
change one's aesthetic sense entirely (like a monster capacitor).
a lot of these components have strange (not human-friendly)
qualities so I am not sure how advised it is to explore EM jewelry
making, beyond show-pieces, without knowing if the components
may be toxic or poisonous for wearing as regular jewelryware.

needed to write this, apparently. bc

On Monday, March 3, 2003, at 03:57  AM, paul eterovic wrote:

>> [please forward to anyone who might be interested. and, if others
>> are doing similar EM jewelryworks, please contact me. thanks...bc]
> hi, it's not as complex but i sometimes cut a diode to size, bend
> it into a ring shape and use that as the cartilage piercing in my ear.
> fenris
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