~e; The Voyager Interstellar Record

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 9 Jan 2003 23:01:42 -0600

  i was just placing some information online about a book
  by the late Carl Sagan that documents the Voyager
  Interstellar Spacecraft Missions (VIM) and its Record.

  more info about the missions and spacecraft is at:

  more info about the "record" of the VIM is at:

  last i heard, both craft have exited the solar system.

  if you have a moment, you may enjoy what was on the
  record attached to the spacecraft. the book i have has
  a lot more details than the website, and yet the website
  gives a glimpse of what a wonderful experiment this is.

  the book's dedication:

  "To the makers of music- all worlds, all times"

The Contents of the Voyager Record:

118 Pictures
The first two bars of the Beethoven Cavatina
Greetings from the President of the United States
Congressional List
Greetings from the Secretary General of the United Nations
Greetings in fifty-four languages
UN Greetings
The Sounds of Earth

[also, in terms of 'multimedia' i view this is one of the greatest
works of the 20th century in terms of art-science-technology
combined into one, and performing several simultaneously.]

from: the electromagnetic assemblage (prototype)

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  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization