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hi Etienne and everyone else, too...

it is great that you refer to Engelbart's work as an
inspiration or precedent, and please do share your
work and ideas, it is greatly appreciated.

i once had the pleasure of taking a course in SFSU's
(San Francisco State Univ.) Multimedia Studies Program
under the guidance of Randall Packer, who at the time
taught the course that is now a website and book:

Multimedia : From Wagner to Virtual Reality
- Randall Packer & Ken Jordan
A history focusing on avant-garde artists and engineers who
dissolved the boundaries between artistic and technological media.

[this was some of the first empirical work i've yet to
experience that captures a wide swath of the development
of (electromagnetic) culture, which coherently ties in
artists with scientists and technologists. albeit from a
multimedia perspective, and maybe even audiovisual
performance at that, but a wide-enough inquiry to open
a bunch of questions about these developments. and
if you have a chance, you might find the references to
Engelbart's work there, alone, worth the visit. and this
itself is enmeshed in a lot of other interesting content...]

Douglas Engelbart  | Augmentation 1968

Douglas Engelbart  | Statement

Douglas Engelbart  | Writing
Augmenting Human Intellect:
A Conceptual Framework <1962>

Douglas Engelbart  | Creative Work (overview)

[ what i learned most from this and a few other related
classes is how experimental and creative computing
has been, and how there are recurring themes, such
as the "chord keyset from 1966" by Engelbart which i
saw reincarnated once again as a variant of a half-
keyboard for mobile computing/PDA users, with some
share general principles about the similar devices. and
how, as part of its history, ideas and their experimental
investigation and sharing of these ideas through hard-
ware and software, has helped shape the technology.]


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