~e; Electric Nation (tonight)

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 11:52:40 -0600

  just learned that there will be a show on US public
  TV, part 2 of the Building of America series, which
  is called: Electric Nation.

  for those who able to access PBS, it is on roughly
  in the evening hours, 8pm CST heretime. brian

  more info is available on the PBS website, at:

"Program Two: 'Electric Nation'

"How America Got Wired

The delivery of electricity to homes, businesses and factories has 
perhaps transformed society more than any other engineering 
achievement.  "Electric Nation" documents how electricity became a part 
of every American's life.

In the early 1880s, Thomas Edison moved from Menlo Park, New Jersey, to 
Pearl Street in Manhattan to build the world's first central electrical 
generating station.  Its goal: to light a few blocks in the city, 
including the offices of J. P. Morgan and The New York Times .  Edison 
succeeded, launching the electric-lighting era; power plants spread to 
cities worldwide.

Edison's virtually unknown prodigy, Samuel Insull, created the modern 
electric utility in Chicago.  Insull consolidated small electric power 
plants into Commonwealth Edison, then led the industry to make 
electricity affordable to almost everyone within reach of its lines.

Despite Insull's model, most private utilities did not wire rural 
areas, claiming it too costly.  Yet electricity had come to be viewed 
as a necessity.  If private companies refused to bring electricity to 
rural Americans, the government would.  The Tennessee Valley Authority 
was born.  Its leaders, engineer Arthur Morgan and lawyer David 
Lilienthal, helped complete the job started by Edison a half century 
earlier in wiring America.""

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